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TONY – Good morning, TNT. It’s Friday, January 30, 2015 and no, we shouldn’t be here. And no, I don’t plan on being here this time next week either.

{Tony is reading emails and texts]

T – First, I want to read an email I received about what people are going thru and whether or not they should be on the call. EMAIL WILL NOT BE TRANSCRIBED.

T – Email is describing how caller manages to stay on hold for hours and hours and hours and hours.

T – When you ask questions, if it could be a question everybody could relate to and helps everybody people would appreciate it. Anyone can hear the call on the computer, but those who go thru all that to talk to us deserve to be heard.
NOTE: Tony is reading texts about the VNN being very low, not being in the basket, etc. Also, reading comments and questions from Forum.

T – We intended to talk about this anyway. That’s going to be one of our subjects. It’s all over the internet and we got calls about it. The other thing I’ll address is the groups thing since somebody out there is saying you won’t get paid unless you join his group. Alright, DC, what’s going?

DC – Let’s going east to west. Not a lot has changed. Bottom line: everything looks really good and we’re waiting for Iraq to go through and everybody in the USA is onboard. In Iraq, they passed the budget (actually a month ago) and made it public yesterday. The official publication date in The Gazette will be tomorrow. Like most budgets it’s a pretty dry read if you’re interested in reading it. That took up most of the past 2 days. The pressure on Abadi and his team to revalue is getting very high since the budget was announced yesterday and the RV is to be shortly after that.

DC – Countries are insisting the revalue be done pretty quick. In Iraq on their TV they’re describing economic reforms. Today is a holiday as well as holy day, so they’re saying in they mosques to stay informed via TV and radio.

T – We figured the number based on the budget is around 3.90. We know they’re being told that effective Monday, Feb. 2 they will be making interest payments and taxes. That can’t happen without it being int’l. Sometime between now and then the rate should change. We’re just using pure logic. Plus, our info says it’s supposed to happen in that window anyway.

DC – If you notice the rate is higher than the 3.58 which is on the cards. Dr. Shabbibi has always argued for a higher rate. Dr. Turki took a different approach to just get the rate out. Shabbibi has been on the warpath to get that out.

DC – In the USA we understand that all folks are ready. Minor checks. Bottom line is we’re waiting on Iraq. Banks, HS, law enforcement, etc. are waiting on Iraq. They’re keeping the times closely held. There are a lot of leaks in this – LOL! That’s how we get 100% of our info – LOL. So what they’re trying to do is those with the times are just a few. Everybody is on super-high alert within this window. In parts of the UST, Senate and House the joke is this will happen right at the Super Bowl kickoff. That’s the running joke.

T – This could happen at any moment. Everybody is in agreement. The window started 2 weeks ago and ends tomorrow. Could be on Sunday but things are supposed to change on Monday.

T – So, let’s discuss this scenario before DC has to leave in 45 minutes. If the VNN comes out at .08, why would they lower it down now to that?

DC – Plan A might be that upon further review, Vietnam can only support .08. Another option is they want to suck in the speculative investors (us) to take the money and run. Then they’d pop it up later. Another scenario is that changes to their economic plan they can’t support anything higher than .08. That might be part of Plan A. I’m not saying right or wrong. This is just the info we’re getting. Maybe it’s to flush it out so folks are not upset.

DC – Let’s make an assumption that info is accurate. What are some scenarios you can do? You can use that as a springboard that you just made some money and you can invest more into it, whether into Vietnamese currency, their stock market, companies involved in mining gold in VN, etc. You can also take reserves (if allowed) and make a lot more money afterwards. Tony and I are kinda hoping it’ll come out at .08 so we can invest more.

T – Here’s the options. One guy said if it comes in at .08 they’re taking the money and run, especially when we thought it’d only come out at .05. That’s an option. Another is to exchange your dinar and buy more dong because sooner or later the rate will change. You have options. Sell enough dinar to sustain you for 6 months to a year while you wait for the market to adjust. They’ll be in’l currencies. You’ll have the option to go back to the exchangers later and sell them back at the rate on Forex.

T – No guts, no glory. You have to have faith in what you learned in the last 4 years. One thing you can believe in and trust is that it has already been exchanged at $1 or higher, so it has to go back to that to make it legit. We want to explain it so you folks can understand why/how this has happened. Invest in gold/silver annuities. Reinvest or wait until it goes up on Forex. Think thru the process.

DC – My initial reaction when the person told me .07 was “thank God.” It will provide amazing opportunities.

T – I know how to make money with money. Some people are upset and wanted us to discuss this today. 4-5 days ago we first got it then we started hearing it from different people. Think about it and use it to your advantage.


C – Your best guess on the rates for IQD, VNN, ZIM? DC – I’m super comfortable with Iraq and how Shabbib thinks. The rate has gone up from 3.58 a little more. Contract rate is still possible as long as the pool is available ($9-$28). There have been payouts higher but that’s all that’s available to us. The dong – I don’t know. I don’t have good contacts there. We don’t know if that’s a permanent rate or what. So I’m going to be prepared for .08, .57, or .47. Contract rates look like 1.02 and 2.47. For the ZIM, it’s wildcard. I’m expecting 6 zeros and low double or single digit. .03 or .04 as high as .16. Maybe.

C – There’s a feeling we got a raw deal if others got paid at higher dong rates. DC – Yes, that is fundamentally an insurance policy. In the age of Snowden you can’t keep big secrets like they used to. People who executed this are not intelligence pros. They’re bankers. They don’t understand it. Info is going to pour out. I view this as an insurance policy for us: how is it going to look if politicians or bankers paid out all these people at high rates then screwed the rest? Didn’t treat the rest the same? I fundamentally believe people are not out to screw other people. Plus legally there are other issues to consider. Nobody wants to answer the question “hey Grandpa, why did you screw America out of all this money?”

T – Stuff has already leaked out, documented and recorded! LOL!

DC – I’m not defending the Admin. I’m defending common sense. They don’t want Tony or me out answering questions. The BS meter will go out the roof and make Watergate look like a walk in the park.

C – Tony, you mentioned the end of the month and if not something would happen. Who makes it happen and what will happen if it doesn’t?

T – They have an agreement that something very public will happen if they don’t keep their agreement.

DC – Specifically, on or before the 1st of February. T – The agreement is that it would happen by 2/1 but it could be made public 3-4 days later or a very public reaction would occur.

T – They didn’t say it would be public on the 1st, maybe the 2nd or 3rd day.

C – Are we talking RI or RV? DC – Verbally they’re saying RI with an RV in their back pocket. It was agreed to RI at 3.11 – 3.90 to reinstate the old rate. If it’s higher than 3.58 they will keep it in an RI framework. Don’t best against Shabbibi. He deserves a Nobel Prize.

C – If it was to RV  what is the best time period? DC – They talked about 6 months or could be several years. T – Their Constitution says they can change the rate every 90 days. You guys wouldn’t be waiting for that. You would be waiting for the perfect scenario to go on Forex and push this up to outrageous rates, even for a short time. It’s like gas prices. It could shoot up then come down overnight. But you need to know when to get in and get out. Don’t get greedy.

C – Your best guess when it will hit Forex? DC – Originally it was set for 30 days. We believe it’s at least 15 days now. Traders wanted it over a weekend. It’s coming out at a managed rate with a free float later. There’s a whole lot of money to be made if you know how to play the game. If not, don’t risk it.

T – Before you go, DC, what about this guy going around telling people they won’t get paid if they’re not in a group?

DC – It’s nonsense. Baloney. It’s a marketing ploy.

T – There are 2 new ones pushing people to get in groups now.

DC – I’m really excited about what is going on now. I want to thank the current and former administration for pushing this. Everyone is right where they have to be. Thanks to all our intel-providers!



C – Any special denoms for the Rupiah? T – I haven’t heard anything about special denoms.

C – If we get .08 for the dong and others got more, won’t they have to get it back? T – I don’t know. It doesn’t make sense for them to open themselves up for what will happen afterwards, i.e., law suits. It doesn’t make sense but if it does happen I gave you the scenario I would operate on so you’ll get that higher rate, sooner or later.

C – When you give the 800#, if we want the contract rate should we call right away? T – I don’t know how they’re giving out the contract rate to the general public, not the groups. We don’t have the criteria yet. We can only talk people that have already exchanged. I can live with “first come, first served.” But if you don’t know if it was fair, that’s where it’s confusing.

C – Are you suggesting we wait to hear from you before we call the 800#? T – I’m suggesting that they tell us how to do it before the 800# comes out.

C – What about the code for the ZIM? T – Ask for rates for both.

C – Do you have any new banking procedures? T – No.

C – How do I find Forex online? T – You don’t want to do Forex. You just told me you don’t have a clue what you’re doing.

During your exchange process talk to the banker and tell him what you want to do…watch Forex and that you want to come back and invest your money. Then talk to an investment banker. Find out what ticker tape they use to follow currency I have a smart phone  app that is a currency calculator with alerts.

T – I don’t know that it will be .08. Somebody put it out there and we got it from a couple of sources. Some say they were directed to put it out there. Maybe they want you to get used to the idea of that rate. I wanted to give you some options. It could take a little longer if you are willing to do that it will be greater later.

C – What is your observation about the timing? T – Okay, somebody said January 2016. I heard July. Then I heard March, then 2/15. I can’t say they’re wrong because I don’t know who told them that. My information I have been given is that the agreement in place says it must be complete by 2/1. That is Sunday. Iraq is saying the budget will be in The Gazette tomorrow. They’re telling their people rates will be changed 2/2. All I can do is give you the info I am getting. Do I believe them? Yes. It is a very fluid situation and all are pushing for it to be done.

RECAP: T – We said it all. I wanted to reiterate some things you should look at if any of the rates come in low. Somebody got paid all those rates. So at some point the currencies will reach those rates, especially the single-digit rates. I hear a lot of you are running to the bank. You’re starving, need money, etc. But be smart when you do it. If you have the time I think it will be greater later. If you’re doing a small amount first you can always do the rest with an exchanger later. Look at your different options NOW. The time to do that is now. If you’re forming a coalition of investors, do it NOW. All of our info says we’re as close as we’ve ever been. Iraq has nothing left to do. They voted on the budget. HCL, etc. have been done for months. All the banking laws are done. They can’t give their people anymore reasons why they can’t revalue their currency. Does that mean tonight or tomorrow? No. Is that part of the plan? Yes. But they’re backed into a corner. Everything we’re hearing is that it should definitely be over this weekend. Or by Tuesday. Be ready this weekend. Get your docs ready. Review your plan. Hopefully by Monday it’ll be a whole new world for all of us. I really hope to do a call over the weekend. END OF CALL.

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