TNT Monday

Tony CC Cliff Notes, Monday, June 29, 2015

Highlights of Tony’s CC. Updated as the call progresses. Only “one hour” call today.

Tony: All the news is good . . . no bad news. Today is good. Iraq is ready. . . the world is ready. Iraq announced to their people a plan for Wednesday or Thursday. Is Greece directly involved in the RV? No…. the RV is done. . . .The fact that they are trying to delay till July 6th, has no bearing. Tomorrow will be a tell tale date – Merkel has said she is going to do something. . .

CURRENT WINDOW: Could be anytime. Tony: All the people that we talk to, the plan is let’s go .. just need an announcement. Don’t know if it’ll happen 5 minutes after I hang up the phone.

IRAQ: Iraq is ready. Tony: RV is done. Actual date is April 22nd. You’ll read that in the history books. . . Been loaded on their cards twice now so people can see it’s a reality. . . Iraq can’t be a country without their own currency with significant value. Tony: Iraq is going to load their cards on Thursday with 100,000 for three individuals.

TV Mosques

INTERNATIONAL: The world is focused on Greece. Government’s only talking about Greece. No one is talking about Iraq.

Greece: Bank accounts frozen for a week. Other EU countries offerred to bail them out and Greece refused. Tony: We are waiting for the Greek situation to show it’s self to the world which is today. Waiting to see world reaction. Good or bad doesn’t matter. . . .don’t know how much Dinar Greece has. If that were the solution we would be done. It’s about changing the way you live and do business every day and that is what they are refusing to do. . . .they just didn’t want to put that money (RV funds) out there yet…want it when the market’s smooth.
Rates: are being seen globally. Dinar is supposed to come out at $3.91; Dong, .47; ZIM, .11 and Rupiah, $1.03 -1.05. (was hard to hear Tony)


Sterling: In Tony’s opinion, currency you have in hand from Sterling is not tainted and should be no issue with it. Same for past purchases in which you have a Sterling receipt. Sterling Reserves: Tony: Heard this morning there is a possibility it could (be there). Just plan on them not being there.
Banks: Rates still showing at banks. Contract rates still available.

TNT Business: About requests to have party locations other than Vegas and Dallas: Tony: Go to the TNT Forum and start a petition to get DC to do somewhere besides Dallas.


PAM: has technical difficulties and could not be heard.

RAY: Enjoy this marvelous Monday and we will see, what we will see, when we see it!

TONY: If you guys want to watch this minute by minute to see if something happens with Greece – watch MSNBC or financial channels. Watch market. Going bad or leveled off.

Or just waiting for CL and O to come together and do this. That’s all we are waiting for, is how the global economy reacts today. Hope for the best. Prepare for the worst. Not anybody’s choice for this to go to the end of Ramadan. Ready for it to go right now.

I feel good, knowing we are down to the final decision, final time for it to go. Rates are in global system and being seen. Just waiting to go. If it does happen, wherever I am in the world, we’ll send out a tweet and be ready to rock n’ roll! Enjoy your day everybody.

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  1. How many people actually believe and follow this man after all this time? He doesn’t even sound convincing anymore. Has he finally realized that his sources have been playing with him all this time?

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