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DC – West to East because it’s President’s Day. In the USA banks are ready. Everybody is on call and it’s our very strong opinion they’ll call the US guys in AFTER it’s done. The banks, UST, Homeland guys, etc. Somebody asked what the Homeland Security funding issues have to do with the RV? Nothing. The Pentagon and intelligence agencies are exempt from budget fights because they are essential personnel. There are 30K of them in administrative positions. 200,000 are essential and will be there. No one is going to screw around with HS. It may be a way to fight with POTUS on the immigration issues. Again, the HS budgetary talks do not affect the RV. Everybody is ready in the USA.

DC – In Iraq, everybody including most of the Iraqis were pretty frustrated this weekend. Plus, the Sunni tribal leader (MP and his guard) who was killed was sad for everyone. Was he killed to delay the RV? Initiai reports, that will change, is that yes it was retribution and partly to screwn up the RV release. Everybody is otherwise ready. They had a Parliamentary session on Saturday. They did try to meet on Sunday but didn’t have a quorum.

DC – There are a bunch of straight-foward articles about some tribal leaders and Kurds all asking “where’s our budget money?” All the governors and tribals leaders are saying “we don’t have it yet.” In essense, as soon as they have economic reform they’ll get their money. Bottom line is everybody is screaming for it. The pressure is extremely intense, from Abadi’s office, to the CBI, etc. to get this done now. The USA has been very “hands-off” but senior statesment are making calls to keep everything on track to get things done. The English and China have also been making calls to get things done. Do we expect any major delays? No. A few days at the most. They are meeting today/this evening (if they have a quorum). All of our Iraqi senior politicians are telling us to relax, relax, relax. Some hot heads are causing trouble in the background are being dealt with. Do they have a new window? Yes, the articles are saying “the 19th or the 22nd” but they are wrongly translated and should say “BEFORE the 19th or 22nd.”

T – We know this was supposed to happen Friday evening/Saturday morning. Bad guys know they can buy a few more days with stuff like this. But we know the numbers are in place. When we were saying $3+ other gurus mocked us. Now the other gurus are also saying $3. The other gurus were saying we are hyping up folks. Now they say the HCL is done and all of a sudden they all say it’s done. We tell you as we get the info, not days later. We knew this was supposed to go over the weekend because they wanted it before the deadline (17th – tomorrow). They are trying to figure out how to pay it since is has passed the deadline now. They are trying to rewrite laws so they don’t fund the areas controlled by ISIS.

T – They did work on all that this weekend. They have a challenge to work around the law so ISIS doesn’t get any money. They thought they could not publish in the Gazette but the Finance Director corrected them and said it had to be in the Gazette. So they’re working around that now. Is there a deadline to go in the Gazette today/tomorrow? Yes. They are going to have to make a decision to figure it out. Even from things I’m getting right now. We are on time and not telling you just things that are in articles, but in the real world. I’m happy today. It’s not here but is about to be and it’s perfectly good reasoning why.

DC – I’m frustrated but it’s going to be done really quick.

T – We kept saying “do it” and fix this other stuff later. Until the moment they let it go these bad guys are going to keep doing things to hold it up. Every province and governor are asking “where’s the money?” They’ve announced it to the people “budget passed in record-time.” So sometime this week we should see the money – unless something stupid happens.


C – Is there anything in particular the US or Iraq needs to do to meet the deadline? DC – The first deadline of 14th or 15th has passed. The next deadline of 19th or 22nd – they just need to meet with a complete quorum. The laws are not controversial, so they just need to meet with a quorum and take a vote. Could be tonight, tomorrow – I’m watching Parliament real close.

C – Are there traps in place if you get higher rates? DC – “Traps” may be too strong of a word. The NDA is going to be serious. If you have a child/minor who must sign the NDA you have to be very careful. Will they actively go after you? No. For the groups that are going thru, the group fees and payout dates are unclear. And the tax rate is unclear.

T – Did you talk about the lawsuits with the groups? DC – A good lawyer and a good judge could easily lock up the distribution of the money in the group during lawsuits. Then the lawyers will fight it out for years at $1K/hour. If the fees are very high they could lock up the funds for years.

T – We’re not trying to scare you away. You don’t know what could happen in the moment. We just hope you get paid early enough before someone gets peeved and files a lawsuit against the group.

C – Can you expound on the Forum thread that says you can make about $2,000/month with a 4% return on an investment? DC – The 4% return I’ve been talking about is very conservative. That’s a general rule of thumb that estate planners use. You can manage to live on that very safely and securely.

C – Can you expound on the Forum thread that says you can make about $2,000/month with a 4% return on an investment? DC – The 4% return I’ve been talking about is very conservative. That’s a general rule of thumb that estate planners use. You can manage to live on that very safely and securely.

DC – Tony, what is your feeling on how long it will take to flush this stuff out in Iraq? T – We’re down to timing and it’s all done. I expect it this week because they’ve all agreed on everything.

VIA TEXT: “When are you two going to admit this is an inept government and it could be a much longer wait? A lot of us are desparate.” DC – What we are giving you is day to day real-time info. For those who can’t handle it, turn off the phone  or computer. Everyone from Abadi to Obama are sick of this freaking situation. They want it done so badly. We’re all in this boat together. You need to get your head straight or get out of the game. If you can’t handle it move one. Just have someone tell you when this is done.

DC – Because of the incredibly speculative nature of this investment, we are just not that good when it comes to conspiracy theories. No new money is being issued tomorrow. Boehner is not taking over the presidency. Cynicism is clouding your judgement and people are making poor decisions, whether or not you like Obama. It clouds your judgement. Biases will strongly affect your future. They are blinding you to scenarios you need to address that will affect your future and they’ll make you nuts, broke, or both.

T – If we’re looking at this today, it’s not the US gov’t against the Iraqi gov’t. Now it’s technology and getting it to work correctly. The changed int’l banking laws over the weekend, changed their capabilities and connected all the banks over the weekend, which they had planned to do at the last minute anyway. Both Abadi and Obama are both trying to accomplish this. It has to happen at the perfect moment and they thought we were there until Saturday morning when the MP as assassinated.

C – What steps need to be done to make this happen? DC – They need Parliament to meet and have a quorum. T – They are asking when is the perfect time to meet again now since they suspended meeting on Saturday. When are they actually going to move the money? When do the payments start? There’s nothing else out there they’re talking about. Like DC said he was told this morning “just relax”. DC – I got at least 4 times from Iraqi sources to “just relax.”

C – It seems they have a basket of laws that will never get passed. T – The laws can be done an hour after this gets done. New banking laws take affect on the 22nd. In the budget there are many places as well as in other publications specific verbiage regarding figures and distribution. Their law blatantly says they are revaluing their currency.

C – The deal with China, Russia and the pipeline – is that why there is no contract rate for the dong? DC – The max amount of contract rates in the pool for the dong are exhausted and are no more.

C – Do we need to be concerned that another country might unpeg like Switzerland? DC – Everybody is onboard, understanding about the assassination, and they’re holding it together.

T – The only issue right now is that the provinces and governors are out of money and if they stretch it out any longer it’ll be more problematic for the country.

C – You said the contract rate had been absorbed and exhausted. Was that by the Admiral’s and General’s groups? DC – There are other groups negotiating to get into the dinar pool. T – He’s trying to find out who used up the dong contract pool? DC – We understand that it was prior dignataries and prior banking contacts since October – they were able to use up the higher rates.

C – What’s the latest you know about the groups? DC – There are 2 segments of groups: Admiral’s Group and then Informational Groups like TNT. They are still planning to allow them both to go thru with the contract rates. I will be surprised if a small minority does get the contract rate. It’s not fair but that’s the way it is. A nice percentage will but not the majority.

C – Can we still exchange a single $25K note before our main exchange? DC – It’s bank-specific. When you do your call you should ask about that. Most of the people who listen to us will get in pretty fast, within a day.

C – Is this still pretty much in Iraq’s hands? T – Yes, Iraq was meeting yesterday. It was Iraq’s MP who was killed on Saturday. Abadi has said “we are in the reforms at this time.” It was an internal thing with them, discussing payments, etc. That’s what the weekend was about.

C – Will it still be within the USA’s requested timeframes? And will there be anymore announcements? DC – Our understanding is there will not be anymore announcements. They will just let their people know the price has changed. The expectation is when Parliament gets going again a lot of leaks will happen and it’ll get thru fast. Info is pouring out of Iraq with lots of leaks.

C – Do we expect celebrations? DC – They will celebrate afterwards. Crowd control is there to keep rioting down. They will lose their minds and are incredibly frustrated. There will be a lot of tension that will blown off.

RECAP: DC – To quote something from the Forum, let’s not make TNT like Okie’s site. Tony is not a god. Also, I can control my mouth – foul language is the result of a weak mind. Please forgive us those discretions. The US is absolutely ready. Nothing is holding it back. The political drama in DC is not affecting us. The assassination in Iraq did have an affect there. They need to have a normal Parliamentary session just prior to letting this go. We’re waiting for that to happen tonight, tomorrow. We wait and see. We are talking to some incredible people who are telling us to relax. T – We’ve discussed a whole lot and I know it was a frustrating weekend. Thanks to people in DC who helped us. We are fortunate to get all the pieces we get and we don’t rely on one agency. For years we have been ahead of the curve, now they are jumping on the bandwagon. I think we’re at the end. Iraq is still going thru something. Even tho the numbers are there and the procedures are in place. We don’t have the package yet. Right now we will have 4 days for info calls. Everyone is still on the same page. Did we hear something should happen this week? Yes. Should we see something in the Gazette? Yes. We just need to wait and have our plans ready. Don’t be caught off-guard. It’s sitting there waiting to come out. You get one shot at this. All the idiots will be broke in 2 years. But good people will do good planning to secure your future. END OF CALL.

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