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TONY – Good morning, TNT. It’s Monday, February 23, 2015 and we absolutely, positively should not be having this call today. But we’ll get into why. We have some superfantastic info and we’ll try to dig into it and tell you what we know. Hopefully everybody has their bags packed and is ready to go.

T – I never, ever expected to be here today. We discussed it Friday we didn’t expect to be here today. We have to pay the bills and we’re a month behind. If we plan to be here on Wednesday we need to pay the bills. Last week one former TNT member took all the info from our Forum, compiled the info and tried to sell it. But she talked to her attorney and was told not to go forward with that. But then, over the weekend, after we had blocked her from the Forum then let her back in after she said she wouldn’t do it, she charged $10 per download and tweeted out she had 100K downloads and made $1M. Then she had the nerve to say I endorsed and TNT approved it. So I bought it, downloaded everything and it will posted in the Tony Blast section FOR FREE. The books are excluded because they’re copyright-protected. This is info TNT members compiled over the years and offered it freely to our Forum members.

T – We got complaints from members who freely put the info in the Forum that a member was selling. So I had to get that negative stuff out of the way. Now let’s go on to the good stuff. We shouldv’e been gone now. Some of you are getting agitated, saying the same things are happening, that some are getting “played.” That is not the case. There is a reason it wasn’t done and before this call is over you’ll understand who got paid, where they got paid, why you’re not at the bank, and when you can expect to be at the bank.

DC – Everybody was lined up for Friday and there was a test (check) after a certain agreement was signed by China, Iraq, etc. for some monies moved around. They sent the message as a signal file and it went into a pending file all around the world. They thought that was the RV. That check expired. The wanted more time to brief the banks, and were closed on Saturday and Sunday, which was rate. They did that anticipating getting done with their training on Satiurday, but couldn’t so they pushed off the  RV  until Sunday. Banks were closed and they went through tests with security. They expected it to go down last night and employees showed up at work for it. However, Dr. Shabs and some Advisors and Federation guys decided to push it off to get some more buy-in by the Sunnis who have not shown up for the Parliament meetings because they were protesting. Are they legally required to do this before the RV? No. This is to get everybody onboard and on the same page.

DC – So on Tuesday they will have a full Parliamentary session making minor tweaks, getting everybody’s buy-in and on the same page. Abadi will absolutely and has consistently stopped something to make sure everybody is on the same page. The downside of that is something like last night happens. We’re just waiting for this to go thru. I was told it will only take 45 minuttes, but that is a vast underestimation as it will probably take all day. Then the FULL budget is to be published with these minor tweaks on Wednesday morning. It could drag out to Wednesday night to publish in the Gazette. Then there is a 24-hour funding clause but they don’t plan on using that, but they could.

T – Abadi met with Maliki on Sunday because the Sunnis have not been present since the assassination. That’s why we are not at the banks today. People were getting paid on Friday and Saturday because they thought it was going down this morning. Huge deals were happening, bonds were being paid, etc. We were that close. They just wanted a united front before it happens. Abadi wasn’t the only one who wanted that.

DC – In the USA, the rest of the world is ready. Here people were put on alert and the check (test) went through and was successful throughout the US. Because of the agreements signed Thursday morning, several US banks who have refrained from going with early exchanges have cranked back up. A lot of banks (I know of 4 conference calls from banks to exchange centers) happened this morning early because they thought it was happening. They were told it’s on hold a couple more days. They were quite ready for it.

DC – Everybody across the world is saying a big “WTF” and are frustrated. I have said so many 4-letter words I’ll be praying  the rest of my life for forgiveness. LOL! Some thing we’re getting played but I’d like to think that we’re just not that good. We cannot orchestrate something that big. We are at a crossroad – a precipice of being ready – and they simply put a pause on it.

T – Several are texting me that the budget is fully published. And newpaper articles are saying that as well. We heard last night it was done. But here we sit because in the last hour something happened we couldn’t control. We are giving up to the minute updates.

DC – Everybody was fully expecting this to happen and key people in key positions showed up for work because they thought it was. Can they change their mind? Yes. This was a last-minute consistency item. T – Everybody can take solace in this: we are half a budget away from actually seeing this. It’s just about 4-5 people feeling really comfortable about the moment they do this because afterwards they can’t go back. They were excited last night up until the last hour. They paid people out until the last hour, calling people into the banks, doing their paperwork, giving them their rates, thinking it would happen this morning.


C – Any new info on the packets? DC – Yes, and I forgot to tell this to Tony this morning. We understand we are now back onto ONE CALL pointing people to a specific (website) place to get info 800#s. T – Will we have our 4 events afterwards? DC – Our NDAs are limiting factors and I don’t know.

C – I heard new banking laws mean banks here won’t accept foreign currency after March 2? DC – Those are more Dodd-Frank Reforms that are not vital. T – I think that’s about banks using MCA assets as a liability on their balance sheets. DC – We don’t know if they can use that as a liability. Banks with a large int’l presence typically have a large int’l currency portfolio. How do they account for that in a changing global market with currency fluctuations. In laymen’s terms, how do you account for a volatile currency if you want a stable asset base?

C – On Friday I heard comments about groups and went back and re-read the notes. Did you say there are two legitimate groups: Admiral’s Group and Generals64? T – I never said that. C – I’m a member of the G64 Group. What can you tell us about the street and contract rates for that group? T – We know there were about 300 legit groups. Most were churches. Some groups had only 5 people. Some negotiated rates of between .50 to $32. There were 2 big huge groups – Admirals and Generals64. Some tried to get me into groups. Soem people who ran the groups wouldn’t get the same rates as the people in those groups. The FBI knows who they are. One group was eliminated and renamed, the top people were removed. Lots going on with these groups. There will be a whole lot of lawsuits. I don’t endorse groups where you have to send your money to them. If you can be in a group and can walk in the bank with a pre-arranged rate, that’s fine.

T – There are a lot of groups saying they’re part of Admiral’s Group who are lying. He has put out restraining orders against those people. DC – Tony and I are misquoted all the time.

C – Most people the dong and we are dummies in this game. I don’t know how to keep track of the rates for the dong. How do I know when to go in and exchange my dong? Call Forex? T – Download a currency app and set parameters for it to notify you when the rates change within those parameters. Also, tell your WM – it’s his job to tell you when it gets to a certain place.

C – Most people the dong and we are dummies in this game. I don’t know how to keep track of the rates for the dong. How do I know when to go in and exchange my dong? Call Forex? T – Download a currency app and set parameters for it to notify you when the rates change within those parameters. Also, tell your WM – it’s his job to tell you when it gets to a certain place.

C – You keep saying that “Dinarland people” will get the int’l rate or the contract rate? DC – You will have a running chance for the contract rate. They increased the amount that can be taken at the contract rate ($20M) and the rest at the int’l rate. That keeps just the rich guys from using all the contract rates up. The banks don’t want to discriminate on size and banks are being encouraged to give it to those with the least amount.

C – I’m having to make some hard financial decisions that may neccisitate selling some of my dinar. When I hear their having to go back to the Parliamentary process again, with laws, voting, approvals, etc. it’s very disconcerting. DC – We are hearing from our sources, both independent and those involved, that these are minor tweaks, minor stuff that was already agreed upon prior to the meeting. They have bypassed part of the reading of the various laws, as they have done this in the past. Could these people be too optimistic? Yes. T – Everybody in Parliament went in there and voted on this in record time. Then the execution (assassination) and the Sunnis haven’t been back in Parliament since then, which stopped everything. Abadi had a very public meeting with Maliki yesterday. Why would he do this? He wants to show the world they’re all on the same team. That is a good business decision. And it’s common sense, too. Believe me, I wanted it to happen this morning. But I can’t argue when I hear what happened and why. There will always be tweaks, but the other part is more important to me.

C – I read that Obama wanted a meeting with Abadi. Everytime we were close the delay was related to an Abadi/Obama meeting. T – Did you read the article? Obama is inviting him here to the US to let people know they will be a new country. DC – There were int’l advisors in the meeting last evening. Everybody realized this has to go. The US was not demanding but part of it. Abadi and Obama talk often thru their reps.

T – Would they take 24 hours to implement it, giving everybody worldwide the chance to buy more dinar, or implement it right away? DC – We will see.
C – Are their contracts rates on the dong? DC – Rates are very positive. T – They were really good from what we heard.

C – On the last call DC said if the dong comes out low, we should come for the contract rate and call as quickly as possible. DC – Yes, as fast as you can. Then you’ll have a fighting chance for the contract rate. I was told earlier today the contract rate was gone, then told this weekend there were still contract rates for the dong and dinar. Regular rates will be out there in the public and extremely available.

T – Every bank is not able to do a million or billion dong. The majority will have you call an 800# to set an appointment and will send you to a place to handle your dollar amount.
DC – Timelines are often given to the Press and then they happen earlier or later to prevent security problems like bombings.

C – My brother bought dinar in Culver City yesterday and was told the dinar and dong were not going thru at the same time. Is that true? DC – No, but at one time that was true. Originally it would be a couple of years apart. Then some idiot named Tony Renfrow and his sidekick Winston caused so much speculation they had to do it all at once.

C – What about the ZIM rates? DC – The Zim knocked me out. T – Anybody want to buy Zim better do it right now. LOL!

C – Any update on the tax info? DC – We have not been able to confirm via multiple sources. Everybody should plan on short and long-term cap gains, though we might be surprised.

RECAP: DC – What we understand at this moment is we are waiting for a Parliament meeting to flush out some minor details to adjust and tweak the budget and re-publish it. Does this have to be done before the RV? No. Last night Abadi decided to get a few things straight. The banks were closed over the weekend, which is a positive thing. The currency and coins are out. Once it goes the US will ramp up banks. T – I am getting texts now that the Gazette is FULLY PUBLISHED including the (unintelligible) 38 pages. We will check that out after the call. Also, the Zim has changed prices already! Again, we try to give it to you straight as we get it. I’m who I am. Somebody said I should stop laughing because TNT members haven’t been paid yet. If you don’t like how I do the call, don’t listen. We got excellent news! We have the schedule and they’re doing it ahead of schedule. They are absolutely ready to go if they’ve published it already. The 24 hours is that much closer. We do know they were anticipating us being in the bank today. They sent planes to pick up people over the weekend. Everyone was ready to move. It’s out turn. If we verify from our guys I’ll send out a tweet that it’s completely published. Until then, enjoy the rest of your day. END OF CALL.

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