TNT May 4th

Good morning, TNT! Today is Monday, May 4, 2015. DC is sick again, today, so he won’t be with us… plus when I have this much information he gets scared and doesn’t want to be on the call! I clearly said that if they don’t say anything to us, I’ll talk about the news as I understand it. But DC won’t be here today; if you are waiting for him, you can go away! Let me check the numbers, see how many have gone away.
First, I have a Public Service Announcement. There are two things, really. When I was in the military, as an airman, there are various ranks. Most people didn’t get to be a sergeant until they had been in for 3-4 years, and then you can be a sergeant for 15 years. When you get those stripes and walk around the base, they don’t know you just got them two days ago. You are an NCO, and you have to be responsible. There is a world of difference between being an airman and an NCO. So the minute this happens, people you don’t know will give you so much more respect because you have money, drive a better car, live in a better house, etc. Money doesn’t make you smart, it makes you a rich dummy – but you will get more respect, and that makes a difference to how you will influence others. Even when you don’t realize it, people will make life decisions based on what YOU say and do. People will duplicate what you do and say, so you have to measure your words. Everyone you told this to, who thought you were crazy, will now think you’re a genius, so be very, very careful.
I’m talking about influence here. When we look at police officers and such in our community, some of my best friends are in law enforcement. These are guys I eat, drink and smoke with; they are my friends. Just here in California, 14 police officers lost their lives and I went to their memorial. They have wives and children, just like you. Not all police officers are good, but every profession has bad people, like politicians, doctors, etc. We don’t label those other professions as ‘bad’ because of those few. You will have influence in your community, so be careful what you say and what message you convey.
As for RV news, Iraq is great. Our window was five days last week, that ends today. Things were great in Iraq on Friday, and some things did happen there. After the call we got more calls saying they were lined up outside the banks in Iraq, waiting for the banks to open up at 10am. We were told that people were exchanged. They tried to go international on Friday, on Saturday, and it was stopped each time. It is scheduled for this week, again, and we’ll see.
Information we’ve got from people say that they are ecstatic over there because some government people got raises of hundreds of dollars. That happened on Friday morning, and on Sunday something else happened and they quit their jobs because they didn’t need them any more! A lot of people are working to get things done. Everyone in Iraq says they are happy and excited. Everyone didn’t go through because they put a stop to it, but they see it going through this week.
On the US side, nothing happened. Nobody got called into the banks, and the screens are blank. I don’t know how much longer they will be that way, but everyone is still on high alert, and what happened on Friday is being discussed in terms with how we go from here. If DC were here, he could explain it all and take the heat. We are still in a super-fantastic position, and the world is waiting for this to be revealed. Iraq is experiencing it right now, with very happy people. Whenever top government people walk off the job because they don’t need it any more than you know something is happening. So I’m going to take some calls now…
530 caller: I’m trying to tie together a few loose ends. The 1% interest over five years on the IMF loan, that tells me there has to be some kind of RI in-country for them to get those terms. We don’t see any confirmation hat I can see, but my common sense says that has to be.
Tony: The IMF said they wouldn’t loan them any more money until the RV, and they are keeping that under wraps until it’s announced, so you won’t find anything on that until the RV is actually released.
Caller: There is a report saying that the IMF will announce in October that the country’s reserve currency will change. What effect will that have on us? To me, I think money will be sold right and left, and that has to affect the value of the dollar. How huge an issue will that be for us?
Tony: It won’t be an issue for us at all, because we will have enough currency and will be stimulating the economy by spending our money. Others might see a slight dip. That will be a great time to buy another currency and wait until it goes back up. It still think it will be within six months, then back to normal. This is a short call, so I’ll move on.
828: Happy to hear we have an extension on the window. You said they tried to do this May 1st and May 2nd; who stopped it, why did they stop it, and what is in place so that it won’t be stopped next time?
Tony: I know who stopped it; I don’t know why, but from what we hear it was resolved on Sunday or possibility today, and we should see it later this week.
Yes, I know who stopped it and a lot of people know, but I don’t want to say it and start something. I know because the people involved said who did it. However, I don’t really know why. I think everything that has continued to happen, well, they are saying they won’t stop it, but they have said that before!
425 caller: I listened a different call for the first time on Sunday afternoon. This person from Dinar Updates was talking about the exchange. He said the banks could charge up to 20%, but some will only charge 3%. He suggested people exchange one note and see where the best rates are. What do you think about that? And if we exchange at Sterling, will there be 2% added, like with the banks?
Tony: Any banks that tries to charge me 20% will not get my business. The banks say they are going to be competitive, and they do NOT want you to walk out, so you can negotiate those fees, probably. I know Sterling will charge something, but nothing like 20%. I know people who have paid 2% or 1% already, but I don’t know anyone who has paid 20%.
347 caller: You said that they stopped it on Friday and Saturday, but not why, is that correct?
Tony: I don’t know why they stopped it, but they seem to have extended the window by a little bit. Iraq has requested to go international by Thursday. It could be tonight!
Caller: How can they get a loan from the IMF if they don’t have a revalued currency?
Tony: The revaluation has already taken place in the back room, and they are just deciding when to announce it; otherwise they have no way of paying it back. You guys are looking for something black and white, in front of your face, but international banks don’t work that way. We are not supposed to be involved in this, or questioning it every day. Things are changing and being done. The average American will know about this when it is announced. We only know more details because people call us and tell us what is happening in meetings. Most people don’t know about this.
Caller: So why are the Iraqis waiting at the banks?
Tony: They are exchanging three-zero notes, exchanging for lower denominations and fils, activating their Qi cards, etc. We had multiple people call us and tell us they were in lines waiting for the banks to open. Things are happening that you won’t see on CNN, but you will know if you have the resources. I didn’t announce that because I was hoping WE would be at the banks.
703 caller: On Friday, DC said he was at 90%. Before I knew what I found out today, I would have said I was at 99%. That 1-2% can make a difference. It could go today, but banks are not calling in their people and they won’t do that until after this goes. We cannot use that as a sign. But having people call and tell us that it’s over and done, that they have walked off their jobs, and that they are getting their exchanges, well, we knew we wouldn’t’ go until they went. Not everyone exchanged in Iraq, and we don’t know if that was because of events on Friday or Saturday, but some people have gone through and that is a good sign.
Caller: Is there anything stopping those people from blocking this again? Why doesn’t Iraq just go forward by itself?
Tony: There are a lot of factors involved when they offering you more than money: military might, security, protection, for instance. Those are things that money cannot buy.
Caller: What is to stop the Iraqi people from rioting in that case?
Tony: There have been small groups rioting, but that is why they have been told this is happening, banks were opened on Friday, they have their cards in their hands and they only have to wait for it to be turned on – and for many it was turned on over the weekend. As long as they see something going on, that makes a big difference.
423 caller: What we want to do with our funds is to help those in children’s homes and provide family for these kids to come home to. Even if they go to college, they have no place to go back to. Another thing is that we heard that some are not happy people in the US will be getting this blessing, but a lot of people intend to invest back into the Iraqi economy. We won’t just be taking but giving back, so they will be blessed again.
Tony: Yes, they will benefit, and a lot of Middle Eastern countries will benefit as well.
Caller: Do we need to help you pay the bills?
Tony: I hope we can stretch it out until maybe Thursday, when this nightmare should be over.
Okay, guys, let me just say that the person who got the $200 raise, that is the equivalent in dollars. If they got it at the old rate, that’s a lot of dinar. If it’s at the new rate, not so much. I know this person, and what level they are at; I heard about the raise on Friday and then on Sunday they were even more excited and blessed to walk away from their job altogether. That’s all I can say at this point, but that’s what is coming out of Iraq now.
713 caller: This is mind-boggling. Did they RI over the weekend? And how long before it goes out internationally?
Tony: They tried to make the RV international over the weekend but were stopped. Definitely something happened in-country. At one point, they were allowing ten days for Iraq to enjoy it, then 72 hours, but so much has changed, I don’t know the timing.
Caller: Whoever is holding this up, do they really intend for us to go through like the Iraqi public?
Tony: In Iraq, it was the general public in chairs and in lines outside the bank. The government workers and such are not going to stand around in public any more than they would here. The change applies to every one of them. As for us, I have heard NOTHING about anyone trying to stop us exchanging, not for a long time. They have set up a process, international and contract rates, and all the rest. Why would they set that up if they don’t intend for us to exchange? I heard on Friday they were waiting for the banks to open in Iraq – and that is all I’ve been told. A lot of people have gone silent, and said goodbye in the last 24 hours, and told us that we are about to be blessed as they are.
Caller: What I hear in what you are saying is that they are standing in line in Iraq, and we will get the bank once this is announced.
Tony: That is what I heard on Friday, and I simply don’t know if that happened on Saturday or Sunday. Some other people have told me that Iraq has requested to go international, and they think that might be on Thursday – but they haven’t told me that.
Caller: [Restated] What percentage do you think it’s likely this will happen in action?
Tony: I already answered that question. We’ve been here before and they said before that they wouldn’t block it, but it was stopped Friday and Saturday when they actually tried to do it. I can’t give you any more than I am getting in real time.
Caller: Could you possibly talk to those who helped with the Twitter campaign?
Tony: They tell me when they want me to do something. I sent out a message an hour before the call asking if anything was off-limits, and didn’t get any message in return, so I think it’s okay for me to talk about the info I’m getting. I’m not the only person in the USA who knows what happened over the weekend.
Caller: What happened about the early exchanges at 14,000 per day?
Tony: They had permission, but for some reason it didn’t happen. You have no idea how many times a day we get that they are ready to go and then it doesn’t happen. The banks are waiting on the full-fledged RV.
701 caller: Do you know of anywhere to exchange in South Dakota or Montana vs the higher tax rates in Minnesota?
Tony: I don’t know – that is DC’s department.
408 caller: [Appreciation] Do you think it’s better to call the banks or go in personally to get competitive quotes?
Tony: I don’t know what the procedures will be because we don’t’ have the package. I thought it was a great idea when there was one 800 number and every bank would have the same rates. If they are going to be competitive, the only thing you can do is to call and if they don’t give you the rate, set up an appointment at each location.
574 caller: Please could people donate to TNT; now is a good time because it’s pay day for many people. Donate now while you still have money! I want to make a small donation because we are scraping by like everyone else.
Tony: I am trying to stretch it out, but I do appreciate all you give.
Caller: My husband and I have a lot of experience with first responders and law enforcement because we are in tornado country. They do put their lives on the line for the public every day. Obviously people are desperate and there are troubles, but mostly these people are serving the public.
Tony: Sure there are a few bad apples, but they are mostly good guys.
Caller: If people want to make a difference, vote in better people who give the orders. If you want to make a difference, run for office.
Tony: You will have a tremendous amount of influence as you give to your community and create local jobs and projects. If change is what you are looking for, BE the change. You will have the opportunity to do that. You can take the action steps to support those who you think will make the changes you want. I cannot say more than that because my NDA forbids my being in politics, which I don’t want to be in anyway.
423 caller: On the cap of 20 million dong, do you have to trade the rest in?
Tony: Up to 20 million you get at the contract rate and you can exchange the rest at the international rate, which is still fantastic. You can hold onto the rest, but I don’t see why you would. The dong is not in a long-term payout, nor the rupiah; only the dinar and zim are in long-term payouts if you go over the limit.
I’m just going to do a short call because DC abandoned me. I think he just wanted to let me get in trouble by myself! I am just joking. I hope we’ll do another call later today or tomorrow, or failing that Wednesday or Thursday. Pam? Ray?
Okay, guys, all I can tell you is that there was a lot of action in Iraq over the weekend. There was an attempt on Friday and on Saturday that didn’t go through. We know who stopped it, but not why. Many people are excited and happy in Iraq. Some government people got raises on Friday, and then quit their jobs on Sunday, so you know something did happen and no one can hide it. We wait, again, but we are still within our window. We might go to Thursday but hope it happens before them. Everything that needs to be done has been done and now it’s a matter of our turn. If anything happens, you will get the tweet and we’ll be back to do this again. Enjoy your day!

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