TNT Wednesday

Tony CC Cliff Notes, Wednesday, Jan. 21, 2015

**** Who Listens to the TNT Calls? 23K people on the call at the beginning and growing as the call progresses. US Government listens to these calls as well as Putin and N. Korea. Tony heard Fox, CNN, CNBC listen to the calls too.

Tony: As of today it’s still within the agreement that was signed last week. Nothing in that agreement says, Feb., March or 2016.

DC: Bottom line is, Iraq is ready and announcing on TV they are ready. Happen anytime, they are ready to go. PM and Governor of CBI out of the country. They are due back Sat. afternoon/night. Not personally looking for it until after that time. . . things being kept incredibly tight. Only a few folks know the time as of now.

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IRAQ: Shabbibi and Dr. Abadhi have gone to a major conference. (Davos, Switzerland) They were touted to be one of the “economic powers in the world” and they wanted to do a victory lap there. Tony: The plan was for Iraq to go to the conf and be latest in the upper echelon, congratulate them and give them there moment in the sun.

They could do it right before – the plan was for Iraq to go there and be in the upper echelon of world markets – will they announce it then go do it – or will they announce the Qe and currency changes then wonder where the money comes from – or do GCR after? They make the announcement and slide the GCR in a few days later.

New 25K note will be issued in country and the ones we hold will become obsolete after we exchange.
TV: Dr. Abadhi is on TV saying, “economic reforms have now been completed. It’s running every 30 minutes and at the airport
Budget vote and revealment moved to Saturday.
CBI: everyone trained and ready. software checks/updates successful. They checked in with all central banks and UST to double check every thing.
ISIL- progress continues to be made.
Iraq army is only partially paid – adds additional pressure to get RV done.
Custom agents have deadline for less than 10K dinar to leave the country

Davos, Switzerland Conference: Leaders from countries must go to it – 300 of richest people, 2500 diplomats representing 100 countries. Happens this weekend. DC said many at this conference would not be aware of the RV event.
ECB – European Central Bank that controls the EURO. Signaled for some time going to do another round of QE. The European economies are in trouble and teetering on depression. ECB is planning on printing 60 Billion EURO’s to buy bonds. It cheapens the euro. At $1.15 instead of $1.40 it makes exports a lot cheaper. DC thinks it will be a stimulus, a bump, but not move major economies.
China, Russia, Venezuela have been working to drive the USD value done.
UNITED STATES: White House, Democrat’s and Republican’s support this getting done. Administration wants this done, but on their terms, their time line. They have not been keen on compromising. They want you to have it and view it as an eventuality that this will be done in the next several days. They are sticking by the agreement they made last week. Republican’s want it over with, eager and rambunctious to get this done. To see the stimulus happen and glad they are in chairmanship roles of senate committees that have influence in this. Democrats still upset it did not happen under their watch and they could ride the wave into the November elections and have kept their chairmanships. They are worried about next election and naturally want the power shift to go back to them.

Exchanges: Last year we heard there would be a 10 day delay for USA to exchange after Iraq gets it. DC says we will start exchanging within a few hours.
Packages /800#:
Rates: Contract rate cap for Dong is 25 million and 20 million for Dinar. There is no limit on how much currency you have but just how much you can exchange at the contract rate.

TNT Call notes 21-Jan-2015

Tony:  Good morning, TNT!  Today is Wednesday, January 21, 2015.  Today’s call is going to be a little bit different. We have fewer people on the call than usual – about 23,000 at this point.  Some wanted this to be a no-question Wednesday, but we will do a few.  We have good news and a timeline, and I was late because of some other things that will affect your future, and I’ll tell you this first.

I was just in the forum reading about the funeral for the sniper Chris Kyle.  I will say this for Texas – they did that right.  They were respectful and as a veteran, I appreciate that.  You did it well, with president Bush and Mitt Romney and it was a great thing to do for a veteran.  It’s a shame when we hear about people who make it through a war, and then they get killed on the street by an idiot.  If you’re on the forum, you should go and read the post that one of the members put on there.  I was late because I was reading that and couldn’t stop.  Pam, if you could move that to Tony Blasts, it’s worth everyone reading it.
Also, write down “merger network” – they send you lists of businesses for sale, over the counter shells you can buy and other ways to use your money. There is an ATM business for sale for $139,00 but it nets nearly 50K per year… forever.  So instead of buying a new luxury car, look for that kind of opportunity that will repay that $139,000 over and over.
Before we get started, you guys send me message and I want to pay attention to them even if I can’t respond to every one.  I do read and try to make sense of them and what you suggest.  There is one guy who sent an email and asked ‘what do we do now? The RV still isn’t here, what is Plan B?’  He wants us to do another Twitter campaign.  I am always realistic, and I break it down to the most basic level so you can all understand it.  Hey, I can barely understand DC myself sometimes!  We’ve done our part, whether you realize it or not.  We’ve negotiated our way to stay in the game. There were things that we did, as a negotiation.  I’m not trying to be negative to this guy, but they know what we know.  They know we know who got paid. They know we know the bank accounts, which banks did the payouts, how it was structure, when, where, what went overseas.  We don’t have to threaten them in public;  they listen to ALL our phone calls, 24/7, our personal phone calls (me, Pam and DC) as well as these public calls.  Sometimes we say things so that we KNOW that they get that information.  We don’t’ have to say anything further because they are recording these calls.  We know they know about it already.  They have their instructions or requests just as we do.  We are trying NOT to cross a line that would affect us/you when there is no need. 

These delays are affecting us but they are not about us.  Someone told us yesterday that he was tired of the roller coaster, being told that this is ready, etc., and he talks to us every day.  We get that!  But these guys are not doing this to hurt us, to do us out of this RV or cut us down to ten cents or whatever.  So there is no reason to start a fight.  We just want the money.  But there are other factors.  You need to understand how this works, because these things will happen other places in your life, and you need to get it now if you want to be successful.  And we do have good news;  things are moving along.
There is one more thing you should look at today.  Go to, look under the topics and you will see an article about how lottery winners and how receiving all this money at one time has been a curse for them.  Look at that today and hope/plan so that it doesn’t happen to you.  This can help you prepare yourself and your family/friends find that you have a lot of money that you didn’t work for.  Many will think they are entitled to a piece of that money because it came to you so easily.   DC?  I’ll get my dictionary out.
DC:  Wonderful words, and the funeral was quite touching.  Onward and upward to good old Iraq, America and the world.  For those who want to check in and go, Iraq is ready and says they will do it any time – have announced that on television. The President and the Governor of the CBI are out of the country and they are due back in Saturday morning, so I personally am not looking for it before then. Despite what might have been said to the opposite, the US seems to be supporting this.  President Obama has agreed a time with PM Abadi, and only a few folks know that time right now.  It’s being kept extremely quite.  Our friends at the CBI are saying they are good to go:  everyone is trained, ready, systems checked, legal paperwork gone over again.  The CBI ran some software checks and updates in the last two days, and they checked in with the other central banks worldwide to make sure everything was straight, to make sure they ready.  Parliament did the budget on the 30th and 31st, and more adjustments on the 3rd and 4th.  They say they are revealing the budget on Saturday;  it’s not a requirement to do the budget and the RV at the same time, but it’s nice, plus there are other laws they have been keeping quiet so as to bring them all out together on Saturday.  That is the day they have announced on television, radio, on websites and in the mosques.

As for ISIL, the good guys are continuing to win and push ISIL back into Syria.  There is a lot of destruction of families and infrastructure, and they are recovering as quickly as possible, and even more quickly with money.  Is the army being paid? Partially, because they don’t have enough money until the RV.  That is another thing putting on pressure to get this done.  Customs agents have extended the 10K dinar cap at the borders until Saturday as well.

Tony:  The first RV date was yesterday, but  we are still within what was agreed in the last meeting with everyone face to face.  That 10K limit was scheduled until yesterday because they expected this to be over.  On Iraqi television Abadi was saying, “the economic reforms are now being completed”, before he left the country.  They told everyone they would take the final vote today, until they moved it to Saturday.  So now Abadi is gone, Shabibi has gone to a conference where they are already touted to be one of the economic powers of the world. At Davos, they are keynote speakers, and the entire economic community was told to expect something on Thursday.  That doesn’t mean the RV is happening tomorrow;  indeed, we don’t expect it until Abadi and Shabibi are back in the country.  I know you hate hearing that because it’s another weekend scenario, and we hate it, too, but we can’t control it, we can only ride on events.

We know there are a lot of people telling you guys February, March, even 2016.  None of the information we have so far is saying any of that.  It could happen that way, but as of today, they are still within the agreement they signed last week, and that agreement says “immediately” or within the next couple of days.

DC:  Davos has the “who’s who” of politics, finance and entertainment are in Switzerland where the power elites are there to meet and greet, to give presentations, etc.  There will be a ton of politicians, business leaders, diplomats and 300 of the richest people in the world.  Folks from 100 countries in the world to do business, politics and humanitarian efforts.  It’s a big deal in a tiny Swiss time.  Dr Abadi is speaking tomorrow afternoon, and Dr Shabibi will be meeting with key people.  People from the Iraqi administration will be meeting with people, doing a victory lap, and hopefully looking like that economic powerhouse.  That has been toned down a bit because of the timing, but all the same, it’s a great meeting for Iraq.  Not everyone at Davos will know about the RV;  we know about it, but not everyone else talks about the dinar as a main topic.  But it is important they are all there, and it’s unlikely they will do the RV while they are there, just because we would expect the PM and finance people to be in Iraq for such a major change. 

Tony:  You say they don’t know about.  I was smoking a cigar with an international trader and we were talking currency.  Because of Dodd-Frank, this guy said that all his main clients are overseas.  He said the dong is going to revalue, but he gave me all the reasons why the dinar is NOT going to RV.  All this is supposed to happen on Thursday, and all his clients are ready.  I asked about other currencies, and he said he didn’t know, but he did know about the dong.  These guys do this for a living and they really don’t know what is going on with the dinar. They know about the ECB, and the QE, but he didn’t know about the revaluation of the dinar. All these other movements are supposed to hide the GCR.  So they could do this right before Davos, because the plan was for Iraq to join the upper echelon of rich countries and give them their moment in the sun. Will they do that, or announce the QE, etc., as a cover.  Because the ECB doesn’t have permission to print all that money, so where is the money coming from? 

DC:  The European Central Bank (ECB) is like our Fed or the Bank of England, or other central banks.  The ECB controls monetary policy for the Euro, and they have signaled for a few weeks that they might do another round of Quantitative Easing (QE) because some of their economies are in the crapper and QE provides cheap money.  They were planning on 50 billion euros worth of buying bonds, and this cheapens the euro.  It was 1.40, it’s now 1.15, and this devaluation also makes exports cheaper.  We are more likely to buy a German car, for example, if the euro costs less in dollars.  This should stimulate the economy. That was supposed to be announced on Thursday, but it was leaked in the Wall Street Journal.  Why aren’t the markets going crazy?  Because it’s about what everyone expected, what they said they were going to do at 50 billion euros. 
We think the dinar is massive and huge because it has a great impact on our lives, and it will be a good stimulus for the world, but it’s not a universal panacea.  It’s going to be bump up but not big enough to move all the economies in a major way. 

Tony:  Oil went down, economy goes up, but if people are smart they will be asking what will happen six months from now.  The news is meant to cause a reaction NOW because they need that bump up – it’s not about long-term consequences.

DC:  In the USA, the banks are prepared like they have been for a while. There have not been a lot of actual exchanges going on from what we hear.  The political parties, both Democrats, Republicans, in the House and Senate and in the administration, their general take is this:  the general mood as of this morning in the administration is that they really want this done, but on their timeline and their deal, and they are not willing to compromise.  They want the general citizens to have this, but they don’t care about the timing from the perspective of the public.  They are still highly supportive;  they have signed an agreement that they are sticking to.  There are several windows and they have instructed the executive branch, treasury and law enforcement to keep ready.  It’s generally viewed that this will be done in the next few days – that it will not get punted again.  They want it done on their timeline, and they’ve been successful in forcing that.  They want it done at night, and on the timeline agreed with Iraq.  They are living up to
the agreement or bad things will happen.

The Republicans in the Senate want this over with, they want it done and see the stimulus happen. They are happy they are now chairing the Senate committees that are influencing this, and they feel that everyone will be a little looser with more money in the flow.  The political lines have hardened since the beginning of the year, and they hope that a growing economy will let them make some compromises.

The Senate Democrats are still pissed it didn’t happen under their watch;  many feel it should have gone down in April, June or August, when they still had a fighting chance to keep control of the Senate.  They want to get this done.  Every eight years we normally want a change between Republicans and Democrats, so they are worried about staying in power at the next general election.  They have the upper hand in the electoral college, but they need a growing economy to push Clinton into the White House over the natural tendency to get a Republican next time.

The House is more rambunctious and they are very ready for this to get going. The leadership really wants this so they can make deals to get certain legislation done that they want.  The House Democrats are also pissed because they believe they would have lost fewer seats in the midterms if this had happened on schedule, and they hold the White House responsible for that.  To recap, House, Senate and White House all want this to get done.

Tony:  This may contradict some of the other information you hear out there, but this is what we are hearing.  Everyone is on the same page this moment.  The agreement is in writing, the window is still open from that agreement.  We told you what was supposed to happen yesterday.  The Democrats are upset this didn’t happen last June because they could have ridden that wave at the elections.  However, as the President said last night, Russia and China were trying to drive the dollar down, and they spent a lot of time trying to counterbalance that, and committed political side (on one level) by doing that.  The Republicans want this now, they are in charge of the Congress, and if the economy improves in the next two years, they will take credit just like the Democrats will.  The President said last night that he can’t run again, so the decisions made now affect us rather than him.  Last July, 61 politicians were supposed to  leave office, because this would be done and new people could come into office.

Everything is positive at this moment.  Everyone wants this to go.  The President made it clear that there is an economic war going on, and that is much bigger than us.  The Russian economy is crashing, and that has effects on everyone.  We are in a great, great position to get it done, and everyone says it is getting done.

DC:  Everything from our end looks wonderful!  Is it One-question Wednesday?  Yes.

650 caller:  There was an article about a ‘crisis cell’ by Abadi, the Ministers, etc., to establish the ‘priorities of exchange’.  What does that mean?

DC:  It’s primarily about the ISIL issue and it’s a venue for politicians to bring their issues (rather than through the ministries as the normal governmental functions would go.) I think it is another venue to show Abadi as the man of the hour;  everyone is leaning in to solve the issues, and Abadi is doing a good job.

Tony:  Go to, it says “do-it-yourself entrepreneur 3-D site taking off”.  Pam said she was watching NCIS and they used 3-D printing to create houses!

601 caller:  [chitchat]  Regarding that agreement and the signatories, is there any source of law that  can compel the signatories if they break that agreement? 

DC:  There are a few things we have been asked NOT to discuss, and that’s one.  We can say that the signatories are from the administration, the major banks, the UST and law enforcement.  They agree that everything has been done, and it will be done by X date, and if not, there are a set of punishments.  They won’t take it to the World Court, but some not-so-flattering things will be put out.  Basically, Iraq wants to make sure the US doesn’t stutter when they say Yes to the RV. 

Tony:  That was an excellent question;  I know many want to know what the agreement is about, what’s the time frame, and what are the penalties. 

Caller:  In commerce, there are always penalties, and it’s also about the restriction of commerce and interference with third-party business.  If I infringe on the UCC, I’m interfering with their ability to do business!

Tony:  that’s what Switzerland did and it sent shock waves around the world – plus they are saying they are willing to do it again if necessary.

DC:  They decoupled the Swiss franc from the euro;  their next steps are to have negative interest, so that you have to pay the bank to keep your money there, and also they can start printing money the way the US does. 

Caller:  I thought Abadi would pull the trigger before Davos.  That is an opportunity he will never happen again.

DC/Tony:  We expected that as well.  Everyone thought it would, but remember, we are still within the window.  If it happens shortly thereafter, they still win.

509 caller: Is there still a deadline by  which all these currencies need to be exchanged?

DC:  We haven’t heard a by-God, drop-dead time by which we have to exchange, but eventually they will make these notes collectibles.   They do want everyone to exchange within 2-3 months. They originally wanted to rush everyone through the cattle chute, but since the banks decoupled from the process, it will take longer. They don’t want dinar to be held by cartels or terrorists, so they want to get the currency off the streets quickly.  In eight months, if you are still holding lots of dinar they will ask a lot of questions.  That’s over here;  in Iraq, they have already cleaned up most of the larger dinar notes.

Caller:  What about the dong, rupiah and zim?

DC:  Same answer.  In the US, they don’t’ care so long as it is traceable and you are doing good things. They do want to pull in as much currency as possible, and then block the use by potential terrorists or criminals.  Ideally, they would like to exchange it all within two months.

Caller:  Can you take your currencies to other countries?

DC: You need to follow all the rules and paperwork, but yes, you can. That paperwork is on this side and in other countries. That’s where an international tax attorney is vital. 

Tony:  It’s not if you can take it to that country, but whether you can exchange it there.

404 caller:  As for the time frame, we were told in the past the Iraqis would have ten days to exchange before we can exchange.  Are contract rates still being offered?

DC:  We’re talking a few hours, if that.  We don’t know what is still in the contract rates.  We don’t know the criteria just now.  Last I heard, the cap on dinar is 20 million dinar and for dong is 25 million dinar.

Caller:  Thanks. I hope that that agreement was signed in blood this time!

601 caller:  [Appreciation] 

602 caller:  Are the rates the same as you have been hearing?  Any limit on zim?

DC:  Yes.  We haven’t heard of any limit on the zim, although that might happen.
Caller:  Will the exchange locations be closed will they just stop dealing with contract rates?  And what about exchange places in smaller towns in Arizona?

DC:  The exchange places will not offer contract rates, only the market rate. The limits are ONLY on contract rates, not on the international or market rate.  Phoenix, Flagstaff and Tempe will definitely have exchange locations.

Caller:  So that’s why no bank I have talked to knows anything about this.

Tony:  We know of people who have already exchanged in Arizona.  I’ve heard that the Mafia actually uses little banks in little towns to move their money around.

908 caller:  Tony, you know I love DC, but could you please clarify what DC said about how the banks were going to work?

Tony:  Because we switched from a single 800 number and the banks working together, they knew the banks couldn’t get it done in 30 days, so they went to 90 days.  They are coming out with a new 20,000 dinar note, and that is about the timeframe you can look to complete this.  After 90 days, they are going to look harder at people who have the old high-denomination notes.  Remember, recently they found caches of dinars set aside by Maliki AND the network he planned to use to move that out of the country.  So they are really going to look anyone who has those large notes and didn’t exchange them.
Caller:  Are all the currencies going to go at the same time?

DC:  Yes, and zim may end up with a cap… don’t know if or how much.

832 caller:  Hey, you gave Texas props this morning!

Tony:  It was a great thing they did for that veteran, for his family and for the whole state.

Caller:  How do you get onto OpenMike? 

Tony:  Are you in the forum?  Go in the chat room… Wait.  They only like 500-600 people on OM, and then there are idiots they prefer to avoid.  I guess someone has to invite you.
312 caller:  About the Groups – is the Admiral’s Group still waiting to go in at this point?  And in your heart of hearts, what is the timing on this…?

DC:  That group is different things to different people, from 200 to 6,000 members.  The core group may have gone through;  the public part definitely has not.  It’s my extremely strong belief that this will go through by the end of the month.

646 caller:  Where do we stand and where do we go as a group?  What about investments?  Will you set up another forum for sharing information on those?

Tony:  How new are you?  About a year?  Okay.  We have already given the scenario:  Abadi and Shabibi are out of the country and we think they will announce it when they get back on Saturday.  Afterwards, the NDA we will be required to sign might not let us have any kind of forum or site.  I am pushing to do those four events at least.  After that, they don’t want me to have influence over up to five million people who just became rich.  I can say “3-D industry” or this or that stock and throw the whole industry out of whack. They don’t want me to have that kind of influence.  I wish they would understand that once you get all this money, most of you top-echelon dinarians will become Republicans, like my friend who did his generator and made $21,000,000.  If the President plans to tax the top 1% more, you are going to BE that 1% and you’ll be trying to keep as much money as you can while the rest of the world gets mad at you like you are currently mad at yourself.  Another point on my NDA is that I can’t get involved with politics.

Caller:  There is a great brain trust you have on the call right now, and hedge funds here in NY are eager to handle people’s funds.  By the way, I have not been able to get into the forum for the last year, so please take down my number and keep in mind that I’m happy to share my contacts with you.  Lots of places to exchange in NY banks?

DC:  Of course there will be many exchange banks in NY and across the river as well.

Caller:  [Appreciation]  Please support our veterans and those suffering in VA hospitals.

Tony:  There are a lot of people in your community, city and state who you can help.  I try to show humility all the time;  I was just in the right place at the right time, and I try to give people the information I have.  I got a call last week asking if I want to be on the committee to pick the next President, and I didn’t return the call because I don’t want to have anything to do with that (plus my NDA doesn’t allow me to be involved in politics, although I can donate).  You will have influence after this is over, and most people won’t have that NDA.  We try to explain how to walk you through this and help you figure out use this money wisely, and also the history of this RV and the people you’ve met in the chat rooms will help you in your new life.

703 caller:  If these times are blown through every time, what is the purpose  of these various timeframes?

DC:  Simply speaking, only a few folks know the actual times involved because in the past they got out very quickly.  It’s being held very tightly, although a lot of smart folks are putting  2+2 together.  There are fewer than a dozen who know, and they are so tightly guarded they cannot squeak.  All those who signed agree that Iraq is fully ready to do this, and to control the frustration and anger towards the US, they asked for it  to be done at night, with some windows.  Then that inner group decided an actual time, and only they know when the real time is. They are saying three windows to guard against the true time being leaked;  everyone agrees they are done  and ready to go.

Caller:  So all the US goals have been reached?  What about things NOT on the list?

DC:   Yes, everything on the list has been agreed to, and they will now say Yes fully and loudly to when Iraq decides to go.  We understand everyone is very happy and that is what has been agreed to.  Something could come up, but everyone is ready now.

936 caller:  Have they said anything else about any of the procedures – any updates?

DC:  No, it’s the same as we’ve already said:  call in, make an appointment to the bank you choose, go through the cattle chute, and make a further appointment with a wealth manager to deal with the money.

Caller:  So it’s not a central number any more – how are they going to handle that?

DC:  It makes me nervous and is fraught with potential problems because each bank has its own 800 number.  Some small banks will just have their regular numbers. 

Tony:  Now we have four different banks, you have a 100 million, and the contract limit is 20 million.  So you say you want to exchange as much as you can, as high as you can, all on the same day. Who is going to clean that up?  They are setting themselves up for a mess;  it makes no sense at all to me.  It’s going to be chaos.

DC:  A lot of the big banks already have foreign currency departments, and they may be using that 800 number.  It’s going to be a huge cluster****.  We are still waiting for the package which should explain more.

Tony:  Those in the forum and chat room have a good place to go.  There has been some cleaning out over the President’s speech.  You don’t have to agree, but you do have to be respectful.  I don’t care if you’re negative, but be respectful.  When people have to call or email and ask for people to be removed from the forum or twitter, that is just stupid.  That means people won’t get to speak to each other, get support or get the 800 numbers when this happens.  All we can do is give you the information as if comes, and sort it out as you go, then don’t put yourself through it.  We’re going to keep giving you the information anyway, and I don’t read the forum anyway, so let’s do something everyone can benefit from and help them get through the process.  Explaining what and why you think and believe what you do, that’s one thing, but just being nasty is pointless.

DC:  My grandmother was very influential in my life.  She said that your character is shown by how you act when there is no benefit to yourself.  If you help people who can’t do anything for you, that says what kind of person you are.
Everyone in this process is lined up, singing Kumbayah.  Tony and I agree that it’s highly unlikely until Abadi and Shabibi get back on Saturday morning.  We expect it to go down quickly once they return.

Pam:  I was hoping there wouldn’t be a call on Friday, but there you are. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, and it is flashing.

Ray:  Earlier I called this What-happened-to-it Wednesday!  I am going to the beach to work on my tan… which should take about ten minutes.

Tony:  Someone said that if they bring their discharge papers to the bank, they will get a special deal.  I haven’t heard anything like that.  There was a letter from a dinarian on the site who was 85 when he got in and he is 93 now.  He said we have helped him with information to make better decisions. This is why we do what we do – thank you.
We are in a good place, feeling good, still in the timeframe of the agreement.  Tomorrow is a big thing for the global economy, and we’ll have to see how long it takes them to react.  However, we don’t anticipate anything until the leaders get back to Iraq.  If anything significant happens, we’ll send out a tweet, but right now I think we will talk on Friday at 10am PST.  Enjoy the rest of your day.

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