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TONY – Good morning, TNT. Today is Friday, February 20, 2015 and it’s a superfantastic Friday going along with a superfantastic weekend. And if you don’t know what that means, you need to ask somebody. We have nothing but good news today. The good news outweighs the other news.

DC – Things look really, really good. Public info from Iraq looks ridiculously good and the non-public supporting evidence makes us smile. That’s it for those who don’t care about the details. For the rest of you, in the morning mosques – 4 different ones – they announced they are reinstating their old currency values the next time the banks open. Please pay attention to gov’t radio stations and newspapers as to where you can exchange your currency. They urged people to hurry and get in due to security concerns. The implication is it will happen over the weekend. They are saying to be patient that all the economic reforms will be addressed next week. The Parliamentarians are saying the budget will be made public on Sunday and everything will in place from there.

DC – Security situation with ISIS continues to improve tho slowly. Everyone in Iraq is so eager and exhausted. It’s very straightforward.

T – So, to recap, as soon as the banks reopen – tomorrow – economic reforms will start. The budget will be in the Gazette on Sunday and in the law library. They have 24 hours to implement it. On Tuesday they sent out plane-loads of money throughout the provinces, with the military guard providing security. They told them the 3-zero notes will only be good for a short period of time then they’re invalid. We don’t know if that includes ours over here. But it’s all good news. It’s what Iraq is planning on for tomorrow when their banks reopen.

DC – The USA and rest of the world are teling Iraq to let them know when they do this. Notifications have gone out worldwide. Everybody is in place and on call. The anticipation is it will take a while to ramp up here, so it could take 8 hours to a day to get the US prepped. They are over-ready, so everybody is waiting on Iraq. I want everybody to be cautiously optimistic. Be level-headed but positive. It looks really good.

T – A lot of people are going to say this is the regular weekend hype. What really, really makes this different? DC – One, a lot of things have to be in place, like money in the right places, notifications sent out. That’s where we are. That means we are on the one-yard line. The other important thing is the progress of the budget. This one has been passed in a very logical form in a political process, and has many things written in it about projects and new committees, things about dealing with ISIS, etc. Plus, they have a lot of international support. Could things change? Yes, but it looks very, very good.

T – We know this week they took independent Visas/MCs from individuals outside the country to test them and they passed 100%. Plus, they’ve never said in the mosques “when you go to the banks tomorrow you will see the RI and the rv will come later.” Remember, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd mouse. That’s what makes this weekend different. It could all happen tomorrow morning publicly, or even Sunday when the Gazette comes out, and we might not see it until Monday or Tuesday?

T – This isn’t coming from super-secret intel sources. It’s public – bank people who are looking at the rates, announcements in the mosques, broadcast on the TV/radio. This is the info they are telling the man on the street.

T – I’ve been telling you for years when you see a tweet from TNT it will be an 800 number you will call. NOT a local area code. That does not make sense. I’m saying this for a reason: (580) is an Oklahoma area code. Okie’s number. The same idiot is still sending out tweets and idiots are calling Okie all thru the night. He’s 77 years old and shouldn’t have to go thru this. Okie asked me to put this out there. It’s very childish what this guy is doing.

DC – One more thing: mainly toward agencies and politicians around the world. For those we don’t talk to often, we get concerns that we are putting too much info out there. It happens all the time. We do have a good sense about it and we’re not doing anything to get into national security issues. Part of our plan in talking 3X weekly is to educate and for those who are not getting all the answers and hearing a different story, trying to help and be as transparent as possible.

T – We’ve had people on both sides – Repubs and Dems – all at times have asked us to put something out and sometimes we do or don’t. We have the biggest voice (in Dinarland) and some think the biggest mouth – LOL! Our goal is to keep good people involved. We weren’t meant to be here but we became a crucial part of the it. We were told we earned our place at the table as a group. American citizens helped finance this thing over 10 years by buying dinar.


T – The only legitimate group I know of is the Admiral’s Group. I’ve seen their contract. Anybody saying I’m talking specifically about them are lying. There are 308 groups. Those groups went from .50 up to $32. You will regret being part of that when this comes out. They got SKRs and have to live with it. It was their way of putting together a group and now they’ll have to live with it. As far as people trying to get you in groups, or telling you you have to be in a group, it’s the same BS they’ve been telling you. Don’t be concerned.


C – What does it mean to go from an RI to an RV? Does that mean they can start funding the budget? Does an RI mean we can go to the bank? If not, how long before it RVs so we can go to the bank? DC – RI = Reinstatement of it’s old rate of 3.22 plus inflation equals 3.40 to 3.95. That’s what we believe it will come out as in that range. They’ve talked about this range for over a decade. Once that happens you can go to the bank in the USA and exchange. When will they revalue? Shabs wants it in a couple days. People in the USA want to wait until ISIS is contained. Others are saying “let it run up with Forex.” Bottom line is once it changes and the average Iraqi citizen can get the higher rate, so can you.

C – Is exchanging a small amount to payoff reserves the same as “double-dipping?” DC – Most folks will not have to worry about double-dipping. What you’re worried about is taking a contract rate then asking for a higher rate for your reserve. What they had is some folks who exchanged had relatives buy some for them. They got busted.

C – Please give us some sense if we are at risk with the 3-zero notes not being good. DC – One of the key things is to allow the US to exchange the higher notes as part of the oil credits deal. We are a vital part of that and they want to get it done quickly. Law enforcement is concerned about have that much money in the hands of bad folks. The CBI and Finance Minister don’t care. So, if you hold on to the 3-zero notes they’ll ask why you held onto it.

C – It’s a pretty healthy incentive for me to hold on to it so my cap gains taxable rate drops after one year. DC – They’re not thinking about tax reasons being a good enough reason to hold it. You don’t pay taxes until you exchange it.


C – Do you still feel still the same as you did on Wednesday about the dong? DC – We feel the dong is still in the basket. We don’t know the rate or if there is a contract pool rate left. We don’t have as many sources for the dong as we do for the dinar so we don’t have as much to go on. It’ll still be around .07 or .08.

T – We only give you our best guess. If I told you exactly what it is they’d change it. We give approximations so they won’t change it. While there may be an opportunity, it may not be as fast as we want it to be. If you can’t wait, take your money and run and then make your money somewhere else. You could wait a couple days and see how it shakes out. But after that you need a plan on how your money will make money.

C – Regarding wire transfers, anything coming in from Sterling will be over that $500,000 amount. Will that be a problem? DC – Let your bank know it’s coming ahead of time. If you start wiring stuff all over the place you’re going to get frozen. Tell them what you are doing when you are buying things. Law enforcement should be all over it. That’s their job.

T – Banks will be aware of incoming wires from dealers like Sterling. It’s the wires going out to others that will raise flags. DC – Sterling has accounts with many banks, which means they make ledger-to-ledger transfers instead of wires, which go through the federal banking system.

C – Will I be able to get a blank copy of the NDA? DC – The NDAs are specific to banks related to exchanging dinar at contract rates.

C – Can the US hold this back after it goes in the Gazette? DC – Yes, they can. But we hear the plan is not to do that. But there is that possibility.

T – If we hear for any reason it’s been blocked I will tweet it out.

C – Is the Zim in the first basket? T – Yes, I believe so.


C – Could you explain the double-dipping as it relates to layaways. I didn’t understand your explanation. DC – Every bank will have different rules, but right now before exchange some have allowed that to occur. But after it revalues there will not be a secondary rate (1166). You can still try to get contract rate on what you hold. Or you can do a sell on your reserve order to pay it off. The contract rate will go really quick.

T – We’ve heard for years that you can’t exchange some then use that money to payoff reserves. DC – Some banks will allow you to do that, others will not. It is bank-specific.

C – So if I pay off my reserves and put the money in my company, can I then pay them off? DC – Some banks will allow that, others won’t. T – If you took company money before you deposit from the exchange and payoff the reserve. The easiest way is to place a sell order and sell enough back to the exchanger to pay off the rest of your reserves.

C – What different does it make to us if it’s an RI or rv  as it relates to contract rates? DC – As soon as the RI happens the contract rates will be available. C – Then why should we care about an RV? DC – You don’t. Unless you want a contract rate.

T – If you get the contract rate you don’t care about the rv  rate. If you didn’t get a contract rate, you can play the Forex game, but it could be 10 days or 10 months. If you have the guts you can wait for the rate to go higher on Forex.

C – Is it possible the US could hold it back from us? DC – I don’t think there’s much possibility for that. It could be for a demonstration of power, but I’m not going to worry about that myself. T – We’re saying if it came out tonight or Saturday they could hold it until Monday.


C – My lawyer friend, who thinks this is a scam, says you’re listed on Sterling’s website as a salesperson. Is that true? T – I am not listed on Sterling’s site in anyway or with any exchanger. I’ve never sold dinar, never been paid to promote dinar, no one has sent me anything from Amazon or India or China. Now I’m getting texts saying that people on Stage3Alpha are saying someone wrote a blog today that I’m getting kickbacks from Sterling. You are an idiot. That is an outright lie from an ignorant dumbass out there looking for a reason why it hasn’t happened yet. We are not part of Sterling, Dinar Corp, or Dinar anything.

T – With the numbers I have, Google would pay me $50K/month if I accepted ads. But there is no advertising on my site. Free Conference Call doesn’t pay me a dime. I’ve never even explored how to do that. It’s not our reason for being here. It’s about over.

T – Anyone who believes this – why are you here? If you believe we’re lying or making stuff up or getting paid, why are you here? Why are you listening if that’s what you believe?

NEWBIE ALERT: C – I don’t know about the reserves. Who has reserves? DC – The “reserve” program is a layaway program for dinar. They take a down payment then you pay on the layaway.

C – Are there still limits in place on how much you can exchange? T – We were hearing there were caps of $50M for one and $20M for the other to get contract rates. The remainder would have to be exchanged for int’l rates. We don’t know what the final plan is.

RECAP: (DC has left the building); PAM – Do your homework first. Take care of your family first. Look at lists of the charities and where their money goes. Be careful where you make your choices. T – The news is in the mosques they’re telling them this is it and their currency is about to be reinstated the next time when their banks open on Saturday morning. They’re saying be patient, it’ll be effective “next week” which starts for them on Saturday. It will take 24 hours to implement it after it appears publicly. We’re hearing it will be an RI at 3.40 to 3.90 then an RV, which could be in 10 days to 10 months. We will send out a tweet with any info unless I get a call not to. When they give us the info with the package I’ll send out a tweet and we’ll go from there. That next call could either be “goodbye” or 4-7 days of instructions. We’re still trying to get our events, but I haven’t seen my NDA yet. Enjoy your “Finally Going To See It Friday” and I’ll tweet out any info as I get it. END OF CALL.

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