TNT Call notes 9-September-2015

Tony:  Good morning, TNT!  Today is Wednesday, September 9, 2015.  [We didn’t have a call on Monday because of the Labor Day holiday.]  We’re still here where no one wanted to be, but it is what it is.  Theirs is only good news. The banks were on high alert over the weekend and yesterday;  they were told things would happen on Tuesday, and then nothing happened. They are on the highest of alerts, as we all are, for this to happen.

In Iraq, they were restricting the military from doing ANY exchanges at any location. Their rates went down to 800 to 1, which is a great rate for us.  Then they were told they couldn’t do any exchanges because  something was about to happen, then nothing happened.  In Iraq yesterday, they were told what their new salaries are, and they are supposed to have access on payday.  They are not happy, but there it is.  In the market place, they have two rates, and the rate that will go into effect.  The articles today listed the new salaries, “effective in September”, and that is now in public for all to see.

Everything is looking good, and everyone is ready for it.  There are ridiculous numbers for Parliament to have and for us not to see this.  The VP, deputy PM, etc., are making six million dinars, and ministers making four million dinars – that is thousands according to the current rates, in the richest country in the regions.  If they pay them at the new rate, that is more like $6,000 per month, that is good money.   I like the fact it’s in  writing, that they actually came out with the salaries, and that this will be implemented from the 1st of September.  So we need to wait for payday.

They are on the highest of alerts today. There is almost zero chance of it happening tomorrow or Friday, because of 9-11.  I think payday is the 14-15th.  We are in that window now.  I said last week that if it didn’t have it over the holiday, it would be the 14-15, or the 30th.  I think payday is 14-15 this month, and I can wait until then.  That’s all good news, nobody is upset, everyone is pushing for it. They wanted it yesterday, told the banks on Saturday, and why they were in the banks yesterday.  I don’t know why it didn’t happen yesterday.  I wish it would be today, but I was told not to look for it tomorrow or Friday. But when the weekend comes around, or Monday/Tuesday, we should be there.  That’s where we are at.  Everything is progressing, meetings are done, laws are done, we are in a great day.

702 caller:  I’m a first-time caller.  I do have one question:  do you think the Iran sanctions will have any effect on the RV?

Tony:  I don’t.  Even though President Obama has enough votes, we are not hearing much from the Iran side, one way or the other.  But it will not affect the RV.

Caller:  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

404 caller:  Iraq delegations are coming to the US;  will they need to be back on Iraqi soil before we can expect the RV?

Tony:  I would think so.  If they came here to do the bonds, and they are supposed to go international tomorrow… can they sell them at the old rate?  They could, but I imagine they would rather sell them at the new rate?  A couple of years ago, when this was supposed to happen, and there was a delegation here, they set up a movie set to make it look like they were at home to broadcast this, so anything can happen.

Caller:  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  So Tony can go and we can meet each other.

410 caller:  Are you we going to skip a whole weekend?  How can they do that?  Don’t they want this to come out at the weekend?  I can see them skipping  9-11, but can’t they contact us on Saturday so that we can make appointments?

Tony:  They could very well do this Saturday morning, absolutely.

Caller:  What about the pressure on the markets?  I thought it was closely related to how they would behave, at least as a distraction…

Tony:  I think what we saw happen is that the market made an adjustment so that it wouldn’t be as crazy when this happens.  That had to happen, so they did it right now, so once the RV is announced everyone can adjust together and it won’t be as insane.  They aren’t going to take all this new money and dump it into the market;  if this is the  new normal, then there is less of an adjustment to be made.

Caller:  It seems like they have a plan?  It seems they missed a payday, and that seem odd for people?

Tony:  They did pay  everyone but at the old rate.  Now they have announced the change for the next payday, which should be by next week.  We have heard this before – they said they would do it on payday  last month – but now they are putting it out in writing. Every time they do that, they make themselves look bad when they don’t follow through.  I was discussing this with people this morning.  They are taking that chance again.

Caller:  Let’s hope this is the last time. Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

Tony:  They cannot keep doing this.  Some other things have to happen, but it seems like this is the time.  Everyone is pushing for it now.

239 caller:  I want to ask about the Iranian rial. What was the best rate the rial had before it went down 15+ years ago.  Was it in the three dollar range?

Tony: I don’t’ have a clue.  I understand you are all concerned about Iran, but there are too many currencies out there that I know will make us money to be concerned about one that might.

Caller: So you don’t’ think it will part of the first basket?

Tony:  It’s not one of the five currencies I’m looking at.

Caller: Those who have purchased rial, they have to purchase it from a bank, not from ebay or wherever?

Tony:  I don’t know anything about the rial and cannot advise on that.

423 caller:  It keeps looking like it will happen and it doesn’t happen, and it seemed to have something about Maliki;  has he been arrested or what?

Tony:  My understanding is that Maliki and his son are both still in the Green Zone;  he cannot leave the country, he’s still in politics but not in power, and his party is trying to keep him in Parliament so that he cannot be charged while his opponents want him to be charged.  His dinar has been found buried, in his private plane, and they have confiscated all of that.

Caller:  There have to be a lot more crooks who have dinar, and they won’t exchange before getting that back, will they?

Tony:  They have been tracking that, and have things lined up to watch who is funneling that money through where… Abadi is still fighting for his reforms, “even at the cost of my life”, because there are still people loyal to Maliki and the way that he thinks. Abadi still has a fight on his hands, and he has to do it in the right way, legally and in an approved way so that people don’t get mad at him.

Caller:  That’s what I thought:  that Maliki was arrested and would be charged.  I hope they lock him up!  You said a while back that maybe banks would only take people within a certain radius of that bank.

Tony:  My understanding is that they will ask you what your zip code is, and they will send you to the banks in your area.  I am sure they would prefer you to exchange in your local area, where you’re going to spend the money, but you can tell them whatever zip code you want.

Caller:  I’ll see you in North or South Carolina.

602 caller:  Thanks for the info, Tony.  Last week you were talking about the crowds in the streets in Iraq – are the people still protesting, or has that calmed down as they wait for the next payday?

Tony:  I didn’t ask about that and my contact didn’t’ bring it up.  They did change the rates over the weekend, so they know this is coming, so they may  be a bit calmer.  If this doesn’t come out by payday, they may be backing themselves into a corner.

Caller:  They usually get paid earlier in the month, so if we don’t see this by the 15th, what do you see happening at the end of the month?

Tony: There are the bonds, etc., and there are other end of the year things they want to get done in the provinces – and their fiscal year starts on 1st October.

405 caller:  Why has the USA been the one stopping it lately?

Tony:  My guys say the USA has been pushing it lately.  It might have stopped because they want the groups and laws are in agreement, or because of the  bonds.  I don’t know why it was stopped, because everything has been done.  There may have been a fault in the system.  Let’s see what happens.  We are not going to get into it and push it more;  we are not going to attack our government to push another country.  They are out in the streets because they don’t’ like corruption in their government.  It’s their fight, and they are already pushing on it.  Here it’s an election year, and nobody here is going to take up that fight because it’s not about us.  Everyone here is just waiting for us to go to the bank;  there is nothing for us to fight for. The Iraqi people can fight for the Iraqi people, and our government can fight for them, but not us.  Sometimes we just have to wait for people to do what they are supposed to do.  Alright?

773 caller:  I’m glad you enjoyed the holiday weekend with your family.  How does this bond issue affect the RV?  There was a Reuters articles saying that the last time Iraq issued international bonds was in 2006, etc.  If they issued them then, without an international currency, why do we need to have an RV to issue them now?

Tony:  they don’t HAVE to have one, it would just make more sense and would give a higher return. People don’t’ have confidence in their currency right now, and if there is an RV, those bonds would fly off the shelf. What is the benefit if Iraq has not shown any progress?  Announcing the new laws, the RV and stability for investments would make a lot more sense. They didn’t raise a lot of money the last time, and that’s why they are doing it again, to raise money for the government.  It might work out better this time.  Either way, it doesn’t guarantee us an RV that they are issuing international bonds;  it would just make more sense if they have an RV beforehand.  The problem is, I don’t think they care if it makes sense of us.  They obviously have their own plan and we have to wait and see what that is.

231 caller:  [chitchat]  First-time caller.  Do you feel that this really could be our month?

Tony:  I feel good that this is our month. I have information you don’t have, but I’ve had info in the past that you don’t have, and felt really good then. We’ve been within ten minutes of being paid. I know that the banks have restricted their people and they are ready – but they’ve done that 5-10 times before.  That’s how ready they are, and the agencies as well. They’re pushing it, but somehow it’s still not happened. These are guys in position or power, and they are saying “Don’t be surprised if this happens…”  They have reduced their pay, and they have bills to pay, and everyone is in position, so I feel good about it – just waiting for it to happen!

Caller: You know how soldiers are:  we will keep doing our job, but eventually you have to pay us.  I hope Iraq will pay its soldiers because they do everything for the people.

Tony:  I am certain they will get paid when this happens.

707 caller:  Remember the warning DC gave you about plugging in the thumb drive for the Superfantastic stamp.  I sent that thumb drive to you, and there is nothing on it apart from the graphic file.  Now, about the zim;  I purchased uncirculated currency. Will that make a difference?

Tony:  All my zim is uncirculated, too.  That won’t make any difference.

Caller:  I was in a coin collector’s shop, and the guy said that circulated silver coins were worth more than uncirculated, and also the price on the website was higher for circulated currency than uncirculated.  That’s what put the question in my mind.

Tony:  I could be wrong, but I don’t think it makes any difference.

406 caller:  DC have anything to say in the last few days?  And Pam, why didn’t we get anything from Texas?

Tony:  He said “be ready so you don’t have to get ready!”

Pam:  I had trouble getting on and didn’t have time to play any Texas songs.

Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

936 caller:  Is there any new information on the exchange locations or procedures.

Tony:  No. I know people are there, ready, trained, introduced to the higher interests and programs;  I don’t think the locations have changes at all.  Some will be at the banks, some at real estate locations, investment office, or mortgage locations.  Most will be at a high-dollar locations, the places where they have high-value account already.  I’m not aware of any changes to the NDAs either. Maybe they have finally settled on 34 pages as enough – no, the average person will only have five pages, if you take the contract rate only.  I understand they are still going to have extended hours, 7am to 11pm

Caller:  I guess we are still in a holding pattern, waiting for your tweet.  [Appreciation]

985 caller:  Last month, you said those guys didn’t get paid…

Tony: They did get paid, but at the old rate, but nearly at the end of the month rather than around the 7th. They delayed paying them because they wanted to pay them at the new rate, but it didn’t happen.

Caller:  You also said that in some places the rates were live.

Tony:  Yes, there was a lady who walked into the bank to exchange one of the currencies and they gave her a live rate of $13,000 per million.  She exchanged one million, went home to get more, and when she went back, they said they made a mistake and they took her money back. Other people I know were able to exchange and kept their money.  There seem to be moments when the rates are live, and if you happen to be in the right place at the right time, it happens.  Other times, they look at the rate and say, “this can’t be right” and they refuse to exchange.

Caller:  A while back you said some lady used your name to get people to her site…

Tony:  When we first started, one lady said she was my mother, and convinced a thousand people at a 35 dollars apiece to go to her site for information – but that was 3-4 years ago.  This happens every so often.  I think I should put my own story out there and get paid for it.  <joke>  I don’t care.  Let’s just have the RV and all get paid.

With that, we are having a good time and good information.  Pam

Pam: Take your time – there is no rush. Make sure you deal with professionals you can check out. This isn’t mom-and-pop stuff, you’re in the big leagues, so be careful.  Don’t panic;  you know what to do, you’re ready, and you know how to do this.

Ray:  When are we going to do see it Wednesday – give some attention to self-directed IRAs and Roth IRAs.

Tony:  People have received phone calls from fake IRS and FBI agents, threatening you for buying foreign currency.  Don’t’ fall for that.  Look out for your elderly friends because there are people saying they can get them paid early, if they give them their dinar and such. Let’s look out for each other, especially in these final moments.  When it’s over, send me a letter about how this worked out for you, and how you are paying it forward, so that we can put  that final part in the museum.  Did people pay it forward and change people’s lives?  How did it benefit the everyday person?  That is the final part of the story.  The address is

Tony Renfrow, 9580 Oak Avenue Parkway, #7269, Folsom CA 95630-7269.

There is nothing like personal letters after the fact.  Some are saying “don’t send letters or pictures” because ‘they’ will know who you are, but I don’t know you, and you don’t have to put your address or contact information.  Don’t sent a letter if you don’t want to!  But it will be a great story about humanity itself, to see how we are able to help other people. That’s what I’m looking for.

Today is a great day.  I’m told it won’t be tomorrow or Friday, but we starting on the 12th… they are putting out great information and articles telling their own people this is happening. If anything wild and crazy happens we will put out a tweet.  Meanwhile, enjoy your day!


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