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TNT Call notes 17-Apr-2015
[Song playing: I Want to Be a Billionaire… followed by I Want Money.]
Tony: Good morning, TNT! Today is Friday, April 17, 2015. Yes, I do wan to be rich, and I do want to be a billionaire. I’ve been on for the last two songs, enjoying the music like the rest of you. Then I brought DC on and he starting talking about Texas. We have really good news, it’s a really good day and weekend, and Monday will change your world. But before then, Pam was telling me and DC about the adventures of life in Texas. Pam wanted to tell us about an overnight package leaving Texas that took a week…
Pam: One of the wonderful members here sent me a package on the 11th, from a city outside of Houston, and it arrived yesterday.
DC: This happens very infrequently. This should have taken two days to get to northern Michigan, and it ended up going through four other cities in south Texas before it got up north. They have been having a great time at my expense.
Tony: I love those Texas stories. DC, I have an email – someone wants to take you to a particular barbeque in Texas, and of course I am allergic to Texas…
There is superfantastic news this morning.
DC: Let’s hit it, east to west. We do it that way because the main part of the RV is in Iraq, and in deference to that we start in Iraq and then go west. Iraq is having a really good day. They had a very successful week in Washington DC, and when it comes to ISIL, budget funding, and the few meetings relating to the RI/RV. Most everyone is home in Iraq. On television there, they are announcing the economic reforms are now ending and they are soon to be the richest country in the world. We have had four confirmations of that process coming to an end. I’m amazed that has not been announced in public yet, but it will be. They are keeping to the original timelines from over a decade ago. Iraq is very much in the process now, and very excited but keeping thing under wraps. Tony and I were both asked to be quiet, not say anything and not screw this up. We have been told to keep quiet separately, and we have not violated anyone’s trust even in telling ach other. This is something new and unique and we pray to God it continues. Do not buy any ore dinars, just wait it out and see what happens.
Over the last few months, the mosques have announced that this is coming through, and to pay attention to these radio stations, television, and price changes. They are starting those again for obvious reasons. Iraq is prepared to go through and has started something it would be hard to come back from.
Tony: If you are not ready, you’d better get ready. We’ve said it before but not like we’re saying it today. If you don’t have your Ten Things to do first, spend your weekend doing that. Get your paperwork and documentation together and know what you want to do.
DC: In the US, there are even more in lockdown, and they have agreed to early exchanges at 14,000 per day. That gets the process started and is a good way to get people moving through smoothly. It will help many who need it, and also help cash flow and managing the impact on the economy. Early exchanges can start any time now, and announcements have gone out to everyone we know of. Everyone is sitting on the starting line!
Tony: I fully expect to be doing some tweets over the weekend, and probably one call, maybe two. Let’s just do a short call today and then let’s see what happens. It’s a great day, a lot of excited people, and I anticipate more calls over the weekend.
DC: Before we go to callers, I would like to go over one or two things. For new listeners, Tony gave a talk on Monday about some people saying he knows nothing and some thinking he gets everything, and everything in between. We are humbled by the people who are talking to us in this process, and most will not be recognized for what they are doing to help you all. Tony and I are just here to help. Some folks do like to distract us. There are four basic strands of information:
1. Straightforward, black and white truth from someone in charge of a bank, government, central bank, agency, or whatever. That is not definitive – it’s their angle on their part of the world. That doesn’t mean a central banker in Iraq will tell us the same thing as a banker in Dallas or DC. CBI might not have told their people, and the US bankers might see it on his/her screens. They are both true in their circle.
2. Some people give us half-truths, misdirecting by accident or on purpose. You have to pay attention, see what makes sense, and where that person is coming from. We have to put it in context to figure it out.
3. Some guys are really bad at putting their opinion forward as fact. Some of these people are really bright and they believe they have figured out something and then think it’s the whole truth. We get a lot of interpretation by different folks who are trying to help or influence the situation.
4. Some people are just pulling intel out of their backsides just to be part of the group, to misdirect, or just to lie. As well as misdirection, that aspect is on there.
All four pieces are important. If someone is lying to me when we know enough to grasp how and understand why they are using us. We are being lied to a daily basis by many people, and the important part is to grasp the context and understand the context. We do understand we are being manipulated sometimes, and we are grateful because we can work out what they are trying to say.
Tony: For instance, on Monday, we were told that three false things would be put out in the course of the week and what agencies would be saying it. They already told us they would tell our sources that. The bad part is when people get information, don’t understand what they have been told, and then we have to go through the conversation where they tell us EXACTLY what their sources say, so that we can fit it into the puzzle with the other pieces. We go through that and it has been interesting this week. Then today has turned out exactly the way we were told it would be at the beginning of the week. It’s a great day to be a dinarian. Wait, Pam just sent me something and I have to laugh – man, if you don’t laugh, you would cry.
I just got this funny story. We used to talk to some people who gave us information a while back, on a daily basis. This person was all upset and pissed off and told me that DC and I had already been paid without telling anyone. I didn’t appreciate being accused of being secretive. The next day, that person found out that they had been misinformed. If I had been paid, I would have known – and my wife would definitely have known. Now someone is putting out an email saying that DC and I have been paid, we are under an NDA, and now we are just being paid by the government to keep everyone calm and quiet. We are back to people using our names to further their cause, which is ridiculous at this point. If I had been paid, you would know because I would be gone. At the moment we have 15 minutes, and if they give us four days, then after those four days, we’ll be over. We have been told specifically that we are not paid because we are too high profile. We are actively trying to exchange, but have not been able to. We will still do the right thing and continue to help everyone, NDA or no NDA, even if we have exchanged.
239 caller: I’ve got three easy questions, yes or no. Do you think there will be a dinar floating rate, starting at a dollar?
DC: It will start above $3 as we have said for a while, and be fixed for a time and then float but I don’t know by how much.
Caller: What about the zim – how many zeroes are coming off?
DC: Six is the latest number we have heard.
Caller: Are you interested in China’s currency?
DC: I’m always interested in currencies, but big currencies will not move quickly. They can rock back and forth but not make big moves It’s like a super-tanker, and it takes a lot to make any changes. So you should be looking at smaller countries…
310 caller: I researched and invested in currencies about two years ago. The only real information is on the internet, not the banks. When you all first go into this, what made you jump in, and what has kept you in it? What intel did you have?
Tony: I was doing another business on the internet, and this guy showed me how he was making 3-4,000 per day. I was doing MLM, and it took a few months to convince me. The first day I made $3,000! So when a guy called me about this, I thought it was absolutely ridiculous, but he stayed on me for three months, and finally I decided to do it. Then he said, “Let’s get on this site, we’ll explain it to others, and in a week we’ll be done!” That was five years ago…
DC: I was involved in the Afghan-Iraqi war from the beginning, and also I had some cargo drivers (Air Force guys) in the Kuwait war. They popped through Kuwait a few times and ended up with some money in their pockets, and they ended up making thousands of dollars. When I was in the war-planning stuff, this was mentioned then, and later on, as the plan was adjusted, I was helping out again (in a tiny way). In fact, they didn’t know that I could figure out what was going on. I didn’t tell them because I didn’t want to get into trouble or get them into trouble, because these top-secret things are usually compartmentalized. So I was aware from Kuwait and from the planning stages over a decade ago. I just sat there and thought then went it got past a certain time, I would invest in some. A very good friend also said, “What do you know about the Iraqi dinar?” and I said, “Quite a bit.” So that reminded me, and when I got past the time-frame when it was prohibited, I invested in some and expanded later. When we came to this process we had a few sources each, and by now we have a humbling amount of intel form the leaders actually doing it, and of course that made our belief shoot up. Also, several friends and acquaintances have exchanged now, so…
Tony: That’s our story and we’re sticking to it!
209 caller: This is me from the smoke shop. I have one quick question. Is there any indication that the zim will increase beyond the initial RV?
DC: They will use this to get rid of the AA series and then reissue their currency. Others believe it will rise up over the period of a year, but I don’t’ have a tremendous amount of confidence in that.
Caller: They say you have exchanged but are saying you’re still here to keep us quiet, but we’re all frustrated, so it’s not working! And what’s especially frustrating is that the banks have been authorized to do early exchanges, and they haven’t called us! If they are in competition, the first one to jump in will definitely gain because there is a lot of business to be had that they are leaving on the shelf here. I am mainly talking to the bank people here! If nothing else, give us loans backed by our currency – get the ball rolling at least. To have them not jump on this early exchange process is very frustrating to me.
DC: Yes, but I see the other side as well. They have to feel comfortable with the process and it’s not locked tight yet. They have been in this insanely high state of readiness for 2-3 weeks, but they have to feel comfortable before handing out millions and billions of dollars.
Caller: Surely it’s a better idea not to get us, the people with money, pissed off at them.
Tony: They have been jerked around just like we have, and the trust factor is not high right now. They have been called in over and over again. The banks are having meetings this morning, and even if they do the early exchanges, they are still assuming the risk until this has been officially announced. That’s different with exchanging government officials who they can get the money back from or else the banks will go public. I understand what you would like to do, but realistically that is not feasible. They have figured out they are going to wait.
Caller: I got in a little after you did the Twitter campaign, so I understand that I am still involved because you did all that. [Appreciation]
347 caller: Quick question – a few weeks ago a fellow came on who had been talking to his bank manager who said for him to look for this on the 20th – close to accurate? Also, why would they do early exchanges if they are looking for the complete RI/RV over the weekend?
DC: Hindsight is 20/20. And they might do the early exchanges to get people in, make a ton of money, make sure it ramps up well, and help with security. It is very beneficial for them to do that, even if it’s just a day or two.
Tony: The banks have the option to do this or not do this, to use their own lists, etc. They know there will be competition once this is out in public. Right now, they can take advantage of this and retain their customers, rather than have their customers shop around and get back to them. I wouldn’t do it as a businessperson unless the things I’ve been seeing for the last few days are signed, sealed and delivered. It’s a different risk value today than it was last week.
Caller: There have been gurus running rumors about Jack Lew’s interpretation of the exchange rate, which I think is hilarious.
DC: I don’t’ have the time to look at the internet. Jack Lew has given interviews indicating that there will be changes in currency values. Most have interpreted that as the Euro against the US dollar; the interviews yesterday took that further. When people say “Why weren’t we notified?” Lew and LeGarde will be able to say “We did give some intentional hints.” I think that is what’s been stated. I feel comfortable with this weekend, although we have been very, very close before. Something could happen to screw this up, but it does have to go through eventually. It looks like they have taken some concrete steps to push this through to a new level, with a lot of back-slapping and attaboys and Yay for us!
574 caller: Just one question for you guys… what is the best way to give to charities and still get the tax deduction?
DC: Estate attorney’s are the best to advise you on this. I have given anonymously through a friend or through an attorney’s office. There’s a million ways to skin that…
404 caller: Lot of interesting news over the last 24 hours; how many is true? There were reports that the US Fed asked for two weeks’ delay and this was denied. China wanted the yuan as part of this, and that was refused. New members were expedited to the AIIB. In TNT chat yesterday, there were four global banks that met to agree the release of Chinese bonds. How much is true, imagination, or a mix?
DC: Going to Asia first, the AIIB is NOT part of the RV. The AIIB is like the Asian IMF with more focus on commerce. There has been tension with the US and our leadership (and majority vote) of the IMF. Some of the criticism from China is deserved and some is not. In terms of the Fed, UST or administration, well, the Fed is separate from the administration with strong, legally enforced walls between them. However, all of them are saying “let’s go!” on the RV. In terms of the other aspects of the currency systems, we believe that everyone who is listening to us with RV-colored glasses.
In terms of the international banks and the Chinese bonds, there is partial truth and partial RV-colored glasses. There were meetings yesterday and they all said GO! Some of those folks you mention were involved, some were not. They had the Go signal to start doing it themselves after a certain time.
Caller: So the ‘good idea fairies’ have been contained for now. [Appreciation]
Tony: I think we are done because I think we’ll be doing something else this weekend.
DC: We think some processes have been started that have not been there before. It doesn’t mean this is going down for sure, but something has started that would be hard to stop. Tony and I both believe things look very good for the early exchanges as well as the official RV. It looks phenomenal and likely to have a great weekend.
Pam: I want to share something DavidM wrote in the forum in response to another member: “It has been my extreme pleasure to serve, even in a small way, TNT Dinar and its members. No one could EVER have imagined that we would be still here with a positive expectancy of the RV for as long as we have. It has only been through sticking TOGETHER, being supportive, remaining in faith of what is to come, that we have been able to endure our journey.

I believe that it has been the special synergy of the collective; the AWESOME TNT Dinar Members, that has inspired each and every one of us the MODS and the entire TNT Team, to continue to rise to the occasion and serve as best we can. We are only like you; human, flawed, and imperfect. BUT, like you, we strive to do our best, and to inspire all of those in whom we come in contact with.
Thank you, and each and every TNT Dinar Member, for being part of the solution!”
That’s from DavidM and all of us. We wouldn’t have missed this ride for anything.
Tony: There were some things that we were asked not to talk to you about, and we succeeded with that, but it’s really good news. I do believe we will have a call over the weekend, possibly with the RV itself. Failing that, there will probably be tweets. If this has not come to pass over the weekend, if we are here on Monday, I will tell you what we found out and you will come to the same conclusion. If you are not ready, GET READY. Have your list of Ten Things to do first, get all your documents in order. If they start with early exchanges, you won’t have time to pull it together. They will be wanting you to come in within a few hours or a day at most.
Do NOT buy any more currency of any kind based on this information. Do NOT get any more reserved. Be prepared, and be excited. We do not control this; we give you the information in the moment. I fully expect to be talking to you over the weekend. Enjoy your day!

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