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TONY – Good morning, TNT. It’s Friday, January 23, 2015. Good stuff, meeting in Switzerland was good. DC is going to tell you about our window of time. But I do have to pass on some disturbing info I got yesterday that I must pass on. Supposedly someone is sending out emails that they’re putting together a new group sanctioned by the gov’t; telling people they won’t get paid if they’re not part of this group, contacting people thru our Forum, Twitter, and chat room, asking for name/info and now they need your dinar. This is MY personal opinion: when I referred to groups the other day I wasnt’ talking about any particular group or individual. Second, there’s no way in the world I would send my dinar to anybody. Especially not a perfect stranger who’s on the internet sending me emails saying “unless you’re with me you won’t get paid.” Excuse me, but who died and made you God?

T – At this late date and time, it’s just not going to happen. That’s crazy. More importantly, that’s not what we’re here for. Anybody we find out is using our Forum, Chat room, or complaints about it – you will be kicked out. We don’t want to be involved with it and you can’t use my name. Tony can speak for himself. It has nothing to do with us. Please let us know if you get contacted by any of these people. If it was a legitimate group that the UST wants promoted, I think by now they would have told us. They know we have the largest group of listeners. If there was anyway – at one point we did consider putting together a group – that only groups would get paid, they would have let us know by now.

T – Common sense tells me to have confidence in the connections and contacts we have. They would have told us already to form a group and that hasn’t happened.

DC – Good morning, everybody. For those who don’t care about details, it’s about the same as Wednesday. We don’t expect it to go until the Iraqi leaders are back home on Saturday. Not much has changed. At the CBI the Finance Ministry, Minister of the Interior have been prepping with their bosses in Davos, told to keep everything ready. They still want a final review session when they get home on Saturday night/Sunday morning. Everybody we talk to in Iraq is very supportive.

DC – The meetings in Davos were good. Abadi gave a good speech with a lot of back-slapping going on. No mention of the RV  in public places. In the USA, they’re all doing their prep work; banks had more meetings with UST regarding some rule changes that were very positive. These deal with regulations that will help everyday folks to make the process smoother. All the meetings have been concluded and ready to go. Nobody is expecting anything until Saturday going forward. The Admin is supportive it getting done.


C – Tony, you said if this doesn’t happen by the end of January something would happen. Will other countries step up if this isn’t done? T – The agreement among the countries is that if it’s not done within a certain timeframe the situation will change. DC – Another important thing is that the folks asking for delays in the past have not raised one all week, for at least 11 days.

T – They have an agreement that if it doesn’t happen in a certain time they can change the circumstances.

C – If someone was given the dinar, do they need a gift letter? (SERIOUSLY????????) DC – If you’ve given out random 25K notes to people, a gift letter for that small amount isn’t necessary. For larger amounts – 1M or more, you should have documentation for the tax man.

T – I want to reiterate that YOU know more than the average person about this investment. You can give someone up to $13,000 with no tax liability on their part. But be careful about who you give it to because you could unknowlngly knock them out of any gov’t assistance programs they’re receiving (like SSI, for example). As little as $10,000 could upset their existing giv’t assistance program. Rather, you can pay their utility bill, buy groceries, etc. You can help them another way.

DC – Do it wisely. People on medical disability, wounded warriors, etc. your heart is in the right place but make sure your mind is in the right place.


C – Do you believe the RV will happen and that we will get to exchange? DC – Yes, on both.

T – Is everything in place for it to happen? Yes. Has everyone been trained for it to happen? Yes. I am 99.9% confident this will happen when the time is right. If I knew for 100% it was not going to happen I would not only tell you but I would tell you what to do about it. DC – Oh yeah. T – I’m glad you brought it up. If I make an agreement with you, I will go through hell and high water to keep that agreement with you. By the same token, if I make an agreement with you and you screw me, I will sacrifice everything to get back at you, too. We believe they will live up to their agreement with us.

DC – All these early exchanges going on really chaps my ass. But you have to look at it from another angle. It commits the USA to accept this more than ever. If you have documentation, email copies, witnesses, recordings of teleconferences, meetings, and employees who are not going to fall on their swords for their bosses – they’ve locked in they have to do it or hell will rain down on them. There are senior people who can make one call and have the entire media at their front door. Are we making threats? No. But it’s reassuring that it’s out there to make sure everybody does what they agreed to. But it does force the issue to be fair to everybody.

C – I have a friend who got involved with this a couple of months ago. They Googled it and found articles about how it’s a scam. Now they’re nervous about this. DC – Anytime there’s a chance for making money they’ll be bad guys attracted to it. In terms of this being real, this was planned beginning in the 50’s, then reintroduced in the 90’s. Look at Kuwait. Anytime there is a worn-torn country with devalued currency eventually they revalued. Germany did it. I have faith because I have seen it happen and know that well over 100K have exchanged or were given SKRs.

DC – We’re just not that good to lie and make such an ornate scam. Things are very serious, things are real. We have documentation.

T – I’ve been telling you there are over 300 groups. Most have not been paid out. Some groups are good, but all aren’t. It’s just how it was handled. There are a lot of scams associated with the dinar. That doesn’t make the dinar a scam. There are a lot denials, especially with banks, that don’t want to lose all their employees. They have to protect themselves as well. You have to dig down deep why it should happen, not why it won’t happen.

C – If you give a 25K note to someone, at 3.58 that’ll be over $80K. If they don’t have a gift letter they’ll have to pay short term cap gains on it instead of long term cap gains. Short term is 44% and long term is 23.8%. Make sure the date is on there even if it’s not notarized. Also, if you held it for 6 months and gifted to me, and I held it for 6 months before I exchange it, that counts as a year. It’s obscure in the tax code. If it’s over a year, it’s long-term because of the combined time it’s been held by all parties. CHECK WITH YOUR TAX ATTORNEY BEFORE TAKING ADVICE FROM A CALLER IN A CHAT ROOM!!

C – Why did it not go before Davis? DC – The agreement was made with a dozen folks about prep time, not the agreed time. They are worried about speculators and the bad guys. Also, it’s a point of annoyance when people aren’t quiet. So they’ve picked at least 3 windows of time when they expect to have this set up. One was Tuesday night into Wednesday. Another one was last Saturday night. Then they kicked everybody out of the room and Abadi, Shabbib, Biden, Obama & Crew selected the timeline. Biden and Obama thought it was too close to the SOTU. Now people are under tight watch to keep leaks to a minimum.

C – Do you think this will happen before Feb.1, which is next Sunday? DC – Yes I do. T – The best thing they could do is to do it on a time we say because nobody would expect us to be right – LOL!

T – Here is one thing you have to know: since the Arab Spring of 2012 at some point time wears off and actions replace it. We hope we don’t get to that point. People are tired of the BS.

C – Do you have a range for the ZIM? DC – Unfortunately the price of the ZIM has gone up. What we’ve heard is somewhere between .05-.16 with 6 zeros removed. Take 6 zeros off and multiply by 5.

C – I heard you both mention you were going to see what forex did when it RV or RIs – then heard you say you were going to just get out….what are your plans? DC – I’m getting out – once it goes I’m all out – been too unpredictable for too long – will be looking for other ways for currency adjustments around the world – at stock market and a million ways to watch. First I’ll pay my taxes. Then put enough away for a conservative rate (4%) for annual income. Then I’ll put the rest in higher risk investments. What’s left will be “screw it all” money for cars, jewelry, etc. after all the investing.

C – Will banks start charging us to park our money with them? DC – Yes. 2-4% to keep your money there. They will charge you a fee to invest your money.

T – My phone  won’t charge, so we need to wrap up.

RECAP: DC – Not much has changed. Everything continues to look very positive both here and in Iraq. Everybody is prepping to make sure everything is good. Everybody is prepared for when they get back from Davos, then it’s free and clear. T – We’re in a great place. They’re still within their agreed timeframe. Multiple sources in Iraq, CBI, are looking for the window to be wide open from Saturday on. They’re saying this is finally it. The budget is supposed to be made formal on Saturday. We could see it Sunday, Monday or Tuesday, we’ll still be in that window. We’re in a good place, but if anything happens we’ll tweet it. It’s going to be a great weekend. I think we’ll see it between now and Monday! END OF CALL.

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