TNT Call notes 25-Mar-2015
Tony:  Good morning, TNT!  Today is Wednesday, March 25, 2015.  No, I cannot believe we are still hear talking about this.  Today we’re going to do something really different.  It’s going to be a very interesting call.  We are being very cautious about what we are saying, and everything has been thought out here.  In my personal opinion, I don’t think it’s happening today, but I do think DC will make you ever so happy.  I don’t think we’ll get out  of this month, because news is saying any minute, hour, or day.
DC:  This is clearly a super-professional show.  Our nickname for years was “The Wrong Stuff”.  In Iraq, everyone is ready to go, announcing it on their television that the financial crisis will end within the next few days.  Everything is ramped up, and in all the ministries, the CBI and Dr Abadi’s office, everyone is ready.  They have initiated a few more things, taking half steps forward every day.  The exact time and day are only known by the PM and Dr. Shabibi.  He has been reassuring everyone around the world that it will get done, to stay ready.  They have nearly  completed what they are doing in Tikrit, really breaking the back of ISIL.  Clean up is getting done there and they’re on the downhill slide there.
Even on television, they are saying that the financial reforms will be done in the next day.  They have said that before, but they are sensitive about that.  All the ministries are on high alert, waiting for the word from Abadi and Shabibi.  Banks worldwide are coordinating and ready for that as well.
Tony:  Their television is scrolling “economic reforms will be done for all citizens of Iraq” and that is being shown here in the US on Iraqi stations, which are usually two days behind events in Iraq.   We have contacts in Iraq saying that has been done in-country, with a rate of $3.91 or slightly higher. It’s happened over there, but it is being revealed in stages.  We always thought that it would be revealed everywhere at the same time, but they have decided to reveal it in controlled stages.  We have some great bank stories today.
DC:  Banks in the US and around the world have been on high alert, ramped up a nd ready to go – not for fun or because they’ve changed their minds, but because it’s in stages of being revealed.  Banks have called in their people on various levels. Each bank has their own policy about who they want to deal with, such as only people in their state, or half a million or less, or half a million or more, or whatever.  There have been some test cases, to make sure all systems are up and running.  We just want to  move on with this.  Banks have been sent various times, and have sent out memoes to their people.  Several memos just shocked the heck out of me, of how blatant they are being to their own people that this is going to be shown throughout the world as early as last Tuesday. That was at many international banks, and I was shocked at how open they were. The banks are having more trouble about how open this is becoming, with their employees buying currency.  They are stuck between a rock and a hard place, as it becomes more of an open secret.  Banks are having conference calls telling people NOT to talk about this.
Tony: Banks are showing similar rates and schedules, looking for this at the same time, so we are all good there.  There are tons of bank stories out there, which is really good news.  Whether they are test cases or they are just giving the tellers something to do while they are waiting…  I’d like people themselves to tell you their bank stories.  Someone called me this morning with his story, so I’m texting him to call me right now and we’ll let him tell his story.  Ray, how do you feel?  Want to tell a bank story?
Ray:  I feel good;  I feel “gooder than good”!   One person said he had an appointment for today, and he talked to the bank this morning and they are still on track for that time.  Another contact is still waiting for a phone call on where and when to exchange today.  Yet another one went in and was told to come back at a certain time today to complete their exchange today.
Tony:  Here is the fellow who told me his story today… there is an echo… this is going on in banks all across the country.  Even though the RV is not happening today, it is so close that things are happening.  Please do NOT call the banks;  these stories are from people who have relationships with their wealth managers.  Another of our intel sources said that he was at the bank and there was nothing on the screens.  This is because not all banks or tellers are authorized to do this yet.  Every wealth manager doesn’t have the same access, so they will look at you like you’re crazy.  For years they have been told this is a scam, and they just don’t know yet.  Your life really changed yesterday, didn’t it?
Caller:  I am the guy who keeps kicking the can.  Consistency pays off.  Yesterday, they sat me down for a two-hour conversation.  I don’t want to name the bank at this point, but they are real people.  I did school the people there, I was being cross-examined, but by the end of the day I got a call saying they would have a board meeting and bring eight people in to handle my incoming cash.  I’ve been through some hard times, stage-four cancer, but this is happening, so keep the faith.  This is happening!
Tony: They didn’t believe you, you had to convince them by telling them the history of the dinar and the financial system, and then…
Caller:  I dumped about $800 million worth on their desk. They said, ‘Why don’t you have bodyguards?’  Then I got a call later, and the guy said that I really threw them a curve ball.  They wanted to know where it came from.  They will do a 15-year background check, so the exchange may not be instant, but it is happening.
Tony:  I just heard this story this morning, and Ray has stories like that today as well. What nobody  wants to say is that this is in motion, with a  little more done every day, getting things done ahead of time before the explosion.
574 caller:  I really feel for Pam and her interventions.  [Appreciation]  I’d like to give my  spot to caller 404 if she is around, because she always asks good questions.
Pam: Thank you very much. Tony and Winston were laughing at the intervention thing;  I found it amusing because we know things they don’t know.  I was good with it.  By the way, it’s One-question Wednesday, Tony.
Tony:  Okay, now 404 is on the line.
404:  Good afternoon, and thanks to caller 574.  I have one question all pulled out that I will have to rephrase for One-question Wednesday.  It’s about the manner and methods of how the CBI is bringing this out, and how it’s not abiding by IMF rules, with private exchanges before the public rollout.
DC:  They had several different options:  one is the shotgun effect, where you pull the trigger and everything gets blasted.  They were ready for that. The second one is where Iraq stops everything for a day while they reset the system, like with FDR in 1933.  Then they had another option where they run this out as slowly as they possibly can, until everyone is screaming. That is clearly what they are doing:  paying overdue regional debts and contractors, then paying pensions and salaries in the new rates, then paying some private exchanges, then switching some regions and merchants. That has continued, even in parts of Baghdad, but it has slowed as they discuss whether to do the full release.  It is still Dr. Shabibi’s ball and he gets to choose when he shoots it.  So they continue to keep this fragile snowball on the mountain topic, rocking back and forth as they keep an eye how people are reacting so that they don’t shock people.  They have taken actions in Iraq and internationally;  we just don’t know when that snowball will start rolling downhill.
Tony:  We talked about them starting on the edges of the  country and working its way into Baghdad, after which the world will see this.   In Kurdistan, it’s down to the street level, and now Baghdad wants to be treated the same as Kurdistan.  The cards have been activated internationally, and we are just waiting for the big bang.  Even in the US, Iraqi television is saying that it will soon be over for ALL citizens. 
561 caller:  I did send in some of my dinar to the Admiral’s group, and I also have all four currencies in my hand.  I have aI have two bank accounts each at Chase and Wells Fargo.  Is that diversified enough to do this?
Tony:  Are you trying to challenge Bill Gates or what?
DC:  I think it’s smart you are thinking of diversity.  When you have that much money, you have to spread things out.  No one can handle that much cash, and a lot of bankers will look at you questionably. 
Tony:  Nobody will give you that much cash;  you’ll have to put it into funds or whatever. And they will make suggestions of where to put it.
DC: With several of those currencies you will get a certain amount in your accounts, and for the rest, they will give you the rest over the next 50 years.  You will get a ton, but if you have that much… you won’t walk at with 100 million dollars. They will cap you at different amounts.  With Zim, there was a gentleman’s agreement that there would only be a bit per person, and now many more people have Zim and so…
Caller:  I bought it before Tony forced the price up, at $17 for 50 trillion.
Tony: That was smart.  Zim has quadrupled in price.  If you don’t end up richer than Bill Gates, at least you will be knocking on his door.
209 caller:  [Chitchat]  You’ve made it clear banks will compete, and my mother has a question.  Will the contract rates be static, or will they change according to the banks?
DC:  It’s static in some banks and changeable at others.  They’ll be in a similar range.
Caller:  Are the rates reported on recaps fact or fiction?  On Recaps, the international rates were reported as $1.77 for dong.
DC:  Agreed, at least on Sunday.  We’ll see what it is when it gets done.
Caller:  I volunteer to be a test case if the banks need something to do!
Tony/DC:  Me, too!
323 caller:  Good morning, you wonderful people!  With all the new countries joining the AIIS with China, what do you think about using a Chinese bank account?
DC: The AIIS is like the IMF world bank, plus a developmental bank, all in one. It’s been a bit controversial;  the US was concerned about transparency and auditing, but the rest of world decided to invest in it to concentrate on Asian development.  It’s always good to have an international back account, for travel – you’ll all develop travel addiction – and also it opens up overseas investment opportunities.  After a certain level, it’s good to think about international investment.  I haven’t investigated the Chinese banks because of investigatory issues.  I do like HSBC, and there are other Asian banks that are well-run and have branches in California.  I’m not equipped to handle straight Chinese banks that don’t have branches in the US.
707 caller:  Pam, in my family I’ve experienced similar things.  My 14-year-old grand-daughter has suggested I go through an intervention as well;  Pam, you are not alone. The time spent on this call was a sacrifice, but well worth it.
DC:  I’m a big biography nut and have been for years.  Especially when it comes to entrepreneurs and visionary types, their families tell them to stop because they are crazy. It’s normal for ordinary people to doubt something new coming up.  Even my family wonders what the heck I’m doing when I know nothing about software or airplanes or whatever classified thing I’m working on.  That’s very normal behavior.  On the other hand, it’s not very nice to spike the ball in front of them when it all comes off.
Caller:  It’s a bumpy road.  My question is this:  there is a group that has almost as much as that previous caller.  On the recorded calls, there is something that says, “Just a moment, we are preparing your file.”  That’s just been in the last couple of weeks. 
Tony: So you’re saying that this group you are in has taken their entire database has collated your information and they are preparing your file before having a conversation with you?
Caller:  No, on the TNT conference call, the replay starts out saying “we are preparing your file”.  My friend assumed they were building a file on him and his money.
DC:  I assume they are bringing up the correct .mp3 recording.
Tony:  We are not building a file on anyone.  I’d like to help you guys in the future, but DC isn’t working on that hard enough. 
Caller:  Clearly we need to build up funding for DC to buy a newer car!
DC:  I have a classic 1961 Chrysler, does 160 mph… it’s fun.
862 caller:  Have you talked about tax implications for Kuwait?  Were there any?  Will they resemble what we will go through?
DC:  The tax situation has not been decided, and they will not use Kuwait as a model.  There are three possible scenarios:  the first is there are no taxes, and I would love that but cannot see it  happening.  Second, is that they take a straight 30% off the top into an escrow account;  however, banks are not set up for that and it would be difficult to set up.  Third scenario is that you pay capital gains.  If you have had your currency less than a year, it will be treated like earned income, and if you’ve had it more than a year, that will be long-term capital gains.  So we suggest you set aside enough for the worst case scenario.
Tony:  No taxes would be best and easiest.  If you are paying ordinary tax levels, how do you put that on your tax return?  Everyone would know, NDA or not.  If they do the 30% pretax, it would have to go into a separate account right away, and they might give you a higher exchange rate.
DC:  With Kuwait, some who did blind trusts didn’t pay any tax, and some paid regular income tax.  The people I know personally, they were cargo drivers and had currency in their pockets. Two didn’t pay any tax, and the third paid regular income tax. 
Tony:  The one person I know didn’t pay any tax either.
Caller:  Will we have to pay tax because more people are involved?
DC:  There hasn’t been a final decision made yet.  I can’t believe Pam didn’t comment.
703 caller:  I feel better after hearing you today!  On a scale of 1-10, what’s your level of confidence that we will have exchanged by Saturday?
Tony: Saturday is a bad day.
DC:  We’re all getting older.  Pam has a walker with a ****tail tray!  We don’t know how long they will take to roll this out, but given how slowly it’s been over the last month or so, it’s my guess that they will divide up the US into regions like they did in Iraq.  All the plans in the past keep being changed, but given the memos we have seen in the banks and the rest of the world, I’m guessing they will put us into different classes – like those dinarians who are crazy enough to listen to some guy from Sacramento will be in the first group.  That’s a way to get everyone through without shocking the financial system, with every high-end house, car, or jewelry off the market all at once.  I think they will use the same mentality with us, that we will go through and then the general public.
Tony:  First, there is the 100-200 thousand who listen to us, with the groups, and then there is the 1.3 million who we reach out to, and then the remaining four million of the general public.  There is an existing banking system, and there is a new system that starts on the first of April.  Is it easy to flip from one system to the other?  They are clearly putting some people, and Iraq is saying that the economic crisis will be over for ALL Iraqi citizens in the next few days…
DC: They are getting really pissed over there, and it’s becoming a crisis as they hear that their family members are being paid in other regions.  I feel very good about Dinarville starting up between now and Saturday;  the rest of the public, I don’t know.
Tony:  There are a lot of bank stories out there, that’s for sure.
732 caller:  Doesn’t E  13303 imply that there will be no taxes on currency exchanges?  Normally you don’t pay tax on exchanges, do you?
DC:  Normally you don’t, and that is why some people are saying ‘no tax’, but I cannot get my mind around this much money coming in and the government giving us a pass.
Tony:  I have faith in them doing the right thing.
Caller:  We are here in New Jersey, hanging by a thread, and I just hope this comes through very soon, especially for the Iraqi citizens, who have been through enough.
410 caller:  The people who have been holding in for the longest time, shouldn’t those people be taxed less?  They haven’t earned anything on that money all this time.  I don’t even know how the Iraqis have managed to deal with all the new problems and accomplishing this in such a systematic way.  It sounds like there is a lot more happening than just money changing rates…
Tony:  I know we want to get paid, and we want it yesterday, but we have witnessed the  birth of a brand new country – one that is willing to grow and work as one.  We are involved in the birth of democracy at the same time… a whole new way of going about life, with a new type of government, banking system, leadership, a whole new way of life.  They have to get used to each region creating it’s own road, putting up its own lights, its own infrastructure.  It’s the birth of a new beginning for them, and it’s now easy.  I’m happy we can be part of it and here to see it.  It’s a lot more than just a new currency.
Caller:  I hope someone makes a great documentary because this can be a model on changing how we live on the planet.  I hope you do the events so we can party with you!
713 caller:  I’m a first-time caller, been listening for a couple of years.  [Appreciation]  We look forward to never talking to you guys again!    About the caps… let’s say someone has three x 100 trill zim.  Let’s say the cap is 20 million.  Couldn’t someone just give the extra zim to other people, so they could enjoy the higher rate?
DC:  That is a good idea.  Since Friday, they have come up with a plan whereby you get the same rate, but the payout is over 50 – 100 years.  It’s a bigger cap, one that nobody will complain about. 
540 caller:  I’d like to share a bank story with you.  I went to my bank to make a car payment, and the bank manager of this small bank remembered that I have dinar.  She came over to me and said she needed to talk to me.  They kept me there for an hour, and mention they are on standby.  They confirmed EVERYTHING you have been saying.  And now the bank manager is listening to your calls, and getting info from their bank that confirms everything you have been saying.
Tony/DC:  You mean we’re not making this stuff up??
Caller:  My head was spinning so that I almost forgot to make my car payment!  [Appreciation]  The wealth manager wants me to come back today!  I believe this 100%, and this is a small bank!  I’m in Virginia, although I’m originally from Brooklyn. 
Tony:  We can all hear that Brooklyn/Bronx accent!
DC:  He’s from Texas, clearly!  We do have friends at pretty much every bank, so…
323 caller:  A really quick question – I need to order checks, so it’s hard to make a donation to TNT.  How else can I donate?
Tony:  If you go to, you can click the DONATE button and donate using PayPal.   You were on the call 243 minutes just to ask that?
Caller:  Yes, indeed!  I will go make that donation now.
301 caller:  My one question is this:  with the text exchanges in the US, does the person get to keep the money or is it on hold?  Do they have to sign the NDA?
DC:  Yes, they have to sign the NDA, just with the bank (if they don’t have contract rates), but the money is free and clear.
Tony:  The ones we know of have got 10% up front, and the rest in 48 hours after they run a background check.
770 caller:  I’ve been going through a lot of stress, hanging on by a thread – will I live until Monday?  I know you can’t give specific dates and times. 
Tony:  Well, we’re not God, so…
DC:  We don’t know the date, but it’s our opinion that Dinarland will start prior to Monday.
Caller:  Then I can spread my wings and fly away
Tony:  Or if not, call us on Monday and let us know you’re still with us!
734 caller:  Do you guys still need a receipt if you only have one or two 25K dinar notes?  I just want someone to benefit from what I have…
DC: I would keep the receipts for tax purposes, and some banks may want to see it to make sure you bought it legitimately.
Tony:  If you don’t look like you should have that much money, you may be challenged.  I know someone here with currency and the FBI came and photographed it, but they let her keep it.
DC:  Hope this call was helpful.  Iraq is absolutely ready and everyone is on the highest level of alert because they anticipate it going  now.  The same it true of banks around the world.  They expect this to go down quickly. They have been methodical in Iraq, and it think they will take the same approach with the coalition citizens as well.  I hope this is the last call.
Pam:  We have seen details change so many times, and they could continue to change until this thing pops. Be flexible;  we won’t know how this will happen until it happens.  Be prepared and ready for when it happens.  Make the best decisions.
Ray:  Continue to enjoy your Wednesday and we look forward to the weekend.
Tony:  We are not waiting for the RV and GCR to happen – it’s already happening.  Too many people are being exchanged or given appointment right now, here and around the world.  This is a good thing!  As banks have more meetings and we get the memos, we are seeing that it is happening.  I don’t think it will happen today, but in Iraq they expect this any time within the next few days. They are hearing that on televisions, radio and in the mosques. They could shock me and do it today!  Today is the  25th, there are six days left in the month.  We don’t control this, and I wonder if they are dragging this out to the end of the month when the banking system changes.
Two banks are highly concerned about the amount of currency that has been purchased in the last two days.  Be happy with what you have rather than causing delays.  I would love to send out a tweet this afternoon if the powers that be make that possible.  If not, we will be here Friday, hopefully with 800 numbers.  Enjoy the rest of your day!

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