TNT – Monday

Tony:  Good morning, TNT!  Today is Monday, July 13, 2015.  I’m just sitting here watching television… <laughter>  Even though we didn’t have an exciting weekend, we should all be happy and ready to go!

We had times to go at 10 on Friday, then late Friday after midnight, but it didn’t.  Everyone was geared up, ready, and here we are doing this again on Monday. It’s okay, because we know we are that close to finalizing things. This morning everyone is still ready. They sat in place this weekend, and last weekend.  If I’m hearing they are tired, upset and worn out, sacrificing their weekends and holidays, then so are a lot of people.  Everyone is still ready to go right now.

What we did hear over the weekend is that Greece had a deal. The market is going up, and oil is going down (which they didn’t want).  A deal with Iran is imminent, and they are working on the last few details.  The agreement is 20 pages, the details come to 80 pages, and they hope to make an announcement today. There is nothing else in the world saying this can’t get done.

I heard Iran is making announcements inside their country – currency announcements. This morning in the mosque in Iraq, they were told that at the beginning of EID they will receive what has been promised to them in the years before.   That was this morning, and we all know EID is the end of Ramadan, which is in a couple more days.  Does that mean we have to wait until that day?  No.  It could happen today, because everyone is sitting on pins and needles asking when this will happen.

When I got up, the papers were talking about Greece and Iran is also anticipating an announcement.  I’m in a good spot.  Nobody is saying anything bad. They say the RV is done, and wait, wait, wait, it is coming.  Everything is geared up and ready to go.  Nothing is holding it up, and it should be announced today, tomorrow, in the next few days.  That is the news, in less than ten minutes.

707 caller:  Did you see the message from the ICJ about bailing out Greece with gold-backed Euros…

Tony:  I hear they are being bailed out with a payback plan over five years.  They are giving the Greek PM a new name that rhymes with ‘fidiots’.  And Iran is ready to go;  they’ve been ready for a while, but… We have to look at Greece, and how that changes things in the plan, then we can look at Iran.  They want their currency to be made legitimate;  where does that fit into the plan and is the Middle East better if they do?  Yes.  Now that they have money, their deals for food, water, etc., will all change.  If that is truly what happens, that is better for everyone.

Caller:  If the trigger were in my hands, I would be concerned about Greece and Iran…

Tony:  You can’t just think about those who want money in their bank accounts today.  It’s a bigger picture than that.

Caller:  Have they tracked down the money Maliki was hiding?  I heard that he had counterfeited that money so they could find the false money.

Tony:  They found money in the walls and the seats of his plane!  It’s crazy!  I don’t know why Maliki would counterfeit money when he had access to the CBI.

Caller:  Will DC come back for the goodbye call?

Tony:  I’m pretty sure he’s scheduled for that last call. Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

954 caller:  Last Wednesday you spoke to a caller about transporting money through the airports, that they should bring their receipts.  When you go through TSA, their goal is not to go through your bags or money, it’s about seeing if you are hiding something.  If you have a proper way to explain why you are carrying legitimate currency and have a private screening with the supervisor. Otherwise, you are trying to conceal something and that is why TSA will stop you.  If you are straight up with them and let them know what’s going on, that makes it straightforward.  You might want to call me later to discuss this.

Tony:  Yes.  Some TSA have been told to expect this.   You’re not doing anything wrong, it’s all legal, and there is no reason to hide it.  People have called me that they got through the X-rays, but I wouldn’t hide.  Even internationally, you can travel with it if you declare it.

Caller:  They will not stop you carrying currency, they just want to make sure you don’t threaten aviation security. Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

617 caller:  Is the Afghanistan money still in the basket?  What’s the rate?

Tony:  Yes, so far as I know… and the rate is $3.32, last I heard.  They only told me to keep the dinar separate, not the rest of the currency.

Caller:  Looking forward to seeing you in Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

Tony:  Thanks to all the people I met on Friday, we had a good time and got to smoke a cigar together. I know you guys came from a long way away.  We had a great time!

498 caller:  Do you have any updates about security in Iraq?

Tony:  Somebody sent me something about Anbar and Mosul this morning.  They are doing something there, but more importantly, they also said the military guys are getting well paid, and they are coming back to wo1rk and ready to fight.  So we should see a different result because of that.

404 caller:  I think that tomorrow is a special day in Iraq, I’d like to wish Iraqis a Happy Republic Day – 57 years since they overthrew the monarchy.  IT would be a great day to make a further change in their society.

Tony:  They tell the people something will happen on Friday, and it happens on Tuesday or Wednesday.  It doesn’t have to wait until Friday;  tomorrow or today are good days.

Caller:  Of course, the 15th is when the UN prints the operational rates, so we are in a really good window of opportunity here.  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

636 caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  I did contribute with a comment in the notes about a pair of cowboy boots.

Tony:  One of the guys who came on Friday was wearing cowboy boots and asked why I didn’t like them.

Caller:  You don’t’ want the fancy ones, you want ‘ropers’.  Otherwise they will think you are ‘all hat and no cattle’.  I had a question about ‘all rights reserved’ when you sign a contract or NDA.  Seems like you weren’t too concerned about that.

Tony: I’m not concerned about it;  I’m not even sure that it works.  I would ask an attorney about that.  I’m not really concerned, and if I were you, I wouldn’t be concerned because you will get the regular five-page NDA.  The ones who will be challenged get a totally different NDA, like me, DC, Pam, Ray, government employees and such.  We are getting the long version.

Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas so Tony can go!  Is there any truth to the idea that if there is money in your account and you add from the exchange, they will see that as fiat money?

Tony: The only thing they told me was to deposit the exchange from dinar into a separate account because it might be taxed or tracked differently.

650 caller:  It sounds like we might have some possibilities this week.  Have you heard anything new on lower denomination notes?  They will need those…

Tony:  Nope, I haven’t heard anything about them. They were distributed to the bank and merchants, so everyone is probably waiting for the same thing:  GO!

Caller:  Have you heard anything about early exchanges?  The banks were going to offer those – do you know of any ongoing exchanges?

Tony:  I know there where appointments were scheduled for last Friday and for today.  I know they did a few training exchanges over the weekend, but not otherwise.

Caller:  Where are we on Baghdad getting paid?

Tony:  People have their cards, which are international and they have been using them. They activated cards by provinces;  people were using them for a few days, then shut them down until the big day when the entire country goes.  Hopefully that is this week!

Caller:  There was news saying Maliki will resign by the end of this month and be replaced by another minister.

Tony:  I heard last week there were some arrests around that, but that’s it.

602 caller:  I’ve been following you since you started this call, and this is the first time I’ve been on.  [Appreciation]  This morning I saw something about the Greek parliament, that they would have to agree within three days.  Are we waiting on that, or is it done?

Tony: The Greek parliament has already agreed to what they submitted, which was worse for them than what they originally turned down.  Everyone is saying they should have agreed to the first offer!  That’s a done deal, the market is coming up, and we don’t have to wait on anything there.

Caller:  Are they waiting for oil to come up to a certain rate?

Tony:  They want the rate to be higher, and they used that as an excuse for delay before, but I think we will be okay because everyone is ready.

Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas so Tony can go!

Tony:  The other night, one of the guys said that Mtn Goat was talking about the weather in Germany.  I looked online and the description was plagiarized from this tourist site, word for word.  I just thought that was too funny.  It’s one thing that she is making this stuff up, but then to take the descriptions from another site, word for word…

218 caller:  I believe we are closer than we’ve ever been and payday is inevitable.  Looking forward to putting you on the front of that four-wheeler in Montana.

641 caller:  First time caller, from Iowa.  The currency we’ve already received from the dealer under investigation… is that currency good?

Tony:  Yes, from everything I know, that currency is good.  I don’t think you have to worry about that. I  haven’t heard anything like that.

Caller:  We have received emails from that company, saying they had 90% of their currency.  So we emailed back asking what the government did seize, because the four of us in Iowa, they took quite a bit.  We did receive some from Sterling, 10% back.  We have been covering ourselves by purchasing more currency outright.

Tony:  You are not buying dinar at the bank, are you?

Caller:  No, you don’t bring up that word at Wells Fargo!  Our wealth manager is in the next state north of here;  anything I send from you to him got kicked right back out.  Can you tell anything about the rates?

Tony:  The only thing I heard today that the rate they received this morning was $4.26, up from $3.91on Friday.  I don’t know it will stay there.  Whatever it is will be a good rate for us.  At some point it will go up, then come back down.  It could drop and then go the other way, but I don’t see that happening with Iraq.

Caller:  We’d be nowhere without you guys.  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

954 caller:  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

313 caller:  I want to change the subject for a moment.  You put out the information about the three sports guys, two of  whom were broke after the first couple of years.  I read those articles, and also there is a book called Winning the Money Game. They said that 60% of the NBA are in bankruptcy within five years of retirement, and even more in the NFA.  The book said that they need to treat their money like a small business.  You  have been telling us this for year.  We need to learn to say NO to those who come around and ask.  I told my brother about this a few years ago, and he said No.  I am blessed even to be part of this program, and it has been an education.  Unless you learn to take care of  yourself, put yourself #1, otherwise you don’t know how to be treated.  If we treat this as a business, we will not be broke.  [Appreciation]   All we have to do is what Pam says:  we know more than we realize, and we just need to use it.

Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

Tony:  What’s the name of that book?

Caller:  Winning the Money Game: Lessons Learned from the Financial Fouls of Pro Athletes by Adonal Foyle.

Tony:  I spent the Fourth of July at his house, he’s a good guy.  Get the book!

Pam wants you to know that rapper 50 Cent just filed for bankruptcy.  He is nowhere near broke, but he filed because of a lawsuit.   If he had put that money  in the  right trust, he would not be vulnerable to a lawsuit.  That other buy had 70 families he was supporting, so now he is broke, with $2,000 per month income, and those 70 families aren’t sending him anything.

585 caller:  Anything new on exchange procedures?

Tony: There are still exchange centers, there are extended hours, and they are manned now.  Pam says both she and DC both where ropers (cowboy boots).

816 caller:  At the beginning of the call, it might be good to remind people to take their hands down if they don’t have a question.  You said that everyone had their hands down, and mine was still up on Friday, so… We cannot get on early and leave it open like some.  Do you have any idea of when this window closes?  Last week, you said Tuesday, but that won’t happen now, will it?

Tony:  It could happen today!  They have people ready and waiting, and everyone is excited about the deal with Iran, that this is imminent.  They planned to have this go last weekend.  I love that word imminent, and they did just say that Greece’s deal is done, but Iran’s deal probably won’t be announced today.  The stock market has heard about Greece and it’s now flying up.

Caller:  Has anyone in Iraq ever decided that they cannot trust Abadi because he has said that it is going to go, it’s scheduled to go, and I wonder if they are feeling frustrated there.

Tony:  Yes, they threatened to riot, and so they gave them some money and they went and spent it and they were happy/ Then they activated their cards, anything to placate the public for another week or two.  Iraq knows that they are looking bad, but some of these things were out of their control.  They tried to do it over and over again.  They still say it’s going to happen;  for a while they stopped saying when, and now they are staying that by Eid they will receive what they have been waiting for.   Abadi or Shabibi are still in charge and they will pull the trigger.

Caller:  I hope they get this going very, very, very soon.  Some of us have had deadlines, and gritting our teeth, hoping  it will happen right now.  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

Tony:  Many of us feel the same, and we’ll be taking a deep breath and getting on with our lives.

936 caller:  So, are we are looking at Friday instead of tomorrow?

Tony:  in the mosques, they said, “At the beginning of Eid, they will be receiving what they have been waiting for”, but it could easily happen before then.  Friday is not brilliant, although their banks are now open on Saturday.  I don’t see any more holdups.  Greece and Iran have now been resolved, and being this close to it, they might wait for that to be completed… or not.

Caller:  Have you heard anything about the exchange centers, 800 numbers, timing?

Tony:  I still don’t’ have the package, don’t know who my contact is;  there are two people, and one is supposed to contact me.  I don’t know the final procedures or how we will relay that to you.

Caller:  Will they also tell you the tax situation?

Tony:  I don’t know what the tax rate will be or even if they will have one.  I would just set that 50-60% aside and see what happens between now and January.

727 caller:  When we get the 800 number, will we be asked questions?

Tony:  Yes:  your name, zip code and how much currency you have. Then they will schedule your appointment, so they know which exchange centers they will send you to and which wealth manager or private banker you require.  If I have a million dinar, they will send me to one place and if it’s 100 million dinar they will schedule something else.  It has to be a bank that is authorized to deal with that amount.

Caller:  Is it advisable to call on a different phone than your usual phone?

Tony:  I don’t think you have to worry about anything like that. I t’s the bank – they are not tracking your phone or location, they are just connecting you to their call center.

Pam, do we have new replay numbers?  Yes, we do.  Okay.

919 caller:  When you come to North Carolina, will that be in Asheville or where?

Tony:  I’m going to Ray’s house, so ask him!  I might do something in Raleigh, if we can find a location to do something in that area.

Caller:  Have you heard anything different about rates on the zim?

Tony:  No, I haven’t.

Pam:  I better mention that we do have a new replay number for the free conference call – they informed us over a month ago and didn’t figure we would need them!  The new number is on, or anywhere else we post that information.  Remember, we pas son what we are hearing, but nobody’s making you listen!  We really hope that what we’re hearing is correct and we won’t have to do any more calls.  Please keep Iraq in your prayers, because it’s all about them as they focus on what is best for their people.  Thanks to everyone.

Ray:  Pam, you really have to use that duct tape. Enjoy this Marvelous Monday, let’s see what happens on Terrific Tuesday.

Tony:  Everything is positive, everyone is on pins and needles waiting for this to go off. Date and time doesn’t matter.  In the mosques, they announced that at the beginning of Eid, they will receive what they have been promised for years.  We usually get more information after this call, and if it’s anything life-changing, we’ll do this again.  I pray with all my might that this is the last call we do like this —  please!  Enjoy the rest of your day;  I’m going to enjoy mine.  We are TNT-superfantastic!  Goodbye, everybody…



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