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TONY – Good afternoon, TNT. It’s Monday, March 16, 2015. DC has been in meetings all morning so he doesn’t know what I’m planning to tell you guys – LOL! Today I really want to go as far as we can go without crossing the line. I might stretch it a bit.

NOTE: TNT chit-chat about Tony’s anniversary cigar-smoking party Friday night will not be transcribed.

T – On with the business at hand. There’s a lot of exciting stuff happened over the weekend. People put out info and statements that we put out last Tuesday. That’s not bragging, but they repeat our info after they slight us. I’m not mad about it. I know we talked about the SWIFT codes last Tuesday, when others were sharing it this weekend. At least they came back and gave out the same info we had. All that stuff happened on Tuesday.

DC – More positive progress happened. Bottom line: they moved closer to the   but it has not been declared. They’re still paying more folks out in more areas and everybody is on lockdown to go everywhere. Let’s talk about the areas where they’re paying people out: there is a method to the madness. We’re all a little taken aback at how slow they’re rolling this out. In essence, in areas where ISIS is not around and it’s safe they have started paying contractors from the GOI and the provincial governments. This is primarily in Basra, in the north part close to Turkey and in the south where the pipelines run to the coast. They started to pay contractors they owed money to, as well as pensioners owed and folks who incurred damage to their property. The Iraqi army is paying damage payments to property owners. Most of them are now almost fully paid.

T – So you’re saying they starting with the far regions first instead of starting in Baghdad? DC – Yes. T – So it was supposed to go and scheduled for Saturday night. But it didn’t go as fast as they had hoped. DC – Right. At the last minute they said they were still rolling out the provinces and needed more time. It’s driving the rest of the world crazy and the contractors are going nuts. The contractors based in Baghdad but working in the outer provinces are having issues. Caution is the name of the game. Remember, Dr. Abadi is a contractor by trade, so he works very slowly and methodical. And everybody is pretty much taken aback at HOW slow he’s taking it.

DC – So, most of the ISIS and security situation is going well. There are still pockets in Tikrit of fighting. Rumors are athat ISIS fighters are walking off the job and going home when they hear family and friends are getting paid. Families are trying to get their sons to come back to the fold quietly. The tide of judgement and public perception is changing in a positive way.

DC – Parliament has a normal schedule this week. They will refine more about the Turkish pipeline exports agreements, and work on what to do with the bad guys from Mailkis’ regime. Are we waiting on this? No, clearly. Lots of folks are saying we’re waiting on laws but that’s not correct as the  RV process has started rolling out in major areas. As some have noted, the rate of 1166 has been removed from websites and that’s part of the process. Some have 3.58 on their cards so the 1166 has been removed because it’s causing confusion.

T – We know the banking laws have been passed. The budget has been passed and opened because people are getting paid. DC – I think all the gurus are trying to do their best. I’m not privy to their info and we’re all entitled to our own opinions. Our strong opinion is they’ve started the process. Are Parliamentarians using this as a pressure tactic? Yes, but they’re not in charge.

DC – They are all politicians (“I’ll get this road built for you if you vote for me.”). Every government does it.

DC – The CBI is driving the bus.

T – We know last Tuesday all the banks connected via SWIFT codes. The system is in place. It’s already done and approved (banking system). DC – We are in the middle of the RV  process. It is occuring but has not reached our shores yet. T – They’re paying governments they owe, contractors they owe, citizens are getting government checks, and regular citizens will be paid last, like us.

DC – In the US and the rest of the world, its “hurry up and wait.” Banks are on lockdown and employees have been told not to talk to scumbags like Tony and Winston – LOL! That’s a joke. Really, tho, they don’t want them talking about their processes. Everybody is called up, down to the security guys to the tellers and exchange people and those making the appointments. They’re all ready and waiting. Is there a pre-arranged time? No and they don’t know either. The banks know it’s started but they don’t know the timeline. Everybody is just waiting.

T – The banks can actually see the rates and a green light. They know it’s gone thru and they system is working. They processed some people this weekend. They have the option to do what they did over the weekend. They are business people but they’re not idiots. They are all locked down. Our regular people are telling us “don’t ask.” We like that because it’s coming from so many directions. Everybody is scared their phones are being monitored.

T – We still don’t know the exact moment or day, but we know it’s here and they can do it when they want to. Just watch what they do, not what they say.


C – I think you’re acting as intelligence operatives. It’s almost like we’re almost there every call. If the info you’re getting is not getting the answers everyone wants to hear, maybe you’re not getting good info. I see you as the announcer at a ballgame. ARE YOU TELLING US WHAT IS HAPPENING OR WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN? DC – We do both. It’s has been ad hac since Oct. 2013. It could have gone 100 times. They continue to add and change things. The person pushing the button is Dr. Shabibi. The person assisting him is Dr. Abadi. But they’re not in charge of the entire world. So you have a bunch of world leaders they’re dealing with.

DC – You can actually see the docs and emails going back and forth. It’s not like there’s a playbook they’re playing by. They keep changing their criteria. Tikrit, for example. Where did that come from? There are people in the process from the bottom to the top giving us perspectives. And there are people pissed that we get that. But even Dr. Shabibi doesn’t know the exact time.

T – Let me say this: we know the exact time is was SUPPOSED to go on Friday. And it didn’t go. Then they wanted to try it again Saturday night. But we can’t come on a call and tell you that. We know a memo went out over the weekend indicating time and date. But if we share that info they’ll change it. And somebody will get in trouble. They do tell us there are certain things we are not to say and we honor that.

DC – No one person has the entire picture book. And if they say they do, I don’t care what they say. Dr. Abadi doesn’t give a rat’s arse about the guy in Atlanta or anywhere else in the US. As with any worldwide event, you’re going to have culture clashes. For example, I got a call from someone in Iraq saying “you Americans are way too uptight about time.”

C (NEWBIE ALERT) – If I go to another state to exchange will I have to pay their state income tax (I live in TN where there is no state income tax)? DC – My understanding is that hasn’t been decided yet.

C – Can you clarify the reason we are held up is that Iraq wants to pay more of their people in a slow rollout and control ISIS? DC – They are paying contractors and the people they owe money to. ISIS is in the discussion but is not a driving function.

C – How did we not know this last weekend? I’m wondering if you’re being played and discredited. DC – Are their people trying to discredit us? Sure. Do they have powerful friends? Yes. Does it matter? No. If they want to play game, knock yourself out, cowboy. We don’t have an entire system put together to fabricate this. We’re not that good. I wasn’t raised in a barn and this isn’t my first rodeo. We have always said we only see 60% of the info.

C – But you’re saying you get memos with times and dates. But you’ve said only 5 people know the actual time. Then you say no one knows the actual time and date. It’s getting convoluted. Which is it? T – So on Monday the plan is for it to go on Thursday and pay 12 provinces, contractors, and governors. Then something happens. The plan changes. Every week the banks get preplans to be ready. Those come from them, not us. This comes from one person and we have to get ready. We know they were ready. You’re missing the main point – we’re giving you info you should never have. The articles say 2016! You shouldn’t know this stuff we’re giving you.

C – How long can they keep doing this and not go international? T – If they ever want their country back they have to be international.

C – Is it a good idea to put dinar in an MCA and wait for the rate to change? T -The difficulty with an MCA is the rate could go up or down. If you go to a dealer you could lock it down right there.

C – If I’m offered a contract rate and they require me to leave a % in their bank to get that higher rate, is that before or after tax %? DC – We understand it was all post-tax. It doesn’t mean you can’t take the money out. The bank wants to generate income for themselves as well. T – For example, if you get a $10 rate for 100K, you get $1M. Put aside 50% for taxes and the bank requires you to leave 20%. You walk out with $400K you can play with. That’s far better than taking $1 rate and not having to leave any in the bank. In that case you net $50K to play with. Which is better?

C (NEWBIE ALERT) – What is HCL? DC – Hydrocarbon Law. This is about who owns the oil, where are tribal lines drawn that indicates who owns the revenues and who gets what. That line is worth billions of dollars. From the 1880’s to Saddaam’s regime, the Kurds fought tooth and nail for the lines and the oil beneath them. They’ve been working on this agreement for the past 9 years. It’s a fluid environment. A lot of the law is about how the oil fields will be developed in the north, as well as about the fields in the south that have been neglected.

C – So it has nothing to do with the RV? DC – Well, not really. That’s where the money is coming from. T – The important thing is they’ve already done it and delivered money to Kurdistan based on the rate, it’s on the Qi Cards, and the agreement is already signed. It’s alive and done.

C – I recently lost my job and am on the verge of homelessness. If anyone has the right to b*tch and moan, it’s me. To the first 2 callers, “GET OVER IT.” I have not sold any of my dinar or dong and I’m grateful to be part of this.

C – Can you recommend a few user-friendly apps? DC – I use Yahoo! Finance. Brokerage firms have their own apps. A friend uses Charles Schwab’s app and you can set parameters and they’ll contact you when things change. Yahoo! is free. The others require brokerage accounts with them.

C – I recently spoke with Sterling and they said their rate would be competitive and not based on Forex. T – They are saying their rate would be competitive but they’re not using Forex as a baseline. They will use the market rate/international rate.

C – I’m hearing we could be in the banks tomorrow or Wednesday. What are your folks saying? Are celebrations planned in Iraq this week? DC – They’re saying it could go down anytime. It’s still in Drs. Shabibi and Abadi’s hands. Banks are prepped for tomorrow around the world. They are told out of Iraq to be prepared for it. They are getting ready for some announcements this week. Those may be related to victories in Tikrit. A lot of the celebrations have lost their luster because it’s been planned too many times and not happened. They’re trying to keep it calm and telling them it’s all about Tikrit. T – They do have dignitaries from the UN going in on Wednesday.

C – Does the IMF have the authority to override them if they take it too methodical and slow? DC – No. The biggest outlier in Iraq is the tension building among the people in Iraq. Most are still at 1166 and don’t have jobs. They don’t care about the laws and such – they could care less. They want results and not a lot of talk. So the tension is very high.

C – You’re saying the SWIFT codes went into effect last Tuesday. Does that mean Iraq is now international? DC – Payments made this past week had to have exchange codes removed. You could have done business at 1166.

C – How many provinces have to be paid before it goes? DC – Not everyone in the provinces were paid. They are going down a list of those they owe money to. They started payments to people in the south and north parts of the country. 3.91 is the rate they’ve been using.

C – How can some banks in-country be paying 3.91 and others showing program rate of 1166? DC – There is a live rate. Some at 1166 and others thru the CBI at 3.91. They have made such a mess and made it complicated to get done. How long can they continue using this weird system? Some people have had access to cards for over a year and a half. Not everyone in the country knows some are being paid and some are not. The news is reporting some parts are complete and others in process.

T – We know a guy here in the US with a Qi Card at 3.91 who can use his card. But we know in the last week they stopped international transactions so they could finish rolling it out to the ordinary citizen. He got his a week and half ago.

C – What is the meeting about on Wednesday? DC – Primarily about ISIS and reconstruction. It sure would be nice to also celebrate the RV. To be perfectly blunt, I think we’re at an “any minute” time. It’s not easy doing business in Iraq with this curreny sitution. It’s really jacking up the entire country.

C – What question would you DC ask Tony? DC – How many contacts would you say funnel thru you and your team that have contacts in Iraq in the banking system with direct knowledge of what’s going on daily? T – We have bankers and tellers doing exchanges; we have more Parliament-related people and relatives, and from other countries with contacts in Parliament. We have contacts directly involved in the process. These are are…we have more “high” people than “low” people. These are people who, a long time ago when the other guy was in charge, wanted to put info out so it wouldn’t be hidden. They were sending us info way back. Some went to jail and came back. We’re actually hearing from some people who were on Saddaam’s “Wanted” list.

at does that mean? Dinar? USD? DC – We’re saying the exchange rate works out to 3.91. They were supposed to receive 391 dinar (or a prior number). T – That’s confusing. DC – whaterver payment they’re supposed to be paid, multiply that by 3.91 and that’s what they get. On their cards it’s in dinar because they’re trying to de-dollarize.

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TNT Call notes 16-Mar-2015
Tony:  Good morning, TNT!  Today is Monday, March 16, 2015.  I hate every time Pam reminds me of the date… we are really on that date again??  DC has been in meetings today, so he doesn’t know what I’m going to say. Today I want to go as far as we can go without crossing the line, so I may stretch it a bit. Before that, thank you to everyone who came and met with me on Friday – I was expecting about 15 people, and 30+ showed up.   I did say between 5 and 6, and apparently some left before I arrived.  I met a lot of great people, and it was a good experience… they got to meet each other and had a great time with stories of what they would do with their money and how to protect it.  The guys who own the vineyard were there, and a brain surgeon, a bank executive (which surprised me), people from all walks of life.  I appreciate it.  The highlight of the evening was getting to meet living history… We had a lady showed up who was the first black chief Master Sergeant in the Air Force.  In the military you can only stay in until you are 31, unless… and she was an ‘unless’;  they kept re-enlisting her because there was no one to replace her in that position, which they created for her. Once she quit, they stopped that position. So it was cool to meet her, take pictures, etc. 
A lot of  stuff happened over the weekend, and a lot came to light as well. A lot of people put out information that we announced early last week!  It’s like people don’t believe what we say until they see it in print, like it’s brand new information once it is printed.  All our people were saying, “Didn’t Tony and DC say that last week?”  I know we talked about the Swift codes and the provinces being paid in Basra and Kirkuk.  I like that they came back and gave the same information, because all that happened on Tuesday.  However, we still haven’t seen the RV, even though that info came out anew on Sunday…
DC:  Hope everyone’s having a great day.  We’re all a little frustrated it didn’t come out this weekend;  there is good news, but it has not been declared.  There is more good news in Iraq, everyone is locked down and ready to go.
Tony:  You might want to hear the details today.
DC:  They have started to pay people out in areas of Iraq, in a planned way.  We are all taken aback by how methodical and slow they are doing this in Iraq.  I would have thought they  would do it faster because of the state of their finances.  In most areas, it’s pretty safe.  They have started paying contractors owed money by the country and by provinces, starting in Basra and Kirkuk.  If you are looking in Iraq, the northern and southern reaches are paying contractors and past debts, plus some pensioners. There are also many folks who have damaged property that the government owes money to, as in knocking down the odd house or fence as they move into a town.  The best thing is to pay reparations, and those payments have been building up for years.  There has been some resentment there, but  most have now been paid.  Some everyday citizens have also been paid, calling their friends and families and now those others want to be paid.  Tension is rising, and part of the country is still 1166, some is at $3.91, and they wonder what the heck is going on. They are learning as they go, being methodical, and it’s being actively managed by the CBI and the Finance Ministry. That is good.
In the northern and southern parts of Iraq, they have started exchanging at $3.91, but not in Baghdad or ISIL-held areas.  This has been changing day by day.  Many are shocked and there is tension because it’s not consistent throughout the country yet. At what point do you roll it out to everyone at the same time. They are feeling that out several times per day.  I am being told every eight hours that they are getting their act together and preparing for rolling it out to everyone in the next few days.  Soon the snowball will start rolling on its own.
Tony: They have started from the outside in, with Baghdad being the center.  We would have expected it the other way round, with Baghdad first, but they are doing it in the provinces first.  We know it was supposed to go Saturday night, and we expected to have a great weekend, but they didn’t get that far.
DC: That’s right, they said they wanted to get a bit further along in the provinces. This is driving the rest of the world crazy, and the contractors also don’t get why they are being paid at one rate here and another rate there.  They are being cautious, to make sure it comes off right. I would argue that as an engineer, Abadi is walking very slowly, together with Dr Shabibi.  We are taken about by how methodical and how slowly they are doing this, but it’s their country.
With ISIL, they are doing good work in Tikrit, with most of the town squared away but still a few pockets of fighting. Given the rumors and the family/tribal connections, many ISIL fighters are walking off the job as their relatives are getting paid.  No good comes from ISIL because you end up dead, so their families are getting them to come to back to the fold very quietly, saying they were on a foreign trip or something like that. The tide of judgment and public perception is changing in a positive way.
Parliament is meeting as usual this week, and the main topics are about refining export agreements with the Turkish pipeline, and what to do with some bad guys, plus who to do with business with (such as Maliki’s goons). They are looking at reconstruction around Tikrit as well. We are not waiting on this;  it nearly went through several times last week, so we are not waiting on anything for the RV.  It has started and ridiculous sums have been moved. Pam has mentioned blank sites and documents, with 1166 being removed as the rate. Some cards have $3.58 and some have $3.91.
Tony:  Do we have to wait until ISIL is completely removed from Iraq?  A year ago, ISIL only had 1,500 people in the country and if they had RVed then, they would not have had a problem. 
DC:  They have already started the RV process;  they are adjusting it, that’s all. Their main judgment on when to roll this out to the rest of the world, they have meetings every eight hours, and they keep checking the different areas and seeing how it’s working in practice.  ISIL enters into the mix, yes, but getting them out of the country is not really a factor.  They are not going to give a terrorist organization a lot of money, and they already have planned how to prevent that.
Tony:  Parliament is meeting. We know that the budget has been passed and all the relevant laws have been passed.  Why are people still saying laws have to be passed?
DC:  I don’t get what the gurus are saying.  You can listen to everyone and form your own opinion.  Our sources say that we are good enough.  Just like any other government, some parliamentarians are using this situation to apply pressure to get what they want.  But they don’t control it.  The CBI is driving this bus. They are keeping the Council of Ministers every day, but what I see is that MPs are horse-trading to get their favorite projects funded, or whatever.  We are getting a lot of information fed through that kind of lens.  The parliamentarians are blatantly using this, although they don’t control it – an I would do the same.
Tony: We know that all the banks connected internationally a week ago Sunday, with the Swift codes being issued.  That means the system is free-flowing.  We know people have sent and received international funds.  The system has already been approved, and we are in the middle of the RV process.  It hasn’t hit our shores yet.  In Iraq, they are paying from the top down, starting with the government, then the contractors, then those owed money by the government.  The citizens will be last, like we are last.  They are starting with the outer provinces, and they will bring that gradually into the center, which is Baghdad.  That’s Iraq.
DC: The US and the rest of the world are in lockdown, in ‘hurry up and wait’ mode. All governments are trying to get a heads up on the  real plan, and they are not getting anything. They have done a few exchanges throughout the world.  Bankers have been told strictly not to talk to people like us;  they don’t want their employees talking about their process. Several times they have been flashed that this is ready and then it hasn’t gone through – on all levels, from bank executives and wealth managers down to the tellers.  The FBI and security are twiddling their thumbs, waiting.  There is no longer an anticipated time.  Some banks have said, “Don’t call us until it actually pops”.  Everyone is just waiting.
Tony:  It’s started.  The banks can actually see the international rate, and they know the system is working.  They processed a few people this weekend.  They had the option to do what they chose over the weekend, but they don’t want to bring in a million people and find that Iraq has changed its mind.  They are fully capable as soon as this is made public.  I like that the banks are locked down.  We were told over the weekend, “Don’t ask;  we are not allowed to tell you.”  Even the guy doing your exchange is saying “don’t ask” because they are nervous their phones are being tapped.  Don’t listen to what they say, watch what they do!  We know that’s where we are..
Tony: Someone who has good information wants to know why bank screens are blank right now.  That is, they could see the new rates before but now there is a system-wide blank.
DC: In different locations, they have been removing the information from the screens so that they don’t talk to us or anyone else. When it comes back up, though…  We are not saying this is happening today;  they could stay blank for three days.  But everybody’s ready!
302 caller:  I’m in a real quandary.  I think sometimes you are acting as intelligence operatives, especially DC.  The thoughts causing me confusion, and it’s like we’re there every call.  If the information you’re getting is not giving the answers everyone wants to hear, maybe you need to turn an operative on the other side to give better intel.  I see what you are doing is like the announcer at the ball game, rather than telling us the score.  Are you reporting what happened?  Or telling us what will happen?
DC:  We do both.  The bottom line is that we don’t know. This entire game has been ad hoc, rule-by-committee meeting.  It could have gone a hundred times since October 31, 2013. It could go right now!  They continue to add “good ideas” and changes;  powerful people keep saying “Woudn’t it be a good idea if we get back Tikrit?”  Where did that come from?  Why didn’t they say that a month earlier?
The person pushing the button is Dr Shabibi with the support of Dr Abadi.  They need world support and confidence, and they are trying to get it done in the midst of a minor civil war.  There are emails and calls going back and forth saying “Tonight!” and then Maliki would try and get some third cousin appointed as a general and the US would flip its lid… and that kind of thing happens over and over again.  Yes, it should have gone on Friday night and then on Saturday, but there is not a set plan or playbook.  It’s all ad hoc.  Abadi and Shabibi wanted to get other issues taken care of, and they keep changing the criteria.  We get information from many different places and levels, but even with all that information we still don’t know when it’s going to happen because Dr Shabibi doesn’t know.  I cannot get into his head!
We absolutely understand everyone’s frustration, which we share. We want to get off this ride and get on with our lives. 
Tony: We know what time it should have gone on Friday, and it didn’t. They then said, we’ll do it the same time on Saturday – and it didn’t go.  I cannot tell you those times, and a memo went round with those times, but we are told NOT to say that on the call.  They trust us to help the process, not hurt it.  If we tell you the times, they will almost certainly change them, plus it gets our sources into trouble.
Caller:  Thank you for your efforts.  I hope this comes soon!
DC:  This is stuff I deal with on a daily basis.  I deal with a lot of folks who don’t even want to be in the same room with each other.  They are saying, “That so-and-so wont’ do this” and then here the exact opposite from the other side.  Sometimes Tony and I have to just sit there and listen, like therapists.  No one person, including me and Tony, has the entire picture book.  They don’t!  Dr. Shabibi doesn’t care what is going on in Georgia, and that person waiting at the airport doesn’t care what Shabibi is thinking – he just wants his money!  There are different cultures clashing here as well.  One of my Iraqi contacts said this morning, “You Americans are too uptight about time – we will get this done” while I am saying, “Buddy, you’re a day late!” 
574 caller:  Like DC, I grew up on a farm, and I got up when the sun got up, and went in when the sun went down.  I looked outside this morning early, and two robins were chasing a female robin – that was their time!  I have given gifts of currency to several people in the past, in the US and Canada.  I gave them copies my original receipt and a gift letter, and I can’t think of anything else.  Is it too late to email them as one more thing showing the date and time?  If they have started the RV, maybe it’s too late.
Tony: Sure you can email – any documentation helps. 
Caller:  I will send out some emails right away.  Thank you.
423 caller:  I’ve been trying for two years to get on the line with you.  I’m a first time caller!  I’m in Tennessee. All the states around us have state income tax, and TN does not.  If I go to another tax and exchange, do I have to pay their taxes?
DC:  I don’t know.  I’ve asked that question, and keep getting “wait and see.” If I go to California, I am not happy paying 13%.  Sometimes if you do business in a state, you may have to pay tax there.  I have a small stake in a company in CA, and have to pay tax on that part.  Chattanooga or Knoxville both have plenty of exchange centers.  Even if you don’t have any of the big five in your town, the tier 2 banks may have contract rates.  Basically, any bank that can handle foreign currency will be able to exchange.
702 caller:  Are you saying that the reason we are being held off at this point is because Iraq wants to pay their people in a slower rollout, and they also want to contain ISIL? 
DC:  Sort of;  it’s a day-to-day thing.  They want to control the payouts to contractors.  ISIL is a factor;  they don’t want ISIL to be able to take back territory, but that’s not really a driving force here.
Caller:  Sometimes I wonder if they are just playing you… the way
DC:  There are those who want to discredit us, but I don’t think we’re good enough or important enough to be a major factor.  There are people all over the place giving us information.  Yes, there are people who have to say “Winston, you’re wrong, you’re a disgrace”, etc.   Today is a perfect example. 
Caller:  So you are getting memos with dates and times, but you are also saying that Shabibi doesn’t know the date and time… so which is it.
Tony:  Let’s say the memo says “We’ll roll this out publicly at 12.01 on Thursday, and before then we’ll do 12 provinces.”  And only eight provinces got done… so we’re not doing it.  These things happen in real life.  They then say, “We’ll do it the next day.”  Every week the bank brings in security people and staff, and they think “this is the plan.”   We get it all planned for this to happen, and we’ll see if Shabibi pushes the button. They tell the banks to be ready, and the banks get ready, and then it doesn’t happen.  It comes from them, not from us.  When they say to get ready, we get ready.  Everything is done, the banks are ready, the Swift codes are done – why would we not get ready?
We are giving you information you should never have!  You should be reading the articles saying that this won’t happen for another year – we are giving you stuff you should never have learned about.
Caller:  I know it’s frustrating for you, too.  I just wonder how long they can drag this out.
Tony:  If they want their country back, they will have to do this. When they can see it on their cards, when people are being exchanged and telling their families, then I don’t see how they make this go much longer.
Caller:  Do you still think that the market rate will go up? And if you have an MCA, and we put the currency in that, will you be able to exchange at a higher rate?  Would that be contract rate or international rate.
Tony:  Yes, you could, but the rates change very quickly.  It would be better to have the currency in your hand, so then you can either walk into the bank and exchange right away, or set it up with your dealer to exchange when it hits the rate you want.  If you have it in an MCA, you have to get hold of your banker, and he may have many other millionaires to deal with. 
707 caller:  I have been playing with the numbers about the contract rate.  If I have 100,000 and they want me to keep all their money in the bank, is that before or after tax?
DC:  It’s always post-tax. If the bank wants you to keep 20% of your money in their bank, you can still invest that money and have the bank look after it.
Tony:  So if you have 100K dinar, and the contract rate is $10, that’s a million.  Set aside 50% for taxes, and you have $500,000.  Let’s say the bank says you have to keep 20% in order to get the contract rate – that means you leave $100,000 in the bank, and you can do whatever you want with the remaining $400,000.  If you don’t take the contract rate, and the rate is $1, then you only get 100,000 total, and $50,000 net.  So it’s very much worth taking the contract rate.
Caller:  What is the HCL?  Before that, let’s do a PSA to all the gurus.  We have to wait until Wednesday and that is a long 48 hours to play with our emotions.  You have said many times that the RV is not dependent on more laws, on ISIL, or anything.  I wish they wouldn’t add in all that, because it just keeps us discouraged.  It’s just crazy!
Tony:  I have a hard time responding to what I deem to be nonsense, especially when we have explained things several times.  However, it’s their privileges to say all that.
DC:  HCL is the Hydro-Carbon Law. Iraq has a lot of oil, and HCL describes who owns it, the revenues shares, and where the tribal lines are drawn (which have never been defined before).  It’s a complicated situation, and those lines mean millions of dollars to different tribes and groups, in terms of what gets credited to whom.  Iraq had to negotiate all that with Kurdistan and other parties;  they’ve been debating that for ten years, and publicly for the last 3-4 years.  It’s a fluid environment. For example, there are a lot of fields being developed in the North, but also some fields in the south that need some work. As the situation shifts, Kurdistan may want to renegotiate X% overall for more from this area or that one.  They have got to a point where it’s ‘good enough’, and they will keep discussing that for the next 100 years, probably.  Now, this is where the money is coming from, so it was important to get that done.
Tony:  They have done it, agreed it, signed and announced that, based the Qi cards on that rate, etc.  Even though articles said that was still being decided, in time it was announced at the exact same rate we mentioned a month before!
775 caller:  I recently lost my job and I’m on the verge of being homeless, so if anyone has a right to **** and moan, it would be me.  But I do not have that right, because I have hitched my star to this opportunity.  I haven’t sold a single dinar back, and I feel so blessed to have this opportunity.  My heart goes out to Iraq, and pray that they stand strong in support of their democracy, because we are losing many of our freedoms. 
You have mentioned some apps that will give us alerts.  I haven’t have a lot of success with that.  Can you recommend any that are easy to use?
DC:  I like Yahoo Finance.  Some investment brokers have their own apps, like Ameri-Trade and Charles Schwab.  Most trading platforms offer that as part of their service.  Yahoo is free;  others you have to have a trading account with them.  If you are trading options, then you will want a different app than if you are trading oil/gas futures.  Most have free apps, and maybe you pay a small amount for more/better information.
Tony:  After the RV, you won’t have to worry about those minor fees.  You do want to call each bank and find out when they update their rates.  Choose your banks, and see what their new rate is shortly after they update their rates. 
Caller:  I spoke to Sterling recently because I thought you said that Sterling would be selling their orders on the Forex rate?  When I spoke to Sterling, they said they would be ‘competitive’, but not using Forex as their baseline.
Tony:  They have always said that they would be competitive with the banks on the international rate.  Sterling doesn’t believe in the contract rate.
Caller: [Appreciation]  I look forward to Iraq’s golden future.
404 caller:  Other folks are suggesting we will be in the banks tomorrow or Wednesday;  what do your sources saying along those lines?
DC:  A lot of  people are preparing for tomorrow, but it could go down any time. The banks are prepped for tomorrow in the US and around the world, because that is the information they are getting out of Baghdad.
Caller:  Are celebrations being prepared in Iraq, as I have heard?
DC: Celebrations are planned for the success of Tikrit, but it could serve a dual purpose.  Champagne was chilled around the world in the past, but that has failed to materialize so many times that everyone has got jaded. Now they are trying to keep everyone calm. Let’s hope this is the real deal.  Many dignitaries are arriving in Baghdad for Wednesday.
Caller: If Abadi/Shabibi get too slow and methodical, will the IMF step in?
DC:  No.  The biggest issue is the tension inside Iraq, with many citizens frustrated at how long this is taking. They are still seeing a rate of 1166, without having a job. A lot of them are losing faith in Abadi, although he is doing a stellar job, because they just want to get out of their horrible situation now.  They want results, not a lot of talk.  Tension is very, very high.
Tony: There is no need to threaten Iraq when they are already doing it right at this moment. It can only be so many days before it is done. We just have to wait.
Caller:  What about your events in Las Vegas, Atlanta, etc.?
DC: We just don’t know.  It depends on our NDAs.  Some people just don’t want dinar to be talked about.  They are not trying to be punitive;  they have ground rules they feel are indisputable, and we have to see what those are.
Tony: We just want there to be a chance for you guys to meet each other, as rich, like-minded people, if it’s only for a day.  We are not going to talk about dinar at the events, because it will be over with by then. It’s not about book or movie deals;  it’s a celebration and a way for the banks to help you deal with this money.  Most of the events will be one-day events, with hopefully four days in Vegas so we can rotate people through the bank trainings.
Caller:  May this be the day!
856 caller: How would the Swift codes affect the RV/RI?
DC:  Swift codes means that it’s possible to send money internationally;  it makes it easier to pay and be paid.  You could do business in Iraq now off the 1166 rate, but they are talking about bringing back the original status and economic drive.
Caller:  How many provinces have to be paid before this goes?
Tony:  Wait, I was only using that as an example.  I don’t know how many have been paid, although some people have been paid in at least two provinces.
DC:  Not everyone in those provinces has been paid;  some have been paid, including contractors, but that puts them on a short clock, when your friends have been paid and you are still eating rice and beans. They have been paying at the $3.91 rate. There are still several rates in different areas and banks.  However, the CBI is paying out at $3.91. 
Caller:  So if someone is in Baghdad wants to do international commerce, they have to go to the north or south to do their business?
DC:  Yes, and it’s a mess that they cannot continue this weird system for very long.  The cards where at different rates for 1.5 years, and mostly the VIPs were at the higher rate.  Most people in the country don’t know that some areas are now at $3.91. They are saying that in some parts of the country it is complete, and in other parts it is being tested or partially done. It’s confusing and frustrating.
Tony:  The Qi cards are one things, and Visa/MasterCard is at another rate. They have loaded the Qi cards first, but they are not able to use them until the citizens have their cards at that rate as well. However, our friend in the US has been able to use his Qi card at $3.91.  They are just connecting the banks and training them how to use the system.  The people don’t have confidence in the banks yet, so the citizens are having to learn as well.  Bank of America has four different systems in the US, and it can take two days for a wire to show up in the same bank, sent from CA to Washington.  That is not about the distance, it’s about different (separate) regional systems.
Caller:  This meeting on Wednesday – what is that about, do you know?
DC: ISIL and the reconstruction – but it would be  nice to have the RV by then and have a party afterwards!  I think this RV will happen at any time. It’s not easy to do work in Iraq right now with this messed up system.  Everyone has to get onto ONE system;  when you are trying to build confidence in the country and government, this will have to get sorted out in very short order.
Caller:  I would think you’d want the people in Baghdad taken care of before all these delegates arrive.  DC, what would you ask Tony?
DC:  Tony, in this process, how many contact know what is going on every day?
Tony:  Just like in the US, we have bank people and Parliamentary people telling us what is going on, plus people from other countries who have contacts in Iraq.  We have people who are very involved in the actual process, at both high and low levels.  A long time ago, these people decided they wanted to help up and send out information so that it couldn’t be hidden any longer. People were getting doors kicked in, their computers taken away and some even went to jail, so they sacrificed a lot to inform us.  Some where on Saddam Hussein’s wanted list.  Since he’s gone, they should be okay.
When we tell people the cards are loaded at the $3.91 rate, they don’t understand why we are giving a dollar rate when Iraq is de-dollarizing.
DC:  When we give that rate, we are saying that they are supposed to receive a certain number of dinar, which is then worth heaps more than the dinar @1166.  It doesn’t say $3.91 on the card, it’s in dinar, because they are getting away from the dollar.  That is the international rate.
DC:  I know we are all frustrated that it continues to inch ahead, but  the RV process has actually begun.   When does it cross over to the point where it is impeding business and commerce?  They are doing it very methodically – not to hurt us, but to move it forward as methodically as they can.  With 2-3 meetings per day, they are judging where they are in the process. Throughout the world, everyone is ready and also pretty frustrated.  It is now 24/7;  they don’t care what time it is announced, and the US is not concerned about it messing up the markets. They are not looking at the clock anymore.
Pam:  Get professionals that you have vetted that cater to the customers you are doing to be – gazillionaires rather than mom-and-pop investors.  You probably won’t meet them at church or even at the bank. You have time, and take that time meet the right people.  It’s worth the wait – stay in it, it’s worth it.  Don’t give up!
Ray:  Who would consider giving up based on what they heard today?  This is IT!  We are already rolling, it’s just a matter of when we see it.  Enjoy your Marvelous Monday!
Tony:  There was a lady who showed up at the cigar event, and you left your makeup back – they are holding it for you. Thank you to DC, Pam and Ray.  We are just waiting.  We do still have to pay the bills, but we will hold on and see what happens.  Hopefully we won’t have to be here on Wednesday. The other gurus have been saying that, but we heard Friday and Saturday, too. We were told to be quiet and mind our business today.  We heard a few years ago that there would be chaos, and then there might be silence before the storm.  Would that be Hurricane Pam?  We may be in that now, get so ready for it!  Enjoy your day!

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