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Good morning, TNT! Today is Wednesday, May 13, 2015. We are here once again, but I am comfortable in telling you we won’t be here much longer. That’s all I can say until DC spills his guts and we can talk about it. It was a great day yesterday, lot of things on the boards and being said – I’m excited!
DC: Bottom line – it’s been stopped again once or maybe twice, but it’s back on again as we speak. East to West, Iraq is continuing to prepare, and they are ready to go. They have everything ready and waiting for when the US will say Yes. There is not much change in Iraq since Monday. More cards were loaded. They said the past few days they had cut back on the 300-400K discrepency down significantly. More people have found out about , and people are more positive now. There are still some who don’t have it but they are working on that.
They have a holiday that starts today. It would have been nice to have the RV before, and it would still be nice to have it during a slow time.
In the USA, they have asked for it to be delayed twice in the last 50 hours, with the intent to let it go through. There are some tight timelines because of other demands from parts of the US. The US does want to participate with some things and it’s beneficial to play along with others in this going through. They have agreed to another quick timeline. That is based on internal agendas of the US administration. Bank screens have been up and down, with a lot of trading last night. That was another attempt to go forward. It was a pause, not a stop, as we understand it. Banks are ready, have called folks in both times and done all their work and are doing it again as we speak.
Tony: Iraq got an A rating as a country and they are selling their bonds. That was all in anticipation of what got started last night. Usually it gets stopped before the process is started, but this was in the middle. People got phone calls yesterday, with appointments for early this morning, and those have been rescheduled for certain times and days. The release has already been rescheduled from the middle of the process – and that is the first time we have got that far. We know people around the world who are up and running and we are the last to go through. There is nothing we can do about it. It’s already going. Whatever it was this morning, it’s already been cleared up and ready again. I don’t know if they are starting over or they will continue from where they left off, but a new time has been scheduled and we should be happy.
So far as the banks and wire transfers are concerned, with the 500K being scrutinized in the fist 30 days, that is from two years ago. I don’t think that has changed.
DC: That is specifically for wires going overseas. Homeland will scrutinize those wire transfers to make sure it isn’t going anywhere funny. For those used to working with their bankers, it might not take as long, but it will be slower than usual.
310 caller: I’ve been traveling for the past year or so, and I ask whenever I go into any bank. They don’t have a clue about anything. This close to the RV, shouldn’t’ they have some insight?
DC: No. From a banker’s perspective, if you tell your tellers and VPs that this is going to make a ton of money, they will invest themselves, and when this pops, they won’t have any employees. Not many bankers know about this – about 3% of wealth managers. That means 97% do not know! It may leak later on, but most will not pay attention. It’s more like “Oh, I should have bought Google at $20”. Unless you have a specific need to know, they will not tell you.
Tony: They had six tellers walk out in one location last Friday. That is why they don’t know and it doesn’t make sense to tell them. It IS One-Question Wednesday, so let’s see how many we can get through.
860 caller: I’m concerned bout the zim. Reports online are saying that after the end of June they will no longer be utilizing the 2008 series AA.
DC: I think we will be fine. They need to retire that series anyway, so it’s not unexpected. We are still in the timeline to take advantage of that.
617 caller: Have any other groups gone through yet?
DC: Yes, over 300 have; recently, not many. If you haven’t gone by now, you won’t go before everyone goes.
Tony: The largest groups are still waiting with us.
214 caller: I live in Dallas. ? said that there may be a difficult time in Dallas for the exchange because of too many dinarians. Is it better to go somewhere else?
DC: Because you are paying attention, you will probably be one of the first folks in. If they cannot give you an appointment in less than four days, ask if they can give you an appointment sooner in Midland, Austin or San Antonio; Google for those zip codes now. Our understanding that the folks paying attention will get in within 24 hours. Those who are family members or a couple of hours from calling the 800 numbers, they will be given later appointments.
Caller: [can’t hear, too garbled.] I have created (want to create?) dinar charity site so people can give anonymously. I think that would help people.
Tony: Don’t create any site with dinar in the name. I t’s not a conversation they want to take place after this. If you are in Texas and packing to go somewhere, I would keep going! You know I’m only joking.
512 caller (from Austin): It’s so exciting we are coming down to the wire. You said things are going and it looks like we are in process, no more than 24 hours, correct?
Tony: It is 99% likely that will go wrong, so let’s go with the 1%. No, things are great, but we cannot control it. We’ve been at 99% before, and they were halfway through it last night, but I cannot guarantee anything.
DC: The expectation is for this to go through, at pretty high levels.
Caller: We sure hope we will see it in the next 24 hours, so thank you so much!
404 caller: Sure hoping we’ll be seeing this in the next little bit. You keep saying the US has been stopping this. Is it the same entity in the US? What entity? What counter-measures are in place to stop this being paused again?
DC: The entity is what you think. The reasons – I have heard some things but there has to be more behind it than what my sources told me. It may be part of the reason but not all of it. I understand they have already been said it can go again.
Caller: We keep being told it will go ahead, and then it get stopped again. What assurances do we have?
DC: There are not assurances. We’ll just have to wait and see.
301 caller: Can’t believe I’m finally on this call! Hi, everyone! In the past I have heard that they are paying on the outside of Iraq, and we were told that when Iraq gets paid, we will get paid. Now we are hearing they are getting paid, but we are still not being paid. So every call I listen, and I know your hopes are high, then … we wait again. How can we keep allowing the United States to keep playing with our livelihood like this? What can we do to make the US stop playing with our lives?
Tony: I’ve been told what you’ve been told, that as soon as the Iraqi people get paid we will get paid, and the Iraqi people are being paid, so… I’m on your side!
DC: The majority of Iraqis have not exchanged. Different groups have, but they haven’t paid the majority as yet. Once the public gets paid, then we will get paid. Some are being paid, but the US have stopped it. Until the US lets it go all the way through…
Tony: Until there is a real public announcement that their rate is international, that is when we will be able to go through.
Caller: My parents are retired, and I heard you say that this could mess up them getting Medicare. They have a couple of thousand; what can they do so this doesn’t mess with their money?
DC: They need to consult an attorney about this.
Tony: I have a good friend whose mother is in a nursing home and they are taking her home. That’s how it works. If people are on a pension, this might make them ineligible for their benefits. The same is true for veterans and such. Check with an attorney. They might be able to put this money in a trust or foundation. A good attorney will help you walk through what might work. It’s about your adjusted gross income, but it depends on exactly what they count as income. Each one is different, so attorney, attorney, attorney! If she can afford it, she should talk to an attorney before this happens, just say that she is expecting a lump sum and how does that affect her deal?
Caller: What are the current rates?
DC: Dinar = $4.67 , zim = 19 cents , rupiah = 1.18/1.19 , dong = $2.27; those are the international rates.
408 caller: Do you have any information about being at the banks with several accounts with different SS numbers and/or EIN numbers. Can you take $10K per day out of each account?
DC: The limits are for law enforcement purposed, not to limit you having access to your money. What do you need $10K in cash for every day? It’s about reporting. You can order as much as you want when you want it, but most banks don’t have that much physical cash on them, so you have to ask in advance.
Tony: For this, that limit has been lowered to $7,000 that you can get in cash during the process – in the mornings. By the afternoon, that might go down to 2-3,000 dollars.
DC: You can have as much cash as you want, you just have to order it in advance.
Caller’s husband: I have some Cubans for you; we don’t live that far apart. [Appreciation]
Tony: Thank you! Someone sent me a box of Cubans a few days ago.
DC: I have to go to work, so goodbye for now. Hope to see you on the other side. I hope the US will allow this to go through very soon.
636 caller: I have given a 50 trillion zim note to a friend; is that still one of the notes that will be exchanged?
Tony: My understanding is that zim notes will be traded 100 trillion at a time, so you need to get that one back or give your friend another note. That’s what I was told; we don’t know until it actually goes down.
Caller: You seem so savvy; are you sure you’re not a closet Texan?
503 caller: The banks are losing every day; I cannot imagine them delaying this any longer. Can you expand on that?
Tony: As far as delaying and letting more tellers get into this? When this happened with Kuwait, all their employee knew about it and walked off the job. They didn’t want that to happen again! The banks are in business to make money. So if they tell their employees and they buy currency and walk off the job the day this happens – that is not something they want to happen. Some banks employed another 2,000 wealth managers, who they trained up to do these exchanges. So if they lose all those employees, there is nobody left to tell us how to exchange, how to invest and all the rest because those who invested have walked off the job. All those memos we saw were worded carefully to say someone on the internet is running a scam… and that is true.
Caller: That memo from the Fed going out last week – how many people have left?
Tony: That memo did not go out to everyone, just certain people. I don’t know the numbers, but on Monday one particular bank told their WMs to listen to our call to get the information and see where we are at. The banks will lose some employees. They know the percentages, they are playing the game and that is all they can do.
For those listening, we have planned some events across the country as celebrations and education, inviting the banks in to meet the new millionaires and help them prolong this wealth. It’s a change for those who have been in this for up to ten years, talking on the phone and in the chat rooms, to meet each other. That’s why people keep saying Vegas, Vegas, Vegas. I’m told in my NDA that this might not be possible, but these are not dinar events, just celebrations.
410 caller: Are you still doing an 800 number? Will we still use those to make a first appointment?
Tony: We still don’t have the package because the process got stopped again. We think we will do a final 15-minute call. As for the 800 numbers, at one point we were to dial one number, but now the banks are doing their own thing and being competitive. Maybe we will put out an 800 number for one bank and you’ll have to call the others. I do know that you will have to give them your name, zip code and such and they will set that first appointment. At this point, we think we’ll just do that one 15-minute call.
Caller: Wells Fargo has changed their website to say that they don’t sell Iraq dinar, when before they said they don’t buy or sell dinar, so maybe that’s an indicator.
716 caller: Is there any limit to cashier’s checks?
Tony: I think that any amount is okay. We were told during training that the banks would prefer you to use checks, cashier’s checks or cards. This is all about tracking the money.
Caller: Are the Powers that Be at the highest realms, like DC suggested?
Tony: Yes, I think we all know who, just not why.
Caller: I’m getting up in years, and I wish these people would have sympathy for those who won’t be around much longer, to let us do some good while we can.
Tony: “So everyone can do the good deeds they want to do” as she just said… this is not political but a statement of fact. President Obama talked yesterday about what the right and the left thinks is the way to go with respect to poverty. There are six million people with dinar in hand. There are 350 million people in the US. If each dinarian would reach out to ten people, and pay their light bill or cable bill for them, or their car note… just the simplest of things… how many of us can give a $1,000 tip to a waitress as soon as this happens? We can change their lives. There are six million of us, and if we each chose ten people to do that with, that’s 60 million people whose lives we will change. That’s 20% of the population, and for that day or month, it will affect their lives. That is how we pay it forward as well as the other things we are doing. I’ll be watching the internet and seeing how many of those things pop up. I’ll do it anyway.
562 caller: You have told us to check on what you have posted in the Top Ten Things. One thing that says is that those with dong don’t need to make an appointment. Can you clarify that?
Tony: We don’t have the package yet, and I don’t know that. Everyone should call the 800 number and make their appointment for ALL currencies. Tell them what you have so they know the volume. I would call the 800 number for every bank because they are being competitive, and find out how quickly you can exchange with each bank.
Caller: I hope to see you in Vegas and also take some of Ray’s classes on trusts, etc.
501 caller: I am turning 80 next year, and I want to get on with this! Are we going to able to exchange in Little Rock, Arkansas?
Tony: Is that the place with one traffic light? I’m sure you can exchange there. The main banks will all have sister banks they will work through, or tier 2 banks.
770 caller: Sitting on the edge of the chair hoping we will get through it this time. Are the caps still in place?
Tony: We have heard no change in the limits. Until we get the package we will go with those rates until we can do the call. Yes, they are dropping six zeroes on the zim. They said they will do the zim in lots of 100 trillion, so you have to have at least that amount to exchange zim. That’s what I was told from one banking source.
561 caller: You guys saved me tons of heartache and money – a short story of why you don’t give people your money. I’m with part of the Admiral’s group and the man I was dealing with was told he can no longer exchange it – but he hasn’t give it back either. I still have plenty with me, but that is a lesson in NOT giving your money to anyone else. Keep it in your own hands!
Tony: A lot of people throughout the years have said they are part of the Admiral’s group, and those people were NOT part of that group, even though they said they were and promoted that group. I know a lot of you guys have lost your money. I was in Reno and told them not to hand over their money, but they did and they lost their currency. There is going to be a lot of litigation and I hope that you have enough to keep you going until this is cleared up. We are going to get paid and it will be exchanged that day. Others in groups will be waiting for two or three weeks because it’s complicated.
Caller: It does happen and they do screw you out of your money. My question: if you want to give people money without it affecting their taxes, is there a way to do that?
Tony: Talk to attorneys about that. I’m not an attorney or legal/financial advisers; one person I know who got a loan was still affected because it was considered money in hand. Go to an attorney and ask for the best way around that. It doesn’t matter if it’s a loan or a gift; it may still affect their eligibility. Ask an attorney.
423 caller: I have a sister in Colorado who tried to open an account last year, and the bank said they were not involved in those currencies. She was in that bank yesterday and the banker said that they will deal with dong. She mentioned that she has dinar as well, and the WM said they will be handling the dong and the dinar. This is a big bank but not a huge branch.
Tony: More and more are being informed and now that information is getting out there. We will see that after the announcement.
530 caller: I am trying to get my head wrapped round the smart cards, with different rates in different parts of Iraq; we know that is causing problems. When the Iraqis turn in what they have for lower denominations, that is different than when we exchange our dinars. Earlier, you said some of the smart cards were being exchanged or loaded at $3.91. How can the Iraqis have a dollar amount like we would have in the US?
Tony: They got the equivalent of $3.91, and someone else got another rate such as $1.16, $3.57, or whatever. There are over 300 hundred groups that we know have exchanged here in the US. Some exchanged at 50 cents, some at a dollar, some at $12 and some at $28. They exchanged and got their rates, and when it is announced internationally, the rate will be consistent at between $3.50 and $4.00.
Caller: When we buy something with a card here, we get X at a certain value. If the Iraqis purchase something like a candy bar, and they give their card and it has a different rate, what does that do for their economy? If all Iraqis have smart cards at $3.91…
Tony: Their $3.91 is worth one dinar. On their card, that is one dinar. If a candy bar costs 50 cents, that is what they will pay. They will not take it out in US dollars.
Caller: We know certain people have got an RI rate, but it seems that is not international?
Tony: That is an in-country rate, and it depends on what group they are in. it’s the same as here, with early exchangers and groups at different rates. When they go make a purchase, it recalculates to the rate that person is using. Until it is international and it then becomes uniform, they have to use the system that they are using, whether we understand it or not. They have to work the system they have.
239 caller: I’m a bit concerned because I have a friend in the Admiral’s group – he has sent in his passport, etc., and he has the opportunity to bring in more people. He was given a rate with taxes taken out. I have several currencies, and I don’t know whether to go in with that group or make my own appointment so that I can exchange all currencies at the same time.
Pam: I can say it without swear words, but it means more coming from Tony. Admiral’s group closed a LONG time ago.
Tony: Yes, they use his name as much as they use my name.
Caller: My friend must believe in it but it sounds like he might be scammed as well. Thanks for all your information; I am very trusting. I still haven’t found my 100 trillion zim pack that I lost a while ago. I have searched for six months… I was fortunate enough to replace it, so I am back again.
Tony: I am not giving some stranger on the internet all my information – passport, address, SS number. I wouldn’t do it!
810 caller: I was writing a letter to you and DC, but then thought I’d put it on the call. I know you guys suffer from allergies. Check out a Rife machine; if every household had one, there would be little to no illness in the world. Take my number and text me; I will send you all the information. It saved my husband’s life, and I want to pay it forward to you by helping you with your allergies. Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
909 caller: With these NDAs, can we mention where the money came from when we talk to our accountant and/or tax lawyer?
Tony: Anyone who needs to know where the money comes from has to sign the same NDA. We don’t have the tax information yet, so we don’t know if it even will be taxed.
Caller: I admire how you and DC have been able to answer the same question 1,000 times. I need to hang out with you so I can learn the same thing.
Tony: This is how I look at it: DC explains things and he talks fast. Then I come back and simplify it. Hopefully you understand at least one of us. If I get asked the same question again, I guess I didn’t explain the answer right so I try again. If one person asks the question again, there are a lot more who want to ask that question again. I try not to make it about those people not paying attention; they might just be busy or distracted.
816 caller: Hallelujah! I have been trying to get on your call for months! They were talking about disability, social security and all that. Before we even exchange, should we talk to a lawyer about? Or should I have it all put in my husband’s name? I am on Medicare myself.
Tony: Call the agency involved and ask if this will affect your benefits. There are a bunch of attorneys who will give you a free consultation, especially if you say that you will come in to see them for them to do the paperwork as soon as you exchange. It doesn’t have to be a specialist attorney – go to a family attorney.
Caller: If someone doesn’t have 100 trillion, should we put it together with someone else and then split it afterwards?
Tony: I would put together a trust with a group of people to qualify you, and then the trust is responsible, and it can be divided correctly amongst the beneficiaries. Have the lawyer write it up with the proportions to be paid out. I’m sure there are people who need to think about these things before they exchange.
I don’t know what is going to happen with these 100 trillion notes. Two x 50 trillion equals 100 trillion zim, and 10 x 10 trillion also equals 100 trillion zim. We don’t KNOW that this is an issue, but there are easy solutions. I am NOT telling you to go buy more zim; we got that from one bank source only, and I don’t’ know if that bank is going to maintain it, given how long ago they told us. There are ways to be creative and qualify.
Pam: I’m reading something from The Shawshank Redemption that Dad sent me, ‘Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things. You’ve heard “what goes around comes around.” May your generous gift of your time come round again and reward you.” It takes a village; it’s not just Tony, DC, Ray and me, there is a whole group doing what they can to help you guys. It’s not just us.
Ray: I’m going to get out of the way to enjoy this Wednesday…
Tony: They did initiate the process last night and bonds were traded. Iraq has an A rating for the currency, and they could not have that without an international currency. A lot of people knew it was supposed to go between 2-5am this morning. The process did start and was stopped before it could complete. The US stopped it; we don’t know the exact reason, but it’s been resolved and they will try again. It is scheduled already to go again and we’ll see if it makes it through this time. They say they will let it go through, and this morning the numbers were changing in the system. Everyone is very excited from yesterday morning, and we were waiting all day. Banks called in people and they have already rescheduled those people. All we can do is hope and pray; anyone who can affect this has said that it will go through this time. We’ll see what happens. Hopefully I’ll be sending out a tweet later today or tomorrow; t he misery will be over and the party will begin. We are really, really close and will make it through together. Then this waiting will seem like a bad dream. Enjoy the rest of your day!

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