TNT Monday Call

TONY – Good morning, TNT. It’s Monday, March 9, 2015 and our count is 24,000 and climbing. It’s a slow morning but it’ll pick up. Reallty surprising, but I did expect to do something on this call today. I think you’ll be excited with what DC has to say. We’re going to tell you as much as we can. We have been asked to be careful what we say today – even that should tell you something. But this will be a great call.

DC – As Tony said we’ve been asked to be quiet about a few things and we’re happy to do so if it helps the process. That being said, let’s move on to the info. For those who don’t care about the details: on Friday we said 3-4 days we’re ready to go. That’s where we are. 3-4 days since Friday. For those who care about the details, let’s talk about the parts of the RV. We’re going to talk about the rules, laws & procedures in Iraq. All the laws are passed and there were some implementation dates for yesterday for ACH and wire transfers that started yesterday and continues today. All the other laws are ready – we didnt’ need them all but they’re ready.

DC – Technically-speaking, repeating what we said on Friday, what happened on Wed/Thurs and on Friday, all the world’s central banks all were pinged with the correct numbers. CBI sent the instructions to the IMF/BIS, which sent that to all the different central banks and it was all successful and went beautifully well. Everybody has tested and a few more tests went this weekend, including pings and minor rate changes to test the system. It all went better than expected. All the rest of the world is ready. Regarding test exchanges, some were done on Friday but we didn’t hear of anymore this weekend. Everyone is being tight-lipped about those. In the banking community worldwide, they’re all ready. The “GO” signal is still very much Iraq’s call and we strongly believe it’s in Dr. Abadi and Dr. Shabibi’s hands. It’s in Abadi’s nature to make sure this goes well. That’s what we’re waiting on. We have more confirmation that everything is ready to go.

DC – In summary, we’re ready to go and we’re still in that window. Everybody is prepped and we’ve been asked to be cautious about what we say.

T – Cards were updated on Saturday. They said they would operating on their new system beginning yesterday and it is working because we know someone who received an int’l wire transfer successfully. We talked to the 4 major banks and all have the same rate and instructions with the time to be ready to go. They’ve been give the same date for the go time and it has been confirmed. All the laws have passed and the systems checked. We are the last to go and it’s our turn.

T – Cards were updated on Saturday. They said they would operating on their new system beginning yesterday and it is working because we know someone who received an int’l wire transfer successfully. We talked to the 4 major banks and all have the same rate and instructions with the time to be ready to go. They’ve been give the same date for the go time and it has been confirmed. All the laws have passed and the systems checked. We are the last to go and it’s our turn.

T – So you’re saying it’s not an accident, but an effect? DC – Right. I can clean it up when I go to church – LOL!

T – We are actually good. We still don’t know the time. Banks were informed but given a reset time. It’s not 3/15 and certainly not 2016. There was a delay over the weekend but we are still in that position.


C – You mentioned the contract rates for the Tier 2 banks. Is 5/3rd going to have a contract rate and do they participate in that Bank of Ireland system? DC – Yes. BOI system is run by WF. I call it the “Bank of Ireland” system because that’s where they bought it from. We’ve been told by Tier 2 banks that the contract rates will be available thru them but the worry by all of them is how long those contract rates will last. They feel with the time it takes to ramp up the rate may not be available then. A few locations will be ready but most will have to ramp up.

C – Where do we stand before we get in? DC – Our understanding is that Iraq is taking the conservative rollout plan, which started on Friday, taking 3-4 days. A soon as it goes you can call the bank to set up your appointment. If you’re in a big town it might take a few days. Small towns might get you in the same day.

C – There’s a possibility that you might be told you can’t call or text us. What should we watch for in case that happens? DC – I’d watch and Yahoo! Finance. A few of the apps have settings you can adjust so the app notifies you when a rate changes.

C – If we don’t hear from you on a given call day, might that be an indicator? DC – Sometimes that’s a good thing to pay attention to, though it’s not a surefire indicator. T – While we do have a big voice, there are others who will get the info. It may them longer to get to you, but once this fire is lit, it’s going to spread quickly.

T – So you guys know, it doesn’t make sense to me to release the RV and then tell us to wait 9-10 hours to do a call. People will be all over the banks regardless. I can’t get over a banking system wanting 300-400 calls a day from people asking for rates. It’s a bunch of nonsense. I guess they don’t care. It’s going to disrupt business for them. A whole lot of things can happen if we’re not given direction. I keep thinking they should have a better plan. I do care about you guys. I heard this this morning, and listen carefully because it may be the only time I can say it: Our NDA says there are things we can and cannot do. People are starting websites for you to go to after the RV, saying they’ll help you. I can’t tell you not to do it but BE CAREFUL! There are a lot of them trying to get your names and email addresses to make a profit off your new wealth. They want to sell them.

T – Like I’ve said, don’t give your dinar to anybody and be careful and cautious. It has already started, as I was told this morning.

C – I own dinar. It blows me away that this story has not been broken. Politicians have already exchanged. It surprises me people like Fox News, Megyn Kelly, et. al., have not reported on this. You’d think Bill O’Reilly would jump on this. DC – Lots of press has it. Immensely high-up people have contacted us. My response is NO. I just want to return to being a normal guy and dad. Quite a few bankers have talked to the press. Political operatives and law enforcement have their hands full keeping this quiet. The initial unbelief factor is high. There will be wonderful books and movies produced – Tony knows of 6 or 7 in process. Writers/commentaries are prepping now. It will be publicized, but the question is how and when. The real truth will come out in 15 years. Some of us will simply choose not to discuss it publicly because we want to keep our annonymity. But it is well-understood and covered and will come out.

C – I was listening to another call and they said the dinar is the only one in the basket of currencies. DC – The bottom line for a long time, well over a decade, the plan was for dinar. Thanks to Tony and others we made this more public to push the timeline. I would not have believed it, but the bankers have seen it on their screens. We have 40-50 connections for the IQN, but in the VND only 304, and maybe 2 for the ZIM. They have taken the baskets apart many times, now they’re all back in. Folks have exchanged as late as Thursday/Friday.

C – I have a 500M Zim note. How do I know how to take off the zeroes? DC – Bankers doing exchanges on the ZIM have taken 6 zeroes off everything. But that’s our weakest info point.

T – I can tell you this: we know these 4 currencies. There is a new rate. How can they say it won’t happen? We heard the dong would be .02 and today the rate is over $1. We know that because we actually have people in Vietnam and they are setting people up with accounts.


C – What happened this weekend? You were completely confident on Friday and I don’t feel we got a good enough explanation. T – This is what I can say. DC already said it would be 3-4 days from Friday. We told you what we can tell you and we’ve been asked not to say certain things. I’m not going to debate this with you today. The rate is live and there on hold. They went int’l on Sunday. On Saturday both Qi Cards were posted with their pay and are live. Banks over there are doing it on a small basis. They wanted to do a slow rollout. We are at the last point. There is no other deeper explanation. All the laws are passed. There is no magic excuse like “Obama didn’t want it ’till Friday.” It’s not going to get any clearer.

T – We go thru the ups and downs more than you do. We had phone calls over the weekend to get ready. Our call today was don’t [CENSORED] it up.

C – Regarding the language we use (exchange vs. cash-out), now that we’re being taxed anyway, what difference does it make? T – I was told it had to do with taxes. That came from from what bank exchangers were being taught. We don’t know the tax situation. We were hoping to explain that. Better to be safe rather than sorry – EXCHANGE your currency.

C – Have those who have already exchanged signed NDAs? If so, how are they able to talk to you then? T – Yes, they signed NDAs. How can I tell you things I’m not supposed to? They can’t get on 60 Minutes and talk, but this is how the real world works. After the NDA I can’t talk to you.
C – If we do use Sterling to exchange, will we have to pay Georgia state taxes if we’re not from GA? T – I have no idea. We’ll have to wait and see.

C – The Iraqi banks were open on Sunday. Is their Iraqi banking system different from ours? T – Their Sunday banking system is like our Tuesday banking. They were doing things for privileged people just like here. When the everyday Iraqi citizen can exchange his money is when we can exchange ours. We know it’s getting closer to us.

C – I’ve been pre-interviewing WM – and was on call – and he didn’t know anything about this – he is in early 30s – one guy called him who’d made 100s of millions had never heard of it – it’s so very compartmentalized. T – I don’t know how they pick them. We talked to one person in a large city in TX and he said there are only 5 people in the entire city who are trained and know what is going on. Over the weekend I got rates from Branch Managers and Wealth Managers.

C – I’m in Baltimore and I only have BoA and WF. Should I try and find a bank further out? T – There will be plenty of places. WF will have centers there, don’t worry.

RECAP: (DC left the building a while ago). T – The info can’t get much better. Everything that was accomplished over the weekend with the cards and the banking system can’t get much better. The briefings, meetings, etc. can’t get much better. Nobody is arguing. No fussing or fighting. All the laws have been done. The budget is implemented. The banking system is ready. They’re doing it – top to bottom, and we’re the bottom. They just have to make a decision as to when to do this. Citizens will be able to do things on 3/15 and that could be true. But they want money in people’s hands beforehand. I can’t give you a date and time. But there’s nothing to hold it back from happening. No HCL, Article 140, etc. is holding it back. Kirkuk got another payment over the weekend and they toid their people they are owned nothing else from Baghdad. We know it’s coming in 2-3 days (from Friday). They can only run that on TV so long, so they have to do it. I don’t see a negative. If anything spectacular happens we’ll do another call or tweet it out. Enjoy the rest of your day and hopefully something will happen by Wednesday. END OF CALL.

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