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[Pam read Appaloosa’s post in the chat room:  I just want to be one of the first to congratulate all of you – you are some of the smartest people in the United States and beyond.  You made a very smart investment option when many turned it down flat. Congratulations!]
Tony:  Good morning, TNT!  Today is Wednesday, April 15, 2015.  It’s going to be a different kind of day, going over some excellent news that will make a whole lot of people happy, I think.  First, we are going to do a short call because DC has something else to do and I don’t feel good.  I want to put out some information you can understand so that you know what’s going on.  The bottom line is… we are looking better than we have ever looked, this week.
But first… You  know that we’ve always been here to help.  I did get a few letters that I want to read to you.  I have looked at Twitter so we know where we are, and I also got some emails, and see how you feel about it.  I want the PTB to here this and know what we are going through.
“Good morning.  It’s Wind-them-up Wednesday.  Are you starting to see a pattern?  Why in the world would a country of Iraq have the switch to start the RV, and they don’t?  What is the next window?  Is it in your home or 1. May?  How much BS do they feed you and you keep gobbling?  There is a plan and you are a pawn.”  We get those a lot…
“Mr. Renfrow, one of these days you will have to admit what the Congress, administration, the President and others have done to the world with their lies, deceit, etc.  Great people have been lost forever because of their issues. Please copy the part of the Constitution that states the elite are better than the man or lady on the street who has lost everything forever. Please never tell us again that everyday hard-working Americans are luck for what they have completed or accomplished.  You have insulted me as an American and everyone who pays taxes.  THEY have been teaching Iraq how to play the game, hurt their own people and take advantage of power.”  I get a lot of that. 
DC: We get hundreds of those per day – an insane amount. 
Tony:  That’s on the one hand, and we get a whole lot of it.  On the other…
“OMG, Tony, I just saw this email address on paypal, and if you reply that will be almost as good as that BIG tweet.  I must tell you what a miracle you are, in your soul’s purpose. There is never a way to thank you and your team for all you do.  I’m also grateful to the source of all that is giving in the universe, keeping you safe from those who don’t appreciate.  I look forward to seeing you in Vegas.  Your work is changing the world.  You are all divine and will truly change the world through your willingness to be on the front line.”
We aren’t trying to pat ourselves on the back, just to show you that some get what we are doing and some do not.  We get it all, the good and the bad.  We get that people say the government is using us – that’s right, they are using us to give you the information you need to have, to use this not just as a payday but as a change in your life. We do get stuff from our government, and from the Iraqi government and Kurdistan.  You would not believe the level of where we get information from:  high levels at the banks, governments and other places.  We give you the best we can, and when we don’t agree, we tell you that as well.  We are here to be an advocate for the people.
Last week, just before our call, DC got a call asking him to help explain the early exchange procedures they were setting up.  DC:  Happy to help!  Anything that will help the people and make this smoother, we are happy to help with.  In the course of that, (and I really hate this, in the five years I’ve been doing this) all I’ve ever done is trying to do what is right for you guys.  In the course of that, I’ve been attacked and abused by those who then come back and use Tony.  People say that I’m part of this group or that group.  One lady set up a site saying she was my mother, and she made $30,000 in a single day through signups on that site.  People say we’re full of crap, and then claim that we endorse them. 
JCR, who used to be a Mod on TNT, did a call with Topshelf, and all they talked about is Tony.  We got a copy of this call.  They sent out an email saying that if you are not part of their group, you will not get paid.  They say that TONY will say in the coming days that you will all have to sign up for their group to get paid. 
DC:  After four months of calling all of us every name under the sun, now we are supposed to part of bringing people into their group?  I think that is hilarious!
Tony:  Yes, but the people who sent this to us are concerned that they will sign up because “Tony says so”.  The people who asked us to help with early exchanges, well, I don’t mind doing that, but I do mind someone saying that I am directing you to sign up for their groups.  If I am asked to direct you to the banks or wherever, I will do it upfront, on this call, not someone else saying “Tony says…”
DC:  Hope everyone heard that in terms of watching out for what you are doing, and taking responsibility for your own actions.  If you want to be in a group, well, we have talked about the pros and cons, you are your own person and have to make your own decision.  I think we have empowered you enough to do that.
In Iraq, they are saying that there are many television mantras like “in the next few days, the completion of the economic reform will conclude”, the “economic crisis will be finished in the coming days”, and also “be prepared for the finality of the economic reform.”  There is restricted communication between various places, because of things CBI is preparing for.  Everything is ready there.  In the mosques, they are still saying “it’s coming, it’s coming – it’s for real this time!”  They are not keeping people at this high readiness so that it will come out in a few months, but because it is very close upon them.
Parliament is meeting as usual, pushing through as any mature parliament does.  The ministries of Finance, Interior, Defense and DBI have had many meetings about what the RV does for their different departments.  The lack of auctions means a real lack of funding for them.  Planning for Mosul is still in place, with softening of targets;  this is all in public.  Everyone is prepared, with updates on who PM Abadi is talking to, and about ending the economic crisis, pushing that front rather than the ISIL front. That is good PR, more positive and also relevant to more people in Iraq.
Tony:  A television blackout in Iraq continued this morning, and they are excited about seeing something in the next two days, about a currency change.  Iraq is happy and sitting on edge.  I like hearing this, because eon Monday the banks said that they were not expecting anything until Thursday.  That is why we were expecting to have this call today, but DC will explain more…
DC:  In the USA, you can see who PM Abadi is meeting.  He had extremely successful meetings with the President and VP, and his entire team had great meetings with their counterparts as well.  Abadi is now meeting with bankers in the US and Europe, at the IMF and the World Bank.  We’re still waiting on more meetings to go through. Tony and I believe that it is unlikely that they will do the RI/RV while he is out of country.  There is also a very strong argument in favor of Abadi being out of country for security reasons while this goes through – that would be politically acceptable in Iraq, although my money is still on his being in-country.  If the IMF does that, thought, I wouldn’t be surprised.
Now, Iraq has asked the US, IMF, UN and World Bank for money – why?  Won’t they be swimming in money?  Because they pull the trigger, that doesn’t mean that they will have unlimited amount to spend immediately.  There is a deficit in the 2015 budget when it comes to fighting ISIL.  The money they are talking about is almost all about fighting ISIL and related groups.  So they are asking for cash and also weapons systems so that they can keep fighting.  Regardless of the RV, they have to fight ISIL and that is not part of their budget.  Their IDF cannot support spending hundreds of millions of dollars, plus there are humanitarian programs to fund.
There is also a question of timing.  When do they want the money?  These meetings are prepped by the State Dept, so they knew well in advance.  Iraq doesn’t have lots of spare cash.  It’s not like CBI can open its doors and invite the government to spend what it likes. It’s not like Congress can just go to the Fed and ask for another 80 billion dollars because they are short for this month.  They have to get in tax revenue, etc., prior to the RV.  They need that cash money yesterday and it takes a while to bring in taxes, release some bonds, etc.  It’s also a backup.  They  know how close we have come to the RI/RV and then everything falls apart.  As a country trying to save itself from annihilation by whacko terrorist, Iraq has a backup plan in order to get things done, just in case things go poorly.  It has the added effect of throwing off bigtime money people off, almost like a smoke screen.  They are giving out some information but not giving the full picture, and it’s in part to keep things obscure.
So part of this is about timing, part is about ISIL, part is about having a backup plan, and also about keeping everyone on edge about when this is going through.
Tony;  Some of you will experience this in real life.  You’ve just won the lottery, and it’s 100 million dollars, and we will pay you out 10 million per year for ten years.  If you have already spent that ten million, and a crisis comes up, then you might have to go to other buys with money to ask for more.  They know you have money but you want them to loan them some until the next pay day.  Iraq is the richest country in the world, but the oil, gas and gold are all still in the ground.  The lenders want Iraq to be in debt to them.  Iraq will always want to borrow money in a cash flow sense. The US borrows money and then we loan money out to everyone else.  That’s how the global economy works.  So those who are worried about Iraq borrowing money – it’s just to get things done today that was not covered by their budget, and also some misdirection.
In the US and in Europe, all the bankers are still in lockdown. I feel bad for them because they are sitting there waiting.  No early exchanges have taken place.  We are supportive of that happening as soon as possible.  Abadi doesn’t have to be home for that to begin.  Everyone is ready for things to get moving on that front.  Not much has really changed since Monday.  Iraq is ready, both people and ministries, and they continue to do well with ISIL.  The US has hosted meetings with the Iraqi team, and those have gone very well.  It’s looking very good, very positive actions including funding against ISIL.
Tony:  Only one question per person, please, as we don’t have much time this morning.
617 caller:  On the last call, you said that the early groups have gone through and know what their taxes are.
DC:  Some have gone through but we don’t know the details.  Some groups have made groups with China, and the details have been agreed to.  Some are going to the US, and they are just letting it lie;  other groups have 44% in escrow.  All the groups are different.
650 caller:  I am still confused as to what has to be done, specifically, to get this done.
DC:  It is rarely one fixed checklist, that by the time I hit Z, I’m done.  This group continues to add Z-1, Z-2, etc.  This weekend, everyone was briefed and ready to get this done, and they added one more GD thing to the list. We now believe that the meetings in the US had to be successful, and then they also had to get some pledges for military spending against ISIL.  That didn’t have to be done before the RV, they just added those at the last minute. Now they are just waiting for the boss to get home. They could still add more, and we would all be cussing, but it could happen.  Right now, everything is fine and they plan to roll this out.
Tony: Security was a big issue over the last 48  hours, proving to the banks and oil companies that they are stable enough and have plans in place to protect the oil, etc.  Don’t text me on this!  We tell you what we hear, what we understand the future plan is for the banks, our government, in Kurdistan and Baghdad.  That is the plan right now!  That’s what we go with!  We think the plan is right now;  there is window open for the early exchanges and the banks chose not to do that just yet.  The opportunity is there, the people are there, and it could happen in this timeframe.  In Iraq, they are expecting this today or tomorrow – that is the plan.  My other option is not to tell you anything.  You have the option of getting up to day information or not.  All we can do is to tell you “this is what we think is happening, and this is why”.  They won’t let Tony or DC activate the RV!
DC:  We give you information about what is going on, as best we get it, and we have to go on certain assumptions.  You are adults and can make up your own minds.  We are both volunteers, feeling responsible for helping others.  We can only say “this is what is going on”.  It has been approved to go 170 times in the last year.  Others can say that we are liars, but that is like giving the weatherman a hard time when he says 60% chance of rain, and then it doesn’t.  This is enormously complex, and anything can go wrong.  Our sources across the world are the ones who are actually doing this, and a year and a half ago he said “Winston, we are getting this done this week!”  Our sources are telling us the best they know and we pass it on to you.  President Obama is not calling us with updates, and anyway, he doesn’t control this.  It’s a committee group thing that controls the timing.  Everyone wants to shoot us when we are just passing the message along.
Another mentality says “You shouldn’t say anything.”  Well, if you think that, hang up.  Listen to the news and then get off the line.
Tony: We have some contacts I could never have imagined talking to!  DC is used to his name being mentioned around the world, but I never expected my name to be heard in DC or around the world.  Sometimes they want us to get a message to someone else that they cannot reach directly, or they need us to say something that people need to get, for things they need to be prepared for.  I don’t mind being here to help you.  Regardless of whether the RV happens today tomorrow or next week, there are things we are trying to help you understand for your future.
703 caller:  I feel bad for what you guys go through.  It’s like they are shooting the messenger.  I feel tremendous gratitude for what you do.  [Appreciation]  I read something this morning over on Recaps, saying that the Fed was blocking SWIFT codes??
DC:  I’m not sure what you are getting at. 
Caller:  It said the Fed is blocking transfer of funds.  It was clear as mud.
DC:  To me as well.  I don’t understand if or what that is about.
Tony:  We were told the bonds were happening and people would have money in their accounts on Tuesday. We know there is an issue and so they haven’t been completed yet, and maybe that is what they are hinting at?  We know they are waiting for the announcement of the RV.
618 caller:  I don’t have a question, but did want to mention a project that I’m going to help out.
DC:  Almost all our members are going to be taking steps beyond themselves, helping humanity on a local or larger level, so we like hearing about these projects.
Caller:  Have you heard of adverse drug reactions?  When a doctor prescribes medicine and there are bad reactions – over two million per year. There is now a DNA test to help them ascertain beforehand if a person is likely to have adverse reactions.  The website is  I hope this will save lives.
Tony:  It’s a great thing because a lot of people have reactions to drugs, but are you creating a medical DNA database so the next doctor or hospital knows further down the line?  I don’t mean to be controversial, but many will ask that question.
405 caller:  Last Friday, you stated that Baghdad was in the dark, that there hadn’t been an RV there.  I bought a car and the dealer was Iraqi.  An imam wanted to buy a car, too, and he called Baghdad and his contacts said that nothing was happening in Baghdad.  I would like to sell my dinar to an imam from Iraq – can you expedite that?
DC:  I don’t believe US citizens can do that, legally.  That will trigger law enforcement guys as well.  You can still get currency on the streets in Iraq, so they can do their deal without you.  Not every citizen knows about this and they are told to keep quiet.  If you want to sell it, you can sell to the bank or dealer where you bought it.  Until it’s changed value  internationally, I don’t think an Iraqi citizen will buy it for more than the 1166 rate.
Tony:  Most Iraqi citizens don’t want you to have this!  It’s come about from their blood, their families, etc.  Most I’ve talked to here won’t discuss this at all, even if they are getting called back home.  In my five years of doing this, any private person selling dinar are ending up in court.
Caller:  I thought you said that some cities in Iraq have been revalued…?
DC:  Some citizens have been repaid for past debts, pensions, etc., in different areas.  Most people in Basra have gone over to the $3.91, but many other citizens are still being paid at 1166.  The entire country has NOT converted to the new rate.
Tony:  We know that people here were being paid – we know the people who got paid, those paying them, the rates and all the rest.  People posted in the forum that friends got exchanged, or they got their own appointment.  If someone new came on the forum, what would you tell them?  You cannot tell them a bank to exchange, and they would think this is not happening.  Your guy called one person who has not been paid, but we talk to people all the time in Iraq who have been paid.  And they could be 100 meters away!
Caller:  You’ve probably saved my life from going to jail, so thank you.
DC:  Basra and Tikrit have had the most people paid.
Tony:  Pam wants me to talk about foundations and such, and if we have another call I will try to discuss that for a bit.  We did talk to a bank person at X bank, and their plan is only to exchange their customers. If there is a bank you want to go to, it’s a good idea to have your account open for at least 24 hours and with at least $1,000 in that account.  It might be a good idea to get that account open now;  this bank has been cautioned against opening accounts just for this purpose.
DC:  I think we have summarized it at the start. Everyone is ready.  I don’t believe we have to wait for Abadi to get home before early exchanges start.  Everything is on board, and I hope you come home very wealthy people.
Pam:  DavidM says:  “There are 20,000 TNT members, but only one DC and Tony. They are not divine, not rocks starts, not to be put on a pedestal, but they keep your future in mind as we get to the finish line.”
Ray:  Continue to enjoy this Where-is-it Wednesday…
Tony:  Thank you.  Our conversation today was not about giving ourselves praise.  We do understand both sides.  We know everyone doesn’t have the same info. We love and support  you.  This is what we got through this every day. There are governments and banks that go through the same thing – yea and nay.  Even though they have approval for early releases, but we understand why they hesitate.  They have their plan, we just need to know wha tit is so that your transactions can go smoothly and you can survive for more than 2-3 years.  Anything we can do to help that along, we are happy to do.  We have been asked by both sides, and we have done it.  At time we have been asked to give you information we think you need, and other times we’ve been asked to refrain from saying certain things.  On Monday, we were told the banks should be exchanging on Thursday, and in Baghdad they are saying over the next few days.  It could go as long as the weekend.  I hope we have a call before Friday.  As for the early releases, I hope the banks call us and let us help them through.  If something really super happens, we will tweet it out and we will have another call.  Enjoy your day!

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