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TONY – Good afternoon, TNT. It’s Friday, February 13, 2015. It’s a good day for us. I don’t believe in all that superstituous stuff – LOL! I’m not sure how long this call will last but I’ll take as many questions as I can and will be here as long as I can. DC said with our “advanced ages” we forget stuff – LOL!

DC – There’s not a whole lot of change since Wednesday. Iraq is very ready and they have prepared everything and ready to go. We’re waiting on the public part of the budget to be released and we expect them to raise the rate very shortly thereafter. They’ve had many meetings to prepare since Wednesday, including security, banks, etc. to get ready. Frankly it’s more of the same going forward.

T – Let’s explain that the 1166 is the process they’re going thru. It could be for 2 seconds, 10 minutes, or 20 minutes. But by the time you see it it will be at the 3.58 rate. We have details as to how it’s suppsoed to work: go “live” at the 1166 rate then immediately Ri and RV.

DC – The max timeline is 72 hours, but the expectation is Shabs and Abadi will choose that timeframe and we’re told it will be a few hours or less. Is the budget in The Gazette? Yes, It won’t be public until as early as tomorrow morning. Are there rules that it show by 11AM or noon tomorrow? No. This is Iraq. It isn’t expected to be public until tomorrow evening. They don’t follow exact timelines and don’t try to interpret everything according to the letter of the law. They have to work with everybody, so it could drag out from a 10 minute reveal to 8-10 hours.

T – If we know somebody who’s writing the articles, printing it, or approving it, involved in the process – they’re saying “it’s there. This is what I do.” There are 10+ GOI officials who want to go see it, but they’re told “no you can’t see it.” There’s a reason for that. We may give you too much info too soon, or we may be too far ahead of the curve, but we’re telling you they have set a time for it to be public over this weekend. What we do know is IT’S ALREADY DONE. HCL, etc. have all been done for weeks now. We have known the Kurds are supposed to be paid tomorrow – that was signed off on weeks ago.

DC – Everything is prepared to go. We’re getting a strong indicaction that Shabs and Abaid are working the phones to make sure the international community is ready to go. They are coordinating the timeline with CL, POTUS, IMF, UK, etc. These timelines have been agreed to and it appears they are abiding to them.

DC – Let’s talk about the Ukraine and Greece. For years Greece overspent and couldn’t repay loans. So they want to recut the deal and Germany is saying “no.” The likelihood of the Greek debt deal getting punted out a few more weeks is very high. The Ukraine cut another deal for a cease fire.

DC – In the USA, people are where they need to be. They all wanted this to go on a 3-day weekend (not required but preferred). So here we are looking at a 3-day weekend. That keeps the press down. All the people who need to be in place are on call with skeleton crews working. Quite a few folks who used to be placed on lock-down are now on-call to come in afterwards. Some are on a 20-minute, 30-minute, or 2-hour call-in. This simply means the banks may be making exchanges immediately after. It may be 4 or 5 days before they get ramped up.

T – We were told if it wasn’t Thursday it would be Saturday. Everybody knows the timeframe for the vote and publication in the Gazette. They have been finalizing international banking laws and that was all accomplished. The USA wants it over a weekend so this is the perfect weekend to do it. We’re finally here and I look for it on the outside Tuesday if it goes that long. The info is out there.



C – My concern is the bail-in possibility, if the banks require us to leave our money in for a better rate and terms. DC – If you’re not a criminal you will be okay. I’d worry more about unscrupulous bank employees who might have access to your accounts. I’d pay attention to the Tier 1 ratio – how much liquid cash do they have (bonds, liquid assets). Dodd-Frank raised this ratio and rank. I like to stay on top of those. Because of the massive flush of cash the banks will get with the exchanges I don’t see this as a problem. You can diversify into int’l currency of 5-25%. But your investment strategy has to match your personality. We’ve been cautioning you about the lottery-winner syndromw, but don’t be paralyzed by scary stories.

DC – If you want gold have your wealth advisor do it for you. Banks make money on your transactions and on your money at 1-2% just for parking it with them.


Q – Are there oil credits with the dong? A – No.

Q – Is there a limit on the ZIM, or hold it for 3-5 months to meet long-term cap gains? A – ZIM is the weakest deal. With 6 zeroes and up to .25 I’m out as quick as I can get to the bank.

T – The banks want to get your transaction over with and move on. The want you to come in with all you have and be done with it.

Q – How will they verify the dong if you bought it in Vietnam years ago? A – A banker or exchanger will just run it through a DeLarue machine to verify its authenticity. You should have military orders or airline ticket receipts. If you look suspicious they’ll question you. Most likely they are looking just to get your processed. There is law enforcement involved, so bring your docs with you. They just want to keep the bad guys out.

Q – Since I’ve told others about the upcoming dinar exchange and I take the contract rate and they don’t, then they see my new house and new car, can they report me to the gov’t and have my money taken away or get me in trouble? A – NO! You live in America and you can make money all you want to. Pay your taxes.

T – Hypothetically, the RV happens and someone makes up stories and files a complaint. Can the gov’t use that against me? DC – Accusers cannot just accuse you of anything. If they do they have to prove it. Most people won’t get jealous. They may be that way at first but they’ll get over it. That’s their problem, not yours. T – The gov’t isn’t going to look at every little complaint. Follow your NDA.

Q – Why do you think the RV  will happen before the boots on the ground POTUS just asked for haven’t been deployed yet? A – Because it’s not as bad as it is presented. It’s not a massive military operation. It’s being coordinated as a multi-country coalition force. For the most part Iraq is not that affected by it. T – From a practical sense, the more soldiers on the ground the safer it is and it’s a good thing for investors.


C – What do you think about MCA? DC – An MCA is a multi-currency account used mainly by businesses and people who travel internationally a lot. It’s not really designed for int’l currency speculation, so they put high limits on those with these accounts. It’s not worth the bank’s time to manage and maintain these MCAs. The overhead is a lot higher.

C – We prepared by getting a new phone and POBox. Should we use that now permanently? DC – It’s best to keep everything separate, business and personal. Try to keep as much as possible out of your personal name as possible, but be practical. For instance, you might lose your homestead exemption if you move your house out of your name.

C – I’m very frustrated. This is getting to be like the second coming of Jesus Christ. We know He’s coming but… then they change things, one more thing, etc. Why not just have a call on Friday with an update and stop the ups and downs during the week. Something isn’t right and it never will come to fruition. T – When I started the call I was told it would only be for 1 week. If Maliki had done what they wanted him to do, the plan would have been different. We’re lucky enough to get connections in high places, Parliament, banking, etc. as they are walking out of the meetings. This is a living animal growing right before our eyes. When we hear “this is the end date” that’s what we report as it happens. I agree with you it’s been hard. If you can’t handle the day-to-day, then people shouldn’t be here. Wait for somebody to call you and tell you it’s all over. If then we should only do one call a week, then you should only listen once a week. We are letting people be adults. We give you minute by minute, hoping to educate you on banking, gov’t, etc., more than just a date and a rate.

DC – I’ve said many times, most people should not listen to every call or day to day, especially if you’re dealing with dire medical situations or financial desperation. Whether you like it or not, it’s been ready to go 100’s of times. They have adapted more to circumstances than simply change their minds. We also have said if we know up to 60-70% we’re doing pretty good. I have friends and relatives who say they can’t listen anymore and just want me to call them when it’s done. If Tony or I knew we’d be here 4 years later we wouldn’t have agreed to do this. Even my contacts are saying “holy crap, this is brutal.” Even the leaders are exhausted by this thing.

DC – They’ve had so many parties, 7-10 different embassies around the world in tuxes & gowns, with champagne on ice and lobster, ready to then nothing happens.

A Day In The Life Of DC Guy/Winston

Get a call at 3AM – this is going down this morning;
Call from US side, no, we’re at least 7 months out;
Another call this is going thru now;
5 minutes later call from Iraq it’s ready to go;
Senate office calls & confirms it’s happening;
Then another call from Iraq that it’s delayed.
All of that within 45 minutes timeframe.

C – When does this HAVE TO STOP? DC – There is no backwall. It’s when enough pressure is applied and they are ready to get it done.

C – Will I get this payout will I lose my SS? DC/T – I have no idea. Talk to your attorney. Get a good financial advisor.

C – Whoever is doing this is riding with their foot on the brake. T – This could have happened years ago but the results would have been different. There is an affect on the global economy, laws, criminal actions, etc. I try to look at both sides of the coin so I understand the process.

C – If I found some currency with a receipt, could I exchange it? T – Nothing beats a failure but a try. LOL!

C – Has there been any change if you need someone to go with you to the bank because you need assistance? DC – No.

NOTE: Caller and DC are discussing the groundwar campaign plan and opinions on warfare. WILL NOT BE TRANSCRIBED.

C – Here’s my plan: I have some physical dinar and more in a layaway, because that’s the only way I could afford it), and I have physical dong. I need some money to live on right away, so can you cash in more than 1 dinar note for immediate needs or a dong? DC – Our understanding is if you’ve been listening to this call and you don’t live in a large metro area (NYC, LA, Atlanta, etc.), you’ll get in within a day for the int’l rate (not contract rate).

C – Do you think the contract rate will be expired before I’m able to get my layaway out? DC – Yes. Basically it’s better to go with a dealer and pllace a sell-order and then transfer the money to your bank account. You can go to the exchange and let them know what you have on layaway. It doesn’t hurt to ask.

C – If I exchange thru a dealer and transfer to my bank, can the WM raise my exchange rate? DC – No, not from money that came from the exchanger/dealer. But you can negotiate for better perks.

C – Can I tell the bank what I have in layaway and ask for a better rate when I get it picked up in a couple weeks after the rate changes? DC – Yes, you can ask.

C – I’m confused about the dong and what to do. DC – Right now it’s at .08 and that could change in a second or 1 minute. A lot of people’s expectations need to be adjusted a little because it was originally .01. However, Vietnam would like that rate to be much higher than .08. We just don’t know how long that will take.

C – You mentioned selling it at .08 and buying more. DC – That’s definitely an option. But you have to prepare yourself. It’s my estimation it will trade up but we have no idea.
C – What happened to the contract rate on the dong? DC – It’s gone away. We don’t know where it went.

T – It’s my opinion it could change at a moment’s notice. If it comes out at .08 Bill Gate will no longer the richest person in the US. Investors will jump on that. Here’s a scenario: you exchange your dinar and then buy dong thru the bank and have your WM watch it. He can call you when it goes up. You make money and the bank makes money.

RECAP: DC – The short of it is everything looks good. We’re looking for the laws and budget to come out this weekend. There is very much an expectation it will. Take a chill pill and let Iraq do their thing. We strongly believe there is a strong attempt from the Iraq and USA sides to get it done this weekend. It’s not a guarantee but it looks good. I would like to thank specifically the elder statesment who helped us a silent partners. Until the Twitter campaign we were going to get cut out – there were absolute plans to do that. The Twitter campaign became a voice for us throughout the world. We did all that together. Thanks for everyone for being a part of that. T – Enjoy the day. We’re going to have another call definitely to say goodbye. Some think we could have forced this to happen earlier. But that wasn’t our position or why we are here. We are here to make sure we are included and treated fairly. That’s why we did the Twitter campaign. And we were supported from people around the world, both sides of the aisle, etc. We’re here – we’re done. This is not goodbye but I don’t know when that last call will be. The last update is we’d have 4 calls to make, but that could change. We don’t have the package yet. I am absolutely, positively expecting something this weekend. It could happen on Monday or Tuesday. But right now we know thru our sources it is in The Gazette and will be shown and made very public and I think we’ll see the rate you’re looking for. Keep calm. Wait for the Tweet and we’ll explain things on that call. END OF CALL.

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