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TNT Call notes 27-Mar-2015
Tony:  Good morning, TNT!  Today is Friday, March 27, 2015.  We’re going to have a great call with a lot of information – confusing for some but still exciting. Some want this call to be negative today, because other calls have been directing stuff at DC.  Unfortunately, DC has informed me again that it’s very sensitive and I cannot even criticize the idiots.  There is so much intel to be excited about!  DC will tell you the negative parts and I will tell you the good parts.  No, it’s all good. We will offer some solutions to some situations.  At least it’s happening…
DC:  For those who don’t care about eth details, it’s not very different from Wednesday.  We’re pretty much in the same position.  Iraq is absolutely ready, they have prepped more bankers, and they have announced it in the mosque 9again) saying it’s happening this weekend, with details on the radio and internet sites.  They increased some of their payments in Baghdad.  Prevailing wisdom is that they have pushed that as far as they can and the next round is the whole public release.  Everything else in country is going well.  The interior ministry is good, prepared and ready, and so is the finance ministry, CBI and Abadi’s office.  They have been briefed on the global plans.  The guys doing the briefing cannot give too many details, so it’s a challenging position for them.
Parliament has met all week, and they are voting on minor laws and tweaking/updating the HCL.  Is that what they’re waiting on?  According to their treasury and ours, and a few other financial sources, yes – but others say we are not.  They are pushing through financial and governmental agencies that that have come up the plate again, and the US, IMF, and BIS said they were not clear about 4-5 items that no one really cares about, and they would be happier if Parliament would vote on them.  Others say this is not the case but we want to bring people the entire picture.  They were brought up on Wednesday afternoon.  I don’t think those things are vital, but they would be nice to have.  We just don’t know, and it’s just confusing everyone.
ISIL continues to be pushed out.  The US is helping in Tikrit, especially at the old presidential palace. That has been quite successful.  I think that’s it for Iraq. All the ministries and the CBI are ready. Parliament has been meeting and they want to tweak some minor points, including a few things that need Federation Council approval.  I’m not convinced we are waiting on that.  That’s one side of the world, at any rate.
Tony:  It’s been a good week in Iraq.  They have finally lined up all their banks, and in the mosques they said the financial crisis will end for all Iraqi citizens this weekend.  The Parliament is supposed to briefed on what will happen before it occurs. They can do the RI before the briefing or the other way round.  Everyone is geared up and it’s scrolling on the television. They have changed the rate slightly from $.391.  We’ll talk about that in a minute when we cover competition at the banks.  That is what they are doing;  we talked to people involved in the process, and this is what they are hearing at all levels. 
DC:  In the US, if we lump the IMF and BIS together, here is the summary without the sensitive bits.  Banks and everyone else is ready.  On the political front, some folks in the administration are strongly of the opinion that as soon as Forex closes for theThey woul weekend, this will happen, and we are fully on board.  I’m in that camp, because actions speak louder than works.  Every bank we know is calling their people in, the exchange, technical and security staff are all planning to work all this weekend from this evening on.  We are hearing that from US, European and some Asian banks. They say they are fully prepped for this weekend.  They would not be calling people in if they were not planning to start tonight.  The rate is still moving up slightly in our favor. 
Dinar:  $3.91-4.10, zim .13 to .18, decided last weekend.
Tony:  The dinar has been seen at $4.10 on some screens right now. We have seen dong at $1.57 to $1.77, and zim at .15 to .18 minus six zeroes.  We should be getting packages today to say how the banks are going to say how they will do this process.  Banks have been having meetings today and last night, informing people of their new procedures.   Each bank will have their own process. 
You will not like this next bit, but it does make some kind of sense to the world…
DC: These are great problems to have.  Here’s what is happening.  There are some folks who have a tremendous amount of all four currencies, plus reserves. Sales have really cranked up in the last few months, and even the last two weeks. The bankers are trying to curtail it, because they believe it’s got out of hand.  I think it’s none of their business.
In two particular states, Texas and Georgia, they have run into issues.  They have a ton of currencies, as opposed to Oregon and Montana, which have very few.   They see that as a problem that there is so much dinar in those two states.  We understand they have a plan but have not briefed everyone as to what they will do.  In some case, where people have a LOT of certain currencies, there will be a cap on what you an have  in your account as liquid assets.  In some cases, they will exchange the currency, but you will have to agree to a payout over 20, 50 or 100 years.   Those will tens of billions of dollars in zim, they will have to agree to a 100-year payout, and this will be worldwide.  In Texas and Georgia, they may make those amounts less than they will be in, say, Iowa.  So, hypothetically, there may be 100 million US dollar limit on immediate exchanges on zim.  Maybe in Texas and Georgia, they may make that 80 million US dollars, or they may need to shift you to a different bank. There is still a debate, but that is what is being discussed right now. We say this not to upset you, but so that you will be mentally prepared so you will have a plan. Ask about the payments.  There would not be interest, it would be a structured payout like when you win the lottery.  With inflation, the currency will be worth less, but hey, that is still a good problem to have – it’s still a ton of money.  They don’t think that is a big enough problem to find a solution, so cry me a river.
We are just trying to present this logically so that people can deal with it in a professional manner.  That will be the maximum you have to access to.  In Texas and Georgia, that may  be the entirety of what you are trading in.  Can you inherit that, because most of us will not live for another 50 years.   It’s Tony’s birthday tomorrow…
Tony:  So far as we know, this si still being debated, and if so, how can there be an RV until a decision has been made? There are three options: 
1.    The cap might be on the zim only.
2.    The cap might be on your total currency exchange, up to that cap.
3.    It might be restricted to certain states, or with a lower cap in those states.
The limit is much higher than 100 million US dollars, but we don’t have it in writing, and we don’t know which banks will apply that.  We know that two of the main banks will have more business than the others, and we don’t know what the tier 2 and 3 banks will do.  We all need to know what the deal will be, because you may need to give away some of your currency before you go to the bank.  Someone showed up at the bank with their back seat full of currency, and the bank refused to exchange all of it.  That won’t apply to most of us, but there are some individuals it will apply to, and there are definitely issues in Texas and Georgia.  In the last weekend, people from Georgia went on a shopping spree and bought a ton of dong.  The banks there cannot exchange all of that, but it will give purchases money for a lifetime.
If you have ten million dong, we are not talking to you. If you have one 100 trillion zim note, we are not talking to you.  If they paid out on all of that in Georgia, they wouldn’t have the money to pay anyone else with smaller amounts.  It’s a matter of being prepared, and if you do need to divide up your currency, you need to do it today, and get all your documents ready.
The banks also told this person that they had to do a background check on her and every one of her relatives to know where the money came from to BUY all this currency!  She will have to go through that, and that will be especially true if you don’t dress and talk in a professional way.
DC:  Law enforcement wants to make sure  you are not connected to any bad buys, because they want to make sure the bad guys don’t get this money. That is what keeps you safe as it keeps out the cartels and criminal or terrorist organizations.  That is part of their job and we are thankful for it.
Tony is an old man, with a birthday on Saturday, and he will probably not live another 50 years.  We are told it’s like any other structured payout, and you can assign it to anyone you want to give it to.  You can put it in a trust, give it to your children, church, synagogue, foundation, anywhere you want. There will also be options to some folks to buy that structured payout at a discount. There will be businesses that take 100 million upfront with 500 million coming over the next 50 years. Let’s say the person is 70 years old. If you don’t want to give it to people, there are businesses that will buy that stream of income. So if you are worried, you can sell it to someone else, negotiating what cash you can upfront. If you are absolutely opposed to a structured payout, you can do that.  This is not something to worry about for 99% of people .
You can also give this income to other entities, like your church, mosque or synagogue, to a charity or whatever.  You will have to think this through before you have to make a decisions.
Tony:  The rate is $4.10 in Georgia, NY, and New Mexico. The difference is that every place apart from Atlanta will get the full amount, while those in Texas and Georgia may have to take liquid funds up to 100 million, and take the rest in structured payments over a longer period of time because they don’t have enough liquidity to exchange everyone. There are so many currency holders that they cannot possibly pay everyone on Tuesday morning.  I joked about passing Bill Gates, and some of the mega-rich currency holders really will pass him.  There are some amazing numbers out there. They will not allow that that many people get that rich overnight.  I’m just being realistic here.
Q for DC:  Instead of a structured payout, can we give this away to friends and family?
DC: Yes, you can give it away to whomever you wish.  However, I can’t give a lot away to my four-year-old, because I would still be in control of that.  I can only give it away to people and institutions where I don’t have control. 
Tony:  You cannot give it to someone and still have it under your control – having them exchange for you and give it back to you.
DC: They are watching all this closely. They told people not to double-dip, some gave currency to their grandkids but retained control, and they got busted.  The same will happen here.  If you try to circumvent the regulations, they will bust you.
Tony:  Put your money to work.  A structured payout can be a good thing. I posted that article about the lady who won 10 million in the lottery, and five years later she is living in a rented place and riding the bus to work.  Ten million doesn’t last long if you keep spending it!  If she had a structured payout, she would still have a good income.
DC: These are good problems to have.  Oh, and Tony was concerned that some people don’t like me, but I’m a big boy and I can deal with that. These haters are really trying to drive business to their sites, and I get that.  If you don’t like what we are saying, then change the channel.  If you can’t do that, you have issues and need to get some help.  I’m not criticizing, I’m just saying.
Q:  Are we still on DC’’s timeline from the last call?
DC: We understand we are still getting this done in the next few days. Watch their actions, not their words. With everyone in banks across the world calling people in, they are planning to do this now, not in a month or two. Bankers are not military intelligence types, and they are burning through people who want a comfortable schedule and life-style. They are doing that because THEY believe the RV might happen as early as this evening and they plan on working all weekend.
Tony:  You are saying the window opens this evening and could last until Monday, maybe.  What about our final call?
DC:  My understanding is that our final call will be 15 minutes, live, and it will be recorded.  We also get that because there are some complications, we may be allowed to have a longer call or another call, but basically we will direct you to websites and 800 numbers that are issued by each of the banks.
Tony:  After we sign the NDA – which we haven’t read yet – we’ll be able to tell you about the four events at our extra websites.  What we know so far is that so long as we don’t talk about currency, we should be able to have calls and events.
828 caller:  I’m in NC, in the blue ridge mountains.  So you are saying that the caps are for all your different currencies together to apply the cap?
DC: There are two different plans:  Plan A is that they treat each of your currencies separately, your dinar, dong, zim, rupiah and Afghani currency. Plan B is that they add ALL your currencies together, and you get up to a LARGE overall cap.  You might want to give the rest to your church or whatever.
Tony:  Let’s say that dinar goes at $4.10, and after they exchange the first 20 million dinar, they will give you a lower rate.  OR they may say that after 100 million dollars-worth, they will give you the lower rate.  OR they might add all your currencies together and give you a certain amount, and after that it has to be a structured payout.
Caller: So over that amount, I might want to give the rest away?
DC:  Over a certain amount of a gift, you and the recipient will be taxed.  The current level is $14,000 in any calendar year. So really you want to give people currency BEFORE the RV. 
Tony:  If you give someone a 100-trillion zim note TODAY, before the announcement, then it’s worth less than $100, and there is no tax.  After the RV, that note will be worth 15-18 million US dollars, and they will be taxed on that.
Caller:  Can I go to different banks and got to the limit at each bank?
DC:  If you exchange (say) $100 million US dollars worth at Bank X, then if you go to Bank Y, they will probably tell you that they know you’ve already exchanged the maximum elsewhere.  We’re not sure, but that’s what we’re being told.  However, we don’t know if your spouse counts or not – that might help.  We are telling you what we have heard. If your wife can exchange that amount, great.  If she cannot, then think about how you want to deal with this. The top amount is still going to be huge.
Caller: I would rather give it away to friends or family or charities than the government.  IF we are not in Texas or Georgia, what are the changes we will have to deal with the caps?
DC: They are trying to make this as consistent as possible because it’s going to be plenty chaotic as it is.  They want this to keep this manageable. They will probably going to have a universal cap on all states, and additional limits in GA and TX.
Tony:  The question is the total payout and if banks can handle it.
DC: There are businesses that will buy that structured payment from you, same as a structured payment for a car accident, lawsuit or lottery. There are huge numbers of groups that will do that.
Tony:  If you watch television, you will see adverts for groups that do that.
DC:  Or talk to your wealth advisers or attorney;  they deal with this all the time.
Caller:  So I understand we may have background checks.  What if I have a second cousin who I don’t even know about…
DC:  We all have relatives like that. They will be pretty reasonable with that.  What they want to figure out if they are connected to and if this money might be going back to any criminal or terrorist organizations. They are not so concerned about someone who did something stupid in their 20s and they have been living a good life ever since.
Caller: So we can give the amount over the cap, those recipients will have to pay tax on that, just as I will be doing after exchange?
DC: Yes.
404 caller:  This is a Georgia area code, so my questions are for all of us in Georgia.  Will everyone in GA get the $4.10 rate?
DC: We understand that the $4.10 will be worldwide, and some banks will take a few percent for exchanging.  With high-end guys, it may go a little lower, depending. But the banks are happy with $4.10 because they are getting reimbursed by China or wherever.  It may be that in TX and GA the rate may be lower after a certain cap, and it may be worth it because it’s not worth shopping around.  The structured payouts will start at a lower amount in TX and GA because the banks just don’t have the money for everyone.
Caller:  Give us more details on the background checks.
DC: For the last year, they have allowed 10% upfront, with the rest in 48=72 hours.  They will run a basic background check to make sure you’re not a criminal, who you say you are, not associated with any criminal or terrorist activities.  Given the surge, that will slow down the background check process, and those on the upper end will take longer because they will want more details of where this currency came from, like for that lady who called in on Wednesday.  She has all her receipts, so that is a quick check.  If you cannot show how you got this currency, that will raise a red flag, and the background check will probably take longer.  Let’s look at that lady with the backseat full of currency.  If she doesn’t have receipts, and they can show that she is connected with some kind of criminal gang, law enforcement will come and arrest you and confiscate the money.
Caller:  With a structured payout, will there be leeway to negotiate the length of time?
DC:  We are told they are pretty firm in those timeframes.
Caller:  Will that 15-minute final call be on a recorded loop?
DC:  We’ll have to see;  it partly depends on how many can get on the call lines.
Tony:  I’m talking with the call company to see if we can get more on the live call, because we will blow through the current limits in no time.
571 caller:  I’m heading to a meeting, so I’m glad I got on before that.  I bought some currency  for my company, so do I make two appointments, or exchange for myself and the company at the same appointment?  Would the limits apply separately to myself and to my company?
DC:  I’ve been told it’s one appointment per entity.  However, realistically speaking, they will probably do it all in one appointment, and put the money into different accounts.  I would make two appointments, because I am going to shop between the banks. The banks are cringing right now, and they have been told not to let you leave, so there is some leeway in what they can offer.
Caller:  Would the limits apply separately to myself and to my company?
DC:  I don’t think they have thought this through clearly, if you are the director of the company, if your personal limit affects what you can exchange for the company.  We won’t know until we get to the bank, I think.
Caller:  Would I be processed faster if I already have a security clearance for DHSS?
DC: I’m going to give them my receipts, documentation, clearances, tax returns – to be as helpful as I can to speed the process. That’s giving a lot of personal information, so you have to do what you are comfortable with.  I’m going to call my SSO, and tell them that I am going to the bank, and that I’m fine with my SSO giving out my information. There is some restrictions to what the SSO can give out, but if they are expecting the call from the bank, that is better than their getting a call out of the blue.
601 caller:  You  have always said we will have 20 minutes at our first appointment, then we go back and negotiate with the wealth manager.  Is that still the case with all that we now have to deal with?
DC:  For those below a certain amount, it will be quick and painless.  For those with more currency or a more complicated issues, it will take as long as it takes. 
Caller:  I’m legally blind and cannot see to read;  can I take my attorney with me to check everything?
DC: Sure.  I have asked about a good friend who is blind, and I have been told that if you have any kind of disability, they can handle that.  I would advise your mentioning that on your call, so they can be ready for that.
301 caller:  If you have separate entities, I have donated currency to several entities;  can I use my name separately?
DC:  If the money flows back to you, you will have to add those percentages up to get your amount.
Caller: One is a 501c3 foundation, so I don’t own that currency;  would that add into my total?  Also, will the Iranian real go up with this RV?
DC:  I have the same issue, and I’ve been told NO.  I believe the real will go down, if anything, but I don’t track the Iranian currency, so I do don’t know.
Caller:  My son gave me 200 trillion note back in 2009 that I took to China;  I told my interpreter that I would split it with her if he would marry me! 
Tony:  Today’s call was to tell you about limits.  The first one is the cap on the contract rate for dinar and dong – it started at 50 million and now it’s less than that.  The second one is a limit on exchanging zim.  The third limit is that there may be an overall limit on the  total currency you have.  There may be an extra issue for Texas and Georgia, because there are so many dinarians in those states.  We have heard that there may be limits to what the banks can give you, and we’ve been told that we will get those packages tonight.  We don’t know if we will have time to talk to you about this on the final call, so we are telling you this in advance, so that you can think about what you want to do.  This third limit may only apply to those in TX and GA.
They know roughly how many people have currency, and now they are finding out the small number of people who have large amounts of currency. They are not going to exchange so much that you will have more than Bill Gates – they just won’t allow that.  They want to keep the economy roughly normal;  they don’t want to the number of billionaires to jump from five in the US to 5,000 in the US, because it would change too much.  The banks have limits on how much they can hold.
There are articles about the new banking regulations that are coming out on Monday, and there will have to be some changes that have to be done right.  We cannot do anything about that, we can only have plans for different contingencies.  I dn’t know if it is happening tonight or this weekend. They said in the mosques it is happening this weekend, but they said that last weekend, too!  I do expect his RV between now and the first of April.  I can only give you the information we have and hope you come up with your individual plans. 
DC:  Bottom line is that there are going to be caps. We’ve talked about caps on the contract rate, so that one guy cannot take everything lef tin the contract pool. We think that the pool will only last for 2-3 days. The new caps we are talking about now will definitely be on zim but may be on multiple currencies. Those with lots of currency will have to find another solution. The cap is a huge number that almost nobody will have a problem with.  If you have more than that, you will have to accept a structured payout at 20, 50 or 100 years.  You will have to give away more than that cap, accept the payout over time, or sell that payout to a company that will give you a lump sum.  We are told that there will be an agreement by the end of the afternoon, and this may include a total cap on your aggregate currencies. 
In TX and GA, there may be a lower cap because of number of dinarians combined with state regulations and other banking issues.  Those states have large numbers of military bases and evangelical churches, both of which have a lot of dinar.  In those states, those huge caps will be reduced just for those states – that is being discussed right now, not decided upon. We are only giving this information is so that you understand the logistical issues, and so that you can make your own decisions ahead of time, and not be shocked when this happens.
Tony:  If you have you have $20,000,000 or less, this doesn’t apply to you, because that is where the caps start, maybe.  If you go above 20 million in any currency, you might have to start thinking about what you want to do.
352 caller:  Are they still using the code IQN and VNN and ‘exchange’/
Tony:  They are, yes.  Those are the terms they are still using.
Caller:  I got into the General64 group a while back but I didn’t give them my dinar, so I don’t have to exchange through that group, do I? 
DC:  If you didn’t give them any money, you are not obligated to do anything with them.
Caller:  In my area last month, a child was in a house-fire, and another family also got burned out.  I was thinking of setting up a special emergency charity fund;  maybe my brother and I could put in 100K each, and raise two million altogether.  We could pay for the kid’s burial and put 50K towards another house.  We could help maybe five families per year, within 50 miles.  That is something anyone can set up in their own area.
Tony:  That is a great idea, and I like people sharing their ideas.  I like to help people I see and know;  I’d rather put the money in their hand than a check in the mail. That encourages you to do even more for your local community.
Caller:  We could buy turkeys to give people at Thanksgiving, and toys at Christmas, with enough money to make money so the fund replenishes itself.
718 caller:  If they want us to take a payment of 50-100 years, do we get a tax break?
DC:  Nope,.  You will not have to pay all your taxes upfront, though;  you will be taxed on the payment each year through the next 20 or 50 years.  You just write a check to the IRS when you get that payment every year.
Caller:  Can I give some to my wife?
DC:  We understand the cap will apply per family.  That could change and will be refined;  that is as much information as we have right now.
410 caller:  [Appreciation]  I don’t have a question, so pass the call to someone else.
Tony:  With Sterling being in Atlanta, will that change anything? Sterling will be doing their own exchanges, and that should not affect people who are in other states.  If you go to Atlanta to exchange, that might be an issue. They had meetings last night and this morning, and we have to wait for the package which should be issued later today.  Everyone is ready, then TX and GA through in a monkey wrench with all their buying this week, because everyone started talking to new people. That should be resolved later today, though.
832 caller:  It’s my 72nd birthday in ten days, so I don’t have too many years left, and I don’t want delayed payments!   I want to feed the hungry children of the world with a protein mix in cans that are distributed through missionaries.  If people think ahead and want to donate their excess, I can make sure that it goes in the program.
Tony:  If they send it to me, I don’t guarantee it will get to you!  Seriously, I can’t accept any donations for any project.  But I like your idea and the charity;  like the gentleman earlier, you can set things up in your area to deal with whatever you wan to focus on.
There is one other thing to be aware of.  We’ve talked about giving people currency.  If you do it now, it’s a lot better than giving it after this is announced, because they will have to pay gift tax if the CURRENT value is more than $14,000.  If it’s more than $14,000 after the RV, they will have to pay tax (unless they are a nonprofit).  Also, if the recipient is on Social Security or on some other programs, be very careful because that can affect their benefits.  There are ways around that using trusts, foundations and charities.  I can give my aunt a place to live, and it will never be called HER house, and that would not affect her benefits, for example.  We want to help people – just do it intelligently.  I can’t wait until I can change some people’s lives forever.
DC: Iraq ready and everyone has been told that this is happening this evening or maybe immediately after they tweak the HCL.  Look at the actions, not the words.  As for the caps, they are talking about large numbers;  if you have less than twenty million, you will not be affected, so don’t worry about it. 
Pam:  I am ready!  Happy Birthday to my very special friend Allen!  Also , you have plenty of time to make these decisions.  If you are not going for the contract rate, you will have time to exchange one note at the street rate, and you will have time to learn the details of the process and then create your strategy.  The forum rules are still the same, so don’t get off the call, into the forum, and set your hair on fire.  Many in chat will not have been on the call, they will hear parts of the call, and freak out. 
Tony:  Tell them to listen to the call or read the notes before they respond!  Wait, that will cost me a lot of money this weekend…
Pam:  Happy Birthday to our Mod PaperBoy as well – it’s his birthday today, so give him a hard time in the forum.
Ray:  [can’t hear]  Enjoy your weekend;  hang in there.
DC:  Iraq is ready for any moment from this evening onwards.  Some believe it will happen after the HCL tweaks tomorrow evening in Iraq.  Be flexible!  We brought this information in now to cause trouble, but so that you can be prepared.  If you have less than twenty million, there is no issue.  If you have more than that, what a great problem to be faced with!  Think about charities that might be able to benefit.
Tony:  We gave 100 million as an example, but the actual cap is significantly higher.  So don’t imagine that you will be restricted to 100 million.  Decisions come in at 20 million or above for each currency, and all your currencies combined might be capped at that higher number.  Zim will definitely be capped because they won’t let that many billionaires happen because of what it  will do to our economy.
In Iraq, they are saying the financial crisis should be over for every Iraqi citizen this weekend. They did say that last weekend, but they can only say it so many times before there is a problem.  They are supposed to briefing everyone by Saturday morning on the final process of phase four.  It could be sooner. 
There are articles saying that the new banking regulations will go into effect on Monday, and I would think that this would go with that.  I am hoping and planning to talk to you over the weekend;  if that doesn’t happen, I will talk to you on Monday. Enjoy your weekend!

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