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TNT call notes 23-Sept-2014
Tony:  Good morning, TNT!  It is Tuesday, September 23, 2014.  This is an off day, of course.  Yes, the RV is going to happen.  The GCR is going to happen. We are in a good position, a very simple position today.  We can go east to west, and you got what’s on the television, so we can talk about that. First I would like to give an explanation of why we didn’t do a call yesterday.

DC:  We were told by several folks to wait until their 11 o’clock news, they were waiting for certain things to be announced, to see if they could get it done by then.  Unfortunately that didn’t happen.

Tony:  But it was on the agenda to happen on the 11o’clock news, it just didn’t. That was what we were waiting for.

DC:  Iraq – More banking and finance legislation passed, interior and defense ministers are seated. They hit some more ISIL bases.  They have been very inclusive and successful in wrapping up the new laws.  Abadi and the President are revolving in and out of NY for UN week. They are talking about RV and ISIL a lot, and we will see Abadi speaking at the UN tomorrow.  They are fully engaged with the legislature at home, just doing two jobs at the moment.  They are still going ahead.  Any more legislative stuff?

The CBI is ready, just waiting. They had a few issues there ten days away but now everything is resolved – procedural and technical issues that are now fixed. Everyone is waiting on their timetable.  ISIL is being attacked and that has been successful.  The coalition is doing what they are doing, and it’s all very successful.
ON the television, they are still running the same announcements saying economic reforms are coming very soon or immediately, with locations in many areas where people can exchange as well as merchants changing their prices.  Again, people are highly frustrated and tension is high to get this done across the world.  All the friendlies are telling their bosses that this is a huge issue and tension is extremely high to get this done.

Tony:  Last Friday, people were getting vocally upset in the mosques because they are tired of all this.  They removed this from television and today they put it back on, and telling people where to exchange, saying that Iraq is the richest in the region.  That adds to your point about the intelligence agencies.

DC:  Those who believe this is months off — why would they do this to their people now?  It truly is causing issues, not just minor blips. It is getting much hotter, as a real issue. 

Tony:  Parliament has been there every day, taking votes and changing the laws.  Iraq is telling their people they are the richest in the world again.  They have their GOI and now they have come before the UN.  Are they ready to take up their position in the world?

DC:  According to our sources, part of their talks Sunday and yesterday and today are saying “we are ready, done all the last-minute things, let’s get this done!”  That’s what we understand.

Tony:  So I’m a brand-new government, and I know it’s what the world is looking forward. Am I going to look foolish in front of the UN, or do I come bearing gifts?

DC:  That is pretty straightforward.

Tony:  We are not going to know today, but tomorrow…

DC:  It’s part of the message to get out that Iraq is proceeding in terms of security and economically.

Tony:  We’ve heard the 16th was a prominent date, and then the 20th, that things were to be accomplished by those date.  Do we have a new date for things to be accomplished?  ON the 3rd October is a holiday, and they want people to be paid by then.  They have said that by 1. October, they will be paid retroactively to the 1.January.  Common sense says that they will have to be done before that, so it pushes it back again. We know that certain events have to happen before then, too.  This date, and the fact that it was moved…

DC:  I just think (my opinion) is that they got some dates that it would be nice to be done by, and they worked back from there.  If we mention a date, everyone gets upset about it, but we believe there is a lot of logic to backing it up a while from 1. October, and there is pressure to get it done.

Tony:  Today was supposed to be a pay day for somebody, and so was last Thursday.

DC: If you don’t pay your bills, someone starts calling, and the same is true in Iraq.  They may do something, like removing support, or getting Iraq involved in certain issues. 

Tony:  Those bills were to supposed to be paid in revalued dinar, not dollars or old dinar, right?

DC:  Yes.  Going to the UN, there are a bunch of meetings there, we’ve seen some in the news.  Obama and Abadi both speak tomorrow. There are a lot of meetings going on, everyone getting ready or being ready, proving that to everyone.  Have we been waiting on these meetings?  No.  Is it all the right people/meetings, and you have the opportunity to talk to them?  Yes. There is pressure from all sides on Iraq.  All of those situations are going on, a lot of talk about Syria and Ukraine this week. In DC< everyone is cued up and ready, the same BIS/IMF hold on their screens.  Admin is supporting all this, both Democrats and Republicans are supportive. Tony:  From our sources here and there, both government and private business and the public, they are all saying “This deal is actually done;  don’t pay attention to the news.  I was sitting in the meeting and it’s done.  Just wait.” WE don’t know what we are waiting for or what the wait moment is.  The ministers have been voted in for two weeks, by a large majority – the interior minister’s vote was unanimous! DC:  My sources said yesterday and this morning to just stop micro-managing and let it come.  Sit back and relax, it’s fine.  Tony:  We want every nuance and every detail, but the calls are all just saying the same thing.  Over the weekend, everyone was back in the banks, and they were told that they would be busy on Monday and Tuesday.  Everyone anticipated it yesterday.  On the international stage, they are saying they have the numbers now.  But we are just waiting.  We know HCL has been passed.  An article came out today saying the Kurds didn’t get their 17%, but we know HCL has been passed.  This is a perfect time for this to happen.  What they are doing there is blocking communications and therefore blocking the counterfeiters. 609 caller:  When you see the RV will happen, what is the difference between now and the last two weeks? Tony:  There is no difference!  Its already in the system, it is happening, and we are just waiting until the time it happens.   I expect it before the 1st, but I don’t know when it’s actually going to happen.  That would make sense to me, to get it out before sending out paychecks and people having to figure it out. Caller:  There are rumors of other countries wanting to RV tomorrow, like Mexico. Tony:  I think if they RV tomorrow, Iraq will as well. Caller:  Any updates on the Zim? Tony:  Yes but if I tell you, it will double in price again, so I’m leaving that alone. 570 caller:  I’m in central Pennsylvania.  If you were one of us, what question would you ask that we keep missing in our questions? Tony:  We have actually told you more than we probably should:  that everyone is telling us to relax, it’s done, we are just waiting for something and I don’t know what.  DC, what is that date by which we need to see everything done?  It’s not 3rd or 1st of October, and he cannot’ say. DC:  There is just not that much left to do… SD caller:  [can’t hear the caller]  Family time… Tony:  I hope you like your family! Caller:  [Appreciation]  We are ten hours from any large cities.  Will there be exchange centers anywhere in the Midwest. DC:  All those cities have exchange centers and bank set up to take your currency. Caller:  Do we have to give the zips where we want to go?  Or where we are? Tony:  They won’t know where you are, so if you give them the zip code were you are, and they will give you the closest exchange center, or you give them the zip of where you want to exchange. Caller:  When the 800 numbers are out, will there be one for all the banks or what? DC:  There’s been some confusion about that procedure.  Here’s how we understand it, what we have been told by bankers, Senators, Reps, Homeland, etc.  Let’s say it goes tomorrow, just for argument’s sake;  Tony and I will be given a 800 number that goes to the call center.  They will allow us to do a combined call that says “here is where to go, here is the procedure.” Those procedures have been changed so many times, back and forth to our doing 7-14 days’ of calls or not.  So you call the 800 number and tell them where you want to exchange, and they will give you the names of banks and appointment times that are available.  Some will be in banks, some will be in exchange centers or mortgage centers or wherever.  Those phone calls go through the call centers, and we have friends in many of the who have been trained and are ready to go.  After those calls are completed, many of the call center people will be send to exchange centers.  Most of DinarLand will go through in 72 centers.  We understand that a higher exchange rate will be available to us called the contract rate because it involves a contract with China who wants to buy those dinar.  There is a limited pool for the contract rate, and they have to allow the public to have access to the contract rate because of issues we have raise about special deals some people got.  It is limited, although we can guess, and we don’t know how long that will rate. We believe there will be a high and middle contract rate, and everyone else will get the international or market rate, and that will be somewhere between 3.50 and 4 dollars.  After the first surge, the pressure will die down rapidly and it will be like any other foreign currency transaction. They will send them off to a facility to be counted and your account will be credited.  For the contract rate you will have to sign an NDA. We are not attorneys, but what Tony and I have read is “just don’t talk about it”.  The folks who take international rate, there will be no NDA and it will be simple and straightforward.  In DinarLand, we will have a fighting chance at the contract rates.  The other five million who have a bit of dinar will get the international rate, which will be phenomenal, and simple/easy to exchange. Tony:  We have been told several time by people who know that we should make sure ours is done before telling anyone else, because there is a limited amount at certain rates. Caller:  That’s our problem, that it will take a while to get to our appointments. DC: I would say on the call “what is my nearest exchange center?”  Those in major cities may have a lot of people exchange.  Middle-sized towns should get you in right away. Tony:  They are planning to be open until 11pm at night! 919 caller:  You mentioned back that it could go in April, but the US wasn’t Basel III compliant, so could it have gone back then? Tony:  It could have gone, but the dollar would have lost a lot of value.  That’s why it didn’t go. We were the only ones who weren’t ready, and we asked for an extra year, but the other countries said they would go ahead anyway, and we could catch up. There was a crisis in June, and the dollar would have fallen more than 3%.  I remember telling you that this was not about us, but about the entire economy.  Whenever it happens it works out for us, but it would have been unhelpful for everyone else.  There are other things going on besides exchanging dinars, we just hope this is one of the requirements. Caller:  ON Friday’s call, DC mentioned a rate of $3.41, and today they are saying they are the richest in the area. DC:  They mean the overall value of their country is the highest.  It might come out between $3.41 and $4, and it will probably go up as well. Caller:  Did they celebrate over the weekend? DC:  No, and everyone is really frustrated. Caller:  You are telling us that they are ready, and you don’t know why exactly it’s not going;  what do you believe it going on? Tony:  They had celebrations scheduled for Saturday and Sunday.  They don’t fly all those people in two weeks in a row without something going on.  There is a plan. DC:  I think we are just waiting for this to go through, according to the high-level people I’m talking to. There is nothing we are waiting for, just waiting for some specific time. Tony:  We know when those celebrations were scheduled and we’re watching the announcements on the screens.  We know everything that has to be done, like the interior and defense ministers and the 17% for Kurdistan – those have all happened.  It’s done.  ON Sunday, we got that it’s done. What time we are waiting for, I don’t know.  Things were always scheduled for over a weekend and there is a reason for that. Caller:  My birthday is on Sunday – will I have a really good birthday? DC:  I think it should be done by there. Tony:  I hope it doesn’t get that fat. Caller:  Do people finally realize that dinarians are planning to help humanity?  Or do you still need to hear more of that campaign. Tony:  We needed to show the PTB that dinarians are good people. DC:  Why we decided to ask what people are doing is for that campaign, and because society is full of people who are trying to learn, do the right thing and pay attention.  We tried to address that.  Also, there were some folks just tried to bait us into doing silly or stupid things, and we refused to rise to that.  Also, we would say something tiny in a two-hour live call, and they would jump over us.  So they would use this to ‘prove’ that these guys are not capable of doing this sensibly.  A lot of those who have ‘lottery winner syndrome’ do benefit society by buying things and contributing to charities. Caller:  I’m planning a lot of endowments for colleges and churches and creating other foundations… DC: That’s great! Tony:  It doesn’t take long to be sick and tired of spending money – you’ll see! 650 caller:  From everything you’re saying, this weekend should have been it. I’m really surprised this didn’t happen.  You have told us that there are interior and defense ministers – what are their names? DC:  I’m freezing here.  Tony: The interior has been made public in their newspapers – and it has been made public. Caller:  What happened at the weekend?  Who moved my cheese? DC:  It was an agreement between the CBI and Abadi.  They had to get tacit approval by UST, BIS, the Chinese and the Bank of England. Caller:  Who does this make sense to?  It’s in everyone ‘s interest to get this done and move on in the world.   You said the CBI is in control of this process,  so how does this continued to be delayed? Tony:  You guys are just looking at monetary issues – and that does make a difference.  Last week, let’s say there was money in Iraq.  People with money don’t want to fight, unless someone is paying you to fight.  So if those paying you to fight also threatening you, then does that make a difference?  If, this week, X says I will give you more money than Y did, and Y has stopped threatening you, does that make a difference?   It’s a timing issue.  It’s not just about the money. Caller:  So many things have been accomplished.  I just don’t understand how there can be any pressure NOT to do this. Tony:  I can see why they would do it.  They are not concerned about YOU getting paid.  They have other concerns.  They will pay the people they need to pay by the 1st, and I think they will do it well before then.  It’s easy to see the steps if you look past “where’s my money?” Caller:  [More of the same] Tony:  Did they manufacture this crisis, and would it have been better to do it 90 days ago?  Yes, but this is the situation there is now, and they have to deal with it. I don’t like it, and I would like to have been paid yesterday, but there are other factors.  There is one more step that has to go with that, okay? Caller:  What do you expect Abadi to say at the UN tomorrow? DC:  I expect him to thank everyone for their help and make a major push for Iraq to be ready tor resume their place in a major way;  their economic future is brilliant and ready to go forth… and that they don’t need ground troops.  IF he mentions anything about economic reform, I will be jumping in my seat. 585 caller:  DC, I understand that you are an independent, but I would bet that 1. October would be a good day to look at for the last push before the November elections. DC:  Getting out the vote is the big concern. The democrats are a bit behind the GOP in that respect, and they can use the money up to the 3. October.   Their main concern is getting people out right now;  their belief is that a lot of decision are not yet made.  A lot of Democrats are still angry about screwing up this exchange in June/July;  this messed up the elections in a big way and they are very angry. It looked like an easy win, and it didn’t go through.  Right now everything is there.  A lot of people are resigned to having a slight majority.  The main fear is about how much legislation will get down – my friends in DC are afraid not much will get done because of Congressional gridlock. Caller:  Many are concerned about reports of growing unrest.  What will happen if there is a mass revolt? DC: The smart play is the RV.  They have to figure out how long they can do this.  My contacts are frustrated and angry, because there is nothing to gain from these delays, and they are playing a pretty nasty game of poker.  The Iraqi government wants to get this done, and it’s not really the administration holding it up – it’s a lot of private businesses and government organizations.  There are so many smart people who are too afraid to make the smart decision.  People don’t get into government service to push the boundaries and take risks.  These are inherently NOT risk-takers who are worried about bad press, etc.  This causes everyone to freeze instead of moving forward, especially around nonstandard operations.  It is so bureaucratic, not just here but in other countries as well. 617 caller:  Is it still in Iraq’s hands to get this done? DC:  They are listening to everyone else, but it’s still their decision.  The President does want this to go. 719 caller:  I was reading an article about a guy whose daughter got killed by a drunk driver, and he set up a 3-5,000 grant for anyone who kept to a non-drinking pledge during those four years of college.  I thought that was great.  Tony, you said we are not going to know today, with all the speeches at the UN, and then Abadi speaking tomorrow.  You also keep talking about weekends… Tony:  I don’t think they will put this through until right before Abadi’s speech tomorrow, and then he will address some of those issues in his speech.  I’m not guaranteeing that, but it would make sense.  However, it didn’t happen yesterday, and although ti could happen tonight, Abadi is already here in NY. Now, about weekends:  if they want to freeze a rate, the best time is at the weekend because there is no Forex, they are not changing their rates at the banks, etc.  That is the opportune time to do it.  However, if they want to do it before then, that could work.  They had several plans that didn’t work out because things changed on the ground, but that opportune time would have worked perfectly to get all of us exchanged.  Could that change again?  Yes, anything could happen. Caller:  When you talked to the guy about ISIL, it certainly made sense and that would be a great time to release this. Tony:  ISIL is paying those people and giving them food.  So NOW, with the threat being removed, this is a good time to give the Iraqis their money to buy food and goods. Caller:  I can’t believe that Americans could be so stupid as to think they could go over to Iraq and have a good life under ISIL. Tony:  I don’t think they could ever come back to the US. Caller:  They are at the end by which this HAS to be done, and now everybody is watching for it, in these ten days.  If they hadn’t delayed it, it could have gone surreptitiously overnight.  Why would they drag this out so long. Tony:  They have been catching counterfeiters for the last two weeks, and there was a guy in London did ten billion dollars in trades two minutes before it was supposed to go! That’s why they don’t’ want you to know the exact timing. Caller:  One of my group said that Zim, rupiah and dong are not Basel II compliant, much less Basel III. DC:  They are betting on their country’s assets to clean all this up.  Basel III is a great idea, but it’s not mandatory.  It’s there for stability, so that major crashes are not repeated.  It demands more transparency, better bank ratios, and all the rest, so that if there is an issue, we will get you your money.  IT’s going to take those countries about ten years to be fully compliant. Caller:  Would it be easy for the US to become asset-backed fairly quickly? DC: The Fed is still pumping in free money, so it’s difficult to be asset-backed 100%.  We still have gold and other reserves, plus resources like natural gas and coal.  We are so big that it’s a slow move into an asset-based currency.  Will we ever be fully asset-backed?  I doubt it, but we can move in that direction, with a bit of a cushion to absorb the spikes in the financial markets. Caller:  Well, I hope we see it soon. 817 caller:  I’ll be paying this forward on scholarships for students who cannot get to college on their own, and ask them to do something for the money like community work.  My other thing is:  what is the possibility of picking our brains for a book or website where I read about how to deal with other people after this happens – like hiding your wealth, being discreet.  You’ve talked about this in the past, but is there is a page, a webinar or something…? DC:  I like your line of thinking.  It will change things in your life.  You can have money and not let people know about it, and that works better.  Look for The Millionaire Mind and The Millionaire Next Door.  A magazine called Wealth, and it has some good advice;  it has a lot of good articles and reference materials to deal with the relationship aspect with your kids, family, neighbors, etc.  It has some fun aspects, too.  There’s a lot of really information you can get in wealth training classes.  A lot of wealth advisers have access to that kind of seminar, and they can be fun and in nice places, so you can learn how to be rich while avoiding mistakes. Tony:  We are trying to get WF to give those classes at our events, but if all else fails, they also give those instructions to lottery winners if you’re in a lottery state. Caller:  I seem to the only caller from Texas today!  Two years ago I joined one of those cash-out groups.  They were on the up-and-up, but they had some issues.  They went to Nevada 18 months ago, and they had as many as possible sending their currency because they thought they would be cashing out right away.  Some of the leaders started opening the packages and taking a few hundred thousand here and there.  They had us open up trust accounts with WF, and then people started complaining about being ripped off, and they closed down all those accounts and banned them from WF for life.  I was one of those people. Tony:  I hope it turns out great for you.  I know some people in Reno who will have the worst day of their lives when this RV comes out.  I hope he is not one of them. 425 caller:  I’d like to ask about the NDA.  Will you be giving up your 4th amendment rights by signing an NDA? DC:  Freedom of speech is the 1st Amendment.  The 4th Amendment is about search and seizure.  Because you are signing an agreement and they are giving you a lot of money, yes, you make an agreement that your right to free speech is restricted.  This happens all the time in business.  Homeland and the rest are not interested in making anyone’s miserable.  They just don’t want you to talk about the higher rate.  The ones I’ve read are very simple:  in exchange for this money/rate, you agree not to talk about this for X number of years.  Some of us who are more involved in this process will have to sign something much more stringent, but that’s okay.  The NDA means you cannot say anything. That’s all.  It’s pretty simple. Tony:  They are already freezing people’s accounts because they violated their NDA. Caller:  If you have a larger amount to exchange, does the NDA become more complex? DC:  NO.  Whether it’s 1,000 or 1,000,000 dinar or more, the NDA just says you cannot talk about it period.  They are not coming out and looking for you, but if you’re stupid, they will notice. Caller:  Can you exchange directly into another foreign currency? DC:  Sure, at Sterling or another dealer.  Banks probably won’t do that because they want to keep it down to 20 minutes per appointment.  About the NDA, you can talk to your lawyer or accountant, if they sign as well.  You have to be able to say under oatht that you ever talked about it.  My wife is still pissed at things I’m only telling her about now, that I had taken oath not to discuss with anyone for a certain length of time. Tony:  But if you figure out how to get around it, let me know! Caller:  So if I have an attorney go in with me, do I have to have him sign the NDA as well?  DC:  My understanding is that you can speak with attorney, accountant, anyone you have a confidential relationship with, but if you want your attorney to read it, you might need another appointment.  I just got a text saying that you have to let everyone know you can’t talk about, and neither can they (if, say, your kids already know but are exchanging themselves). 832 caller:  I’ve been listening for four years, and this is my first time on this call!  The ones that keep asking about zim and all that, they won’t need an NDA, will they?  Because they can’t keep a secret!  That NDA is going to be bad for them!  Me and my wife, my sister and brother, we are all waiting for this.  We know this is going to happen, it’s just a matter of time.  We are listening to what God has given to you to keep us strong and believe, because this is happening in His time.  I understand that you can’t tell us everything… and I can keep a secret.  You don’t have to know everything, you can just be thankful you are in it.  [Appreciation] Tony:  It takes all our team to make this a great call, and everyone has sacrificed along the way, including those who put their jobs on the line to share information with us.  Some people have been jailed, their computers taken, some  have even lost their jobs, and there are still people putting their families at risk by doing this for us, and for the right reasons.  I thank them, and it makes our life easier as we try to figure this out.  I’m glad you appreciate that and said thank you. Caller:  We know your call is true, because I can hear it in your voice. Everyone wants to know what WE are doing with this money.  I would like to know what the PTB are going to do with this money.  People are struggling around us, and we can look around us, next door and at the supermarket.  When someone’s car breaks down, it doesn’t take a lot to help with a tow-truck.  I am asking the PTB to let us join in this gift. We may be nobody, but we have the chance here to help Iraq and the US to get where they need to be.  We send our children to war, and we have the President to stand for us.  We want the chance to build America back up, and all we need is the chance to build her back to the country she is supposed to be.  DC:  It is done;  it is coming.  They are ready in Iraq, at the UN, and in the banks. We don’t know exactly when, but it is happening.  We appreciate all those who give us information in the US, Iraq, the UN and other countries.  We know we have made a difference in many folks lives. Pam:  Think of how much you would know and how you would feel if you didn’t have Tony and DC in your lives… Ray:  I forgot to put a stamp on my resignation.  Everyone enjoy Terrific Tuesday. DC:  Thank you to the whole TNT team, including Mods and transcribers.  My Canadian guy called yesterday!  I don’t expect it today, but tomorrow would be a good day, and I think we will see something this week.  It’s not something we are waiting for, like an issue in their parliament;  it was voted on last week.  IT’s just a matter of what day and time. We know they are telling their people that they will get paid by the 1. October back to the beginning of the year.  They have gone past their timelines before, but the reaction in the mosques is pushing this to happen now.   There are two weeks in a row that they flew people in to celebrate, and it didn’t happen. It’s got to happen, so just relax, let it go, stop trying to micro-manage, and just let it come.  I do plan on doing a call tomorrow, if we don’t’ do it tonight.  Thanks, and enjoy the rest of your day.

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