TNT – Wednesday

Tony: We have received nothing but good information in the last 24 hours. Iraq has told their people that it’s here, and we’ve been told that it’s here, using our definition of ‘here’. Everyone is cautious, excited and touchy, so we didn’t go into details but they are great.
Some people are saying we need to wait for certain things, and they are being done, and some things are still being worked on to make this even better. You’re not at the bank yet, but there is reason to be happy. We are at another level of ‘never happened before’ including multiple countries. We are still here – they didn’t make the announcement today – but that is not because they couldn’t have. They chose not to, although another few days won’t hurt us. I hope we don’t have a call on Friday, but I will send out a tweet, hopefully something super-fantastic. Enjoy your day! Thanks, everybody…

End of Call (*)

Ill post a transcript soon as one surfaces

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