TNT Monday

Tony:  Good morning, TNT!  Today is Monday, August 3, 2015.  I didn’t wait for everyone to come in this time, but the number is growing. Where do we want to start this morning?  There is a reason we are still here.  Meanwhile, the bills are still due.  Pam says that the bills are red, and we have stuck it out as long as we could, hoping we’d never have to ask again.  I know we are really close and we want to be here for you all, so it’s up to you.

Why are we still here?  I don’t know.  People are confused, but not upset.  It should have been announced over the weekend.  Bank memos went out again over the weekend, telling people not to plan any vacations for August, September, that there would be some overtime work, and that the final phase has begun.  We don’t know when that is, but the are being told to be ready for this. Those were bank memos to their people.  I hear they are mad at me for saying some of this, but everyone on this call knows this is happening, so it can’t be wrong to tell you that they are ready as well.

We are frustrated and ready to get this over with.  It looks like the last phase has begun and we can get on with our lives.  It could happen this weekend – I see no reason it shouldn’t.  The tariffs did go into effect on Saturday, the 1st, along with the taxes. Everything that was supposed to happen did happen apart from an announcement of the RV.  How will they deal with a 20% on all imports to a war-torn country when they can barely pay for food… then they add the taxes in on top of that.  They cannot do that without giving people some kind of monetary relief, which they have not done as yet. People were in the streets protesting about the heat, lack of electricity, etc., so something has to happen and happen quickly.

I got a letter from a guy in Iraq this morning.  [silence – call was lost]   I guess that’s one way to shut me up!  The guy was telling us what is going on over there.  It’s 142-149 degrees over there!  They haven’t been outside since Thursday.  So we know what they are complaining about with no electricity or A/C and now 20% increase on everything they buy when they don’t have any money to buy it with.

How does this affect the RV?  Even now, people are anticipating it.  I was going to get on the call and try not to say anything to see how that will affect things.  There’s not a lot of say because everything is done apart from the announcement.  They did start selling bonds yesterday. So everything they said would have to be done before the RV or as a result of the RV, those have all been done. There simply haven’t been any international sightings. We should have seen it over the weekend;  that was the plan.  It should have gone but it didn’t.

As usual, we should have some answers this afternoon, after the call.  There are people back on ‘any minute’ watch, ready for this to happen.

707 caller:  There is a YouTube commercial/ad that I want to recommend.  It’s about military families, and it’s called Food City Salute.  If anyone has military history in their families… watch this.

617 caller:  I’m very good, thanks.  Have they cut the salaries in half as well?

Tony:  They said August, and I don’t know what day they get paid this month.  I have asked my people to find out what day they get paid. Should be the first week of the month, I would think, but they haven’t set a standard pay day  yet.

Caller:  There is a slot tournament in Vegas on the 13th – do you think I should go?

Tony:  I think there’s a good change we’ll all be Vegas for the 13th.

Caller:  Okay!  I’ll be at the Venetian!  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

301 caller:  Is the zim still eight zeros?

Tony:  My understanding is that they are dropping six zeroes.

Caller:  So that would leave eight zeros?

Tony:  Whatever it is, take six zeros off.  All weekend I’ve been expecting this, with the bonds, taxes and tariffs, and bank memos.  They are still telling people to get their people ready right now, not in a month or two months.  They did implement the tariffs at the borders, and some provinces wanted to fight it because they don’t have the money, but they were supposed to have the money by today.  We’ll have to wait and see what happens today.

Caller:  Thank you and Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

404 caller:  About Maliki – sometimes he seems to be present, other times he is not.  What are your sources saying about Maliki?

Tony:  His plane was confiscated over the weekend so he is not going anywhere.  He’s been put in one area and his entourage is being removed from positions of power, authority and influence.  He is NOT a factor in what’s going on at the moment.

Caller:  There seem to be indications that long-term dinarians are on bank lists so they will be contacted when things happen.  What about people who never bought from banks?

Tony:  I do know that some people have been contacted by bankers who kept their list in case this crazy thing actually happens.  I know one bank has asked their people to go back and search those who bought foreign currencies and created a list off that.  Other bankers have kept their own personal lists from people who have made enquiries.  I know someone who was called on Friday by a bank and told that he could take ten of that person’s people, so the banker is using the dinarian to create the list for him.  He said he would do things for them on Sunday but it didn’t happen.  They cannot help you unless they know that you have currencies.

Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas so Tony can go!

302 caller:  On the internet, they said the highest temperature in Iraq was 120, it just feels like 159!  Some internet sources say that there will not be 800 numbers;  what is your view?

Caller:  I just try to do whatever they ask me to do – the banks, people who are briefing me.  I get phone calls asking me to do this or that, and I will do whatever will help people get through this more smoothly. They had five different sites they  would put out information through, and the Goat is not one of them.

So… here’s the bank with branches in all 50 states.  In all those states, you have 5-20  locations where people have been trained to do this exchange process – they have been trained on how to answer the phone, which personal banker should get which client at what level.  So, as a bank, do I do what I spent all this money on for staff, locations and security OR do I just say, “It happened, so six million people will just call and show up at random, confused and frustrated and causing confusion in all my employees and alerting them that what they heard in the last few years was a lie, and having them walk off the job.”  Which would you prefer if you were the bank?

Caller:  I would think the bank locations would be better.  I know many banks have other locations besides actual retail banks.  And I imagine they only taught a select few, because otherwise all their staff would buy currencies and run off.  So what I am hearing is that you will hopefully get the numbers or information that would send us to those select locations.

Tony:  That has been the plan for years.  I don’t know HOW they plan to do it – sending you to static sites, 800 numbers, one 15-minute call, a series of calls… they have to do something to make this more organized, and also to keep it quiet.  If/when the general public finds out, they will get upset because they could have taken part if the banks hadn’t kept saying this was a scam.

Caller:  What timeframe do you think this will take?  A few hours?  A day?

Tony:  I would have thought they would take a day to train us, to make sure I understand before giving the information out to the public.  I would be willing to have a bank person on the  call, but they don’t want to do that.  It was supposed to go Thursday or Friday, and let’s say they asked me to come to explain it.  Then it didn’t happen.  They don’t know me, they just know that I have a bigger audience. They don’t trust me, they are worried that I might just give out my opinion.  However, I agreed to give out just the information.  But if they don’t trust me, and it doesn’t happen, then they think there might be chaos. So they probably don’t want to give me the information until after it’s live.  Then they are willing to do that part and then go from there.  Even though I have gotten the times before, it has never happened.  After the fact, they don’t care.  I’m going to get it no matter what because I have a lot of contacts.  I don’t have to wait on the banks or the powers that be.  I get to decide if I want to do a call OR if I wait to talk to them before sending out the information.  We can do that in the interests of a smooth transition, or I can tweet it out and we can all pile into buses like they do in Texas.

I don’t think it’s going to go live on Forex, but the banks are definitely going to know, and the global/international traders because the rates and prices will change and they need to know that.  The banks will know.  The news networks won’t know until afterwards.  All the plan for the general public are for after the international release;  you won’t know before.

Caller:  Who do you think will call you and say it’s time to go?

Tony:  I have an idea who will call me.  They have a system in place, but they change the whole system in an hour.  I can only say what makes sense to me if they want this to be organized and not total chaos.

Caller:  If the banks can see the rates on the screens, how can it not be live?

Tony: They are getting notifications the same as I do, “this is the window” then it doesn’t happen and they cannot make it happen.  They have memos saying ‘this weekend’, or ‘get ready, put your people on standby’.  They are frustrated just like we are.  Someone at some higher level is saying “it could be any time, get ready”.  I used to be in the military and we’d scramble at a moment’s notice, and we’d sit there on the runway for an hour, then turn them off and go back in the building, mad and frustrated.  That is the process, and there is nothing we can do about it until it happens.

Caller:  RV, RV, RV!  Then we can go where we want!

Jerry on Skype:  Instead of going through the exchange process at the ban, can I exchange at an investment firm?  I have dealt with this investment house with my own retirement accounts throughout my career, and I’d rather do this as a one-stop  process than have to exchange and then transfer funds.  I have contacts who said they can exchange me.

Tony:  Sounds like you have a plan!

Jerry:  Anyone who listens to you and then doesn’t plan, they have a problem!  If you don’t have faith in anything, you will waver.  I waver occasionally, and then I remind myself that we just have to sit back and let this happen.  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

432 caller:  What’s your address so we can send you a check?  Thank you!

Tony:  9580 Oak Avenue Parkway, #7269, Folsom CA 95630

512 caller:  You mentioned the bonds earlier – are they trading the bonds right now?

Tony:  Over the weekend, they explained on television how the bonds work, and that they have the opportunity to buy bonds, which went on sale on Sunday.  We’ll find out exactly what is going on.

Caller:  So the heat has nothing to do with stopping the RV?

Tony:  No, they are upset because the RV hasn’t happened, because they need money to buy air conditioners and power plants and generators. With the RV, there will be a flow of money in the country to rebuild.  Nobody knows why it didn’t happen this weekend because everyone expected it to go.  The next thing I am looking for is when they get paid this month, because they said they were cutting their pay by 50%.  I don’t know of any country or government doing that unless they will benefit somehow.  I would cut my check if it’s being revalued, but not otherwise!   The Iraqis are just as smart as Americans, and they know BS when they hear it.  They know politics!

Caller:  Lou Reed said three things:  Don’t be afraid of anyone, get a good bullshit detector and learn how to use it!  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  and Texas, Texas, Texas!

318 caller:  How are you?

Tony:  I’m great.  I could be super-fantastic.  Usually I’m like that when I have something to look forward to, but today there isn’t any bad news, but I’ll probably get some news over the course of the day.

Caller:  You’ve answered most of my questions.  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

281 caller:  Is there a difference between the bonds that are happening in-country and international bonds?

Tony:  I’m not really into the bonds because the RV will happen first.  Bonds are long term.  The same bonds are available to the Iraqi people to build up their economy;  they have the first opportunity to buy these bonds because they are not international yet.  They can buy them now, and then they will be offered internationally in a couple of days.  Those who can take advantage of the in-country sales will get a better rate, probably.

Caller:  So there could be a delay between the bonds being available in-country and being offered internationally?

Tony:  Yes.  They don’t have to have bonds go international.  It depends on the specific bonds.  Sacramento is selling bonds to build a new stadium, and other countries are not interested in that.  In Iraq, bonds could be sold to build specific things, and they need not go international at all.  If the Iraqi bonds are international as expected, that would be a big deal because there would have to be a rate.

Caller:  Have the currency dealers been informed about a rate change?

Tony:  Not to my knowledge, but the ones I have talked to expect some kind of notification.  They were supposed to do certain things, but since that whole situation has changed, I don’t know what is going on.

Caller:  Are they trying to keep us off-guard, or is it just that badly organized?

Tony: Oh, it’s very well-organized. If you can put together the various pieces, you’ll get a clearer vision of what’s going on.

Caller:  Texas is well-represented today.   Remember, when we get into those buses, they are coach-style, not school buses.  We do it in style!  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

559 caller:  I’m not from Texas – I’m a little south of you in California.  Does Texas  have enough room on the buses for everyone to join them?  I was ready to pack up and go out there just to get on the bus!  Obviously we are close. I’m glad you gave out the address because not everyone gets on with PayPal, so it’s great to be able to send a check.  [Appreciation]  We need to support you as well as you support us.

Is there anything to do with them holding back?  I imagine their PM is starting to lose face, but you have said in the past this has to do with a global event… is that affecting this?

Tony: When things were going on with Greece, they had meetings and said, “Let’s see how this affects the markets”, and something similar with Iran and China. During moments of crisis, people say “let’s do this!” or “let’s wait!”  Each country puts the pressure on when they are in crisis.  Puerto Rico needs to make their payment right now – where does that fit into the situation?  Is that as bad as Greece, for instance?  Probably not.  If this goes, of course this will give all the countries the money to make their payments.

As for the riots in Iraq, they get that way every summer because every year they are dying of the heat.  It’s worse this year because of global warming, which I can see here and it’s even worse there in the desert.  Yes, it is affecting Abadi’s reputation because you can only say things like this so many times before people lose faith and begin to wonder if he is lying or just not in control.  Too many people are wondering if Abadi is losing his grip. The plan is for Iraq to be as wealthy as Iraq, and nobody wants to have to start that process over again – we have gone too far for that.

Caller:  Today is my anniversary, so I hope to get a nice anniversary present at least!  If we wait between now and eternity, it’ll come real soon!  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

Tony:  Pam says that she cannot say goodbye to us today, but hopes we will talk again.

Ray:  Enjoy this Marvelous Monday and see what it brings between now and then.

Tony:  Everything and everyone is still positive that it will happen and we are in the window of it happening.  Everyone was frustrated that it didn’t happen over the weekend, but there is a new energy this morning of “let’s get this done”.  I’m sure I’ll get more information later today.  If something crazy is going on, we will do a call.  If not, we will sit back and wait, knowing that it is coming, and look forward to the next call, which I hope is a goodbye call.  If not, we’ll be here on Wednesday.  I will probably send out a tweet later just saying that things are looking super-fantastic.  Enjoy the rest of your day;  I will enjoy mine.

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