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Tony: It is a SuperFantastic day going into a SuperFantastic weekend and an unbelievable Monday. Told you Abadhi said people would get paid this month and everything retroactive to first of September. Trying to pay salaries Sunday and Monday.
Article, Minister of Finance announced: Six ministers salary will be paid before the EID holiday. On Sunday 9/20/2015 salaries paid for Ministers of Planning, Education, Transportation, etc.
Tony: Next Sunday they will pay the Kurdistan region.
Tony: . . . can tell you every bank has it, statements on their screens which got from several banks . . . virtually same statement on screens telling people this is going to happen and what. Down to that level.
CURRENT WINDOW: Tony: Somebody is about to get paid. Figure out who that somebody is. . . You’ll hear everything is done and completed before 23rd, if not working through 23-27, and should be big announcement on 29th. Entire thing to be completed by the 30th, one way or another.
IRAQ: Not paid yet. Expect to see the new rate when they get paid. Abadhi has not made the announcement yet. Tony: It could come at anytime. If it’s not done Sunday, pay people like they said, and pay them at old rate, Monday morning, 4 million people in the streets.
Demonstrations: Thousands in the streets.
INTERNATIONAL: Rates on the board but not give out rates on the call.
UNITED STATES: Tony: Everybody is going to be Basil III compliant. The US economy is not going to collapse!
Taxes: Tony: Heard from super smart guy, to hold 50% back and then when it comes out you’ll have more than enough to take care of the tax situation. Tony has heard a rate, but it’s not published and unconfirmed so he will not say what it is.
NDA: Tony has heard nothing new.

EXCHANGING: For some whom have already exchanged they negotiated a rate and Tony says contract rates still available, BUT negotiable if you meet the banks criteria. Tony stressed once again, to remember the wealth managers work for the bank, they work on commission. Tony: (in regards to minimum needed for higher rate) . . . don’t know what min is, understand , you’d probably get rate and go to Wealth Manager and they would up it. . . .but understand last couple weeks . . .the exchange people may offer you the higher rates.
PAM: Again, take your time. We have gone over a lot of different scenarios’ in the last 2 years. Your prepared for anything that happens and taking the next step. Passed on what we’ve heard. You’ve heard it change a million times. Be ready and trust your self. You know this and can do this.
TONY: It’s a SuperFantastic day, weekend. Only 12 days left in ths month. Every thing projected for the end of this month. Abadhi said by end of this month.
We had a guy in Iraq who exchanged last Fri and he exchanged at 800:1 rate and he received lower denoms. On Tuesday they called him back and wanted his money back. Said it would be worth more. Did not understand the whole thing except somebody expected something to happen and they had to account for it.
Stay ready so you don’t have to be ready. Have your plan. Know the first 10 things you’ll have to do. Look at the numbers, 1st, 2nd, 3rd mouse.
We’ll be here and get this party started.

TNT Call notes 18-September-2015

Tony:  Good morning, TNT!  Today is Friday, September 18, 2015.  We are here once again, and it’s a super-fantastic day, whether you realize it or not!  It’s going into a super-fantastic weekend and an unbelievable weekend.  I know you want to know why, as no one believes all that stuff.  It’s a super-fantastic day as somebody is about to get paid.  We need to figure out who that is.  I told you all the dates – between now and the end of September – and this week is good, and the week is not over.  Abadi said everyone would get paid with reforms retroactive to the first of September.  We were trying to figure out what day people get paid. It should have been on the 7th or 8th.  They should be paid with the new rate and it should be retroactive to the 1st.  They have reduced the salary of the ministers, on their cards.  They have announced that they will all be paid before the Eid holiday, which is on the 23rd, and now they have announced that people will be paid by Sunday for the ministry of transport, planning, education, etc.  Then next Sunday (the 20th) they will pay the Kurdistan region.  We just need to see if it will be retroactive to the 1st – not for us but for their own people.  Once again, if they say it will happen and it doesn’t, that will not be good.

Millions of people are in the streets.  They are making these announcements in public, in articles to their own people.  They have control – or if they don’t, there will be trouble.  I know everyone is ready, agencies, banks and all.  Our information is that the banks have the same information and the same gate to activate this.  I won’t say the date, but every bank has statements on their screens, same one at different banks, saying this is about to  happen and WHAT is about to happening.

I feel super-fantastic.  I have the date, not the time. There are six different times that it can occur.  We’re looking good.  Let’s just go with what they are putting out to the public, that they are getting paid on Sunday, and the rest will be paid on Tuesday.  That’s the good news; there is no bad news.  Short, sweet and to the point.  Nothing has changed about exchange procedures or rates, so we wait.

252 caller:  How are you?  My line cut off and I dialed back in.

Tony:  I have had people on the line for 300-400 minutes, and all the hands went down, so someone has reset this because everyone is at 48 minutes.  I think it was Pam!

Caller:  I’m super-excited, hoping this is done for all of us so we can see our blessing.  It would be nice to go to Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  Hope to see you there!  [chitchat]

281 caller:  I haven’t talked to you in a long time.  I have a question about fiat vs. asset-backed money.  If it were you, how would you put your money in a safe haven until the dust settles?  I’m concerned about how going asset-backed will affect the economy.

Tony:  I hear it’s been a controversy in Dinarland this last week.  Everyone will be Basel III compliant.  The US will not collapse.  The US dollar is too strong at the moment, worth over a dollar;  it works best when it’s worth best.  Everyone keeps their money in banks;  no one has a vault, it’s all in a bank somewhere.  With all this money flowing into the banks, they are not going to collapse in the next six month!  You will be the richest people in the country!  You can sit back while the rest of the world figures out where this money is coming from, so you can relax while you wait for the markets to calm down. I’m going to leave my money in multiple banks before I jump into the craziness.  It’s the fourth quarter, and peoel will be buying stuff and hiring people.  The only question is where the new millionaires are putting their money in the markets, because the economy will take care of itself.

Caller:  Many dinarians are discussing where to put their money, including other currencies.  Would the big insurance companies be a good place to put your money while the markets are settling?

Tony:  I cannot really advise you on that.  I have never seen an insurance company go broke, so if I just want my money to sit for year, I think that is as safe as anything. There is going to be a lot of money to be made in future technologies like 3-D printing and others, and if you go to the right bank, they can introduce you to some hot IPOs, etc.

Caller:  You answered my question, thank you.  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

Tony:  By the way, it’s Pam’s birthday weekend – do me a favor and wish her a Happy Birthday!

281 caller:  So we are ready to go to the bank this week?

Tony:  I am ready – I was ready to go yesterday!

Caller:  Have you talked to DC recently?  We are all moving to Austin!

Tony:  I talked to him a couple of times this week;  he is good, busy, doing his work.  There are places God has set aside for people who don’t know any better, like Texas!

559 caller:  I am super-fantastic!  I was on the call early and got disconnected as well.  I have a quick question:  is the bank still going for their 2%?  Is that negotiable?  Will the rates be negotiable as well, between the rates on the screen and the contract rates?

Tony:  I think the rate will be negotiable, because of some people who have already exchanged.  Nothing beats a failure but a try;  if you don’t ask, you won’t receive.  My understanding is that the contract rates are still available, but the manager will have to see if you fit the criteria, how long you will leave money in their bank, etc.  I don’t know that each individual will be able to negotiate it.  If you leave your money for six months or a year, they may be able to offer a bit more.  They don’t know how many are coming in behind you.  Those guys work for the bank, not for you.  If they can make it a win-win, that’s great.  They get a commission, so if you sit down and say “I want you to get paid, but I want to get paid” then maybe you can work something out.

Caller:  I’ve been in this for over ten years.  Happy Birthday to Pam, and Vegas, Vegas, Vegas, here we come!

Tony:  Send your birthday wishes to Pam, not to me!  I do have your birthday cake ready, Pam.  We all want to tell her happy birthday.

919 caller:  I talked to you and DC long ago, and I want to do a movie of you guys with George Clooney and Scarlet Johansson.  [Appreciation]  My husband and I are in danger of losing our house by 14. October;  do you think in your heart of hearts that something will happen between now and then so we can rest easier?

Tony:  It’s looking really good, and the dates on the boards is between now and the end of the month. No guarantees, but that is what they are being told over there in the street and in their mosques and the news media.  They are very aware of what will happen if it doesn’t, and I don’t think they want the reaction if it doesn’t.

Caller:  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas! and also Raleigh!  And we do miss DC!

Tony:  Even if we don’t’ do Vegas we will do Raleigh!  DC is doing 14-16 hours per day doing what he’s doing, and it’s not easy, but he is still thinking about you and we are still talking every day.

404 caller:  Good morning!  Thought I would say hello.

Tony:  We all thought you were the other 404!  Anything going on?  I’m ready to get this started!  Ray is stuck in traffic.

Caller:  Has Abadi made the announcement yet?

Tony:  No, or we would be at the banks.  He could make it at any time.

404 caller:  I also got knocked off earlier.  The government of Iraq seems to have changed its modus operandi – they were working through the holidays, and now they are saying things are deferred until after the Eid holiday.

Tony:  Nothing has changed – they are still working through the holidays, they just aren’t talking about it.  You will hear everything is done and completed before the 23rd, and if not, they will work through the 27th and there will be a big announcement on the 29th.  This entire thing will be completed by the 30th.

Caller:  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  And Happy Birthday to Pam, whether Sunday or Monday.

512 caller:  This is Tony from Austin TX.  I know good things are in store for us this weekend.  Apparently Abadi was supposed to make a major announcement yesterday, deferred to today.  What that the message that the people would be getting paid?

Tony:  I don’t know.  It could have been.  Late last night, there was an opportunity for him to do it this morning in the mosques, which he obviously didn’t seize.  There are 5-6 times when he can make that announcement.  They gave him a number of options, and I don’t know which he intends to do.

Caller:  So our back wall date is September 30th?

Tony:  I can tell you the plan as it’s laid out, but Abadi didn’t take the opportunity this morning to do it;  if this is not done Sunday and they don’t pay them the whole rate, then that plan is out the window because there are four million people in the street.  Every time they don’t take the opportunity, it can change again.  That has nothing to do with the actual GCR or RV, because everything has been done, technically.  The rates are there and visible, and it could go ten minutes after I hang up.  However, the whole thing can go out the window if they don’t do this on Sunday/Tuesday, if people don’t get what they expect.

Caller:  [Appreciation]  Pay it forward and help those in need.  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas! And I hope to see you in Austin sometime soon.

Tony:  It’s okay to show up in Vegas with a Rolls Royce for Tony!

772 caller:  Thanks for clearing up about rates and such.  Sometime it would be great to have Q+A about what to look into with respect to other investments, etc.  I don’t’ know if you’ve thought about that, or have any venues for that.  It doesn’t matter what we think, it’s about when they decide to let us loose.

Tony:  Even if we are not here afterwards, I hope the last five years have given you information and helped you have a larger perspective looking into opportunities. The biggest thing you probably learned here is that there is more to our government and global governments than the average person sees.  The same is true of television broad-casts, articles, news, etc.   We have shown you how 20 stations across saying the same thing, word for word – how is that possible if they are not being fed the information.  Many have tried everything to take your money. Everything that glitters is not gold, so be patient in making your decisions.  You have also heard people’s plans of what to do with this money, how to get involved with your community, and know you can effect change as individuals, as teams, and as new millionaires.  Hopefully you can pay it forward in your neighborhood, your city as well as charities and such.  I’d rather walk down the street handing out $1,000 bills, knowing I have changed someone ‘s life, or pull up to an orphanage with a truck full of toys where I can see how I’m affecting my community.  We thank you for being here, too, because it took all of us to do this together.

Caller:   I appreciate how you bring in that peripheral information that helps fit together the pieces of the puzzle.  A door closes and a door opens.

Tony:  In 15 years, this will make a great book – how this was put together, how key decisions were made, and so on.  Everyone has their side to the story.  Some might make us look bad, because we said a thousand times this si happening, but that’s life.  WE have a story, the government has a story, and we’ll put  it together and that will be the truth.  Even though this will not happen again on this scale, other currency revaluations will take place, because history repeats itself, maybe not in our lifetime, but we will get a fresh start.

202 caller:  Regarding Iraq with Abadi making a lot of moves, if someone like Maliki were to take him out, how would that affect the RV?  We hope not, but is there any secondary plan to continue his reforms and the RV?

Tony: So they take out their prime minister, they have presidents or vice presidents like we do.  If something were to happen to our President, someone else would get sworn in and put their own cabinet together.  The rest of the world would look at us differently because there would be a new Commander-in-Chief, etc.  Iraq is a hundred times worse, it would be a rudderless ship, and it would ten years to put this back together.  So we don’t want that.

Caller:  With it being scheduled by the end of September, and with the upcoming elections here, would it be a safe bet to hold off until after the  US elections?

Tony:  You mean for 15 months?  The election is not until next year!

Caller: You said that it would be best to hold onto our money for 6-12 months before making major decisions, and that almost takes us up to the elections.

Tony: I am not going to let my money rest that long.  I am looking more at the markets and the economy.  You know that banks are going to put money into the markets, and many will be jumping into day trading, and such.  This is actually the best time to do this, because it will give great fourth quarter results just before an election year.  Just after the election is the worst time, when people are most uncertain while they wait to see what the new president goes in.

510 caller:  Have you heard anything about the tax?

Tony:  I heard from someone very smart that you should set aside 50% for federal tax plus your state tax, so that is what you should do.  If tax comes out lower, you win!  I have heard a rate, but it hasn’t been put out so I’m not saying it in case it changes again.

Caller:  Happy Birthday, Pam, and Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

Next caller:  [chitchat]  Have there been any changes in the NDA?

Tony:  No, I haven’t heard anything new on the NDA.  There is only an NDA if you want to take the contract rate?

Caller:  Is there a minimum before you get offered the contract rate?

Tony:  No.  I think you can get a rate, go back to the wealth manager and up it, but now it seems they may allow the exchange officer to offer you the contract rate.

Caller:  Do you think the majority of these exchanges will be at special locations so that the regular tellers will NOT be seeing people dancing in the streets?

Tony:  I understand that most of the exchanges will be at the high-dollar locations, so that most of the tellers who have been told for ten years will not even be told this is happening.  They want to limit the exposure, and that makes sense.

Caller:  I hope it happens this weekend!  Pam, have a special birthday!  I hope to live to be 103 at least, so I can get back at my children/grandchildren! Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

Tony:  We don’t give out rates on the call, but they are on the boards.

Pam:  I do know my birthday;  my dad and I just found out!  Take your time.  We have gone over a lot of different scenarios on these calls, so you should be prepared for whatever happens and taking the next steps.  You have heard it change a thousand times, so be flexible.  You know this and you can do this.

Tony:  This will be a new way of life, so embrace it and pay it forward.  Everything is  projected for this month, and there are only 12 days left.  Last month, they put money on the cards for officials, at the new rate.  We know someone who exchanged last month at a rate of 800 dinar to the dollar, and he got the lower denominations.  On Tuesday they called him in and wanted the money back because something was about to happen and the bills would be worth a lot more!  Things are happening that you are not hearing about. Everyone is on edge and excited about the rest of this month.  Be ready;  know the Ten Things to do first. Be ready to move.  Look at the numbers – first, second and third mouse.  Remember what you have learned.  If we have to be here, we will be here and get this party started.  Enjoy the rest of your day!


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