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TONY – Good morning, TNT. It’s Friday, November 7, 2014 and we’re here once again where we shouldn’t be. Hope not to be here much longer. I’m going to clear up a couple of things first. My understanding, this is not to say anyone is right, wrong, or indifferent, I clearly want to answer that the other day we heard that 400,000 people had gone thru and been processed. Yesterday it was 700,000 have been processed. We have talked to people actually doing the processing. One person got thru less than 15 people during his entire shift. There’s no way I can understand that in 4 days 700,000 people could be processed.

T – There’s no way 700,000 people could go thru and someone on this call or board wouldn’t know anyone who went thru. There are 32,000 people on this call. That doesn’t make sense to me at all.

DC – East to west: There’s not a whole lot of change since Wednesday. Iraq has passed more laws and have more seated in positions. Iraq is still running “economic reform is still in process” on their TV, as well as “economic reform will be completed this weekend.”

T – Let me read that: at 7PM EST this is what started running on their RV: Iraq Gov’t has taken steps in their economic reform from this day forward.

DC – In the mosques this morning they were told to expect the final part of the ER to take place at any minute. They basically told everybody to just be prepared. Have they done this before? Yes. But the 5 different rates country-wide is causing frustration. In Iraq everybody is doing a great job beating back ISIS. Lots of success there. Everybody is ready – not much more to say other than that.

DC – Exchanges are still going on but slowed down tremendously in the past several days. The VIP exchanges slowed down but cranked back up to full force last night and today. That is still going on. We know of at least 3 locations and possible others in multiple cities. Let’s talk about how some bankers have that access and others don’t.

DC – Access and control is being controlled (locations, like Atlanta, with finite locations in that city at specific banks), by the IMF/BIS. They are giving specific transaction codes for those specific areas so that it is limited. That limits the amount of people going thru and to handle security. Is this fair? No. But this is how it works. We believe there are many rates being exchanged, started with the 3.58 all the way up to higher contract rates. Some banks are offering straight cash and others give $1M now, with stepped access to the rest of the funds. Some are waiting to credit overnight. It’s bank-to-bank. This is ABSOLUTELY PART OF THE ROLL-OUT PROCEDURE.

DC – It’s part of the marketing plan to deal with the valuable customers, building a customer base. How long do they plan to keep that go before Dinarland can go thru? We understand in the next few days and we will go when the Iraqis go, or within a few hours of them. On Wed/Thurs there were some adjustments to the schedule. The intent is to (1) to talk to everyone and give info and (2) let everyone know what’s going on. Do we think this is fair? No! We just share what we know.

T – There are some people out there saying I’m trying to protect the Admin. They don’t need my protection – LOL! The POTUS can take care of himself. He doesn’t need me. The same with the banks. Sometimes what they’re doing makes sense from a business-standpoint. Do we like it? I can’t argue with things that make business sense. But now it’s being based on banking relationships, smaller groups, smaller amounts, and who they think will be their long-term customers.

T – When we know the plan and we keep hearing “we’re just that close” is it worth raising hell about it? I know there are people at Tier 2 banks who are gearing up and ready for us to walk in. They had the option to do what the big banks did. I know everything is done and I know it can happen. It was supposed to happen on Wednesday.

DC – That has been going on and is causing a tremendous amount of tension in Iraq. They know what’s going on here – some rich American guy is exchanging dinar here while they’re telling their families they can’t buy food there. Bank management is risking reputations, saying they thought it was going over the weekend. They’re asking “is this last Dec/Jan/Feb again? I’m not signing up for that crap.” Everyone is saying this is a slow roll-out plan, but it’s causing issues, according to every agency I’ve talked to. They’re saying if we’re still talking about this on Monday we will have some issues.

T – I did get something Wed afternoon – they wanted to start a Twitter campaign. We have people involved in the process doing the exchanges, telling us the whole thing is upsetting. The frustration is at every level. People did go thru on Wed/Thurs, but now it is cranked way up today. So that is encouraging for us. And there’s no way they could do 400-700,000 without someone in Dinarland not knowing about it.

DC – Our info about the numbers is that many thousands have gone thru. When they really cranked up over the weekend they went thru several thousand in locations we are aware of. They have not given us exact numbers.

DC – We’re also doing our own math based on the locations we know are exchanging.

T – So, is our window open?

DC – We have been told to expect in the next several days. They were ready to do it this morning, then yesterday they had more meetings and decided to roll-out even slower. Iraq got really frustrated. So they devised a plan for Dinarland (people who are paying attention online) and it has been promised in the next few days.

T – That could be today, tomorrow, all the way up thru Tuesday. But the plan for the general public is next week.

DC – They would like to have 3-4 days for Dinarland before the general public. The next holiday is Veteran’s Day, so it makes sense it’s a 3-day weekend. We’ll have to see what happens.


Veteran’s Day is TUESDAY, Nov. 11. All federal offices will be closed, but the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs states that state and local governments, including schools, are not required to close on Veterans Day, but many choose to do so. The Holiday Schedule reports that most banks, including Chase, Wells Fargo, and Bank of America will be closed for business on Tuesday. However, East Coast-based TD Bank will be open on Veterans Day and several other federal holidays throughout the year.


C – We were told we would be happy with the rate. Now we’re hearing it’s going to the elite. How are we going to be happy if it turns out to be crumbs?

T -There are pros and cons to all of that.

DC – Some of the folks going thru are getting $1, 3.58, $8, $10, upper $20’s. We don’t know what percentage is getting what. Part of the claw-back agreement is based on the general public getting a certain percentage of the contract rate. Not everybody will get the contract rate. Most will get 3.58. Because you were paying attention you have a fighting chance at the 3.58 rate. It is still available for us – we check on it daily.

DC – If we find out they plan to pull another fast one on us, we will react accordingly. But what we’re hearing now is that it will be fine.

T – We have more people helping us NOW than when we were in the initial fight.


Q: why do those getting contract rate have to sign NDAs and those who take market rate do not?

A: Those taking the int’l rate are doing a simple currency exchange. Those taking the higher contract rate are being told, via NDA, to keep quiet about your agreements with banks or countries because of the oil credits deal they have with them.

T – Those who take the int’l rate can jump up and down and say anything. The rest of the world can’t say anything because they didn’t do anything that wasn’t available to anyone else.

C – I heard DC say in OMC say there’s always one more thing to do. Why is that so? For those that have gone in already, regardless of how many, it goes smoothly until it comes to us then there’s always a glitch.

DC – It’s all about leverage.

C – How do the banks choose who goes in first?

DC – Many of them were contacted in Jan/Feb and didn’t want to be part of it at that time because of the “gotchas’ and glitches. Some were told to come in but understand the price might be adjusted after the fact.

T – WF is the base bank, they make the rules, get the first people in, ahead of every other bank. Some of the other banks are saying they were in as well but WF is doing all the work and getting the contract rates. Every bank gets options about how they want to carry it out. Some banks are doing cash exchanges and others are giving SKRs, some loans. The people I know weren’t rich but kept in constant contact with them banks. So they got the calls. These people already had their currency and didn’t want SKRs.

C – How sure are you that we’ll be able to get something?

DC – I’m pretty danged sure that all of us will have a chance at this. I’m pretty sure they are trying to get everybody paid. Have there been people who tried to block us from getting paid? Yes. We even heard from them this morning. But the overwhelming evidence is that everyone will be allowed to exchange at a good rate of return. Their intent is to absolutely pay the 5+M dinarians and the Iraqi citizens.

T – Iraq is going to get paid, we know that. But explain how this situation has stopped us from getting paid?

DC – I have asked many times “can I get paid?” We are on the “Not Until Everybody Goes Through” list. My wife says “I thought you knew people?” Evidently not! LOL! Lots of us who have been helping have been hindered. I didn’t understand that was part of my penance.

C – This whole thing and all the frustration would be over if they’d just let us all go at the same time. Last November all of Congress went first and got paid. The Elites got paid. Is it fair that all the F&F people get to go ahead of us when they’re no more special than the rest of us? There will be a point when we’re going to say “enough is enough.” We’ve gone thru so many excuses, Iraqi elections, US elections, glitches, now there’s this and that, etc.

C – We can’t sit here week after week. It’s not fair. This is the land of equality. We should be extended the same privilege as those already exchanging.

T – I agree. We know why on Wed it didn’t work. On Tues they didn’t want people standing in line at banks instead of voting. They need to stick to the schedule and see if they do.

T – When you get your money, I’m telling you right now that they do think you’re toothless crackheads. Send a tweet out thru #wearethepeople that you want a Vegas training meeting for education.


Q: Is there any good info for Canadians?

A: I’ve been told the contract will be available. If your country was a coalition partner you should have a contract rate.

Q: Is Panama ready?

A: Yes

Q: Can NDA-signers speak to other NDA-signers? Is that still the case? Will we get a copy of the signed NDA?

A: When you sign an NDA you agree not to disclose info. The ones I have read are transaction-specific. I can’t talk about it with this person, or that person, or that NDA-signer. I’m not clear on giving others an NDA who work with you. There has to be means to make that work when you have an attorney, CPA, etc. I just don’t know what that process is.

C – The scuttlebutt is that the contract rates are being used up by double-dipping.

DC – There have been many, many folks who have exchanged and all the specifically were told no double-dipping (after exchanging having a friend or relative buy more). Law enforcement has watched this very closed. Property has been confiscated, accounts frozen, etc. They are very much following and enforcing those rules. Pretty powerful people got slammed.

DC – On the contract rate, the folks who have gone thru since last Friday there have been a wide range of rates. Some are getting contract rates, but we don’t know how many. We had been promised, including today, this is absolutely being used but still available to us when the general public goes

C – I heard the dinar was between $10-22 and the VNN was $2+.

DC – I caused that confusion. This was a question asked and discussed during OMC. Int’l rates are showing at 3.58 for IQN. The dong was 1.02 but popped up to 2.17 and was confirmed thru 5 different sources. When I spoke about the $10-22 range, that was the range for those who had been paid already contract rates. The dong was 1.02 and yesterday 2.17 but we don’t know what it is today.


T – I was brought up Baptist. For years, before DC came, when i was in MLM, people would walk up to me and say I spoke to God and he told me to ask you this. When you use things like this, this is personal and you are putting a lot of pressure on me that I can’t control. I am doing the best I can.

C – We should be in the bank but they are rolling it out slower. Will we be here Monday?

T – I don’t know. Mon/Tues it was elections. Wed it was about the elections. Thurs is was about the few people they took in. Now it’s Friday and the general public is next week. So if we’re still here on Monday we’ll see the reason or excuse then.


C – Will the ZIM be included in the first basket?

T – We have numbers showing up.

C – Will there be contract rates on the dong?

DC – I don’t. There is the capability for it but don’t know if they are available.

C – What makes today different? Who would benefit and have the power to delay this again and hold up the world again? It never made sense when the Dems didn’t let it go.

DC – The US, BIS, IMF can hold it off. It is our belief that they are rolling it out slowly. It was slowed down by political means, but resistance is slowly melting away. It costs way too much to delay in time, political points, money, etc. to delay it. Can they delay it until Sunday? Sure. But next week? It costs way too much to delay it. This thing is getting birthed whether they like it or not.

C – Do you think there’s worries for those holding it back?

DC -There is a lot of concern since they have allowed many to go thru. Bankers are saying “don’t touch, don’t call me, until this is done.”

T – Say one political party was holding it up until after the midterm elections – that was a bad calculation since it didn’t turn out in their favor. They have exposed themselves and causing more problems and pressure. So now everyone is seeing it as water under the bridge and just let it go. I’m hearing it, I’m seeing it, but I’ve already seen and heard it. We’ve been given times before to get ready. Right now there’s a plan in motion and it seems reasonable. They’re even sounding like they’ll let us have our meeting in Vegas to help people.

RECAP: DC – Iraq is ready. It’s in the mosques and on the TVs. The USA has been slow in rolling this out but we expect it to get done quickly now, in the next few days. Please have a plan before you spend a dime! T – The schedule and plan is out there – let’s hope they follow-through. Let’s keep it positive right now. We’re expecting this and will know something no later than Monday or Tuesday. The news is all good we just have to wait and see it happen.


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