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TNT Call notes 8-Apr2015
Tony:  Good evening, TNT!  Today is Wednesday, April 8, 2015.  People are already putting out that we didn’t think we would be here, but here we are.  On Monday’s call – and I hate doing calls in the evening, because I get up at 4.30am – I hear a lot of you think I was depressed.  Actually I feel really, really good because things are happening. Then some said they were glad DC wasn’t there, that he got fired or ran away. They don’t fire people like DC, they retire them.  [DC laughed.]
Monday and Friday DC was at meetings and briefings, and everybody wanted to know what happened to DC, that he ran away because Tony was telling lies, or he got fired…
DC: “The stories of my death have been greatly exaggerated.”  Thanks for the very kind and articulate birthday wishes last week.  Have read some, will read the rest, and some of them are very touching and articulate.  On Friday, well… if you  get between me and barbecue, you are asking for trouble. I got invited for a birthday BBQ, and otherwise I was just working, that’s all.
Tony:  Have you read the ‘one word to describe Tony and DC’ post?
DC: Thanks for that, I will read that in the next day or two.
Tony: There is a lot of information out there about Okie, who is not feeling well.  I was planning to bring him on the call but haven’t talked to him yet.  If it’s true that he is sick, I will tweet it out to everyone.  Also, Poppy3 had another stroke but is now conscious.  They are doing the best they can with what they have.
DC: We are all volunteers in this game.  In Iraq, there are politics – they are dealing with a herding cats mentality.  Some politicians are demanding this to be done, and others are upset thinking the Americans are making too much money because they don’t understand that it’s not coming out of their budget.  The IMF and CBI are talking to their banks that are stuck in a precarious situation.  Part of Iraq has been paid for three weeks now, and that is causing a big problem.  It’s causing frustration and anger, and many politicians are keeping people calm and ready to go.  All the people and politicians are frustrated, and Abadi is take a lot of phone calls from everyone;  so is Shabibi.  The people are reaching a level of discontent because some people have been paid and they have not – are we in Maliki’s territory again?  There is a lot of frustration in Iraq.  In the Army, they are putting up good ideas, but at some point you have to kill the ‘good ideas theory’ and move on.  That is causing a major issue that is not good for the politicians and the people, but good in the sense that pressure is now insanely high.
The battles for Tikrit and Mosul are going well. The rest of Iraq has a lot of contracts that are supposed be done, with contractors waiting for this to go through so they can get started.  Contracting officers targeted 1. April or 10.April, assuming Iraq would have money to pay them, and obviously they don’t yet.
A lot of HCL is getting motivated and the revenue portions are moving on. We are only waiting for Abadi, Shabibi, IMF and BIS to agree on a time to move forward.  In the mosque they are still saying the economic reform is about to be completed in the next day  or few days.
Tony:  Some are saying the HCL has not been completed.  Kurdistan has just published what they are paying their citizens according to the HCL, and they could not do that unless that had already been agreed with Iraq. They would have no basis to work it off of.  Their payments cannot happen without the HCL agreement having happened.  It’s good to see Kurdistan doing that, because it shows that their agreement with Baghdad in place and operational, or they wouldn’t have received the latest payment.
Tony:  Okay… meetings, Abadi going throughout Iraq and also meeting with Obama… IN the vote in Parliament yesterday, ALL the agreements are now law and we should see that in the next 48 hours.
DC:  There Is an issue with Yemen, if that goes bad it’s a proxy war between Sunnis and Shi’a.  That is something to watch but not lose sleep over.
In the USA. Abadi is coming to meet Obama and State and Defense guys, plus the UN and some financial guys on Friday.  The meeting with the President is on the 13th. The US system is not involved at all anymore, just waiting on the sidelines for the IMF and CBI to finish it. They are also highly frustrated this is not done yet.  The House and Senate are amazed this has not gone through, especially if they are relevant committees. They are getting tired of it like all of us.
The banks have pulled in a lot of people on lock down and also making exchanges.  That didn’t sit well with anyone that they pulled in people over Easter weekend. The bottom line is that they are getting memos and emails telling them to keep people in, on high alert.  The number of staff having currency or their families with currency is growing rapidly, and that is a major issue for bankers because their staff will walk out.  They all want to move on with it, as do we all.
Tony:  Before you do the plan, I want to talk about the banks for a minute.  When I sent out the tweet saying this would be interesting, this is not about paying the bills – that is what your job is for.  This is bigger than that.  In the banking industry, every day this goes on the banking staff find out this is real. The banks knew this would happen but thought it would happen overnight, not dragging on for weeks and building up steam. They had meetings over the weekend saying they expected a flood of customers on Monday.  I also have a memo from a wealth manager yesterday saying this is a complete fraud, that the bank is never going to do this, etc.  This is the same bank where they have exchanged X people. They are suggesting that the person sell their dinar!  This has to be hard for any human being to keep putting this out, saying it’s a scam, etc.  If this happens tomorrow, their whole world is going to change. They are protecting themselves, and I get that.  They don’t want their employees to walk out the door.  They are being very careful with their wording, but people are going to believe it, and that is not right.  They have the opportunity to change their lives, and now they are paying attention to this wealth manager who is being told to say this.
They have a lot of people on standby, told not to go more than 30 minutes from home. They are getting frustrated as well, because they keep being told it will go at X time and day.  Even though we are still waiting, on Twitter we were at 240K, we dropped down for a bit, and now we are up to 257K again and growing because more and more people are finding out and purchasing. The banks are worried their employees are taking action because they are watching us buying more currency.  In one way, that is encouraging.
DC:  There has been a lot fo meetings and discussions, although I don’t hear that any formal decisions have been made. They are talking about doing an early exchange for dinar now.  Does this mean more connected people are being exchanged?  No. They are talking about cranking this up to 14,000 or so per day worldwide, which is a lot, and getting ahead of the game. The banks are incensed at dragging in their people with no action. That will also lessen the impact of the dinar when it comes through. How can they minimize the jolt to the system?  That is why they are doing stuff in Basra and Kurdistan to ease the impact.   This is the adapted slow rollout plan.  In my opinion, that would make a concerted effort to get through.  How will they select the people who go through?  Each bank has its own criteria:   influence, money levels, etc.  If they crank it up to that level, all those waiting on the final list will go through pretty quickly, in a day, and then they will start to pull in other people like you and me.  It’s because we are paying attention, and they will get people to exchange in a few days, both here and in Iraq where they had put that on a pause.  They want to crank up people across the world to lessen that impact.   That means we can all get in line and go forward.
We are happy to help, as always, and spread the information an a methodical way because that will get everyone going.
Tony: It was supposed to go into effect this afternoon.  I know some people who already have appointments for tomorrow and it might get moving by this evening.  My suggestion is to get all the TNT people through in two day!  I can submit the names to you, they can get through in two days, and that will end your problems with these calls!  It think it’s good that they are talking about those numbers. They could go through that in a couple of days… maybe not all at 15K per day, but it would still be a good group.  They would certainly  get through all TNT members.  Pam could come up with a list, easily, to get us through.  We already have those people if they want to do that, if they are looking for a list other than what the bank has.
I will tell you that Pam had an excellent idea to get you all on the list, but I wanted DC to be here to take the blame or responsibility.  [DC:  No way!]  Maybe we won’t need that.  Maybe you will start getting calls and emails you weren’t expecting.  This is not to get you hyped up;  we know the banks are prepared and want to get this done. They have the rates and the process;  more of their employees are exposed every day, and that is not what they wanted to do. We have 4-5 banks that listen to our calls, with everyone listening to the call over their lunch breaks.  Also, memos are going out saying ‘this is the update from Tony and TNT’, and they receive the notes for their executives on the dinar team.  That’s kind of funny, that they are getting the information from us!
Everything is good to go, some people will start exchanging, and we believe they have been authorized to do this now. They are as frustrated as you are.
DC:  They are in serious talks, and we don’t know if they are jumping the gun or if they have actually been authorized.
Tony:  Don’t call Pam about the list or about her idea because her handler said she cannot discuss it.  There is something else about the banks… They are ready to go, eager to get this done.
954 caller:  Where are we in terms of baseball?  Where are we?
DC:  We are in the final, final, 9th inning, bases are loaded, and we need just one person to hit a single.  We’re down to the last scrawny pitcher in the bullpen. There were minor issues brought up over the weekend, but most of the US-based guys don’t know about that.  It was between Iraq and the IMF-BIS. They are talking about Thursday in Iraq.  We are right at the end of this thing and we’re ahead.
Tony:  Is that tomorrow Thursday?
DC:  Yes.  Don’t go buy dinar, but we know that everyone is ramped up as early as tomorrow for the public.  So that is the discussion point:  do you do early exchanges going  if it goes tomorrow? They’ve heard that before, so let’s just get these early exchanges moving.  I heard something else:  they didn’t plan to crank up more than 14-15K per day until they have ramped it up a few days.  It would take them a while to get them to exchange more than15K per day. 
Tony:  Do NOT text or email me for what to say on the call.  Also, do not ask me to put  you on the list because we don’t have one, although we can create one easily.  We do have 20K TNT members and can quickly get a list together right away.  We have emails of members and non-members and I will add everyone whose emails I have now because we know they have dinar.  “Please refrain from sending requests and/or personal information.”
DC: About reserves, we think it very unlikely that you will be able to get contract rates on those reserves. The contract rates will go much faster than you can get hold of your reserves. 
Tony:  That is NOT meant so you will buy more currency today. Some of you have huge amounts based on those reserves, but it probably won’t happen.  You  will most likely get contract rates on what you have in hand, and international rates on the rest.
352 caller:  I wouldn’t’ have your job for anything.
Tony:  If they paid me, I would!
Caller:  I was reading a blog, and I want to ask you if there is any validity in what that blog says, that the RV will not come to pass because they are waiting for two years for the value  of the dinar to increase??
Tony:  They have people sitting in banks right now who are trained to do this. They are on standby for a rate change today.  Abadi saying the Iraqis will have this in a few days, and their television is saying that as well.  People are waiting on pins and needles, and it doesn’t make sense that they are waiting for two years.  They have no currency in Iraq – they de-dollarized, but people are still using dollars because there are no dinar.  So it doesn’t make sense to me that they will wait for two years.
DC: They have made promises for payment that they cannot withdraw. There is a major disinformation campaign to slow things down, some in the US and some in Iraq. They  know people are leaking information, and if you handle that information a certain way, you can throw out any old crap.
Tony:  So the misinformation is out there, and do we say ‘beware’?
DC:  We don’t’ want to cause an issue and screw things up, just say that there is dis-information. They read everyone the Riot Act last Friday and that has made things quieter;  they have also thrown out some half-truths, and they have let that go on to slow things down, especially when it comes through an MP or Cabinet office.
Tony:  We are not going to discuss specifics so that we don’t get people in trouble.
Caller:  So all we have to concern ourselves with is the ‘good idea theory’, right?  [DC:  Yes.]  I’ve been listening three times per week for two years, and that makes about 600 hours.  I would suggest people get some perspective, and offer a penny an hour, which makes $6 x 25K = $150,000.  Go to and donate $6, and then they will be rich!
Tony:  We have 30K or more per call, and 1.3 million within 24 hours, and it’s still the same thousand people supporting the TNT site.  We have this person in Sacramento at the Kings games who shows up with all these great signs. The good question lady is here now.
404 caller:  On the last call, there was discussion of exchanges scheduled over the weekend. Who requested and granted the administrative hold?  How long for?  What impact does this have on Iraq itself and its liquidity?
DC:  These questions answer thousands of people’s questions.  Bottom line, it was held off by the IMF+BIS in conjunction with Abadi and Shabibi.  Other ministers were not notified and it caused a lot of surprise and frustration worldwide.  The Iraqis were told it would be this weekend, their friends and family have received money, and they are very very frustrated.   The Iraqi banks had some issues and they are back on board to get this done with coordination with the CBI, BIS and IMF.
I have a fun question to ask those history buffs, and I will buy dinner for the first who asks it by phone or email.  This is something we are all going to need to watch for.  In Egypt, there was a king who passed out gold coins and upset the Egyptian economy for ten years.  What country was he from and where was he going to.
703 caller:  The King of Persia?
DC:  He was coming from Africa going towards the Middle East. 
Tony:  Was it Ptolemy?  Someone texted that to me;  is that person the first?
DC:  Yes, that’s it. 
Caller:  There is news all over, and some of it doesn’t make sense to me.  Shabibi was apparently in Kuwait meeting the IMF.  Is there any truth to Iraq being part of the SDR?
DC:  Yes, but we don’t know how much. SDR are Special Drawing Rates, which would be a weighted average of the  major currencies, in order to reduce volatility.  The US dollar is included in that.  There is a pull to the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank. The US economy has a natural advantage because people talk in dollars, just like English a natural language in business.  Some of our Fed and governmental policies on how to handle money has been upsetting to many investors, especially in 2008.  They don’t want that to happen again, so they are using this as a club.
Caller:  Is that the reason it didn’t go at the weekend?
DC:  No.  There is already an SDR out there, it’s just a matter of how much play it gets.  Some people want oil to be priced in SDR;  so long as oil it traded in dollars, there will continue to be issues.  Some want to price oil in their own currency, but right now it is still indexed in dollars.  I am squarely in that camp.  Until you replace oil, it will still be in dollars, like it or not.
Caller:  You said Abadi be here in the US on Friday;  will the RV be announced if Abadi is out of the country??
DC:  I heard it would be early next week.
Tony:  Persian to Macedonia?
DC:  That was a different financial deal.  The King’s name starts with a C.  Ptolemy did affect Egypt, but this guy was going through Egypt towards Mecca, and he caused hyper-inflation and massive disruption.  His example was used in GCR discussions.
Tony:  Does it make sense that Iraq will do this before the 50 dinar note runs out on 15th April in the US? 
DC: They would like to do it before then but it’s not that big of a concern.  It’s not a crisis point in the deal, they are simply retired a note that lacks security and is easily forged.  They have removed almost all of them already.  It’s not a big deal in Iraq.
Tony:  It’s not a big deal here, either, just you might want to exchange them for valid notes before the 15th.
405 caller:  So what is holding this up?
DC:  It’s a matter of coordinating between the IMF, BIS and the CBI, and Dr. Abadi.
719 caller:  Tony, I’m glad to know you were just missing DC, whining and crying…
Tony:  I had no one to pick on!  Pam and Ray won’t talk to me!
Caller:  Interesting they are considering early exchanges, and your list includes TNT members and those who have donated… so people need to get donating!
Tony:  That is not the purpose of that list.  I was saying that I know where they can get 14-15K per day really quickly!  [DC:  And I told him not to say that.[  Some idiot out there is twisting it into something else.
Caller:  So if Abadi is telling everyone this is about to happen, to calm this down, then who got them to delay it? 
DC:  Dr Shabibi.
Caller: So if they intend to do it by the weekend, why do early exchanges?
DC:  to lessen the fiscal impact, because everyone is frustrated, and they don’t know for sure when it will be released.  They are on alert until the 15th.  They have locked every-body in gear, so why not start this process ahead, like in certain areas of Iraq?  That would also ease certain issues in Iraq.
Caller: Those paying attention are prepared, and the banks can get them through quickly.
DC:  Yes, and they always intended to start slowly and then crank it up through internet sources like us.  It’s not like they are gong to announce it on CNN…
Caller:  I know it’s not anyone’s fault, but can you imagine how frustrated the Iraqis are;  why haven’t they  been rioting?  Shame on the IMF and BIS for making Abadi look bad.
DC:  There has been some of that but we’re not supposed to talk about it.  It’s not all on the IMF and BIS.  They could have forced it through, lots of blame to go around.
Caller:  If everyone could donate one dollar, that would be such a help.  [Appreciation]
Tony:  Introduce the Kuguran?
DC:  Yes, but they didn’t go through Egypt.  They had similar issues, but…
Tony:  Whoever sent me the chocolate macadamia nuts from Hawaii, I need more
281 caller:  Does the IMF budget thing have anything to do with this?
DC:  No.
732 caller:  Is this about Caesarian, the king of kings?
DC: There is a famous saying that is close to that, and that is good enough for a drink. [King Croesus 595 – 546 BC of Lydia, dispensed gold coins throughout Egypt on his way to Persia.]
Caller:  Hopefully we will be celebrating on Friday – I’ll take you guys out to dinner.
310 caller:  When this happens, will you go to a private banker or go to the bank yourself?
DC:  I will do both.  I’ll get in line as quickly as possible to get the contract rates, then shop it around really quickly.  We will have to sign NDAs to make sure everyone is comfortable with Tony and me. We’ll exchange as quickly as possible at the highest rate possible. 
Tony:  We will be restricted by the NDA, but the banks say they want competition, so oblige them by interviewing them like they would interview you.  Give them a chance!
Caller:  They will be removing three zeroes from the 25K notes?
DC: They have already removed most of those notes, so there are not much left. They will remove them after the RV, because one 25K will be worth around $100,000, not much use in daily commerce.  In 2016, they will retire those notes altogether.
617 caller:  If someone received a 50 dinar note as a gift, how would they exchange that?
DC:  Talk to whomever gave it to you, that dealer or bank, and see if they will take it back and exchange it for other notes. 
Caller:  You said they might start early releases today?
DC:  They would like to.
Caller:  If I find those chocolate macadamia nuts, where do I send them?
Tony:   9580 Oak Ave Parkway, #7269, Folsom CA 95630.
DC:  Do NOT call the banks!  They do not have the list yet, nor the Go signal, nor the authorization to do this yet.  If a lot of people call, there will be issues. It’s important to let this play out.  If we are allowed to do this, we will let you know.
Tony:  If their list opens up to us, we will have a call and let you know.  We are just letting you know that they are trying to get more people through, and they have pretty much run out of VIPs.  All of Dinarland is only 250,000 people.  If they do 14K per day, it has to include some of us.
301 caller:  At what point do we change our numbers?  And will the dong still be alive?
DC:  If you have any personal information online, change that. Be security conscious.
Tony:  What??  There is no problem with the dinar, dong, zim or rupiah.  No problems.
972 caller:  About contract rates…  what are the steps to get those, including the minimum currency to get an appointment and/or meet with a wealth manager?  Are the contract rates set at the exchange appointment or the one with the wealth manager?
DC:  We know there is a pool reserved for the general public. We don’t know how quickly we will go through that pool – we estimate 2-5 day maximum time for those contract rates to be out there.  Each bank has a different policy for contract rates.  Some have ‘first come, first served’, whatever amount.  However, there is a cap of 20 million dinar, and after that you will exchange at international rates.  Some banks will only offer contract rates to those with a long relationship, or those who have been educated as to what to look for.  They are looking for those who are dressed and speak appropriately, people they can work with, not those who will spend, spend, spend.  Yet another bank will only handle contract rates at a few locations, so they can control it.  It will only last a few days.  So the appointment depends on which bank you’re at.  Also at one bank there IS not minimum – it’s first come, first served up to 20 million dinar.  The other banks are trying to figure this out;  I’ve heard 500K, one million and five million dinar. The other banks we just don’t know.
Caller: So we might not have to wait for the wealth manager at some banks.  [DC:  Yes.]
410 caller:  I’m a little confused with the early exchange process you are talking about;  will they stop that or just let it go on.
DC:  It’s not really a time limit, it’s an amount they want to get some done while we are waiting, using their staff and reducing the impact. 
301 caller:  Are the caps still in place?  Have the rates been adjusted upwards?
DC: The rates are more or less the same as before, and so are the caps.
Okay.  We have at least four people who answered that question and got it right. 
Pam: I agree with Tony – you should take them all!
DC:  It was King Croesus, as in ‘rich as Croesus’;  he was on his way to Persia and stopped in Egypt on the way.  It shows how disruptive dinar can be.  Many have been worried, and they have been discussing if that will cause inflation or hyperinflation. This king just threw out thousands of gold coins, more than many people earned in a lifetime. It disrupted the economy, family lives, and caused other social issues.  It’s the same mentality today.  Human nature hasn’t changed, and you have to handle this with care.  Just because someone is paying millions for a house doesn’t mean you should as well. Be cautious with your money because it can disrupt a lot of lives if you don’t.
They are getting ready to release this in Iraq tomorrow after a pause. The US banking system is highly frustrated, and they may allow through some early exchanges. DO NOT CALL THE BANK.  If they do let through 14-15K people per day, I support that because it will include a lot of us.  That will also lessen the impact on the economy.
Tony: Someone sent me that name and the saying. They put it on Twitter, so we may need to go to two dinners! 
Pam:  I have a few others who got this, and we should notice the time people sent them in.  We have this covered.  Please do NOT send me emails with your email address or phone numbers. We already have the email addresses of those who have donated.  If Tony wants that information, he will ask for it.
DavidM said that there are frontmen and roadies, and both are important.  Daz said that it’s the roadies that run the show.  Thanks to Sunnygal and all our transcribers, and IdahoUSA who handles our banners.  Thanks also to Zebragirl who does the Verbatim transcription that is available to members and nonmembers.  Thanks to Daz and our other Mods and guest mods.  One of our longtime members Dakotaman lost his mother recently, and our prayers are with him.
Ray:  So this is Wealth-of-Information Wednesday.  DC, next time you want to run a contest, tell them how to contact you directly! 
Tony:  Thank you, it’s a great day with great information.  We did not call and give you the 800 number, but when they issue those, we will. Things are moving.  Someone on Twitter just posted that the bank contacted them and they have an appointment for tomorrow.  This is getting more visible for everyone to see.  Not everyone is under the NDA, and you’re going to get excited.  DO NOT text, email or call the banks;  they have their own system, so let them operate it.  If you have an early appointment, more power to you, and we will follow you that much sooner. In Iraq, they were supposed to get approval at noon today and we don’t know yet if they have that.  We are here to support them and you, and to make it as easy as we can for you so you know what is going on.  If we have to make another call, we will.  If something look crazy to you, remember about the first mouse.  Have a great day and I hope we will be able to tweet something out later.

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