TNT – Friday

Tony CC Cliff Notes, Friday, Dec 26, 2014
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Highlights of Tony’s CC. Updates as it progresses – Sunny

TNT stands for “EXPLOSIVE Opprotunity!!!”

Good NEWS: Kurds have implemented their part of the budget. Saying as soon as Iraq implements their part of the budget we will have a rate change.

Rumor: Saying it’s live and they are exchanging in Mexico.

Tony: No, if they were exchanging in Mexico, I firmly believe we would be.

TONY: Make this short and sweet. Meetings took place. Still in meetings. Budget voted on. Other stuff not concluded. Went to house. We expected it yesterday because that is what they told their people on TV. Still hearing from Iraq, be calm, patient. Everything still on track. US is pushing to get it done is what we are hearing from one side. . . It could happen anytime. . . We are not in a bad place. Everything done except for the announcement. . . Only 2 days left till the end of the year.

IRAQ: Still saying they will have it by the end of the year. Tony: Because of what they are putting on TV, people are already ready to riot in the streets. If it’s not really done this time I think that is what we will see.

Parliament: meeting to complete business. They are not on vacation.
Budget: passed and documents are dated first of the year. For the first time, they are saying will not release rate until after budget implementation.
UNITED STATES: asked Iraq to hold off yesterday so US citizens would not be upset because they could not get to the bank yesterday. Hearing US is pushing to get it done.

Banks: no one in position today. All banks on standby for the weekend. WF is lead bank and has to take everyone. . Chase has exchanged already and others scheduled to go. Tony knows personally. BOA has exchanged a bunch and saying 5-6 diff’t rate. Citibank he does not know about 5th and 3rd have procedures set up and have called people to do exchanges.

Contract rates: mentioned during the call he was aware of $9.00
International Rates: Dinar, $3.58 and may come out at $6. Dong.67 to $2.00. most likely $1.00 and some. Rupiah consistent and still at $1.05. Zimbabwe anywhere from .06 to 15 cents with lopping of 6 zeroes. Others hearing 9 zero lop.
Groups: Internet group to go at same time as Admirals and Generals64 groups.

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