TNT Friday

Tony:  Good morning, TNT!  Today is Friday, July 10, 2015.

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Tony:  The news is super-fantastic, and I’m feeling good.  Every intel person I’ve talked to this morning is feeling good.  The word on the  streets and all around the world is to BE ready so you don’t have to get ready.  It’s coming on a moment’s notice. Everywhere around the world the word is Go, Go, Go, and let’s get it over with by Tuesday. There are memos out saying that, so let’s hope it’s over by Tuesday.

That’s all great, but I do have to tell you that is exactly what I heard last Thursday.  It feels like last week’s plan is being initiated this week.  I hope that this is a true fact right now, today.  I can tell you everyone around the world is excited that this may be the last weekend we have to go through this, and we can go on to something else. There is a window, there are things to look for, and there is a plan between now and Tuesday for this to look very good for you.  They haven’t called me into a meeting, and I can’t guarantee the timing, but it looks better than ever before. The Greece situation is resolved, the Chinese market is going up again, gold and silver are solid, and oil is going down – and they want to catch oil prices as high as they can.  All that adds up to the situation looking great.  Last weekend the banks were training their people to a deeper level, and memos have gone out telling them to be ready.  There are good rates on the boards, and people are excited. I believe it’s here!

646 caller:  I will be super-fantastic very soon.  How are the rates looking?  Last night a gentleman who has a call twice a week said the rupiah is $1.47 – have you heard that?  What about zim, dong and taxes?

Tony:  I did hear a rumor of $1.37, so it could be.  I don’t have anything in writing about taxes at all.  I heard the possibility of no taxes, but don’t you think the government will go for all they can get? I have heard a rumor of flat 15% tax.  The worst is 60% tax, and that is what I am prepared for.  For zim, I have also heard 11 to 18 cents, and 21 cents from two banks, but that doesn’t mean it will come out that high.  The worst I’ve ever heard is 11 cents, and the highest has been 22 cents… though some people have seen 27 cents on the screen.  I heard the dong is 47 cents, but a lot of time it has shown on the screen at $2.00 or more. That could be it, but the agreed-upon rate is 47 cents. If you work on that, and it comes out over $2, we’ll all be ecstatic.

Caller:  [Appreciation]  I hope we will all meet at some time.  I will send money today!

Tony:  It’s Vegas, Vegas, Vegas so Tony can go!  In case you get the wrong impression, after the last call some idiot texted me that it’s not about Tony but about the GCR.  Yes, it’s always been about the GCR, and what we are going through together.  One thing I know for sure is that I know how to make money, get involved in business opportunities and thrive.  It’s never about me, what I can or can’t get, because that will happen anyway.  In network marketing, we say that if you help others, you will benefit as well.  It is never about me, it’s about helping you all.  After this call is over, I will send you three links: one about Antoine Walker (went through 100 million dollars), about Latrell Sprewell (dito) and one about a guy who made 80 million and learned to deal with it. The first two lost their money because the people around them thought the money was THEIR money.  Read them and it will help you be prepared for what YOU are about to experience.

337 caller:  Which banks will exchange the zim?  You call them, and even the dealers have no idea about the zim.

Tony:  I don’t know. It shouldn’t be a problem at the larger banks at all.  They don’t know until this actually happens, up until the very last moment.

Caller:  A lot of us listen to calls because we have nothing else to do. For instance, I’m very ill, and this is something to do.  I was worried about you a few months ago, saying you didn’t want to be who you are… I was hoping you weren’t considering doing this Bruce Jenner stuff.

Tony:  I have no idea what you are remembering.  I love my wife, I love women – I don’t love being a woman. For years, people have said “I wish I was you”, but they have no idea what they were talking about.  With all the people who have depended on me to do things in their life – in networking marketing, I had downlines of 11,000 then 13,000, and now I have responsibility for what I say to 200,000 on these calls and those they directly affect.  This is not about me and my family, because they will always eat.  Now I have a lot more people to be responsible for.  I love being me – but YOU don’t want to be me, any more than I would want to be President Obama.

Caller:  Just be you, be patient, and everything will work out.  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

Tony:  It will be worth it, especially if you have listened and made good plants.

323 caller:  I’m trying to find a way to speak with you well after the RV because of a confidential project I’m launching that I know you will want to be invited to.  It has nothing to do with business;  it’s a wonderful event that has to do with children.

Tony:  I have written down your number.  Pam has set up a website where you can look at great foundations and projects.  The name of the site is  There is information there to help you guys pick the right foundation and to check if the foundations you’re interested in are sending most of the money to the people they are trying to help or whether it’s mostly going to administration.  These are foundations Pam and her group have researched, including Keisha’s Kids.  If you have a children’s program, I will give Pam your number.

Caller:  This is not a foundation, this would be a private, confidential invitation to you.

Pam:  Why wasn’t I invited?!  I’m hoping that Fantastic Foundations will have the link to Keisha’s Kids, and also the projects Tony, DC and Ray are interested in.  That is a way they can give back to you guys, so we will list your favorite charities as well.

Tony:  Let’s get back to the information. I was wondering if we could have a day of giving within 72 hours of exchanging, to give to someone who gives of themselves, and who needs a lift up – for example, giving a $1,000 tip as a way of changing someone’s life. You could put super-fantastic somewhere on the receipt, and we could all feel good because we are all paying it forward.  It would be even better than the government stimulus through tax.  We could do that immediately, when you have the most money, so much that you can easily afford to make a difference, immediately.   Kick it around, see if that is something everyone can do together.  We’d be able to because we would have just got into this.

When you dial in, if you don’t’ have a question or comment, please don’t put your hand up or press *2 to put your hand down.

209 caller:  I’m super-fantastic myself!  Are you planning to tweet when you are doing the 15-minute call?

Tony:  I would like to do that, but I don’t know what THEY want to do.  They have a couple of plans:  just to have people notice the static website, to do a live call and answer questions, or to do a recorded 15-minute call.  I know that I would like to do a call.

Caller:  I assume you will a regular at the Poker tournament every year, and everyone could wear a TNT superfantastic hat or shirt.  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

Tony:  I don’t play poker, and I don’t know if my NDA will allow us to have a meeting, but I can certainly wear the shirt in Vegas because I already have one!

404 caller:  [call dropped for two minutes]  Do you know what the messages were in the mosques this morning?

Tony:  They said it was the same as recently:  economic changes coming, nothing about it happening today or tomorrow.  However, yesterday our contacts say the people are getting frustrated, taking to the streets, etc.

Caller:  We hear different official announcements. Will Christine Lagarde make an announcement, or Dr. Abadi?

Tony:  There seem to be a couple of options, and it could be any of those people, and at one point even President Obama.  Any announcement will be after the fact, in any case, and depending on what else is happening around the world, they might just let it go.

Caller: We’ve been connecting the dots for years now, and at one point there was an algorithm that had to be recalibrated when this stopped and started again.  What’s the state of play now?

Tony:  I don’t think we have to go through that, now that the system has been set up and tested.  Everything is in the system, they can see the rates.  It’s possible that the rates might change as soon as it goes live – some don’t believe these are the final rates – but the system is definitely live or they wouldn’t be able to use the cards or see the same rates everywhere. They don’t have to wait for anything, they can just say Go, and we hear they are ready to do that.  WE don’t know the exact day or time, but someone does know.  People are excited because there is nothing else to do but DO IT. That’s where we’re at.

Caller:  What is up with Maliki?  We’ve heard he’s at the Hague, arrested, not arrested;  what do your sources say?  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

Tony:  My sources say “Do we really want to have this conversation?”   Maliki is not an issue;  he is being dealt with.  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

405 caller:  About the contract rates, I have significant amounts of dinar and dong.  I’m not really confident about the government leaving us alone.  If you sign an NDA for one currency, are you still at risk for the other currencies?

Tony:  I would think the NDA covers ALL your transactions from that point.

540 caller:  You stated that dinar will be good until November of 2016… I’m thinking that if I don’t get a contract rate, I’m thinking about the first mouse, second mouse, etc.

Tony:  It is supposed to be good for two years. If I were you, that would be the last thing I’d be worried about, because I wouldn’t hold onto my currency more than 15-20 days.  I’m not giving you financial or legal advice;  this is my OPINION.  I think we will see it go up and come back down within 30 days, and then you won’t see it rise more than 2% for years to come.  There is no reason to hold onto this currency more than 60 days after the RV. This is not a long-term investment once it comes out.

Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

409 caller:  [Appreciation]  My question about Maliki has been asked and answered.  I pray this goes this weekend.  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

601 caller:  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

772 caller:  [Appreciation]  I hope that this is the week!

Tony:  You and me both, believe me!

Caller:  Everything’s been covered.  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas! And North Carolina!

310 caller:  [Appreciation]

Tony:  Thanks.  We are all trying to help as best we can.  I don’t know everything, but I know what I know, and I try to share that with you.

Caller:  It’s not like you are members of Congress, and if people don’t appreciate you or don’t care to be enlightened, they can turn the phone off.  Any other info on the dong?  If it goes at 47 cents, will they be offering the contract rate?

Tony:  For years, I’ve heard the international rate would be 47 cents and the contract rate would be over two dollars.  Now, in the last couple for months, all we are seeing is the rate over two dollars.  However, even that rate can change. I’m still hearing that there will be a contract rate, and it will be higher than the international rate.  If the international rate is $2.27, then the contract rate will be higher still.

Caller:  Thanks, Tony!  Thanks, Pam!  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

301 caller:  If I work in Maryland but have property in Florida, with a bank account in Florida, will I have to pay taxes if I exchange in Florida?

Tony: Where to you live?

Caller:  I work here but live in both places.

Tony:  I think they will look at where you work, and where you live most of the time.  Talk to your tax person, but that is normally what they apply.

713 caller:  This is my first time on this call.  [Appreciation] Rate on the dong?

Tony:  It’s our pleasure, and it will be worth it when it’s over.  I’ve heard 47 cents for years, and then for the last few months they’ve been saying $2.27.

Caller:  Do you truly think this will go through by next Tuesday?

I have talked to people who have been informed that this will be done by Tuesday.  With all the notifications and people being trained over the holiday weekend, I think we are finally going to see this.

Pam:  I want to thank all the people who have donated to keep the site running for everyone else.  I thank the Mods, the transcribers (especially Sunnygal, Adept1 and Zebragirl) and also the ones in the chat room who are uplifting others.  I know a lot of you have groups that are also bugging you with questions, so you know how we feel! Thank you all for all that you do!

Ray:  Listening to some of the questioners asking you if this is really IT this time… we’ve all heard things that made us think the time had come and then it didn’t. I wish I’d prepared a goodbye statement, but it might be too late. Hopefully we are Finally going to see it Friday.

Tony:  I do have a statement and a song for the final call, so I hope I get the chance to do that.  DC says they are worried about what I might say, but I can be cordial and discreet. Hopefully we’ll be able to do it our way before we do it their way, and DC can come say goodbye.  If I were you, I would have those first Ten Things lined up and ready to go.  It is better to BE ready than to GET ready.  I will send you these three tweets with their links, and I implore you to read them and understand they are ordinary hard-working people like you who came upon the opportunity of a lifetime. That was their one shot, and they blew it.  The other one will go through a lifetime of success (and pain) because he did make the best of this opportunity.  You will also have people close to you who didn’t believe but now they want You to pay for the rest of your life.  That’s what you will go through the minute they see you have this kind of money – or the people you already told you have this kind of currency.  They will know when you get it, and they will want you to give them some because you didn’t work for those millions.

I really hope to do a call later or this weekend and get this party started. If we don’t have it this weekend, I am going to the event this afternoon in Sacramento.  The numbers is 916-524-4131, and as long as they don’t announce the RV, I’ll be there, and you guys can buy ME drinks! See you later – enjoy your day!


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