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T – I know there was a big brouhaha about a meeting in the Senate about Texas. I get to pick on Texas because that’s where DC and many of our members are from. All that stuff in Congress yesterday has nothing to do with us.

T – Let’s go on to Twitter: during our last call on Wednesday people were upset they couldn’t get on the call. That’s what that’s about. Even after I respond to a person it gets re-tweeted and causes confusion. This morning when I sent out the tweet about Abadi, it was the 2nd time he announced the budget was completed and passed when he spoke in Germany. The vote has been take and it’s done.


T – This is for everybody in Dinarland, regardless of which group you’re in. I got a call this morning about a meeting invitation that’s going around. At this meeting they’re telling people they need to be part of this group, that they just got their bank charter from Belize, and you have to pay $300 to join the group. In return, they’d get $30 PER dinar if they signed up. It’s ridiculous.

T – They would exchange dong at $6. Do you know what I would say? This could only happen in Texas – LOL! They don’t even have their own info – they’re using an application from a well-known bank. And they’re asking for ALL your information.

T – All I can tell you is: ain’t no way in hell I’d do this stupid-arse sh*t. That’s my opinion for those who asked. Never in this world would you see me participate in anything like that.

T – Just so everybody knows, we sent the info to the FBI this morning.

DC – We are in a very good place. Quick summary: we are in a wonderful window. There was a pause but we’re through that. Still the same as Wednesday. Iraq is ready. The US asked for a pause for several reasons that were warranted, IMO. I am told that has now been cleaned up and we’re ready to go again. Iraq is ramping up again. Security situation with ISIS continues to get better. The big news is that the Peshmerga Forces in Kurdistan is now joining Iraqi forces and are being paid by the GOI now. That’s a very big unifying effort. Everything else is ready: CBI, Abadi’s office, etc. As soon as Abadi gets back into the country I’ll start to get excited again.

T – Talk about what Abadi tweet today and the curfew being lifted tomorrow night.

DC – They’ve had a curfew in place since 2003 to keep bad things from happening during the overnight hours. That curfew is being removed tomorrow (Saturday). It provides a nice sense of normality and proves to the rest of the world that things are turning around and getting better. Also, Abadi stated in a tweet that the budget has been completed in record time. It has been done for some quite some time. But he’s saying they went thru the entire budgeting process, thru committees, and adjusted the budget based on oil prices, etc. It’s important because that reflects a mature country and GOI process. It involved a lot of tribal arguing, but they took a very professional approach to settle the budget arguments among everybody. This shows their system is better and working as it should, regardless of the US sticking their fingers into the process.

DC – Ukraine is definitely a problem but it doesn’t affect Iraq. It’s a slight positive to getting the RV  done. We have bigger fish to fry and some of the European economies need this shot in the arm.

T – So, the US asked for a delay. Didn’t demand. Asked because they needed to do ____. The US didn’t block it, or screw it up. They needed 24-48 hours on Wednesday afternoon. We can safely say that has been done.

DC – There is one item – I’m making an assumption as I’m only aware of one – that was completed successfully. The assumption is the others are done as well because everybody is gearing up. But, these holdups were NOT RV-related. Abadi and team agreed.

DC – The US is ready to go and everybody is revved up again. Rates are adjusted to the mid-3’s and the dong is still at the .07-.08 range.


Here is further transcript

TNT Call notes 6-Feb-2015

Tony:  Good morning, TNT!  Today is Friday, February 6, 2015.  It is a rainy Friday here in Sacramento.  DC is excited about something as you guys saw in the tweet.  IF he doesn’t tell you about it, I will!

First of all, I want everyone to know that I’ve just been joking about Texas because DC is from TX and because that’s the only state where people got on buses and went to the bank! There was a big brouhaha about TX in the Senate yesterday.  I was going to pick on TX today, but Pam says some people’s feelings are hurt.  I do like TX and plan to visit when this is done. All that stuff in Congress was not about us – we were joking and they were serious. 

On Twitter, someone said that they were trying to get on Twitter for three years and I said I’d try to get them on the call.  Even after I respond to a person, it gets retweeted and people don’t necessarily know what I was originally talking about.  We follow Abadi, like any of you could, and this is the second time he announced that the Budget has been completed and passed, it just hasn’t been put in the Gazette and implemented yet.  So some idiiot said, “We already know this, it’s not news unless you’ve been lying”.  Every so often I go on twitter and see these comments from idiots, and it’s like being back in grade school when there is always that class clown who wants attention.  So I feed them a little bone, and that satisfies them for the day.  I still want them to get the news, and I guarantee you they are on this call right now, even though they don’t believe what we say!  So that went out by itself and people didn’t get it.  It’s not about any of us knowing everything better than others – other people get some information first, and we verify or clarify it – we don’t care, we want to get paid.  We just bring you the information as we get it, as we understand it, and as best we know.  It’s what we receive and what makes sense to us.  So sometimes you will see a comment out of the blue and it’s just a response to those “fidiots”.  Now I hope you understand and we can go on with the news for today.
DC?  Did you see the tweet I put out that you are excited?

DC:  I’m excited about the general situation we’re in, but that’s about it.

Tony:  For years we’ve been doing the right thing, educating people as much as we can, and this morning I got a call about a meeting. It’s been going around and through our chat room.  AT this meeting in Texas, they are telling people they need to be part of this group with a bank charter in Belize, and they need to pay $300 to be part of this group. For that, they would get $30 per dinar.  This is so ridiculous!  So they had all they had all these people signing up to exchange dong for 6-8 dollars, and $30 per dinar, rising after a million dinar, in this bank in Belize. This is in Texas.  I don’t even know what to say.  We’ve been through this before.  They didn’t even have information, including how much dong and dinar you have, and then saying you can have extra accounts to exchange as much dinar/dong as you want in this bank they have just set up, at these insane rates.  All I can tell you is that there is no way in hell I would do this stupid-ass shoot, myself. 
That’s my opinion.  For those who ask me, as part of TNT, I say you would never see me participate in anything as idiotic as that.  That is just pitiful, and they had people actually writing checks on the spot.  We have sent all the information to the FBI.

DC:  I hope everyone’s doing well today.  We are in a very good place.  In summary, we are still in a wonderful window, as we talked about on Wednesday.  That’s the bottom line.  In Iraq, they are very ready. The US asked for a brief pause for several different reasons, and the request was warranted.  That has been cleaned up and we are ready to go again.  Iraq is ramping up again. The security situation with ISIL gets better and better.  The big news in Iraq is that the Kurdish Peshmurga forces in the north are now part of the Iraqi Defense Forces, paid for out of the Budget. That is very big news, and a great unifying effort.  Everything is just ready in the CBI, finance ministry and Abadi’s office.  The PM is out of the country and as soon as he gets back, I’m getting excited.

Tony:  PM Abadi tweeted from Germany today, and the curfew is being removed tomorrow night – what’s the deal there?

DC: They have had a curfew for ten years to prevent bad guys from doing bad things after dark.  My grandma used to say “nothing good happens after 10pm”.  The curfew being lifted lets people celebrate and it proves to the rest of the world that things are returning to normal in Iraq.  As for Abadi’s tweets, the important one is about the Budget being completed in record time.  Everyone who pays attention are saying “duh”, because it has been doen for some time.  The point is that for the first time Iraq went through the entire process, including parliamentary committees, adjusting for the change in oil prices, and reflecting ISIL issues. That’s a mature political thing to do, fraught with all the political arguments between the tribes and factions.  It took maturity between Abadi, Parliament and the entire governmental system.  So that is a great thing.  It could have been done quicker and earlier, but with the US and other putting in their fingers, it’s remarkable.  It’s also good that Abadi feels he can boast about the progress, not just on the defensive.  So that is big news.
In the USA, the delay was a slight problem but it’s not really affecting Iraq.  It just means we have bigger fish to fry.  The European economies also need this to grow.

Tony:  The US openly asked for a slight delay in order to get something done – they didn’t screw it up or block it, they politely asked for a delay on Wednesday to get something done.  That has now been done. 

DC:  There is one item I’m aware of, and I have heard there are several others.  The one I’m aware of has been completed successfully, and I assume the others have been done as well because everyone is gearing up again. 

Tony:  The things that had to be done had nothing to do with the RV, though.   It wasn’t about “more things you have to accomplish before you can RV”/

DC:  Right.  Now everyone’s ramped up and ready to go, with rates adjusted slightly downward.  It’s still in the mid-three-dollar range, and the dong is still at the 7-8 cents we talked about recently, and everything else is the same.

313 caller:  Before the Budget goes into the Gazette, aren’t there some financial and investment laws that have to be passed?

Tony:  I think he is addressing that they had 15 days to send it and the PM has 30 days to
approved it?

DC:  That would be the timing to force an uncooperative Council of Ministers to push it through, but they actually signed it the next day.  It’s been done for a week.  The other laws have been passed but not publicized.

Caller:  I’ve been on 1,186 minutes — basically I call in the night before on my cell phone, put it on the charger and leave the line open while we go about our business.  It’s pretty simple.  Next thing we know, we’re on the call! 

Tony: Everyone doesn’t have unlimited minutes, so not everyone can do that.

Caller:  I was reading where the dong may go international – will that go before the dinar? With the dong getting so much attention, my gut says it will come out at more than eight cents.  If they were exchanging at a dollar before, it would be better to wait.

Tony:  No, they will go together.  If the dinar comes out at $3.58, and the dong comes out at eight cents, I’m going to take all my money and buy dong because that is the craziest thing I’ve ever heard.

Caller:  I’m second-generation Californian, and you and I and Obama are all the same generation brothers.  I think he is doing a great job.

Tony:  The President didn’t do everything I hoped he would do.  I think he has done everything he can do, and had to fight more than any other President, Democrat or Republican. But after this RV, we’ll ALL be Republicans because we’ll be rich and want to avoid any higher taxes.  Of course, Pam has already changed sides.  Pam tells me what to do and say, and she asks that if you see anyone promoting that meeting in Texas, please tell her immediately so that she can delete them.  Also, this is First-time Friday, so let the first time people get on the call.

951 caller:  I have talked to you once before.  I do have a request.  I would love it if you could let us know immediately as soon as you know the RV has occurred so that I can wrap my head around it, get my family situated, etc. 

Tony:  A lot of people agree with you, and we’ll let you know as soon as we know it’s happened.  Pam, just so you know, of all these people waiting, not one put their hand down.  You may be my boss, but not theirs!

863 caller:  I’m divorced and active with my kids.  How do I structure this after the exchange so that I can support my kids but so my ex-wife doesn’t have access to this new money?  If she takes me back to court, next thing you know the ex-wife is moving to Florida as well.

DC:  Talk to a good trust attorney and divorce attorney so that your children can get through college and such without it being considered your income.  They can guide you on that.  Also, I would be as quiet as I can, and talk to those attorneys before you do anything that looks like you’ve got more money.  If you have an LLC, yes, anything you can do to distance yourself from this money going into your personal account would be helpful.

Tony: I can tell you how to do that, but I don’t want all the TNT ladies to be mad at me!

DC:  It cuts both ways – all the ex-husbands coming back and saying, “Honey, you look good!”  Funny how money makes people look better…

240 caller:  We’ve been in six months and this is my first time on the call.  I have sent donations but haven’t received anything saying you have received that money.  Also, I want to send you money for the kids…

Tony:  PayPal will tell you it went through.  We don’t send you a receipt.  We don’t have Keisha’s Kids up yet – we’ll do that afterwards.  I will out something after the RV.  We’ll put it together as a national foundation, and we’ll probably have all the money we need, though I appreciate the thought.  We’ll try to make it cookie-cutter, so if people want to set up local chapters…

Caller:  I do hope this happens.

Tony:  There is light at the end of the tunnel – so much light that we can feel the warmth!

410 caller:  I’m glad you guys are keeping warm!

Tony:  I live in California and DC is in Texas, so we’re always warm!  Pam is in Minnesota, and I used to live in North Dakota – been there, done that.

Caller:  Is there a contract rate for the rupiah?

DC:  Not so far as I know.  The latest rates I’ve heard – and it’s highly subject to change – go like this:  dinar = $3.71, dong = $0.8, zim around $0.10 minus six zeros, rupiah = $1.05.  Dinar contract rates could go as high as $28, dong contract rate doesn’t seem to be available any longer, no contract rates on rupiah or zim.  If the dong comes out at eight cents, it’s very likely to go up, though we cannot guarantee that.  You can also invest in the Vietnamese stock market, futures, or whatever.  We do NOT advise anything, we can only tell you what we would do.

Caller:  I just got an LLC;  how can I justify taking personal expenses from the LLC?

DC:  I have LLCs, C-corps and S-corps.  Let’s say you have a million dollars in the LLC.  Depending on what the LLC is set up to do, and it’s a pass-through organization, you still have to pay the tax rate.  Before that, though, you can make major purchases from the LLC, or you can move the LLC into a trust, and make any business-related expense out of that account.  Let’s say you want to have an expensive dinner.  You have to document it – keep the receipts, etc., and make sure to discuss business, at least briefly.  Talk to an attorney about getting it into trusts and foundations as well.  It’s a great step to take and I encourage you to keep learning about that.  You can always issue a distribution to yourself if you want to buy a fancy suit, a car, a house or whatever.
Caller:  Is using the 800 number the only way to get the contract rate?  What about taxes?

DC:  Either using the 800 number or through a wealth advisor, and most WMs do not know about this.  Get the best advice you can upfront, and then you won’t need the wealth adviser or attorney as much when it comes to distributions.  Talk to them upfront about how and when to pay your quarterly taxes.

850 caller:  [Appreciation]  I buy through Sterling, and they sell other currencies as wella s these three in the basket. 

DC:  In my opinion, all currencies will adjust.  Iraq is making such a big adjustment, that I am sure that the Chinese yuan will adjust as well.  Nobody quite knows what will happen with the Afghani currency;  they have some resources, but aren’t ramped up yet the way Iraq is, plus they have problems with the Taliban.  I think any economy that is growing massively is a good direction to look at, such as South Korea and India.  I like the new PM in India, and my friends there say it’s becoming much easier to do business there.

Tony:   A lot of American jobs are going to India, so…

Caller:  You said that it didn’t matter if the currency was circulated or uncirculated, so long as the dealer is registered. 

DC:  Some of the currency is considered ‘collectable’, and those are not as micro-managed as the dinar/dong situation because of the oil credits.  So the zim is riskier than the dinar – they don’t have the same 15 years of investigation, billions of barrels of oil in the grounds and a currency that had a higher prewar value.  So zim was always bound to be riskier than the dinar.

Caller:  Thanks for making us laugh all the time!

Tony:  It’s laugh or cry, just to get there!

541 caller:  Hello you super-fantastic people!  DC you said Wednesday that this will get done, then I heard USA wants to maintain control over Iraq, so…

DC:  Sure, the US will continue to try to control other countries – we are masters are screwing these things up.  However, on Wednesday we asked for a delay rather than demanding it or just screwing it up. That’s a much more professional political arrangement because it empowers Iraq, plus it gets other countries off the US’s back.  We don’t have a lot of friends right now because we’ve been holding this up.

702 caller:  Do you think this will be before the 15th, or the end of the month?

DC:  I think Mtn Goat has credible info, but all my sources think before that.

Caller;  Please could Pam put me on the list?  Thank you.

DC:  Just for a break, let me tell the PG version of the Russian story.  A lot of people think being a secret agent is all guns and glory, but it’s not.  One of our assets is an older lonely guy who goes in and out of Iraq, but who mainly lives in Dubai.  It can get really lonely when you  don’t speak the language, so he has a Russian girlfriend… and she took him for all his money because he equated love with money and vice versa.  I spent a lot of time consoling him, saying “She’s a working girl, that’s what they do” and so on. So I’ve been a shoulder for him to cry on, and that’s pretty much my job.  Pam told me to tell that story.  This gal didn’t speak English, and poor old Fred got taken…

Tony:  Someone sent me a question this morning – how is this whole thing supposed to work when there is not enough money in the world to pay all this money. This has to be someone who came in during the last month!

DC:  The dinar revaluation is based on what Iraq has in the ground – 140 billion barrels of oil in the ground, plus their agricultural capability as the breadbasket of the Middle East.  Because it’s been fallow for a long time, the desert soil often has more nutrients than other soil, and they can grow a lot.  The CIA developed this plan to revalue the Iraqi dianr in the 1950s, and this plan got dusted off in during the Saddam Hussein mess.  In order to do that, the country needed to be revitalized.  That didn’t happen in the 1990s, but Kuwait did.  They devalued the hell out of the currency, and then revalued it.  This has also been done post war in Germany, Japan and other countries over the years.  They also seemed to have weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, hence the war.  So they flooded the Iraqi economy with cheap notes to push out the older Saddam notes, and then the insurgents couldn’t buy as much.  Then the government of Iraq, the CBI, the IMF, etc., figured out how to polish up the jewel that Iraq could be, with all the agricultural, mineral and commercial worth that Iraq has in potential.  They spent a lot of time studying that and putting a value on it.  They also put a new, stable government in place, with new banking laws, anti-corruption measures, first-world technology and other measures to stabilize the country and the economy. They could have done it earlier but Maliki was a drag on the situation, then the US administration changed as well.  The Obama administration agreed that this could be a way to improve other impoverished areas, and they made it into a GCR. That’s much bigger and therefore more unwieldy.  The US was not in charge, as such, but in practice they were able to block progress according to their own lights.  By re-instating the dinar’s prior rate, you create an incredibly wealthy nation (like Kuwait) that can support economic growth and stability in the region.
How do they get the money?  Through oil credits.  They are offering a discount rate on something China really needs.  Let’s say you need toilet paper and it’s offered have half the rate with delivery over the next fifty years – why wouldn’t you buy as much as you can?  China only produces 400,000 barrels of oil per day, and use 8,000,000 barrels.  Iraq has a lot of oil, and is offering coupons called oil credits.  China is buying as many of those as they can.  Iraq benefits because it makes the country rich now.  Speculators want to take part because they funded Iraq’s reserves by buying dinar and now they will make money when the currency revalues.  Iraq gets the most stable bank in the area and possibly the world, because it’s based on their oil AND their reserves.  There were 27 trillion dollars worth of reserves on the streets when this started.  President Bush said that Iraq would pay for itself.  The US took four trillion of those reserves, and other countries took some proportionately.  About 19 trillion is left over, and a couple of those went out to speculators. The rest stayed in Iraq or to other Middle Eastern countries.  In the last few years, the CBI has been pulling in that currency;  they have pulled 97% of the paper currency out of Iraq, which is why the remaining currency in circulation is taped together.  They have been removing and destroying dinar;  we aren’t selling ours, so there isn’t much left.

They have been trying to get this moving for several years here and in Iraq and due to a variety of issues (good and bad), it has been delayed.  The oil credits will be given electronically out of the pool of dinar available..  If Tony has a million dinar, the bank will deliver it to the UST, who will credit the exchange dollars to Tony’s account. The UST will then trade the oil credits back to the Central Bank of Iraq, and that’s how it works.

Tony:  The actual dinar notes were printed in Texas and shipped to Iraq, so we know the exact number that are in circulation.  Each country will pay in their own currencies, and  the oil credits will be good for 50 years.  It’s all digitally exchanged, and that is why they want you to use wire transfers and credit cards rather than cash.  There is not enough actual cash to pay everyone in notes, and that is not how the banking system works.

405 caller:  So the US doesn’t think there will be repercussions on exchanging the dong at eight cents?

DC:  No, they think we will all move on.  They won’t care.  You will make 3-4 thousand times your money and if you expected to make 10,000 times your money.  No one said life would be fair, and most people will be under an NDA anyway.  I will say that I think it’s looking better than I’ve ever seen it before.  I like how it looks right now!

239 caller:  Will all four currencies be in the first basket?

DC:  Yes, we firmly believe that the zim, dong, dinar and rupiah will all go at the same time.  The other likely currencies might take a few years to be adjusted.  They only expected about 10,000 people would invest in all this;  they didn’t expect that people like Tony and me would be telling people about this on such a large scale. They may decide the zim is not ready to go, but they may kick it out anyway.  But they don’t want this to happen again, so they are likely to make new regulations to limit certain financial or investment products to ‘sophisticated investors’. That used to mean those with a net worth of over one million dollars, but they are raising that to ten million dollars.  That is partly because it’s time to raise the limits, and partly because this administration feels this currency stuff was too available for unsophisticated investors.   If you’ve had other exotic currencies for a longer period of time, like buying IBM stock in the 1970s, then good for you and you should be okay.

Caller:  My fiancé is in Vietnam right now, and people in the streets are talking about the currency revaluation, although they are not telling him any dates.  He bought some over there as spending money;  I don’t know if he can bring it back to the US.  But the word on the street is that it is going to revalue.

DC:  Our contacts aren’t as good in Vietnam as in Africa and the Middle East. We mainly get our information from what’s showing on bank screens in different countries.  He gets back on Monday and we can’t wait to exchange early next week!

661 caller:  Tony, what would you ask DC that hasn’t already been asked?

Tony:  Let’s see if I can put him on the spot!  DC, we had three dates last Wednesday that we were looking for this.  Are we still on target?  How many dates are left?

DC:  I strongly believe so, and two times remain:  this weekend and early next week.  
Tony, what percentage of the information we get do we actually share… or not?

Tony:  We’re probably not telling you the 10%  that you really want to hear, like timelines.  But next week, if we go past the dates, then we can tell you the schedule and what happened.  The crucial part is that curfew is being lifted tomorrow.  Abadi made a public statement about the Budget today in Germany AND sent out about 15 tweets. So today is more transparent than anything apart from your knowing the exact time.

DC:  And we don’t do that because it comes from a few select people we don’t want to get into trouble.  Also, we’ve had a ton of those times that have gone by and it’s brutal to put people through that.  We are trying not to get anyone in trouble here. 

Tony:  Believe me, you don’t want to go through the same torture we go through!

281 caller:  We are going to the bank this weekend, right?    We have quite a few friends who have invested in the dong, and all the speculation about rates… it just  doesn’t seem like they can bring it out at 7-8 cents, or if it does, that it can stay there for long.  How long do you think we would be looking at that rate being driven up?

Tony:  “No guts, no glory!”  As long as the dinar goes, I don’t care about the rest.  It could be three days before it goes up, or three weeks.  If I tell you what I think, they could change the plan.  You have to decide if $3.58 for the dinar is enough, or if you want to wait.  Set your parameters on your phone or computer.  You can form your own group, because they won’t let us do this again.  They could well put up the dong rate because economies will grow as currency flows.

Caller:  Clearly patience will be beneficial for dong as well as dinar.  We have plenty of rupiah as well, so we can wait.  Pam, please be nice to Tony and DC!  [Appreciation]

Tony:  DC, the power’s just gone off, so I cannot go back on and select the next person!  I guess this is the end of this call!

DC:  Everything looks beautiful. There was a slight pause for the cause, and everything is ramped up and ready to go forward in the next three-four days.  I pray to God this is it!  Have a good weekend!

Ray:  Enjoy Fabulous Friday.  If you don’t like the rate, just wait!

Tony:  This is it!  Hopefully we’ll be doing some calls over the weekend. Everything is falling into place.  I hope we won’t have this call on Monday. Get everything ready to move as soon as this gets started.  I will send out a tweet as soon as I get notification, and we’ll set out the times and route we will take from then.  Enjoy the weekend and the rest of your day!

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