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Tony:  Good morning, TNT!  Today is Monday, July 6, 2015.  We’re having technical difficulties, so we might just give the news and make it a short call.  They switched our numbers around and Pam is over there raising Cain. I hope you all had a great Fourth of July.  I did, for the first time in years.

The news is the same:  everyone is ready to go. Some people have actually exchanged.  They said they would release 50,000 fil coins o Sunday, but they didn’t.  We often don’t get the real news until Monday afternoon.  We have people over there telling us what they are actually being told.  This time they said that they would release the coins, but they didn’t.

So here is the deal.  There was a plan in place last Wednesday that was supposed to initiate in Friday.  I told you I wouldn’t say what the plan was in case I messed it up. WE haven’t come to the end of the plan yet.  Part has been initiated, but I don’t know when it will be visible for everyone, or if it will conclude on time.  The only thing I didn’t like is that we didn’t see the coins on Sunday.

What should be everyone’s concern is Greece.  Their situation doesn’t direct affect the RV, but on a global scale it does, and so does Iran.  If the market is down, that is not the ideal situation to release this.  However, that cannot block it forever.  Those who are watching this say that the market is not so far down for everyone to be super-concerned. They are looking for the right moment, and that’s why I am not upset at this moment.  If it was me, I wouldn’t do it, because why put all this money into a sinking ship.  I would put it in when the market is high, to bring it higher and make it more beneficial.

I personally do not think the Greek situation will be solved to day or tomorrow.  You have to understand this on a larger scale. Greece voted NO;  they didn’t want to live up to the German and IMF requirements.  By their PM saying No, which everyone thought was crazy, and now the people have said No… they still think the Eurozone will give them money as if they are entitled.  The younger generation doesn’t remember how things were;  they want the money without working for it.  Now the EU has a choice to make.  Greece is going to submit another agreement to them tomorrow.  If the EU agrees, then more countries will want to change their deals as well, and then the EU loses face all around.  They cannot make that deal with Greece because they lose.  The Greek PM thinks that he has won, that he can change the rules to get the four trillion dollars they are asking for.  Who does that make sense to? The EU has the money and they are going to let Greece tell them what to do in order to save the country?  That’s ridiculous and I don’t see Merkel and the EU giving in to them.  Is that all it takes to change the game?  The Greeks who voted No will be feeling it when their banks don’t open, when there is no money and houses are being foreclosed on.  This whole thing is ridiculous.

That’s why they waited;  that’s what is affecting the RV.  They agreed to wait and see how the market reacted to this.  It was down yesterday and today – not down to where it will destroy the global economy, but it’s down as investors wonder if they will come to quick agreement or not.  This could drag out if they make it about the global markets.  That is a decision that is being weighed right now.  It could still come out today or tomorrow after the meeting, the announcement and the reaction.  We know everyone else is ready.  This is no longer about the US or Iraq because they are ready to go.  Iran is tomorrow also, so that is a big day.  There is nothing we can do but wait.

I was on twitter, and one person is getting very frustrated, that this is what they signed up for;  it’s strictly an investment opportunity.  This person doesn’t care how the Iraqi people are suffering.  This is NOT an IPO – they shut down sixty of them yesterday!  If this strictly a monetary investment, then do what you would do in that case:  sell your currency, get off the call, and move on.  We are right at the very end, and if you can’t hang on, then make life easier on yourself.  It’s not a stock option.  If you are looking at it as a stock option and it’s not coming out the way you like, then sell the stop.  If the RV doesn’t go the way you want, what are you going to do?  Force the company to set a new price?  We have none of those positions.  You can buy some more;  just be here.

We are in a great position!  All we can do is wait. Yes, the reserves have been cut off.  You can still buy more currencies.  You need to stay calm and wait, not whine and cry and demand that someone do something because you are tired of it.  Be positive!  Know that Iraq is ready – they have loaded their cards and let people spend it.  There are things in the real world that are happening this RV.  All this negative news has increased the power of the dollar.  They want this to go, but you have to understand the dynamics in the real world.  Let’s see what happens.

310 caller:  About the zim, are there any laws/stipulations about owning zim banknotes?  Some people have said the Iranian rial is illegal for US citizens to own, so…

Tony: There are no restrictions on buying the zim.

Caller:  Do you have to buy from a licensed dealer?

Tony:  I don’t know.  I can’t give you legal or financial advice. I bought mine from ebay, and it’s been going on for years.  Those were the notes I was told (by government folks) were the ones we should be looking for.

Caller:  So you don’t see any problems buying zim through the internet.  Who would they be licensed through?

Tony:  I don’t see any problems with that.  The money dealers I have faith in say they are licensed as a money services company.  There shouldn’t be a problem.

Caller:  I’m a bit concerned that the rial is not legal for us to own.  I knew about the EO for the dinar, and I wondered about laws respecting the zim.

Tony:  I don’t know of any problems there.  I saw documents that they were supposed to bring it back in January, and then in July.  I don’t really know about rial, but I’m not planning to buy any myself.

Caller:  Do you have any information on the NDA – will it be required for international rates?

Tony:  Not for the international rate – NDAs are only for the contract rates.  Other than that, you are just exchanging currency, like the Mexican peso.  You wouldn’t sign an NDA for that, or for anything else at international rate.

Caller:  In the Top Ten Things, it says to exchange into two new accounts, and then sweep them into two more accounts.  The banks say that could raise a red flag.  Also, to set up takes $50 each – do you take those dollars out first or what?

Tony:  We were told years ago to NOT put your dinar into an account with any other money as they are tracking dinar money differently.  Keep that separate.  You have to open a bank account with a few dollars, and it’s too small for me to worry about.  Some people will exchange your money other places than the bank itself.  Do I want that other place to have all my banking information after wiring in the funds.  I would change all that as soon as their transfer hits my bank.  I’m not sure about their system, so I would move that money over to a new account and close the original one.  That way, if their system gets hacked, they no longer have access to my account which now has millions in it.

The other thing you can do, if you put your money in the bank yourself, is to have your banker code your account so that the manager is the only one with access.  Any of their affiliates have to go through the manager before they attempt to contact you.  That will stop those calls, pretty much.

Caller:  If there should become any issue about purchasing zim on ebay, then it would an issue with exchange, not purchasing, right?

Tony:  I don’t see any issues with exchanging zim.  That would mean total chaos.  All I can say is ‘look beyond your front door’. Look at what might affect the desired results.  Everything that glitters is not gold – that applies to many situations.  Don’t believe your lying eyes.  There is something else going on.  But you’ll be alright.

404 caller:  You indicated that everything is fine, everyone wants this, and now the situation in Greece is putting a damper on this as ‘they’ want to see how the markets react.  Then you suggested that the IMF might drag this out for 3-4 weeks.  Really?

Tony:  Yes, it could drag on that long. They are having meetings today and tomorrow, and nobody knows what Greece will offer.  The EU and the IMF can’t agree to the Greek PM’s terms right away because that will make people look bad.  I don’t’ see that happening.

Caller:  It could take a while for things to get calmer in Greek itself, but how long can the RV/GCR be held up because of what’s happening in a small country?  If they find the market hasn’t reacted too violently, why would they let this go ahead?

Tony:  Last week, when they said Greece might say No, the markets reacted with barely a blip.  The Greek citizens then said No yesterday, and then the markets said there was more of a standoff then they expected.  We are seeing a bigger reaction from the markets but not as much as expected.  So now they are watching the investors for their reaction.  Greece is just the tip of the iceberg;  if they make a mistake with Greece, then Spain, Italy and Portugal may also collapse or want to renegotiate.  Then we have a real situation.  [power went out, can’t hear the internet line]

But otherwise we are ready to go.   All the tests are working fine and the rates are there. It’s a matter of when to let it go globally. The market will tell us everything.  If the market doesn’t drop 200-300 points today, then they may let it go.  It’s a matter of what the IMF, BIS and US says – if any of those asks them to hold on a moment to see what’s happening, they will pause.

Caller:  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

Pam:  We have a guest on the call;  I’ll send you a text.

719 caller:  Is Iran having any effect on this delay, or is it just Greece?

Tony: I’m not hearing anything about Iran affecting this at this time, just Greece.

Caller:  So once they are comfortable where this will settle, they could let it go right away. They are not going to wait for three weeks, are they?  My heart goes out to those with an ailment who are waiting for this to get treatment…  Will they wait for the markets to solidify, or wait until Greece gets everything settled?

Tony:  I do think that we will find out in 48 hours, 72 at the most.  It will take weeks for Greece to get this settled altogether, and as long as the markets have a good sense of which way that will go, then they will let this go.  It doesn’t make sense to pour money into a bucket with a hole in it;  it makes more sense to stop up the hole first. Everyone has their own reasons for being involved in this, and of course we wish this happened six months ago.  But we have to live with this because there is nothing we can do.  I’m looking at the board, the text messages I get, etc., and of course everyone wants their money.  But we still have to live with reality.  It’s not just about us, or just Iraq either;  it’s about the global economy and people losing a lot if they do this at the wrong time. I want to go to the bank, but I’m not selfish enough to say “give it to me;  I don’t care about the rest of the world.”  When we get this opportunity, we will be among the 1%, so we don’t need to condemning anyone else. I’m just as tired of this as anyone else.  I have bills to pay as well!  It is going to happen, so hang on.  Don’t try to drag everyone else down in your frustration.  Don’t demand I do anything to force this;  I understand, I’m sympathetic, but this is just a small group in the overall picture.  I’m more concerned about those on this call, but we are going to reap the biggest benefit from this.  The five or six million don’t understand, and don’t know how to deal with this.

Caller:  I read that Ramadan will end on the 15th, but that’s not related, is it?

Tony:  The last day of Ramadan is the ‘day of giving’.  Iraq has given their people money on their cards, so they do have some money to work with.  We had calls from lots of people in Iraq saying they have been paid at the $3.91 rate!

Caller:  Is this a way for us to get pushed out of this?  Does all of Iraq have money or only certain parts of it still?

Tony: My understanding that any part not on the border or controlled by ISIL now has access to the new rate, even those in Baghdad. People have called us to say it’s on their cards.  I don’t know if that’s true for everyone, but the people we talk to do have it.

Caller:  What about the contractors who gave Iraq until June 15th?  Are they now paid?

Tony: The contractors we are in touch with have been paid.  I don’t know the rate.  We do have someone who got paid at a higher rate than the $3.91. We’ll see what happens.

Caller: I hope it gets resolved and we are out of this no later than the 15th of July.

559 caller:  How are you?  I’m blessed on top and can’t be stopped.

Tony:  I’ll be super-fantastic very soon.

Caller:  I know you’ve been answering questions about Greece.  I understand those frustrations;  everyone has issues/problems.  God’s a good God and we’re all going to be on top.  Hang on and you will get some awesome results.

Tony:  Thank you!  I appreciate that you are going through it like everyone else.  We should not be a ‘me, me, me’ society.  I know it’s not here at this moment, but we are so close enough that if we hang on, we will all benefit from it.

Caller:  It’s like the cat hanging from the tree.  After ten years, what’s a few more days?

Tony:  Ramadan is over in 8-9 days;  I’ve been in for five years, and I’ll hold on.

Caller: You pray and you wait between the Amen and “there it is”!  Quick question about the thing with Greece:  someone mentioned that groups were going at the end of the month, then the 25th, and also someone said that people in Iraq were exchanging at rates even better than what we’ve been hearing and seeing.  She said just to hang on, because they are going to be better.  With Greece, when they were so close to saying “let’s go”, wouldn’t it have been better to do it and then handle Greece after the fact?

Tony:  Let’s say you have $50,000 in your account, and I’m about to get $100,000.  Right in the middle of getting that 100K, I’m in the middle of a lawsuit.  They manage to freeze my bank account with the 50, 000, and if the 100K is in there, I’ll lose that as well.  Now, if I’m smart, I would ask them to keep the 100K over there until this issue is resolved.  That way I don’t lose the 100K even if I lose the original 50K.  Why would they put the money from the RV in without knowing how the market will react?  If they do that with Greece still having that hole, they will lose what Greece owes AND the new money.  So they are going through the first part, seeing how the market reacts, and then see what they what Greece does, and cut them out if necessary.

Caller:  [Appreciation]  It’s coming soon, and it will bless everyone.  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

512 caller:  Is this thing going to go past the end of Ramadan?

Tony:  I don’t know.  They are watching the markets, and if they don’t go too crazy, then it will go. They want to feel good about the global market before they do this.

410 caller:  After you said about the 48 hour thing, we know we are waiting to hear what Greece does and the reactions to that.  You said that something should come out about that within 48 hours.  Can you put out a tweet about that?

Tony:  You can watch CNN International just like I do and follow what is happening with Greece.  The EU have announced they are not giving Greece any more money.  The banks there will not be open tomorrow because they don’t have any cash!  The Greek PM is going to make a proposal tomorrow.  They are not going to accept that in 24 hours.  I think the Greek people made a mistake supporting their PM, and they will feel it as they have no money in the next few weeks.  I think Greece is heading towards being a third-world country because they wanted to do it their way.  We are not waiting for that situation to be resolved, we are waiting for the global markets to understand that the US, the IMF and EU are not going to give in.  Greek will go through some pain, but that is their choice and there is nothing else we can do about that.

Caller:  That makes it clearer to me, thanks.  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

Tony:  They want to feel good about the global markets first. They watched the market last week and today, and nobody is giving Greece any more money.  If the market doesn’t crash in the next few hours, they may get this party started – we’ll see.

863 caller:  Zim?

Tony:  I’ve been told that they moved the zim deadline to September, and I’m seeing the same rates.  I’m not concerned about zim at all.

Caller:  I called one of the dealers about Iranian rials, and they said it is legal to buy from US sellers, but not buying it in Iran.  They said that ebay and Amazon would not be selling unless it’s legal to buy and sell.  What are your thoughts?

Tony: I’m not involved in it and I don’t have any.  You could call the Treasury and ask.  The bank won’t sell it to you unless it’s legal to sell.

775 caller:  I’m up in Reno, and I’m looking forward to meeting in Sacramento.  My daughter lives in Vegas, so I might see you there.  My concern is about how the US currency value being higher and therefore the Euro being lower, isn’t this better for us in the US to have this RV now while the dollar is strong?

Tony:  I want it when the dollar is lower, because I want more dollars.  Right now, the dollar is stronger, but oil prices are lower.  Oil when down because of the whole Iran deal. Iraq needs to set a stable rate, and they want oil prices to be higher. The world is never perfect;  at some point we get it as close as we can, and then we will go.  The US wants this to go now, while we are winning… and now we have this situation in Greece.  The IMF is determined not to give Greece any more money, Germany is feeling like they are being bullies, and everyone is joining a discussion on how to deal with the Greece deal. They are not getting any money today or tomorrow, and Greece will suffer before they get anything.  How long do they make Greece suffer before they give them something?

The world economy doesn’t panic, nor does the market; Greece will suffer, and will get a worse deal because the EU trust them even less.  Then they will get their desired results.

Caller:  I only have dong;  are contract rates still available?   Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

Tony:  So far as I know, contract rates are still available.

732 caller:  Thanks for the analogy on the Greek situation.  I thought I understood it before and I understand it better now.  Do you think that Greece has a Plan B to go with possibly Russia or someone else and that is why they are being so adamant?

Tony:  I don’t think so, although they might dangle that as a bargaining chip.  All that glitters is not gold;  what you think it happening is not really what’s happening.  Now Greece is turning to Russia, out of the EU?  I don’t see the Greek people aligning with Russia on everything;  I don’t see a Yes vote happening on that.

Caller: The people did vote 60% No, so they did choose where they are at.  Do you see Puerto Rico as a possible Greek situation?

Tony:  I do not;  PR is not being mentioned in any conversation I’ve heard about.

Caller:  I heard a rumor that if you purchased zim after 2014, that won’t be acceptable.

Tony:  I have never heard that.  [And it doesn’t make sense. Currency is currency.]

Caller:  It was just a rumor from outside my currency group;  we were just curious. [Appreciation]  Hope this pops by this afternoon or tomorrow.  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

Tony:  We have info coming in.  I’m still in a good place. Things happened over the weekend, mostly in alignment with what we heard last week. We’ll just have to go on with our lives. Things are working out fine with the market today;  they are NOT dropping 200-300 points, so we can go on with what we are expecting.  My only disappointment is that the Iraqi government did not release the coins.  Banks are still in position, with people working over the weekend.  Nobody is upset anywhere.  All the attention is on Greece right now;  when that is done or everyone has a good feeling, we will be up to bat.

Pam:  You know this is real or you wouldn’t be here.  We know the facts, the truth, and don’t have an agenda apart from shagging information with you.  Cut us some slack!

Ray:  This is Marvelous Monday;  let’s see what happens.

Tony:  They are showing us the system is working and things are ready to go. Lives are being changed, and ours will change in the near future.  We have no choice but to feel good and hope/pray every day that it will our day.  We know that Iraq is first in line, and we are waiting for the announcement that they have taken their place in the world, and then it’s our time for this opportunity.  This is not an investment, it’s an opportunity – more like buying a lottery ticket.  We are guaranteed to win, we just don’t know when.  We are closer than ten years ago, or even ten days ago.  The good times are about to roll.  If anything happens we will send out a tweet.  Meanwhile, enjoy your day!


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