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TNT Call notes 13-Mar-2015

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Tony:  Good morning, TNT!  Today is Friday, March 13, 2015.  Somebody on the free conference call line needs to hang up so that I can get on.  There are too many people on the line!   Just so you know, we are super-fantastic today.  I don’t know how that will relate to you guys – DC says people are sensitive, we just don’t know how sensitive.
DC:  I was told many times this morning that people are very sensitive, and I’ve been asked to tread lightly on everything.  We are trying to be as sensitive on this call as possible while still giving the best description we can of what is happening.

East to West:  in Iraq, for the past three days, folks in different cities have been paid.  In two big cities, not Baghdad, they have switched over the rate at the merchants and exchanging in the banks, with many CBI folk monitoring. This has gone swimmingly well, with a few tweaks they are adjusting.  On television throughout the country, they are saying that the economic reforms are in their final stages to be completed in the next day, and one show said that it is complete.  This is all very public stuff.
Tony: The economic reform is in its final stages, completed by mid-March – that si what they are saying in Iraq.  That message is now on Iraqi television in the United States (via satellite).  In Iraq itself, they are saying that the economic reform has been completed.
DC:  For those who have been watching, we have folks on both sides.  One family member is watching in the States and calling his father in Iraq to find out what he can see.  Banks are set up throughout the country tomorrow, when they normally are not open in Iraq.  They have been trained and briefed throughout the system, and everyone is very ready.  They have announced in the mosques this morning that this is the real deal, and many have heard the same from their relatives.  Celebrations are starting in various areas.  They are getting $3.91…

Tony:  That’s everyone in the provinces we know of, they are all getting paid $3.91…
DC:  But folks in Baghdad are still getting $3.58 at this point.  They have announced that Tikrit has been taken back, although they are still doing cleanup there.  A lot of ISIL-branded stuff in Iraq is starting to fall, with people deserting and leaving.  In Mosul and Anbar, ISIL is getting the message that they are losing this one, which is good for Iraq and the RV.  Abadi has been giving interviews about how important Iraq it to the world, with oil production, etc.  The PM should be the country’s biggest cheerleader, and their progress is what gets the RV done as well.

There has been confusion about the final parts of the HCL.  The contentious point that has just been solved is exports through the pipeline to Turkey.  That’s been done, but a few points that need to be addressed:  who will do the accounting, who will be paid, how do they pay for oil in that sector.  That has been solved and a public announcement has been made.  That was not a holdup, just something they needed to do, as well as a lot of other laws.  Their agenda is action-packed because they haven’t had a functioning parliament for 20 years.  There is always work to do, and that is what they elected and paid to do, just like Congress in the US.  You will continue to see laws being passed, but it’s not something we’re waiting on.

The US has been ready and waiting on Iraq.  They have loaded systems several times this week, throughout the US and the world.  They have done various tests that have been successful.  The US administration and banks say it’s free and clear to do when Iraq says the word.  There is a speech scheduled in Iraq tomorrow, and there is an immense amount of preparation in place.  They are building one block at a time, and the US is following the Iraqi pattern instead of blasting it all out at once.  The banks are ready, there are live rates, and they are waiting on something to go through.  The administration is ready and the Republicans are eager to get this done.  Anything to add to that, Tony?

Tony:  There is nothing bad.  The rates are there.  We think there are two time-frames, and everyone is happy and excited.

DC:  To preface the next part, do NOT go out and buy dinar, because we don’t know what will happen. I’m just a guy on the radio.  Why is this different from other times?  This started on Tuesday and it’s building up like blocks to getting this done.  Tuesday morning Iraq time, the CBI pushed out new rates and started paying debts, corporations and regions, bringing in smaller numbers of individuals and merchants.  On Wednesday they added more corporations and money owed to governments, with past reparations and back pay for certain employers.  Some small contractors got paid yesterday.  We have confirmations that some everyday citizens have been allowed to exchanged, and they asked for this to be kept quiet.  Of course, it got out and we knew about it on Wednesday but were asked not to mention anything about it.  It’s sensitive and they made a good case for that.  They paid out more folks on Wednesday and Thursday, and they learned lessons to implement for a weekend release to the entire country.  Our RV process started Tuesday morning, Iraq time.  That started slowly and methodically.  It’s different because it would be difficult to jack with this now that they have started to release it in various regions.  I think they have reached a jumping off point and they jumped.  They could slow it down, sure, but frankly, it’s going throughout the country.  Some have been paid at the $3.91 rate for a week or more.  That’s why this is different and I feel very, very good – so does Tony and so do our intel providers.  We are just waiting in line, and that is significantly different than earlier times.

Tony:  I do feel super-fantastic.  We haven’t told you everything, but we‘re all excited.  Even though we got the news it might happen tomorrow, everything is laid out, but let’s see what happens tomorrow.  We’ve been ready on our side all week.  They told them Monday they would start exchanges, but they are waiting to see what happens.  I am excited and feeling really good.  But we don’t control it, I can’t say “go do it” but everyone is very positive.

If everything happens, we’ll be good.  If this doesn’t, we have to pay the bills on Monday.  Of course, today is Friday the 13th, and it’s my 33rd wedding anniversary.  For the people in Sacramento and Folsom, I am going to be at the Jazzy cigar place at Folsom at 5.30, and I know there are some people in the area who have been wanting to take us to dinner.  I don’t know if that will happen, but that’s where I’ll be this evening.
702 caller:  I am doing wonderful – Friday the 13th is always a good day for me and I feel good about what you have been seeing.  I do have two quick questions.  I’ve been seeing where it says that Iraq has to pass 16 major banking laws before we can go…

DC: That is just continual work that needs to be done, not to do with the RV.  They have already initiated the RV, it’s already going.  I know the laws you are talking about and they do need to be passed, but the ones needed for the RV got done weeks ago.  We talk to the actual people who are doing it.   There will always be a lot of laws for the Parliament to pass;  they are playing catch-up after eight years of Maliki and the previous dictatorship.

Caller:  I’ve been doing this for just over a year.  How did you guys get into giving intel?  Had you been in Iraq or Afghanistan…?

DC:  In 2001 I was read into this plan, and my job at that time was planning and surveillance.  On the covert side, I was helping some people in this area.  I make and keep friends easily, and also I was a wide-eyed farm boy going “Holy crap!” as I watched all this unfold. I started a company, and after my ten-year commitment to the covert side was up, and I wanted to help out.  I called around and asked who was genuine in this RV field, because I don’t like jerks, and who could I get along with personally.  Tony was considered the person who had the most contacts at the UST and IMF and banks, plus some good Iraqi contacts, and I could help in Iraq and also in Washington.  I called and offered to help;  Tony tested me out to make sure I was not some kind of nut-job off the streets.  I know at first Pam thought I was a nut!  I thought it would be for two weeks, and it’s been two years.  I came in with seven contacts here and there, but as some unsavory things were done on the US and Iraqi sides, I now have 40+ contacts who funnel information to me because they were disgruntled at what was going on, they wanted to help and they trusted us (after numerous background checks).  I have some great contacts that I’m humbled to talk to on a regular basis. They are trying to help you all, this is a major process and they want to do the right thing.  I cannot reveal who they are, but they feel safe we will deliver their information in a safe way.  Tony wants to make me out as a 007 person, but…
Tony:  They told DC that Tony is ‘less full of shoot’ than the rest!

DC:  Those were their exact words, but I wouldn’t have stuck around if Tony wasn’t fun!

Caller:  I’m not a new reporter;  this was just something that intrigued me.
Tony:  I was on two other sites before this was created.  A guy asked me to come help him out, and he was so persistent over three months that I finally agreed.  He said we would be exchanging in two weeks, and that was five years ago.  I like to give people the daily discussions, see who things are built, discussed, negotiated on.  That’s how I came here.  Pam was here, and Montana built the site overnight, and then wouldn’t let me quit!  I’ve gone through it in these five years, been cursed and threatened, people have taken pictures of me, followed me round, my family have been threatened…  I have really gone through it in the last five years.  Others have told me that I am doing it for the right reasons, never asking for money, never charged or tried to get people to join a group. T here’s a lot of that out there and they will be prosecuted for that.  Once I got here, it’s the thanks and appreciation that people have expressed, that they would not still be in this if we were not doing this.  Some have contemplated suicide or selling their currency back, and they didn’t because of this call.  That is a lot of pressure to live under. It’s just me, and I’m just a man, but all those kept us going through abuse.  In the last six months, Pam, Ray and DC have all gone through the same things in terms of threats and scrutiny.  We don’t quit because we know we are helping more people than the fidiots.  On this last call, I have a good one that I can’t wait to tell you.  They did an article on me and Iraq on the BBC, and I want you to hold onto that so you can tell that reporter that she was a fidiot.
Caller:  [Appreciation]

Tony:  We do have more information on money and payouts, and we don’t want to leave until DC answers some more questions…

DC: Some lovely things have been said recently.  Remember how President Truman held a Chicago newspaper prematurely saying that Dewey won?  That is going to be us!
828 caller:  Zim still in the first basket?  Do we need to separate it from dinar?
DC:  The latest we’ve heard is dropping six zeroes, x .15.  We were told four years ago to keep the currencies separate for tax purposes.  I don’t think it’s important to keep them in non-interest-bearing accounts. 

Tony:  Years ago we talked about ways to protect your accounts in terms of Dodd-Frank and people being concerned of banks collapsing, but I don’t think that will happen. 
Caller:  I can hardly believe the zim will only drop six zeroes, but if you say so…

DC:  I know what you mean, but there it is.

323 caller:  I don’t understand why you said that the dong would be eight cents, and now it’s back up to $1 or so.

DC:  I heard that through the banks, and then it changed again.  I don’t know why.
Tony:  My understanding is that they wanted to slow down our buying, and then they put it back to the real rate.

DC:  They don’t want everyone and his mother to have it.  Until Tony mentioned it, maybe a thousand people held zim, and in the last four months, there are 8,000+ who have it and the price has quadrupled.

417 caller:   Several of us listening want proper direction on how to approach a bank about the contract rate.  We go in and ask for a contract rate, but we don’t know if it will be available until the second appointment with a wealth manager?

DC:  This is what I understand for three of the big banks, and I don’t know for the rest of the banks.  While the amount of contract rate pool is available, the banks will have it and some will size you up (or the amount you have) to decide whether to offer you the contract rate.  They will look at your appearance, the way you speak, and your plans.  They want people who will be responsible with their money.  They have trained their folks to listen for ‘what are your investment rates’ and such.  You call their 800 number, and if you are willing to stay with the bank for a while, they will offer you better rates.  However, each rate is handling it differently.  One is offering a straight international rate, and you only get the contract rate if you keep a percentage in the bank for five years or whatever.
Caller:  We understand there are four different Zim currencies and cannot ascertain what ones they will take.

DC:  All this week, they have been taking six zeroes off and taking all four variations.  That’s what they have been doing all this week.

Tony:  We were talking about this yesterday.   We’ve been talking to people who have exchanged.  In some cases, the banks want to hold money back for taxes, and I only want to do that if I am making money on that withholding money. The banks are making money it!  We won’t know how much tax to pay until the end of the year – this is part of the agreement with the contract rate.   If you don’t hold back the highest tax possible in a separate account until April of next year, you will regret this money for the rest of your life.  I wish they would just tell us the tax upfront, so that we can go on with the rest of our lives.  Intelligent people will set aside 50-60%, but the rest will spend more than they expect, and then they won’t have the money for taxes and the IRS will hound you for the rest of your life. I don’t want TNT people to fall into that two-year trap that the government is concerned about.  This is one last warning – don’t be that person.
252 caller:  Tony, DC, we appreciate all the good things you have done.  [Asked about his town in NC, 45 minutes from Wilson]  The WF banks know nothing.

DC:  Raleigh will have a ton of exchange places, a nice drive in springtime.  If the bank can handle foreign currency, like when you get pesos to visit Mexico or euros to visit Europe, they will be able to handle dinar.  There will be extra exchange places for the first few weeks, and then the banks with foreign exchange will deal with it.
Caller:  Will they exchange 10 trillion zim notes as well?

DC:  Yes.  Sir, are you one of the many who go to sleep when we talk??  [chitchat]
410 caller:  Good morning!  It sounds like Iraq is taking this slowly.  Is this changing anything for us here that they are doing this at such a slow pace?

DC:  It’s always been the plan that we won’t see this until the ordinary Iraqi public is able to exchange.  They are supposed to just let it rip this weekend, and we should have one call to direct people to the right numbers and websites to get it done here.
Caller:  Okay, we’ve waited this long, so we can handle that.

239 caller:  I haven’t heard about the rupiah for a while – exchange rate for that?
DC:  The last I got, it’s about $1.05, in the first basket.

Tony:  The rupiah has been at that rate the entire time.  I don’t know the code for that.
Caller:  Bank of America is the other big bank, right?  Thanks for everything!

Tony:  Pam, the Boss, says the rupiah rate is $1.08.

574 caller:  I think that after this is done, Tony will owe DC a bottle of Jack Daniels for all the mean things he has said!  And DC needs to give Tony some cigars. 
If you had one question to ask each other, what would that be?
DC:  Tony, what’s your comfort level?
Tony:  I’m pretty close to 98.9%;  I’ve never been this comfortable, so 99%.  That 1% could be the difference, but otherwise it’s really great right now.
DC, what is your comfort level, predicting we will have our last call before Monday?
DC:  I am very comfortable.  I know what they’ve told everyone inside the government, and the expectation is there.  I’m super-comfortable.

Tony:  We have been this comfortable, but something could change or happen, be dragged out another day or so, but every country we’ve talk to is really excited.
Caller:  Yesterday I got two emails, back to back, purporting to be from Senators in the state where I used to live.  I checked and found I had not been hacked.  There are clearly people phishing.  I will upgrade my security, but also change the email I set up for the bank, and change my username and password.  Everything will be new.
Tony:  Good idea – have a fresh start.

732 caller:  You keep referring to the RV – has it changed from an RI back to an RV?
DC:  Yes, we should be saying RI.  Re-instatement is what they are saying in Iraq.
610 caller:   Tony, you’ve talked about the bill being due – can you give us a figure on that?  If you don’t want to share over the  air, I understand, but I’d like to do a PSA on that.  Folks, you know Tony and DC have been there for us, so let’s be there for them.  Go to and make a donation today, whatever you can afford.  We appreciate all they do for us, and you can show that by donating today.  [Appreciation]

Would you be able to put me in touch with your friend who has the solar generators?
Tony:  He is trying to do something with that.  It does work, I will get it, but he is trying to legalize some stuff before he shares with others.  I will make sure you get together.

I’ve been doing this for five years, and that is the first time anyone has done a PSA on the call!  It’s kind of weird, but I do appreciate it.
540 caller:  I heard you say that $3.91 is the re-instatement.  How much time will we have to exchange?

DC:  Through November 2016, at which time they will retire the three-zero notes.  Their intention is to get the vast majority through in 30 days or less. If you want to maximize your return, go for those contract rates as quickly as possible.

Tony:  Their rate is $3.91 over there.  In the banks, there can be as much as a five-cent difference on the international rates, so you are right to shop around.  They want open competition, and do go for the contract rates.

405 caller:  Tony, you have a steam locomotive on the new websites… what’s that?
Tony: What site are you looking at?

Caller:  At, on the 800 numbers page, there is a train…
Pam:  It was a logo someone made for us a long time ago, that they were on the TNT train, so we put it on the website.

Caller:  Would you buy dinar for the future growth of the country?  I bought all four currencies… should I buy more?  Hold onto some I have now?

DC:  The currency we have now will be retired in November 2016 – the three-zero bills.  If you are playing within those rules, you’ll be fine.  You can open Multi-currency accounts as well.  A more sophisticated way to support Iraq is to invest in Iraqi stocks or businesses.  The lower denominations are out as well, and they will continue to be valid further down the road. 

Tony:  I am looking at the site, and I don’t see a train…  [It’s on the 800 number page.]
Pam:  It’s not on the front page, it’s on the inner pages.  The caller’s right, you’re wrong.

Tony:  Oh!  I see it now… it’s going to be a money train…  That is Pam’s creation.  Okay, we’re done and we’ve got to go.

DC:  Iraq expects this thing to be pushed out this weekend.  Please don’t buy extra dinar based on that. Take your phone to bed, check the twitter account.  Everyone is ready for this thing to go and we fully expect it to go. We firmly believe this is a different place and we have crossed the Rubicon in terms of this starting.

Pam:  Tony may not always be right, but he’s never wrong – he tells me that often.  Our site has been focused on what to do after this pops.  Get legal professionals;  check their credentials, see how long they’ve been in business.  There are many celebrities like authors, actors, and athletes who have lost their fortunes through turning them over to professionals who get commission for ‘churning’, so check their track record.  Do the research.  There is only one way to make this money right now, but many ways to lose it.  The information is under the Tony Blast section, available to nonmembers.  There is a lot of info from the forum, put together as a book, and it’s totally free.  Be patient;  if you all  go at once, it crashes the Dropbox.  If you have a group, download it and send it separately.

Tony:  We got an interesting email the other day from the radio that we used to be on, that wants us to come back.

Ray:  You know what to do and when to do it.  You can’t spend this money too slowly.  When in doubt, ask somebody.  Know what you know.

Tony:  We are really happy and all our connections all around the world are all excited, so you should be too.  Don’t buy  any reserves or dinar;  we are very, very close but haven’t crossed that line yet and someone could throw a wrench into the works.  I am staying positive, and I’m looking for something to happy this weekend so we can go about our lives.  There are two articles about Abadi just been published, saying that the economic reform have been completed.  It’s finally over.  Today is their Sabbath and tomorrow is a new day for them.  We were told this is why people were celebrating yesterday in Iraq.  I look forward to talking to you over the weekend.  Enjoy your day!

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