TNT – Friday

Highlights of Tony’s conference call. Updated as the call progresses.

Tony: We are still here. Hoping and praying we wouldn’t be. Really good news out there. People are really, really excited. . .Am I ready? Yes!, but pack in the next hour or couple of days? Absolutely. We are that close. I think the plan for the next couple of days is in place.
There are 200 world leaders in the UN today, tomorrow. You are told they are focused on climate control. In the back rooms away from the cameras could be about this.
THANK YOU for helping us once again. Thank you for the accolades that have come our way. Thank you for the gifts. They are sent from the heart. Jackets, sweaters, everything. A whole lot of people will not be at our celebrations due to the positions they hold.

CURRENT WINDOW: Tony: Six days left in the month. Anyone of those days could be the day. They had authorization to do it yesterday . . .they had opportunity. I know the window was open. Three times a day they feel comfortable as the best times to do it . . . and window is open each time.
Tony: It says, “16-17th Part I: Activation.” “19th says Part I Activation.” Maybe this time Part I actually happens. We are waiting for Part II and it has a date and it has not changed. There is a date. We’ll see what happens.
IRAQ: People got paid Monday and Tuesday. They are celebrating. Tony: Don’t usually get information out of Iraq on Fridays until in the evening.

Credit cards have been announced and they put it in writing that you can use your card in another country. Tony: So we know there has to be a rate.
TV Mosques


China has moved into first place as the most productive economy.
Rates are holding at the same as last time mentioned.

UNITED STATES: People have exchanged certain currencies this past week. The rates popping up for a few hours and then are gone.

Currency purchased in your name on behalf of someone else. Receipt is in your name. Tony said write a gift letter today gifting it to them. An attorney texted Tony and said since it’s a pass through transaction an affidavit should be written.
Dollar devalue effect on RV: If the dollar devalue happened before the RV we would get more for our dollar. BUT that we have to have the RV to have the GCR and the GCR is supposed to occur to make the dollar devalue. Tony: Don’t think it’s a problem we have to worry about until after the RV. Dollar will go down as other currencies come up. Everyone would like to see the dollar come down. China just replaced US has most productive economy. There currency is going to go. I’m expecting 2-3% (devalue.) No way it’s going to 30-40%. That’s the biggest joke in the world.

Caller: Do we need to hurry to bank for contract or 1st, 2nd, 3rd mouse still apply? Tony: I think they still apply. Once it hits FOREX it will be out of their control Be in the consumers control then.

Contract rates still available.

EXCHANGE Plan has been tweaked. Not changed, just tweaked.


PAM: You guys are prepared for this. You’ve heard all the possible scenarios . . . and we’ve passed them on to you. When it happens you’ll know how to handle it. We’ve talked about this. You can do this. You know a lot more than you think you know.
TONY: Don’t panic. Have a plan and it will be smooth sailing. Just have minor part to deal with. It’s when is my bank appointment.
Everything looks good We are still in that time frame. All around the world comfortable with time frame in next 5 days. Have your plan and follow your plan.
Its out of our hands and the majority of people’s hands. I’m not staying up late at night. Not worrying every hour. If I get the call I am ready to go. Not sitting around waiting for the call.
Enjoy the other aspects of your life but be ready to go. Just because I don’t have my “go bag” ready to go doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have yours ready to go. Enjoy the rest of your day and weekend.

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