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TONY – Good morning, TNT. It’s Wednesday, April 1, 2015 and no, we didn’t expect to be here. No, it’s not going to be April Fool’s today. We’re going to see how much info we can give, a little more in-depth. Then I’m gonna do something DC totally did not expect today. This is not a pre-recorded show – LOL! We’re clearly going to send a message to somebody. There’s some definite info out there. We have to go thru it to get to it. So guys, if you want to hear exactly where we are today, and why we’re going to look for it on a certain day, we’re going to make it clear for all of us.

T – First, I want to thank Pam and Ray for going thru this with me, and accepting the fact that I’m a target for the other gurus and fidiots. Let me make it perfectly clear: I don’t work for any gov’t agency. Our goal has always been to bring you the best info we can about the process, timing, and what you should do after you get it. So, are the other sites really giving you info or are they just complaining about what we’re saying.

T – I got info this morning about what is happening on the internet and in chat, specifically what the Billy Goat is saying. We’re not working for anyone or selling for anyone. The banks are very concerned about the amounts of currency being sold and they’re re-structuring their plans. Currency is being sold because you are smart enough to buy it. Iraq is in a position that they don’t need to sell anymore currency. For someone to come out and say the gov’t has hired us to get you to buy more currency is ridiculous.
[18:12:11] gileads place: T – Billy Goat is a former Army Intelligence Officer and if you keep f**king with me I’ll tell who you really are. Our issue is we were getting cut out of the deal and we weren’t going to let that happen. And we were going to get cut out of the contract rate and we stopped that.

T – Are people still getting paid today? Yes. Sometimes it was IQN, sometimes VNN, some ZIM. But the fact of the matter is they are never, ever, ever going to let us go in before the average Iraqi gets in first. It’s their country. They deserve to go in first. They are paying everyday citizens right now. Not just politicians. But there are people who we know who are experiencing this, so the process is working. Everyday they pay somebody, I know we’re going to get paid.

T – Are people still getting paid today? Yes. Sometimes it was IQN, sometimes VNN, some ZIM. But the fact of the matter is they are never, ever, ever going to let us go in before the average Iraqi gets in first. It’s their country. They deserve to go in first. They are paying everyday citizens right now. Not just politicians. But there are people who we know who are experiencing this, so the process is working. Everyday they pay somebody, I know we’re going to get paid.

T – So, for someone to incite you and make up stuff – there was NO info in there at all. All they’re doing is telling you what we said on our last call. We’re telling you what’s coming out of Iraq, Holland, multiple banks, etc. the memos these people are getting, the rates they’re seeing on the screens, and we’re not making up a bunch of BS. We are told to be careful what we say and let’s get this thru. The number (of people getting the contract rate) is much higher than I ever thought it would be. I can live with that because it makes good common sense. There’s no way everybody will get the contract rate. There’s not enough money in the world for that.

T – In the real world there are levels, i.e., poor, middle, rich, etc. There will always be the privileged and you’re about to get so much more. You shouldn’t be letting some idiot named Billy Goat get you all excited. We are still engaged in the process. Some of us will get the contract and those rates won’t all be the same. Some will get $6 and others $28. Everyone could get a bit more. Our only complaint today is “when is it going to be and why isn’t it happening today?” If the Iraqis aren’t up in arms, rioting in the streets, calling their PMs, what makes us think we have that privilege today? It sounds like someone is trying to get you to do something now that we should not.

T – If you’ve paid attention the past 5 years, you would know it’s not just about us. Billy Goat is just trying to get some attention. I really didn’t want to address it, but I felt I should address it. We have a former Army Intelligence Officer trying to bad-mouth the US Gov’t, while saying we’re part of something we are not. We have people wanting to help us out. We do not control it. This is just how it is. The next window they are looking at then they look at why it didn’t happen. We have some really good info and we’ll let DC put it out. Tell us what’s really happening.

DC – We’re all just volunteers. And this is a voluntary call. If you don’t like what we’re saying, if you can’t take the ups and downs, this is a rough ride for anybody, and if you get upset, have a Twitter account and turn the darn thing off. For for Tony to send you the big tweet. For those of us who have done useful stuff in our lives you need to take responsibility. Because we are by far the biggest dinar site, we have 1.2M folks in 47 countries, we have to be a bit more circumspect. Some very important people have told us it’s best to be quiet sometimes. We have to be responsible. We can’t cause a riot because I’m pissed and don’t have my big house yet. Instead of complaining – it’s a matter of perspective – negative people knock yourself out. We don’t care what you say. It actually annoys me to have to address this. There are many gurus out there who are trying to help and put things into perspective. We don’t know it all. No one person controls the whole process – not Obama or Shabibi.

T – Yes, I am talking about Mnt Goat, even tho I said Billy Goat. Mnt Goat used to be on our site but because of the anti-gov’t talk he left. Then he came back as George. So Mnt Goat is George. I’m not hiding from anything but you’re using us to make a name for yourself. You’re not helping the process or helping people grow.

DC – It’s like that guy who put out videos to try and scare us. They’re doing it to direct traffic to their sites. I’m not making money doing this and neither is Tony. We’re all volunteers. It’s like yelling at the guy feeding you in the soup kitchen. Why would you yell at the person feeding you for free?

line is it’s still very good. Not much has changed and that’s a good thing. Everything looks wonderful from across the pond. In detail, in the past 48 hours and continuing over the next few days officials from around the country are trying to keep the calm in Iraq. They’re frustrated about the delays. So they’re going on a giant peace-keeping road trip to meet with people in the mosques and try and calm everybody down. They’re not doing this because it’s months off, but within 4-5 days. They’re doing this because they believe it’s going down.

DC – You heard they took Tikrit but still have to clear mines and booby traps. Parliament has been meeting and all of the parties are incensed it hasn’t gone through yet. Everything in Iraq is lined for this to go. Security is ready. CBI made some minor, minor rate changes to see if it’s working and it is.

T – First, yes people in Iraq have gotten paid just like here. They’re starting from the top down and when they get to the masses that’s us. The PM is going from province to province telling them when this will happen. It’s a whole team of people with him. They’re not just saying it on TV but now educating the people personally in each province.

DC – In the USA and around the world, banks have reloaded their systems in the past 48 hours. Test exchanges have been successful. Are people getting paid? Yes. I’m not one of them but I’m trying. I hope they crank it up to 20,000 a day. The agreements Shabibi signed last week allows that. All the Big 4 and some smaller ones are ramping up. Major banks in other countries are doing this as well with some of their major clients. Some are saying one note, some are saying just dong today, others saying bring it all in. Are they getting SKRs or cash? Both. Most of them are getting int’l rate (3.91), all the rates we’re talking about. You should be glad for them because it’s going thru the system just like we will.

T – The other day the BIS system was put together for the banks. First time it ever happened so everybody could see the rates across the board. Security at banks have been given their final briefings before it happens. Banks that don’t know about it have been forewarned when this will go. All this has taken place in the past 3-4 days. All of the final pieces have been put in place. Banks have been authorized to do pre-exchanges/tests. Regarding banking hours, each bank has been authorized to set their own hours. It may not be standard hours across the board. This means they had to tell them something.


DC – Disclaimer – this was just a squabble between 2 internet sites, not related to banking. T – And that’s because the jerk lost his source.

C – Where do we stand with regard to the IMF’s Letter Of Intent that was submitted 30 days ago (March 3) that expires on 4/3? DC – Yes, all the paperword was submitted and Shabibi did what he was required to do. Iraq has done its job. Those aren’t extensions. They agreed to let the IMF arrange the best time to do it. The IMF/BIS is trying to juggle between everyone’s wants and desires.

C – Will this Easter weekend affect the RV? Slow it down? DC – It won’t affect it.

C – How come we’re not hearing in our news that Abadi raised the flag in Tikrit? T – It was in yesterday’s news.

C – Do you think we’ll be out of this in the next 4-5 days? What’s your gut feeling? DC – I believe in the next 4-5 days we’ll be fine. It’s the amount of action taken so far has been overwhelming. Everybody across the world is ready, ready, ready. Iraq needs this desperately bad, as do other countries. I strongly believe the motivation and willingness is there.

C – Do you have any projected rates on the Afghani? DC/T – 2.24

C – Does the NDA cover for the over and above the street rate? What if I get both amounts (street and contract)? DC – Earlier folks had to sign saying they weren’t part of it. Now anything above the street rate will require an NDA. C – I’m not concerned so much about the rate as I am talking about it. DC – If you can’t keep a secret you shouldn’t sign an NDA. T – The Int’l Rate is available for anybody and everybody can see it. When you say “no, I got 5X, 10X, 20X that amount” that won’t fly. The “dinar” will be very public once it happens. It’s okay to say “dinar” or “dong” – just be very protective of the rate you get.

C – How can Abadi make a statement that when the banks open you have new value – then after a week they are still sitting there – what is going on over there? DC – That’s why Abadi is going around the country to keep the calm.

C – When you say “they” said something to you, who is “they?” DC – The people I used to work for. Tony had some great Iraq connections and I thought I could help and I don’t like doing business with jerks. I like someone who can laugh. There was an original 7 contacts but that has blown up to an insane amount of contacts now. They keep us under a microscope to be sure we’re on the up and up.

T – We have contacts I never dreamed of talking to. With that, tho, those contacts and info comes a sense of responsibility. You are my first responsibility. We also have a responsibility to our country because we have so manu other countries listening to our calls. But we also have a responsibility to the heads of those countries. We get calls from Iraq from folks in cafes listening to our calls live. So we have to be cautious and aware of who it can hurt. The other gurus can say whatever they want to say. We have to be concerned what our members say.

DC – We don’t get on the PHONE 2 hours each day for 3 days a week to not say anything. Sometimes we are told not to say things and we have to respect it. We have to find a way to tell you those things without being controversial. Some say we could be more straight-forward, but others have burned their sources for doing that. We know the other gurus’ sources and how they communicate. T – They’re being tracked, whether they know it or not. DC – We have to be responsible to our sources as some have taken significant risks. People across the entire world are getting together to help get the info out.

C – If DC had a question to ask Tony, what would it be? DC – How many times a day do you call me or Pam? T – We probably do conference calls 2-3X an hour and text 100’s back and forth with the intel team. It’s everyday from about 4:30AM thru 11PM at night.

C – Do the structured settlements apply to non-contract rate exchanges? DC – Yes, specifically the ZIM. It does apply to the dinar and dong but the numbers are outrageously high.

C – Do they give you an exchange the day you give them the currency or is it cashed on the date they choose? DC – The main folks they’ll have issues with are those with large amounts of Zim. The numbers I’ve been give are between 1-5% of all folks.
C – Do the structured settlements earn interest? DC – No. But you’re making so much money it won’t matter.

C – If you’re paid over a 50-year period on a structered settlement, do you exchange on the rate that day or is it based on the day you put the currency in the bank. Our US Tax system is a cash-based system. You will have to pay taxes on what you receive. On the structured settlement, you do not have access to all the cash. You only pay taxes on the cash you have access to.

T – For example, you go in and get paid $8 on 100M dinar. You get $200M today and the rest over 20 years. You don’t pay taxes until you get the payments each year for 20 years. Another option would be to bring in currency each week and exchange instead of a long-term structured deal. DC – The ZIM is the only one with the structured settlement requirement.

C – Did the US make it into the AIIB? DC – It really doesn’t affect the RV, but my folks are telling me the US will need to join at some point but aren’t  happy about it. It’s also a political issue because of some backroom deals made that some feel slighted about.

C – I have a well-connected friend who said China signed off on the 31st and have been given 2 weeks for rollout and completion. DC – China has nothing to do with it.

C – What is the driving factor in this? DC – BIS/IMF is coordinating everything. They’ve given windows of time in the next 4-5 days. They’re looking at global events, talks, etc. to come up with the best time for this to happen. Iraq still has the priority since it’s their country

C – There must be external factors because we’ve been thru this so many times. T – I want to be realistic. Think about this: the banks and system is ready; the currency has been passed out (fils); they’ve announced it on TV; the banks here have connected successfully with the int’l system; banks here have had more briefings with their WMs than ever before; they’ve given out the authority at each level. So if it’s not them it has to be someone above them. Do you think somebody in the White House is going to call 2 guys on a call and tell us what is the missing piece? We’re not going to get that missing piece until after it happens.

C – So does that mean the US is back in charge? DC – No, the BIS/IMF is in charge of it. But the US, as does other countries, has influence on it. I wouldn’t want to be CL right now. Things have changed a little bit where the US doesn’t have as much authority as they used to, after some things they did a year ago. Some authority has been given to others and the US doesn’t have as much now. Even in the past month it has diminished significantly and continues to do so daily.

C – If you have 3 currencies (dinar, dong, rupiah) and the total of all 3 reaches, say 200-300M will there be a structured settlement? DC – The Zim is the insane one. Yours won’t be affected at all (at those amounts). You’ll have a little more flexibilty.

RECAP: DC – Iraq is ready to go and has done all they need to do. We’re waiting for the IMF/BIS in the next 4-5 days. That’s what they’re telling the rest of the world. Could it change? Sure. But that doesn’t mean you should buy more dinar and certainly not more Zim. You’ve got plenty with what you already have. T – Here’s thing: I know some people are upset about me cussing, but some of the frustration we were hearing needed to be addressed. So we did that. The good thing is everybody is ready. They do have a new window and I know you’re tired of hearing that. The PM is going province to province telling them that new window. All we can do is report what is being told to the people. All of our news is good. We’ve gotten a couple good texts during the call. I know today is April Fool’s Day. I do want you to see what the other gurus have to say. If it doesn’t make sense to you and doesn’t help you at all – don’t get in an argument with an idiot. Take it as info and let’s see what happens. I think we’re going to have a superfantastic week. Don’t dwell on the negative. Be prepared because I think this thing is about to surprise you. END OF CALL.

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