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Tony: My computer won’t let me get on because I’ve been reading all your texts and emails.  Everyone ready?  I’m not ready… my computer is doing something odd.  I think Pam might have sent me a virus. <joke>  This recording hasn’t started yet.  I know you guys can hear it live, but we record all our calls, so…

Good morning, TNT!  Today is Friday, June 5, 2015.  We’re going to do a call, I’ll answer a whole lot of questions, and we will go about our business.  This is what we’ve been told.  We are still in the window, and more people are more excited today than they have been in the last eleven years.  For the last ten days, everyone has been in total agreement, and they know when this is supposed to occur.  They have been anticipating it and saying, “Don’t worry, don’t worry, it’s over” even though we don’t see it yet.  Iraq is excited, and everyone knows what is going on, around the world.  No one is worried about it.

DC is not here;  he is doing his project.  He wants to be here.  I do talk to him every day at 6am.  He is working 12-14 hours per day.  He hopes to be with us on the last call to say goodbye, and I hope this IS our last call.

A bunch is happening with a bunch of exchange countries.  What does that mean to us?  I don’t know.  Most companies are back to usual this morning, accepting payments and order, business as usual.  So whatever was happening, it’s not my business and it’s not affecting any of us. Until we see there is a difference, we just go with business as usual.  If there IS any kind of issue, you always have more than one option.  You still have the ability to work it out.  Before you even ask, I will go with what we KNOW until we know something different.  I’m not going to give you a bunch of options you probably don’t need and that might confuse many.  If anything else does come to pass, we will be here with plenty of time to talk about.  A lot of you are worrying about things we can not affect and don’t know if we even need to worry about.  So let’s not go off half-****ed.

I’m online right now, and the sites seem to be doing business as usual to me.

The banks are ready, the bank people are ready.  I don’t think the rates have changed, although they cannot see the rates right now.  That’s okay with me, because I know what they are, from what I’m hearing.  Banks are good.  Everybody at every other location is good.  People in high-up government places here and Iraq are excited.

I did get an email from Iraq last night saying they were expecting an announcement at 9am this morning.  That didn’t happen, but that was one of the scheduled times.  There are several times over the next few days that are open for things to be announced and we can get over this nightmare.  I know you have heard that before, but everything we know says this weekend is the greatest opportunity to have this happen. I can’t give you 100%, but a LOT of people are excited that this is finally the time for this to happen.

503 caller:  I’m ready!  Thank you to the lady who provided the allergy information the other day.  Thanks to you all, hope this is the last call, Las Vegas, Las Vegas, Las Vegas!

Tony:  One site did say they are not accepting orders – my bad.

Caller:  My account got closed down by accident the other day;  I called the bank, and got it reopened without NSF fees, and the way she was talking implied that you shouldn’t have to pay fees for currency exchanges either.

Tony:  Thanks.  Yesterday, I went to some currency sites, and they weren’t accepting payments or taking orders at this time.  This morning they no longer had that on the front page, but a few are still not accepting orders in the back office.  Other sites are still taking orders and payments, so there are still options.  Nobody is telling me what/why this is going on, so there is no need to panic.  I have gone through certain scenarios in my own mind, and worked out a few things to do.  I don’t want to share those unless and until we have to.  We should know something later today.

828 caller:  This window is still live through Monday morning, right?  And the US is no longer holding this up – it’s up to Iraq and Abadi, correct?

Tony:  Every country has signed off, everybody’s happy, nobody’s demanding anything;  it’s just about timing, Iraq wants to do a few things (like Abadi’s trip to Paris), and every party is in agreement.  Abadi came back, thumbs up.

Caller:  so why would Abadi want to wait any longer for someone else to throw a wrench in it?

Tony:  Maybe Abadi didn’t believe it, having said this was going ten times or more.  This time, everyone said Go, and they said there was a glitch when the system started doing exchanges.  What is it a real problem (given it’s been tested so many times) or is some person doing sabotage?  I’m trying to lay it out so people understand.  They found the problem, fixed it, and everyone is still happy.  Abadi met with his people, and he was supposed to do it that night, but wanted to go to Paris and meet with his allies.  He went to Paris, everyone is on the same page, and he returned to Iraq.  He was supposed to make the announcement at 9-10am Friday morning (Iraqi time).  That is one time, and there are others in the next few days.  This thing should be over and we go on to bigger and better things and go change people’s lives.  It’s up to Abadi, and Iraq is saying they have the green light, they are in control.  Everybody in England, Canada, the US, they are all saying that Iraq has control – they know the plan and we don’t.  I don’t know any reason why Abadi wouldn’t’ want to do this;  I do know timing is important to him.

310 caller:  I went to quite a few  banks, and currently if you ask them rates, they will give you the dong rate, but it’s much lower than we would want.  Dinar and zim aren’t even in their system.  Can you elaborate on the zim?

Tony:  I do not to make the decisions:  I don’t saw which currency goes or when. Info I have got from those in the UST, in the banks and those who have already exchanged people, they are telling me that there IS a rate in the system for the Zimbabwe.  We can exchange zim today;  I am being told that zim is in the first basket, and it is shown on the screens with the dinar, dong and rupiah.  Personally, I feel good about it!

Caller:  Has DC exchanged and signed an NDA and that’s why he’s not on the calls?

Tony:  No.  I have heard all the rumors, that DC is in protective custody, that he has exchanged, that he’s doing all sorts of things.  None of these are true.  He has a responsibility that he has to take care of.  I talk to him every day, and he is taking care of something bigger her has to deal with.  Will he be back for the last call?  I hope THIS is the last call.  If we do a recording, I am sure he will be back for that.  We are as close as we can be without being at the bank.  I hope this is the last call.

301 caller:  How are you, Tony?

Tony:  Things are really great!  I heard all the furore on chat, and I sent out a tweet and said you guys don’t realize what is really going on!

Caller:  I know you cannot guarantee anything, but you really think it’s this week?

Tony:  I do.  Between now and Monday, our whole world should change.

404 caller:  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  What was said in the mosques this morning?

Tony:  It’s Friday, so we don’t usually information until he evening, because it’s the Sabbath.  I didn’t talk to anyone about the mosques this morning.  We go the thing that should have gone at 9 last night, and we were waiting on that.  It didn’t happen. Because we know the scheduled times, I’m didn’t try to see what was on television or the mosque;  I figured I might as well wait for the announcement at 9am Iraqi time (with a similar announcement at 10am their time).  These time slots come two times per day.

Caller:  Does PM Abadi have to be on Iraqi soil to make this announcement? I heard that he will be in the US on Monday and then London on Wednesday.  I thought the celebrations were to be yesterday, Thursday.  Could it be next Thursday?

Tony:  This was supposed to be last Monday.  They scheduled celebrations for Tuesday and then Thursday, thinking it would have gone, but it didn’t.  I haven’t heard a new schedule for celebrations, but they have definitely scheduled times for this.

Caller:  Are the visits to the US and England part of Abadi’s victory tour?

Tony:  anything could happen.  Tomorrow is the G7, and they could all pat him on the back, or he could go and have dinner and ask if everyone is ready to do this, or they could say “You’re ready to do this as soon as you go home, right?”  Any of those could work.  Nothing is set in stone;  I think that would be a great opportunity.

Q on the site about zim.  All I can tell you is the rates on our screen, which have been 11 to 13 cents.  What I’ve been told for a long time is that they will take off six zeros and that zim is in the first basket.  So far as I know, zim is NOT in the second basket.

If you are looking at zim articles, they are saying June 30, 2015 for withdrawal of the zim.  There are not that many with zim, maybe 10,000, and we should be able to exchange within 24-48  hours.  If you still have zim by the end of this month, you made a mistake not exchanging as quickly as possible.

Q about Iraq needing financial help.  Like every other country, Iraq has immediate cash flow needs. It’s better to ask in advance and not need it than to not ask and find that you do need it.

I don’t know how long they may be scrutinizing wire transfers out of the country.  At one point I heard that the limit is 500,000 in the first 30 days while Homeland catches up with all the changes.  Beyond that I do not know.

We will be here as long as we can, providing information and education as best we can, so we get through this with the right information, as smoothly as possible.

Next caller:  We thought we were going to exchange in November of last year, and I took all the money out of my accounts;  here we are in June, and I realize that they closed my account because I never put that money back in. Is it a good idea to re-open those accounts now?  Would that give us an advantage?

Tony:  Absolutely.  Every bank says they prefer customers who have accounts with them, and will give better terms to those whose accounts have been open 48 hours or more.  That’s what I was told years ago.

Caller:  I can do that now, so I’ll get off the call!  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

Tony:  “Nothing beats a failure but a try”, so at least try.  If you don’t like the bank, take your 100 bucks back out, close the account and move on.  We go through different scenarios, but it is what it is.  Adjust, be flexible, come up with a new plan as required.  We say Vegas, Vegas, Vegas three times because it looks really great on the shirt they sent me.  I could post a picture, but Pam, Ray and DC would get mad because they only sent one to me, not to them as well.

Next caller:  Yesterday’s situation with the Forex…

Tony:  What happened with Forex yesterday?

Caller:  Some options traders recommended that people NOT do Forex trading yesterday. They didn’t say anything special today.  Does yesterday’s warning relate to this?

Tony:  Not that I know of.

301 caller:  You answered my questions… Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

707 caller:  I’m a first-time caller.  [Appreciation]  with zim, you mentioned the cap is 500 million – is that before taxes or after taxes?

Tony:  It might be raised up to a billion dollars.  If it’s after taxes, our pockets will be bulging.

Caller:  I’m hoping it’s after taxes, because above that is a structured plan.

Tony:  You would still pay taxes on the structured payout.

Caller:  I know you miss DC; maybe Ray or Pam could step up.

Tony:  DC does listen to the replay.  He is still there for you.

Caller:  I really appreciate One-Question Wednesday, but maybe you could take questions from the forum and knock them out.

Tony: That’s what we did today, and we have in the past.  But I like to interact with people and get the information to people, feeling more connected and expressive.  Reading a bunch of questions and giving a bunch of answers is boring for me.  If I have to go through all this, I should at least have some fun while I’m doing it, right?

Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  And hopefully this is the LAST call!

323 caller:  Two months ago, re the structured cap on the zim, you said you didn’t know if that was just for the zim, or whether that might apply to the combination of currencies.

Tony:  My understanding is that the dinar and dong caps only relate to the contract rates, and the zim cap relates to zim only being exchanged to above a half billion.  There is no aggregate caps, so far as I’ve heard.

Caller:  You said the banks might give better terms if you have more currency.  If I were to combine with  another person or business, is that worth discussing with the bank?

Tony:  Oh, yes, you have a whole lot to negotiate with.  Ask the bank, “If we do this, what can you do for us together?”  Banks always want more business.

Caller:  Are you familiar with any kind of listing on the internet specializing in banks?

Tony:  There many places on the internet to find that kind of information.  There are certainly bank brokers – I looked at them because I wanted to buy a bank and I wanted to make sure it would do what I want to do.  It’s always been part of my plan to buy a bank.  I don’t know it that is covered by my NDA, but I do know they don’t want me to have that much influence.

559 caller:  I understand ZebraGirl is retiring, and I would be happy to help out.  I was on OpenMike last night, dancing the two-step to God Bless Texas.  When my husband cannot sleep, I tell him to listen to the calls…

tony:  My niece, who is the president of a college, and she says that they cannot offer the level of education you get on these calls for free!  Another gal I know sends her kids to sleep with our calls.

Caller:  Are there still contract rates available for us?  Are we still in a good position to negotiate fees?  Also, is zim going away?  Is there aplan for a tweet campaign is that should happen?

Tony:  You really want to open a can of worms there.  Yes, there are still contract rates.  Don’t work about the banks – they will still make money even if they don’t charge any fee at all to exchange your currency.  If Zim goes away, that is because the country Zimbabwe takes it away and we can’t do anything about that.  However, if this rumor of the end of June is true… if you can’t get yourself to an exchange place before then, then that is on you.

Caller:  Do you know my there are so many Italians named Tony in New York?  When they came over on the boat, their mothers put hats on their sons saying “TO NY”. <laughter>  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

Tony: It’s beautiful day here, 91 degrees, and I wish I could hold the call outside.  I just got a text from Pam saying that a storm is coming in, so I have to hang up.  It went from perfect weather to a storm in five minutes!  Pam says thank you to the Mods who kept the chat room calm these last few days.

There are always alternatives.  There is always another way to achieve something.  Sit still, look around, and think, see what’s possible.  Everyone is happy and excited.  I haven’t heard of any  system changes or plan changes.  Sometimes it takes a day or two to find out what’s going on in certain situations.  If there is a  problem, I will try my best to help you understand, a plan or action that benefits you.  We’ve been here for five years.  I’ve been talked about, cussed up and down, praised, been killed once, died twice, I’ve gone to prison fifty times… and here we are.  A lot of stuff is said on the internet;  just because you hear something, that doesn’t necessarily make it so.  Some things have happened, but that doesn’t mean it ends there.  Let’s see how it works out before we start judging people and situations.  This event is bigger than you think it is.

I’m excited.  Let’s get this done and move on with life.  Let’s let that part paly out first. You need to be flexible.  Whatever’s about to happen will make it much better than last week or even yesterday.  Know what you plan to do.  Have a plan, and put your money to work FIRST so that you have an income for life.  The rest you can deal with.  We are flexible people;  we can adjust.  Are you there, Pam?  Nope, she’s battening down the hatches.

Ray:  Hey, folks, this is Finally-Gonnna-See-It Friday – time will tell.  Meanwhile, enjoy your weekend.

Tony:  Pam says to thank DAZ for everything you did in the room to keep things on an even keel.  Thanks to all the transcribers;  we appreciate it.  Hope that this is it!  I would like nothing more than talking to you guys later today, tomorrow or Sunday morning. That would make my day, week and lifetime!  Enjoy the rest of your day!


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