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Tony:  Good morning, TNT!  Today is Monday, June 8, 2015.  I hope you can here me.  We are in a super-fantastic position, but it’s one of those ‘get through it to get to it” calls. I see how people are struggling, and that’ why I do this call even though some people think I shouldn’t do a  Monday call.  I get texts from people who don’t understand… for example, people complaining that I didn’t send a text over the weekend when I said I would send a tweet if anything happens. Others say “it’s just another weekend” and it will be until this happens.  Could we have gone to the bank? Yes.  I will explain that.  The fact that I give you the latest information doesn’t mean that I can make this go.  I don’t know what is happening this after, who is being respected or otherwise.  It’s all about emotions;  they make mistakes, they change their minds, they renegotiate, just like us.  Nothing is set in stone or blood until happens.  You all listen to people who don’t have a clue, and who don’t know how this is put together, and they are trying to get you to do something (or stop doing something) or they just don’t get it.  They say it didn’t happen 20 days ago and so it will never happen, and that is not true.  I am ranting because you were ranting.  Last week I was asked specifically not to say some things, to keep things calm, don’t burn anything down.  Things are different this morning from last week, and I will talk about what is going on until someone tells me to stop.

There are two things that I think should be important to all of us.  I want to mention that Jay Butler, our Mod (Jaybird), his father has passed away.  He’s on TNT and OpenMike, and we want to send condolences to his family.  He is important – everyone on TNT is important.  Jaybird is on the boards, and has helped the team and all of you through this.

I will read this text that Pam just sent me from this guy in the military:  “Tony, I was in Iraq from Feb 2004 to June 2008. Please give a shout out to the service people who served over there and died, or who left families behind.  Quit complaining.  IF these people had not died over there, we wouldn’t even have this opportunity.”  Looking at so many things this morning, there is a bunch of negative people out there.  I don’t’ understand, what with the information calls.  If you don’t the information, why are you on the calls or following me on Twitter?  I wouldn’t do that myself, so if you really, really believe that this won’t happen or we’re making this stuff up, why would you be here time after time?  An intelligent person wouldn’t do this up-and-down week after week.  For those who do believe this, it’s just the process we have to go through.  There are some very good bankers and others, plus the whole country of Iraq who are going through this same process, seeing it in their newspapers and scrolling across the bottom of the television… and there are some complaining because it isn’t here yet.  I wanted this five years ago!

I have been going through this hour after hour, day after day… 7am until 11pm every day, I’m getting information of where it’s at.  I am not frustrated, I’m great, and I will give you the information.  I just don’t get it when people add two and two and make five, and then want to make you believe it’s five as well.

Everything is really good.  It could have gone yesterday, Saturday and Friday.  Everything was done.  We did not know if Abadi would do it before he left, while he is gone or after he gets back. Iraq is full of smart people who have been negotiating.  As soon as the US got everything they wanted, they told Iraq it was back in their hands, that Abadi and Shabibi could release it any time within that window, and the US would be good with it. So now that everyone is ready to go, we are at 15 days with everyone in total agreement except for… but Abadi wanted to get to the summit one more time to talk to everyone face to face for the last bit of negotiating.  After they do that, it’s over, and they no longer have further negotiations or deals to be made. They have things they still want.  At the summit, they talked about ISIL and other topics.  We know that with boots on the ground, ISIL could be out of Iraq within 20 days.  We would take less than a month to do that in other countries as well. We are trying to do that a different way.  Iraq wants to do it themselves, and the whole world knows they can’t.  So Abadi needs to go to that summit and negotiate for more tools to deal with ISIL, not just guns and bullets.  He needs to know what everyone is going to offer in that respect, who he can and cannot negotiate with, etc.  So this was a crucial meeting, and the last time for Abadi to get what he needs and who is onboard.

Most are saying “just get your money and negotiate later” but there will be no negotiating after this.  Abadi is saying they need the help now, not later.  The moment this happens, what is on the US side?  We’ve said that the US dollar will go down as the lower currencies come up.  It’s a GLOBAL Currency Reset, and everyone is making an adjustment.  The US is currently the world reserve currency, and that is going to change.  The five new mini-IMFs will deal not only with the US dollar but with Iraqi dinar as well, because that is what this GCR is based on to increase the values of their countries. This makes the dinar a global currency, like the US dollar. China wants to get this done so that their currency will also be a global currency.  Somebody’s currency has to come down for others to come up. That doesn’t mean the US dollar will go down by 60% or 30%.  It will lose some because it won’t be used as much as it was.  So this is about the dollar going down until we settle on a correct rate.  That is not job to force this, and there is more than just US, here in TNT.   This is about 350 milllion Americans, not just about us because we own dinar.

Abadi didn’t do this before he left, and it won’t happen until he gets back, so don’t expect it in the next five minutes. It can go any time after he gets back tonight.  They discussed it at the G7 meeting, Iraq got bigger commitments from President Obama and others in terms of equipment and manpower, and thye are working out a time frame to do it.  Everyone is happy so far as that is concerned.  Once Abadi is back in-coutnry, it can go any time. Over the weekend, they explained about this on television and they are still talking about the currency reform being completed. They gave the people a little money to keep them quiet, but that still hasn’t happened in Baghdad. In other parts of the country they have been given better rates, and we know that hasn’t changed.  All over the country, they took the cards with money on them, and zeroed them out, saying they would see a new rate on their cards.

The clearing house in England says that the rate has cleared through their international section, and it was supposed to be applied last Monday.  They do have a new day to get this done, and it’s not today.

The bank people were ready on Friday, with rates.  Those rates when away, the screens were blank, and the rates are back today.  Someone called me over the weekend with the rates on the bank screens.  This person went to the bank Saturday, and the teller turned the screen around, showed it to her, and said, “These are the rates we have.”  This is someone I have known for years, not a friend of a friend, and she saw the rates for herself.  So we know it is down to that level at least (although this was not one of the big, regular banks).  They can exchange any time this week.  Abadi and Shabibi get to pick out the optimum time within their window, this week.

We have been in this long enough to know this is what happens.  They have a plan, we all get excited, and then it doesn’t happen.  For years our sources have asked us to say certain things so that they can catch the bad guys – because they know the bad guys also listen to us!  They might tell me afterwards, but not beforehand.  We are trying to give you as much information and understanding as we can. We don’t control it and our sources don’t control it.  We have multiple sources, and they each give us a piece, and we put them together to get the  clearest picture we can.

It was supposed to go last week, and like Negotiating 101, they right up to the brink, and the other side says, “Oh, I want this one last thing.”  Iraq is now in charge, and they also need certain things before letting this go:  they need more tanks, ammunition and people.  Iraq is out of their league dealing with ISIL and other issues, and they need the help any way they can get it.  Here in the US, we’ve been practicing democracy for 200 years, and we are not perfect at it yet.  How can we expect Iraq to be perfect after one year?

The rates are the same:  3.91 for dinar, 47 cents for dong, 11-13 cents for zim, 1.08 for rupiah.  [Tony also said 2.24, which is for the Afghan currency].  Those are the rates on the screens.  We still don’t have the procedures, but are ready for this now!

DC is going to try to come on the call between meetings and give us updates.  Let’s go get this party started!

707 caller:  You had a lot to say!  I wish DC were here so you could catch your breath.  There is a lot going on.  A friend has a question – anything new with the currency trader?  A friend has been trying to get through to Sterling to make her payment just as this whole thing went crazy.  She put in her ticket, and now she received a recording saying her deal is expiring.  Probably others are not knowing what to do next either.

Tony:  Last week they told me not to talk about this, but they haven’t said anything today.  On Friday, I did say “don’t be so quick to judge.”  Everyone saw the news, and we know the FBI went into the Sterling offices. They didn’t arrest anyone, so they must be investigating something.  Nobody knows anything for a fact apart from there being an investigation.  No one has said what they are doing or going to do.  Our only option is to wait and see.  As an individual, you need to plan accordingly.  You need a Plan A – with everything go as expected – and if not, you need a Plan B.  Do you need to buy more currency?  I plan for the best and for the worst.  Will it be the worst?  I don’t know that.  My understanding is that before the RV happens and we get access to this, one of the things they need to do is make sure the dealers stop selling. They need to cut it off, do the accounting, and make any adjustments, and then it will go.  I don’t know how they will go about doing that, but that makes sense to me.  An investigation could take years and they could still come back and say “Oops”. They didn’t shut anyone down or put a lock on the door.  If they had done that, I would be a whole lot concerned than I am now.  That’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it.

408 caller:  I read that the IMF loan didn’t come through and that the US didn’t come up with all the equipment they promised.  Does this have an impact on the RV?

Tony:  Iraq didn’t feel they were getting as much help as they were promised, and that is part of today and yesterday’s meeting.  Others said, “yes, we will do those things faster.” But that was 15 days ago, and Iraq was given the green light to let this go.

617 caller:  You say it’s in Iraq’s hands as long as it’s in the window.  Is there a final date for that window?

Tony:  Everyone is saying it needs to be done by 15. June at the very latest. Abadi told his people they will be paid on time from now on.  They announced the date in the mosques, and this week is when the payments are supposed to start going out.  He told them last month, mid-month, that their payments are doing to be on time.  Does he have the ability to live up to those promises?  Yes.

Caller:  I’m worried about the zim, because there is a date when they won’t be good any more.  Many have more zim than anything else.

Tony:  Yes, the date for that was 30. June, and from the UST I just heard it would be six months. It won’t take me that long to exchange!  They set those dates thinking this would already be done and they would have time to get that in.  Zimbabwe, Vietnam and Indonesian WANT this to go through so their currency would be valuable.  There are many countries like the US who have those currencies in their reserves.  If we are getting $4 for the dinar, what do you think the government will get for that?  It means something to them to get this plan through.

Caller:  So we shouldn’t be worried because even if we only have a couple of days we will be able to exchange because those countries want this.

Tony:  Africa has gold, diamonds, lots of assets, and they want their currencies to be valuable once more.  They are even more anxious than we are!

301 caller:  Abadi is at the G7, he is back, and then he is off somewhere else on Wednesday.  Will this happen before then or after he gets back again?

Tony:  I wish I could tell you – Abadi has the ability to do it – but I don’t know.  As soon as I get off the phone, I can call him up and ask him!  He definitely is able to do it.

301 caller:  When this does RV, is there a chance it will come in under a dollar, like 86 cents and it will then go up?  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

Tony:  I think it will come out internationally at $3.91 and it will go up  for a period of time and then fall back. That’s what I think.

251 caller:  I’ve got a statement to make here:  My time is running out.  I talked to an officer at WF foreign currency exchange, and she assured me that WF never sold or anything else to do with the dinar.  I told her that Tony has a receipt for dinar from WF.  She said that Tony could have ordered and paid for that, and it could have happened.  She asked where I got the information;  from Tony?  She said that in the last 25 years, WF has never called anyone in early in case some country might revalue their currency.  We wouldn’t do that.  She continued, “How long have you been listening to him?”  I said I’ve been listening three years, give or take.  She told me to listen for another three years, and get back to her because she is sure we will be hearing exactly the same thing.

Tony:  I fully understand, but here is the reality.  The person you are talking to you is obviously not in the loop.  I know WF people personally who have been trained to do this by Wells Fargo.  I Know people in the call centers, people who have been put on standby, called in by WF, who have actually done exchanges.  I have receipts from WF. When this happens, I hope you DO call them back, walk into their office and say, “Now what?”  I wonder how they will feel when then realize they were left out of the loop.  They are not fools, but WF is the foundation for this whole thing.  WF is the clearing house for all of this, so a lot of their people are going to be shocked.

Caller:  If I go into any bank and they say, “We don’t handle dinar”… if they know I have a lot of currency to exchange, surely they will at least waffle a little.  I don’t know why they are so adamant they won’t have anything to do with this.

Tony: This is what they have been told by their bosses, and they believe them. They don’t want all their people going out and buying currencies, and the minute this happens, they are exchanging and walking out the door.  The banks don’t want them to know. They will say, “Hey, this is happening, and we need you to direct people to do X, Y, and Z.” That’s how they  will make their money. Some will walk off the jobs, some will move up, and they will get more tellers. That is the process;  that’s how it works.

Caller:  I was hoping this would happen today because I need to fill my  truck!

Tony:  A friend always says, “Money may not be there when you want it, but it will be welcome when you get it!”

770 caller:  The rates – are they still the same or have they gone down?

Tony:  I just gave the rates!

256 caller:  I know they will drop six zeroes on the zim, on the 100 trillion notes.  Will they be dropping six zeroes on the million bills as well? And do you have an update on Okie?

Tony:  I don’t know about the million zim notes.  I talked to Okie this morning;  he is still getting information from his people, still waiting for it to happen like everybody else.

757 caller:  You are taking a beating!  I got into this because of you.  Why are they making you the face of this investment?  If people don’t like what you are saying, why listen?  I appreciate everything you do.  I don’t know how you deal with all this, but you’re a great guy to go through this minute by minute.  Thank you!

Tony:  I looked at this the other day.  July makes it two years for TNT, and five years overall. This is what I do and I urge you to do the same because I know you have people listening to you and fretting and asking questions.  Understand they don’t understand because they are not on the calls.  What bothers me is that those people who try to make this all about Tony… when you can’t get to the person who is supposed to be making decisions but is not, then you get to the person you can reach.  If that makes you feel better, that’s okay.  What bothers me is when they cause you a headache by being negative.  I don’t know why they even put themselves through the calls and such when they clearly hate everything they are doing. They are not in my life and never will be in my  life. After this is over, I will live my life, and they will be kicking themselves for selling their currency.  You just need to keep going through…

301 caller:  do you think Abadi will do this when he is in-country later tonight?

Tony:  Abadi has the ability to do this whenever he wants to.  Everything else is done that needs to be done. They have had the green light for 15 days.  Hopefully this was the last negotiation and Abadi will let this go when he gets back to Iraq tonight.  Otherwise, I don’t know.

707 caller:  Maybe you should have a rubbers stamp to carry around with you for those $1,000 tips.  Have it say super-fantastic, with TNT running vertically.  Use that on those receipts so we would know it was TNT person doing that.  You can get a stamp like that made up at Staples, and it comes with a built-in ink pad.  Just have it with you all the time.

Tony:  someone suggested that last week, so that we can know people are paying it forward, and we could know we didn’t go through this for nothing. I think it’s a great idea.

404 caller:  We’ve been hearing that there have been exchanges started in the last day or so, going east to west.   Is that true or wishful thinking?

Tony:  I heard about a few test exchanges, but none of the people I know have been involved in that.  The people who normally do it have not being doing it.

Caller:  We are still hearing the Amnesty laws and HCL still have to be dealt with?

Tony:  HCL was passed six months ago, although they might need an announcement.  There has been fighting in that area, and if HCL were involved, you’d think we would hear about it.  The national guard law needs one more reading, and they want the people and updated weapons in order to have a National Guard.  Those supplying the weapons would prefer those weapons to go to Kurdistan, so there is a lot of discussion.  I don’t think that is enough to stop the RV.

Caller:  Now that Iraq is in charge, are they finally saying, “enough is enough”?

Tony:  If there is conflict between the US and the IMF, we don’t have any say about how that works out.   They are currently saying, “We are ready, within this time and that time, so you have the green light.”  Iraq is saying, “You all need to do what you promised, in a more timely manner”, and so they are negotiating.

Caller:  Can we expect to hear any kind of announcement in the US?

Tony:  No, there won’t be any big news stories.  They want us to go in first, not the other six million to start rushing to the bank.  If we can get to the bank promptly, we can get most of this dinar exchanged, and the others can wait because they don’t have much currency anyway.  They reckon they can get us through in the first three days, and that will make the whole process that much smoother.

562 caller:  I know we don’t know what and when it’s going to happen.  We don’t know what’s going to be in your NDA, so we don’t know for sure about Vegas, Vegas, Vegas, so what is your favorite hotel and what is your favorite game?  I don’t want to search Vegas for that voice!

Tony:  I have been talking to some friends at one of the hotels, but I think that if we go to Vegas, you’ll be able to find me because I’m the one with the TNT super-fantastic shirt!

Caller:  I intend to pay it forward, and thank you for all these years when you have been toing something wonderful for humanity, so thank you!

Tony:  I know people who are going to great things with their money.  I know one guy who has promised to give 18 million to Keisha’s foundation, which is so great.  I don’t need more money myself, but it would be so great to see TNT showing up  with those thousand or hundred dollar tips, pay off layaways at Walmart and Target… things that will really affect peoples’ lives.  That would work better for me than money or chocolate cake.  I thank everyone for what they are doing.  I got into two rants on one call.

Pam:  DC says that this is the biggest financial transaction in the history of mankind.  It’s the most complex system known to mankind.  Hang in there;  it’s worth waiting for.

Ray:  Continue to enjoy Magnificent Monday.

Tony:  All the information is super-fantastic;  rates are on the screen and everyone is ready.  The lady who went to the bank (at Walmart) saw these numbers on the screen, and they told her “We are ready.”  We are ready because they are ready.  That was over the weekend. They think something is happening this week or this weekend, from Tuesday on.  That is the start of the next window, and we just have to wait for them to do it.  Thank you!  Please, please, please do NOT listen to the idiots.  Don’t let them affect your lives.  Concentrate on what you’re going to do when it happens.  If you see them on the site or Twitter, just ignore them.  They’ll end up talking to themselves, and then they will know they’re idiots.  I would love more than doing another call or sending out a tweet.  Be prepared to get it done.  Enjoy the rest of your day.  All we can do is know it is going to happen!


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