TNT!  Friday, July 31, 2015

What I think, hope and pray is that this is our last call (like this) forever – but it’s really, really good.  There is some really weird stuff going on, too, and part of it is sad.  Years ago, when we started this, we always said it was a process.  We had to go through the process, things would get crazy, then quiet, then ridiculously stupid, and then it would happen.  I guess this is the ridiculously stupid part.  I want you to understand the process and the day we are having, to give you some insight.

All the news I’ve got from Wednesday through this morning has been super-fantastic – everything they have seen on the screens, the process, everything was positive.  Then last night, all the negative news and people started coming out, and spreading things that will probably not even affect this process. I wasn’t going to do the call today – that’s what DC suggested.  It will still probably be a good day even if it’s a long weekend. Then Ray said I should just do the call, because people will just be expecting things if you don’t make the call, and it makes it a long weekend.  I told Pam we would do the call anyway, and she agreed that we don’t want people to run away with all the crap out there.

There is so much BS out there, but everything is great.  Nothing has changed since Wednesday, it could be any day, any time.  The tariffs start tomorrow and the bonds on Sunday.  If the people in the streets are agitating, they will have to give them some money.  Yes, it could be as late as Monday, but the 1st is when it is supposed to start.  They could change it to Monday or Tuesday – they have done ti before – but I’m absolutely ready for it to be on the first.

This morning, I heard about other idiots trying to start a group, having their information by 6pm last night or they wouldn’t be paid.  I heard of lines out the door of people handing in their dinar to someone they met on the internet.  Their documents actually said they will be paid out over the next five, ten, twenty years while they make money off it.  Why would people do that??  I don’t know what else you want me to do;  I’ve been talking and talking about that kind of group, people who will take your dinar when you could be exchanging yourself, in person at the bank.

On top of that, someone actually sent out a letter to people – which has been sent on to law enforcement – saying that the IQD is not asset-backed, that there will not be any bank exchanging dinar, and that there is a 50-50 chance they will revalue currency at all.  People were getting all upset, but really guys, this is OVER.   This is done!  All the banking laws and investment laws have been passed.  Money has been moved around like you wouldn’t believe, with deposits at banks they feel will be the exchange locations. The preparation is there, whether it happens this weekend, Monday or Tuesday.  DC always says to watch actions, not words.  They are putting people on standby, getting ready at the US banks and also global banks. We have to listen to what all the banks are saying, both primary and secondary banks.  We can’t just get the information out of the meetings, but from 4-5 different levels as it goes down to the level for those who do the work. There is a lot going into this to make it capable of happening, and it very much is, because everything is done. They have told Iraqis their cards and bonds will be live this weekend.  I don’t know what the exact plan is right now – it could be Monday or Tuesday before it gets to us.  But all this BS over the last few days – I do not even understand that.

I don’t know about the currency dealers.  I got the phone call that they are saying this or that;  I don’t know that they are frustrated or not frustrated.  If there were a civil action against them, we would know by now.  There is a rumor saying that the dealers may take legal action against the government, but I don’t know anything there for sure.  I do know the banks and governments are taking action, this is a super-fantastic Friday and I anticipate that this is finally over this weekend. The rest of this BS is just BS.

863 caller:  I have a real quick question.  My wife and I only have dong;  have you heard any rumors about that currency not revaluing at the same time, have you?  You know that your friend the goat is finally on board with you. Don’t take it personally that people are losing their minds.

Tony:  It’s on the screens and boards at the same rates we have seen for a while.  I just can’t understand that people are abusing others and lining up to be abused.

Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

318 caller:  I’m super-fantastic, too!  You know the guy who exchanged three weeks ago at three cents on the zim?  Where was that?

Tony:  I don’t remember.  He got an SKR, not cash, and he didn’t care about the rate because he felt that he had enough for his purposes.   I talked to him on the phone.  [This guy was in Virginia, I believe.]

Caller: Sounds like a great weekend!  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas to Tony can go!

410 caller:  Thinking about what you said at the beginning of the call, I really don’t want to focus on the negativity out there.  I look at it as a good thing, that people are trying to get people’s currency from them. That tells me that this is just around the corner, and these con artists want to get as much as possible before this pops.

Tony:  That is a a good way for YOU to see.  Those who are giving their information and handing over their dinar, ti’s not so good for them. There are so many other legitimate ways of helping people than having them legally sign their dinar over to these people. Every time that comes up, you know that something is about to happen, or they wouldn’t be trying to get yours.

Caller:  They can be really tricky moving this currency around so that you can’t find it…

Tony:  How many people who can take millions to the bank would hand it over to a stranger they met on the internet instead, believing they would get it back over the next 5-10 years.  That’s just crazy.

Caller; When the RV goes live, I want to become a full-time investor.  As someone starting out, do you have any suggestions on learning how to become an investor?

Tony:  I don’t.  It depends on what you’re interested in:  real estate, stocks, bonds, metals, whatever. If you are doing it on your own, count on losing your first investment.  I went to all the classes but they cannot teach you everything, and I made mistakes that cost me maybe four times what college education would cost.  The more you read and understand the markets, the better you will understand what your wealth manager or whomever is doing for you.  I will have someone doing it so that I don’t have to get up at 2am to watch the markets, but you still have to understand what they are doing.  The economy plays a big role in the returns in every market, so you have to know more than just investing.  You have to know what’s happening in the world to see where the markets will be 18months down the road, to know what will affect your various markets.  You have to pick your area first, learn that, then find out what is happening in the economy and how that will affect your area.

Caller:  Do you have a timeline… not for when this will happen, but from the point this goes live, do you have a timeline of how soon you will let us know and what the process is and when you’ll be doing your final call?

Tony:  I have so many variations of what they want me to do, through hearsay, that really I don’t have a clue.  They haven’t contacted me directly, although I have let them know I will do whatever will help people get through this.  I’m not a counselor or financial advisor;  as soon as we can get through this, we will move on.  You will all be rich after that – many will be multi-millionaires.  Successful people do two things:  they surround themselves with people they want to be like. Secondly, they surround themselves with people who are smarter than they are.  That’s what you have to do:  hang around with government and community leaders, smart business people and such.  They will want to advise you to do this and that because they are already involved in their situations and they want your commissions.  The first time I worked with a professional, he lost $85K of my money in 15 minutes.  So you have to be discerning about who you are spending time with and what they want from you.

Caller:  Big MMA fan… let’s go to a fight in Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

410 caller:  Everything you told us earlier is good news!  I feel bad for anyone who gets involved that way, but you cannot help everyone and especially those who can’t see the forest for the trees.  You’ve done everything you can possibly do. Maybe these people are new and didn’t hear it.

Tony:  Exactly!  I’ve been saying it for years now!

Caller:  I’m excited to meet all the people who can make it to Vegas so that I can give a lot of people hugs!  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

813 caller:  I am unbelievable!  I’ve been in this for maybe half a year, finally got through, it’s my second time on the call.  If this doesn’t go through this weekend, is there another timeframe this can happen?

Tony:  If it doesn’t come through this weekend, I feel sure that it will be done by the 7th because the Iraqi government people have to get paid.  The taxes and tariffs are going through tomorrow, for sure.

Caller:  There is a lot of stuff happening out there.  “While the grass is growing, the horse is starving”… so let’s let this party started!  [Appreciation]  Have a wonderful day!  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

770 caller:  What are the chances of this happening this week?  [Appreciation]

Tony:  I think the chances are great of this happening this weekend, or at least before they get paid this month (in the next week).

352 caller:  You know the guy who wouldn’t let go of you on Wednesday because you hung up on him?  I’m the guy who asked if you have the most naïve listeners on the planet, and then as you were answering about who gives the timelines, my electricity went out in the middle of your answer – on my birthday, to boot.  I’m 84.  What are the odds?!

Tony:  I wouldn’t think that would happen, much less twice – but you shouldn’t mess with Tony, clearly.

Caller:  One of the blogs says that they cannot put out a rate because of the sheer amount of currency that is out there – is that holding up the RV at all?

Tony:  No, if that were a problem, they would have stopped selling dinar long ago.

Caller:  I can’t make it, but Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

281 caller:  [chitchat]  We know that China signed on with the G7;  does this mean that they are authorized and approved as a full part of that?  His thoughts were that this cannot happen until China is fully a part of the G7.

Tony:  I don’t know.  I’d have to look that up to answer the question.  However, there is nothing stopping the RV right now. Everything has been done, signed off, agreed to, and the date/time have been determined. There is no arguing, fussing or fighting, not even any meetings scheduled.  We are on the countdown now.  The only thing that needs to be done is making the laws public in Iraq – and they won’t do that until after the RV.

Caller:  We’re putting you in the front of the four-wheeler now, and DC on the back… smeared with honey.

423 caller:  It’s like Columbus – “Let’s see land today”.  We get to see the land of milk and honey.  I appreciate your diligence and never wavering.

Tony:  We are doing the best we can.  You have to fight, fight, fight, staying in this to the end, and if it doesn’t end the way we want, we will come back and fight some more!  You can’t give up or you lose.

Caller:  You are just cheering us on and keeping us believing that we are in something that is really going to happen. We wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you and the intel gatherers.  I pray to God this is our weekend!

Tony: There have been trials and tribulations, but I would not do this if I didn’t truly believe in this myself. This is a great responsibility, and I feel responsible for a whole lot of people on seeing this through.  If I ever truly believed that this was not going down, I would tell you. There are too many people who have relayed information to me at all levels of the banking system, governments (ours and others), so there is no way it’s not real.  When the BBC did that article on me, and then there was an article about me on the front page of the Iraqi newspapers… they really want people to believe that one guy in Sacramento was pulling a scam on the whole world… then you know there is something real going on.  Otherwise they would not go that far in trying to make it look like a con.

Caller:  We are in the moment and I truly hope it will happen this time.  SC, SC, SC!

615 caller:  You said something about the currency dealers at the beginning of the call…?

Tony:  Someone this morning said one of the dealers was shut down and is putting out that the US isn’t going to get this happen.  I didn’t get it from them, so I don’t’ know.  One of the dealers is rumored to have a civil law suit from the FBI – I don’t know that the FBI can do that.  I get calls, emails and letters saying that another site said that, but I don’t know any of that.  Stay positive and we will make it through.

Caller: Do you think that we will be able to get our reserves in the end, in general?

Tony: They are not shut down, so if they are being honest with you, I don’t see why you wouldn’t’ get your reserves.  We will just have to see.

Caller:  [Appreciation]  You’ve been such help!  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas – with bells on!

801 caller:  I love that you are so positive. I like to be positive and appreciate that you are.  I don’t see this happening until Iraq says “We are open for business and we will accept dinar at X rate.”  Their government has to be ready and I suspect the USA has been feeding them information.  I think they might wait until October with the meeting with China.  But what really concerns me is that folks are taking their money to the banks – why would the banks buy their dinar when they can buy it directly from the dealers?  Maybe they are the elite – but who is that?  And then the government seems to have shut down some of the dealers and I imagine that there might be a class action suit warming up there.

Tony:  Banking laws prohibit banks from buying currency from the dealers.  Some of the individuals working in the banks did buy currency, and others were made to sign NDAs and agreements that they will not buy currency.  The government didn’t shut down the dealers, although the FBI did take some files and they are investigating some of the dealers.  Today we heard there might be a civil lawsuit against one of the dealers;  I’ve never heard of the FBI doing such a thing, but it could very well be.  So technically, the government has not shut down the dealers.  We’ll just have to see.

Caller:  We still don’t know about taxes – is it legal for the government to do something retrospectively?

Tony: That is why we tell people to set aside the highest proportion of their funds until the tax situation is clarified.  Everyone we know has exchanged hasn’t yet paid taxes, but we just don’t know how that will shake out.

Caller:  What about these NDAs? What is being hidden until 15 years down the road?

Tony:  The regular NDA most of your will receive simply deals with the rate IF you take more than the international rate.  DC tells me that is only five pages.

Caller:  Here is my burning question:  how is it that 404 gets in on a weekly basis when most of us have to wait for weeks or months?  I wish I could figure out her method…

Tony:  Here is the difference. You have been on for 180 minutes right now.  When 404 and other regulars come on, they have been on for 400 minutes.  That’s how they get there – they call early in the morning or the day before and leave the line open.  Anyone I talked to before you got on earlier. Hope-fully this will be the last call in any case.

646 caller:  Rates?  [Tony said first thing that he would not talk about rates today!]

Tony:  No rates today, but they are still great rates.

Caller:  I have written to your brother several times.  We’ll see what happens.  Blessing to you and the team.  [Appreciation]

Pam:  We are all doing the same thing this weekend and if it doesn’t’ happen, we’ll see you on Monday!

Ray:  Continue to enjoy this Fantabulous Friday – this Friday, next Friday, or the Friday after!  Continue to hold out!

Tony:  There is no negative news that I know of. There is a bunch of stupid rumors with people trying to get your dinar by convincing you this is never going to happen, but it will.  I am hoping and preparing to do a call this weekend, whatever they want me to do to help you all get through it.  Enjoy your day!  Enjoy the weekend if you don’t hear from us!  I’m really excited because this could truly happen at any moment!  Thanks, everybody, and enjoy the rest of your day.


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