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TNT Call notes 26-June-2015

[Pam appreciated all those who keep the forum going and the transcriptions flowing.]

Tony:  Good morning, TNT!  Today is Friday, June 26, 2015.  I never thought we’d be here but here we are.  Let me give you some good news and then we’ll have a good weekend.  I don’t know how the last call will go – DC says they think I’ll do or say, so I’ll probably prerecord it.  First, though, I appreciate each and every one you, the ones who have been here for five years or five days, the ones who are still here and the ones who had to leave and get on with their lives.  Thank you for believing that we are doing the best we can do to bring you the best information, without any agenda. There are dinar people out there who have an agenda:  joining their group, paying for this and that, proposing things that involve your money. If it is a good plan, you can do it yourself.

“My mother turns 93 on Saturday has been listening three times a week for over a year.”  Happy Birthday Martha Harper!  She is still waiting for this to pop and for her time to enjoy her life.  Many older people have been following this for years, and I want them to enjoy it.

Also Happy Birthday to Country Girl’s husband.  I want you all to reach your dreams.

I want to answer the following:  “Lots of scared people out there, lots of crazy stuff floating around.  On Wednesday’s call you gave different days it could possibly go – or not at all, so have a Plan B.   Please speak to this.  If there are no exchange centers in the USA, then we are SOL.  What is your Plan B if this doesn’t happen?”  You all let me know if I have answered this by the end of the call.

The news is great.  There are a couple of events we might have been waiting for.  The administration is happy because TPP passed.  In Greece, they said that it was almost done, then it fell apart again.  Right now, this hour, we are getting that they are closer than ever to a deal being finalized today.  I was concerned by Merkel saying on Wednesday that this has to be done by Monday, and the IMF is pissed. If that doesn’t happen, there will be chaos in the markets, especially if a country leaves the EuroZone.  It would take time to settle down.  All that time, Iraq is ready to go, loading cards – watch what they do, not what they say.  They are going full steam ahead, determined to do this.  In the last 24-48 hours, the President got what wanted with TPP and from the Supreme Court with the Affordable Care Act.  It’s now the law of the land, and people can depend on it now.  (That’s not an endorsement.  ObamaCare helped a lot of people, and that is a good thing.  I don’t know that it’s as affordable as we hoped.  My daughter is 26, and she still cannot afford 6,000 per year.  But there are a whole lot of people who are under different plans, and I thank God that those people can get affordable care.) The point is that the President is in a good spot, on a winning cycle, with the Supreme Court affirming marriage equality.  They are on a winning cycle, and yesterday they said, “Let’s make this happen with the RV.

Yesterday banks got the following memo:  “CBI just announced they arranged a currency exchange in the banks union between USD and IQD; we may not see the rate for 48 hours.”  That was issued yesterday.  Today I got information that it’s all good – don’t’ listen to the mess out there, we should be exchanges by Tuesday.  That is another piece that has fallen into place.  Did I say the RV is happening in the next hour or five hours, or over the weekend, or on Tuesday morning?  No. But all those are possibilities.  It could happen any time.  People are happy and all they are waiting for is to finalize a few little things and then give a date and time.

So let’s look at Plan B.  When I said things might work out the way we want them to, I was talking about timing and reserves.  There is a high probability you are NOT going to see your reserves, because I don’t think things will come to a conclusion by the time we are ready to go.  So… go buy more currency, from whomever you choose and whatever currency you like, to make up the losses.  That is one Plan B. Another thing is to redo your Plan, because you have less than you expected.  Do that NOW, while you are ready to think.  Talk to advisers and dinarians, and work out a new plan.  You’ll still have to set aside 50% for taxes, get the rest working, and then spend the money that your money is working.  Do that rather than spending your money on cars and houses because then it’s gone.  You may never have this opportunity again, so don’t waste it.  That’s what I would be doing.  Anything else, we are just too close to this happening.

617 caller:  Hoping this will happen this weekend!  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

252 caller:  I’m a fellow Air Force man myself, on 100% disability from the military.  If this goes through, will I lose my benefits?

Tony:  I wouldn’t think so, but ask someone who knows;  go to the base and ask them the question, about if you came into some money, how would that affect your benefits.  If it does affect your pension, you can transfer it or give it to someone else. If I were a vet and it was going to affect my pension, I would put it an a trust.  You might want to ask an attorney what to do.

Caller:  Thanks, I will see you in Las Vegas next week.

252 caller:  I heard on the radio some information:  a guru said there is a countdown to a meltdown.  I notice that the things you say turn out to be true in a few days, so if you don’t like what Tony says, don’t call.  If there is someone on the line who has to release their currency, and let someone else come in who does believe this will happen.  I can leave Tony my information, and you can give your currency to me.  I may be able to get to Las Vegas, but I will be a happy millionaire!

404 caller:  Happy Birthday to Martha Harper!  You said there is a high probability we won’t see our reserves, so go to Plan B. Is that for all currency dealers or Sterling?

Tony:  I’m not speaking for Sterling or anyone else.  Some 90% of dinarians probably will NOT see their reserves.  That is just my opinion, so develop Plan B.

404 caller:  Is it a timing issue or something else?

Tony:  I could tell you things you probably don’t want to know, and it won’t do us any good to say it.  You have to pick your battles, and now is not the time.  I am just trying to help this go as smoothly as possible. I am trying to keep us in the game.  Some people had to be flexible to keep us here, and we have to be flexible to stay here. Two years ago, when I started TNT, and even back with the other place, I told you this was going to happen at the end.  We knew there was a plan for the end, and we have to be flexible.  Have a Plan B and start implementing it now.

Caller:  Stories about Jack Lew… he made some remarks at the China meeting saying, “We will work on security, … and exchange rate reform…” That was the first time I’ve heard anything like that from Jack Lew.

Tony:  I’m not sure, but the tax rate may be significantly lower than we thought.  That’s just come out in the last 24 hours.  If I were you, I would keep that 50% separate until we find out for sure.  You will never suffer from having extra money left over.

Caller:  Contract rates?

Tony:  So far as know, the contract rates are still on the table.

Caller:  Thanks very much!  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  I hope it happens today or this weekend or Monday night!

702 caller:  With the reserves, that is a timing thing, is that what you think?  Or is it just not a possibility any more?

Tony:  I think we are so close to seeing that, the reserves situation will not be resolved by that time.  So I wouldn’t count on it.  That could change on a dime, but I’d be working on Plan B.

Caller:  I got on the call on Monday for the first time.  Keep up the good job!  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

Tony:  I am just going right down the line today, and I intended to get this call over with in 30 minutes.  Iraq is ready, they are still telling people on the television and in the mosques that they are going to do it.  We got information yesterday that people do have rates on their cards and they are using the cards outside Iraq. Some of the banks are now international as well.  We know the memo came out in three different banks saying that the USD and IQD will be exchanged.  The President is happy with three wins in a row and they are ready to go now. They just want Greece to be finalized before this happens. By 30. June, both Greece and Iran have to do something.

410 caller:  The thing with Iran and the thing with the TPP and the Greek piece… in addition to all they have won that they are feel good about, do they have to have all three, or will two out of three be enough?

Tony:  My contacts are saying the administration is ready to go. They are winning and this is the time to go.  IMF wants to see how the thing with Greece goes.  If they leave the EuroZone, what happens with trade, import-export, and all the rest.  That could be resolved in a day, a week, or it could take six months.  It’s significant enough that they want to know how it will affect everyone else before changing things with all this money. They want to at least know what direction Greece will go.  In the last few days, they  have been working on this.  Something has to be done before Monday and then Tuesday is the first of July.

Caller:  I haven’t heard the s-word today..

Tony:  I’m super-fantastic!  I am feeling better today than yesterday.  Nobody knows! They are gambling with millions of lives, and I’m hearing it’s about egos again.  “Nobody tells me what to do”, and their whole country is at stake!  (I’m talking about Greece and their finance minister and prime minister.)  But what they are doing doesn’t make sense;  they can’t just keep taking money and burning it up. At some point it has to stop.

Caller:  Thanks to you and the whole team, and all the people who have helped us along the way.  Hug, hug, hug, and Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

636 caller:  I’ve been on the call since its inception, and talked to you four or five times.  I said something wealth distribution.  You muted me out and talked about how it would be a good thing.  Last call you said there were three things: Greece, Iran and the TPP.  I have always thought that the US approval is the main thing.  But what about Iran – is that a factor?

Tony:  They need to know which direction Iran will go — they are a power in the region, they have troops there, and they have a border with Iraq.  Money was smuggled into Iran by Maliki, so they are just involved as we are.  Iran has always been an Iraqi ally, and they cannot be ignored.  People I’ve talked to say that they  do have a solution.  They have something in place to block smuggling of Iraqi dinar and such.  I have thought we would see 1. July, because they have had things in place since April.

Caller: I saw that there was an extension until the 9th of july, and then they have 30 days to take it to Congress, etc.

Tony:  All we need is a deal that Congress can agree on.  Iran has the same thing:  they have to send it to their parliament, religious leaders, etc.  They still have to have a frame-work that everyone can agree to.  In either case, they have to have a plan for dealing with the currency, etc.  Remember, the various rulings of the Supreme Court have nothing to do with the RV, but they do make the President feel good, and that means it’s a good time to do the RV.

Caller:  Is the main bank in Mosul  back in Iraqi hands?

Tony:  Not that I know of.  Pam says that I’m confusing the issue with too much information.  Every single I and T doesn’t have to be in place for this to go – so long as there is enough agreement and they know what they are doing, then these things can go on.  It’s the same with Greece.  They want everything to go by Tuesday, but the RV can go at any moment in time. Everything is falling into place, and that is why our administration is saying GO.  We are ready, and Iraq is ready, and the IMF is saying “Hey can we wait a minute?”  As soon as the IMF comes into agreement, then this will go. Meanwhile, the banks are gearing up around the world, sending out memos saying this is about to happen.  Look at their actions.  They are ready to do this now.

281:  I have a couple of comments, if I may.  If Obama had his win with gay marriage, and that is against Biblical principles, how can that be a win?  If he is happy and this now can got, then it must have been this administration holding this up.  So now he can get what he wants, but they are in violation of God’s law.

Tony:  I have said several times that the Supreme Court decisions have NOTHING to do with the RV.  The TPP does have an impact on the RV, because there are currency concerns.  I’m just telling you that we make different decisions when we are feeling good than when we are feeling stressed.  You don’t go to a party when you have a flat tire, but if you can fix it right away and wash the car, then you are happy going to the party.  We are not here to talk about politics or religion, just to discuss the RV.

Caller:  I heard the BRICS bank is to go active between the 5th and the 10th, and that might help Greece.  Is that something we are looking for?

Tony:  I don’t know.

Caller:  I appreciate everything you do.  I have a great love for this country, I love everyone and I’ve been all around the world.  I have no problem with people but do have a problem with when it comes to God’s law.

Tony:  I’m looking at a text that says, “Are you saying that all dealers will not have the ability to honor their reserve contracts?!  If I paid for my reserves, why can’t I have them?”  I didn’t say this is 100% or every dealer, but my opinion is that 80-90% will not get their reserves in time.  You can go on expecting a miracle and hoping it happens, or you can move onto Plan B.  I talked to several dealers who planned to take months to stretch our those reserves.  There are legitimate dealers doing legitimate business.  There are some who are not, and some of those have already been shut down.  For others, the small print would allow them to keep the currency and send back your  dollars.  I’m just saying to have a Plan B.

Pam:  I think it’s time to call it a day and have a great weekend.  I want to thank IdahoUSA for all she does, and Irene who working on donations to pay the bill for this call.  Go to and make a donation if you want to keep hearing Tony. If you don’t want to, then don’t donate.  I feel great!  It’s going to be a great weekend!

Ray:  Someone said to call this Finish-it Friday – so finish it!

Tony:  We don’t get information out of Iraq after the sun goes down there.  We know they are ready to go.  If you got anything out of today’s call, the US ifs ready to go and pushing for it.  Iraq is ready, and explaining to their people on television that they are ready to be the richest country in the region.  We know  people are using the cards, so we know it’s international.  Their banks were open last Saturday and will be open again tomorrow to do business internationally.  Banks got memos saying there is agreement between the IMF and the US.  It just doesn’t get better apart from having the actual announcement.  They just want to resolve Greece and we hear that might be today.  If not, they will develop a Plan B.  The same is true for Iran.  They are down to two decisions, and then we’ll be ready to go.  All we can do is wait for the results of those meetings.  See if they get an agreement in place and know that things will change shortly after that.  Make your plan because the clock is ticking and you will soon be putting it into effect.  “Failing to plan is planning to fail”;  don’t be a toothless crackhead, have a plan and know how to implement it.  And enjoy your day and your weekend!

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