TNT Wednesday

Tony: Good morning, TNT! Today is Wednesday, June 3, 2015, and we are here once again. We’re having a longer call than the 15 minute call we expected to do. However, the banks have received memos globally telling them that this time it’s really going to happen. We have heard that before, but this time, no joking, it’s happening.
Iraq has the ball in their hand again, and they are still waiting for the perfect time, probably negotiating for a few things. PM Abadi had an hour’s meeting in Paris this week, asking people to commit to things, so that Iraq can be financially secure. It’s ironic, because I always say that if you do what you said you would do, I’ll do what I said I would do. Abadi is doing the same thing – he is announcing things on the television, doing every thing he said he would do, and he needs some reciprocity. He left smiling, and the word we got was that this can pop at any moment after Abadi gets back in the country. There is a timeframe – not necessarily today, but within days. It has agreed to go off at that time. We know the times that they like, generally Friday morning their time, and Friday morning our time before the business day starts, or after the markets close on Friday afternoon. The US prefers the weekends, but nobody believes that any more. There is nothing holding this back. The rates are at the bank. Some banks tried to run it through this morning and yesterday afternoon; the numbers are there, there is no admin hold, but when they actually tried to do it, it wouldn’t work. That doesn’t mean it couldn’t go at a moment’s notice. Iraq is saying “it’s done!” and they are just waiting for Abadi to get back. Iraq has the green light, and they can go as soon as Abadi says it’s beneficial for his people. He said two days ago that the people will get paid on time from now on.
I told you that the rates had been changed and then people weren’t able to use them at the weekend. They called the bank, who said their accounts were being recalibrated and they could use their cards by Monday. So they were anticipating this by Monday. The clearing house in Europe has received the new rates, too. I forgot to check on the new cards, but I will see what I can find out.
Everything is done; this could go at any time. It’s only waiting on Iraq to be satisfied and put their plan in motion. Yesterday, I specifically got word that the US is NOT holding this up, and they are a bit tired of being blamed for this. Our people in Iraq said that the CBI met on Tuesday and it’s back in Iraq’s hands. That is the bottom line. Iraq is back in control, everything has been signed off, the system has been fixed and checked, and Abadi has the authority to make the announcement whenever he wants to.
If DC was here, we could go back and forth. Let me say this: there has been a lot going back and forth about DC. He is working on a project that has to be done. If this goes for another month or so, I’m sure he’ll be back, but at the moment he is focused on this project. Pam and I talk to him every day, but unfortunately he has to do this during our call times. He is working 12-14 hours per day. Like many of you, he has a job, and he has a a commitment.
302 caller: It sounds like some things are the same as Monday. You felt then that we were in a window that is probably this week. With what has happened since Monday with PM Abadi in France, is that the same window?
Tony: It’s the same window and it could go off at any moment. It depends on Abadi, and when he is happy, he will make an announcement, sometime within that window… which could go all the way t o Monday. Years ago, the weekend was the perfect time because they could get us in and then everyone else. At one point the US wanted it during the day, and other times they wanted it at night. Now they don’t care, apart from Monday being a bad day for the bank reconciliation. Now everyone is in lockdown, waiting for it to go. I can’t give you a percentage – all I can tell you is that it CAN go. There is nothing to stop it. I don’t know why he didn’t do it when he got home last night. He could do it tomorrow, Friday, whenever, unless some other drama comes up. DC would say the same. Pam says this is One-question Wednesday because she wants to get through a lot of people.
408 caller: Has that glitch you talked about been fixed?
Tony: There is no glitch, everything is ready, it will go as soon as Abadi is comfortable. I wish it was when I was comfortable, but it’s when he is comfortable.
314 caller: [Appreciation] I have a concern – will you be able torecord the final 15-minute call, and if so will your site be up to click a replay link?
Tony: I wish I knew! I will definitely record it like all the calls in the last five years. I don’t know what they want us to do, they have changed so many times. If we record it, it makes sense to make that available. I don’t know what the NDA will require. They want us to take down the site, now they want TNTdinar to be static, they don’t want us to talk about dinar… I get all that. I hope that we can create some way for you all to meet and greet, talk about other investments and how to handle this money. They don’t want me to be involved in politics, and a few other things if things don’t go well. But everything is good, and I will do what I can. Even if we cannot send out a tweet, we’ll put something on the site in the Tony Blast section of the forum, even if the site is static. We will also put up a notice saying the site is static.
Someone sent me a Tommy Bahama shirt – too small, but I love it!
617 caller: Once this goes through, and they approve Vegas, then where do we sign up?
Tony: Go to the tntsuperfantastic sites and you can sign up there. People registered there three years ago! We’ll wipe out those names and ask people to sign up again so that we can have an idea of how many want to come.
Caller: Will that be right away once you do your call?
Tony: I won’t know until I talk to them face to face and we come to agreement. If we can do it, I will send out a tweet saying “go to tntsuperfantastic” to sign up for the events.
252 caller: [Appreciation] I’m ready to go! On the dong, if they come out at .47 cents, will there still be a limit on how much you can exchange?
Tony: I know there is a limit on the zim. On the dong, there is a limit on the contract rate; at the international rate, you can exchange as much as you want.
Caller: I hope to see you in Vegas or North Carolina! Thanks, Tony!
863 caller: What are the rates that are showing… are they the same?
Tony: They are: $3.91 for the dinar, 47 cents for the dong, 1.48 for the rupiah, and 11 to 22 cents for the zim. [chitchat]
817 caller: It’s great to be on your call! [Appreciation] I have an analogy to share that might help get you through this – we are in the bleachers at a home-run Derby, and you and DC can talk to the pitcher and batter. So it’s almost absurd to ask if the next pitch will be a home run, because how can you tell, right? I think we should be asking your strategy questions. For me, it’s a great return on the dinar and dong. If you do have zim, and you’ve been saying they will drop six zeroes. If you get to the exchange and they say they are dropping more zeroes, should you take it or walk away?
Tony: Great question. My understanding from years ago is that someone at the UST told me they would drop six zeroes, and exchange at 11 cents. More people got zim, and at one point they said they would drop nine zeroes, and then, later, they would exchange at minus six zeroes. Now they don’t care, they just want to exchange people because they will spend it anyway. I would just want to exchange what I can and get on with my future.
Caller: I’m a trained trustee, and I appreciate all you’ve said about structures. If you try to use a structure you don’t understand and don’t have professional help, you can get into more trouble than if you didn’t have that structure to begin with. My strategy is to hide in plain sight. Pay your taxes and get on with your life.
Tony: You can put your funds in a trust, LLC, or your grandmother’s name, but you have to be involved in your own future. If you have a wealth manager who recommends this or that, ask WHY until you understand. Just giving someone the money and expecting them to deal with it… I was just seeing reading an article about a bunch of athletes who are filing bankruptcy because they handed over their money for someone else to deal with. You have to take ownership of your own money!
Caller: There is a huge difference between a bank trust account and a bank account for a trust.
404 caller: What celebrations are planned in Iraq? Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
Tony: There is some kind of event planned for Thursday, and if the RV is announced, it could be an RV celebration. They could announce it before, during or after!
716 caller: I bought all my dinar and dong through Sterling, and I commend them for their care of their customers. They even gave me 50K rupiah, just for being a good customer. When you go invest money and you hear different things from different people, do you go with your best guess or what? I’ve heard a lot about American Funds Mutual; you put money in there and they pay you interest – is that how it works?
Tony: I would interview several people, and do my own research to understand as much as I can, and then choose someone on a short-term basis to see what they can do for me. I will give several people a shot to prove they can do what they say they can do. That’s what I would do.
Caller: I have three firms I am looking at, and one is doing well, with 300 million dollars. That shows me there could be success there.
Tony: There may be success in that company. However, I worked with one guy who showed me all the pictures on his wall, and said he never lost anybody’s money, and I lost 85K in fifteen minutes. He said he was ‘distracted’. So you never know…
410 caller: Sounds like it’s going to be a happy week for us! [Appreciation] Vegas, Vegas, Vegas will work… although Austin would work, too! When you talked about putting up the message on the tntsuperfantastic sites, I was wondering if the 800 number will be posted anywhere else. I mean, a lot of people will be calling that number!
Tony: I don’t know how they want to do this… one 800 number for the entire country, regional numbers… that’s what I would do but until they give it to us, we have to wait. As of yesterday, all I know is that everyone will go together, all at the same time – groups, internet, people on the street. I don’t know how they will deal with that. It makes sense to me and you that they would have regional 800 numbers… but it may be that each bank will have its own 800 number, or you call each bank to call a local bank. I don’t know.
Caller: [Appreciation] Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
703 caller: I am super-fantastic thanks to your calls! Just for clarification, everything is in Abadi’s hands?
Tony: That is my understanding, that it is back in their hands, and they have the green light whenever they feel comfortable. A lot of people are sitting on their hands waiting for this. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, they are waiting. Something could happen or change, and although it can go, there is no reason for it NOT to go, we are still here talking about it, so there must be some reason, right? It feels like he is negotiating, or at least asking for reassurance. They met for an hour and agreed to what we thought they agreed to two months ago. We are still expecting it this week, at any moment.
770 caller: We’ve been in this holding pattern it seems like forever. How did we the people as group get sucked into this holding pattern and now our rates have been driven down and we still have to wait. What was our effect as ‘we the people’ if we are getting the short end of the process.
Tony: We are right here at the end. Years ago, a lot of people got paid a whole lot of money – there is a paper trail a mile long. “We are the people” were going to be eliminated completely, so we got involved so that we could stay involved. We were only supposed to get $3.91, and we found out there were contract rates that they got, and they were a whole lot more than $3.91. So they decided that a percentage of the general public will get the contract rate. Those of us paying attention are more likely to get hat contract rate, and the rest will get the international rate, and they will be happy because that’s all they knew about anyway. That contract rate is more than I ever thought it would be, even though it’s not as high as some people got a few years ago. They are spreading it out so that more of “we are the people” will at least get some of that higher rate. That is what “we are the people” was all about – to make sure that we stayed in the game and were treated fairly. It was NOT about forcing the government to give us money right now. I was in the military for 15 years, and I support my government. The decisions they are making has to do with ALL the American people over the next 50 years. We cannot force them to give us our money today when it’s about what happens for the next 50 to 100 years. Yes, they gave it to some people a year or so back, and those people have been giving us information because they felt bad; they thought we were right in line behind them. They didn’t give the money back, but they are helping us out even though some are risking their jobs and their families’ future when they share their information.
“We are the people” was effective, and it still puts people on notice that if we are not treated fairly, we still have the documentation to blow this open. However, what I have been told is that we are still part of the process and will be treated fairly. After all we have sacrificed in the last five years, we will see it through. I have made some logical decisions when and who to talk to about what. There are people in other countries who continue to give us information because of the “we are the people” campaign.
Caller: I appreciate that because without you and your team, I would have thrown in the towel a long time ago. I am an American and I did my time in Vietnam. What about others who didn’t sacrifice? Why is everyone being held back?
Tony: Because this affects the whole globe. Those earlier people didn’t get paid through the same process we will use to be paid, so it didn’t affect the world economy in the same way. Position has privileges and power, and that is just how the world is… not just in our government but the banking system, probably in your job, and everywhere else. We don’t’ want to be negative – we think this is about to go through – but in the five years I’ve been talking here, I hope you understand the reality of how government, banking and the financial system works. Notice how power and influence works, because you’re going to be one of those powerful people. I have a friend who made 23 million, a black guy, and now he is a Republican. He said to me that we will be among the 1% and we had better think and act how they do.
Caller: We have gone this whole mile with “we are the people” and it concerned me that we got worn down to find that we are going with the general public, not first.
Tony: Who is going to get notice first? You are! You are listening to these calls, and you will get to the bank first, unless you call your entire group first. If you call them first, they will get to the bank before you and they will get the contract rate and you will get the international rate. I would go to the bank first, because I have been carrying this for five years – then they can take their chances. We are the ones on this call, and we should be the first ones at the bank, then those four or five million people. I don’t think they will even announce it, they will just let this information trickle out.
“We are the people” and we are the ones who contacted Congress people, bankers, sending emails, letters and phone calls. Before that, they didn’t really know who knew what. So we did what we had to do and it was effective.
870 caller: If there is a cap, will that apply to the name of the person who bought them or who deposits them? If we have an LLC, can that LLC have its own cap on top of our own cap?
Tony: Take professional advice. I have been told that if they think you control the LLC, then the same cap will apply to you and the LLC as one entity. If I hit the cap, and if there is someone in my family I am planning to give currency to, then I might as well give it to them and let them get the contract rate. But over the caps, you can still exchange at the international rate (for dinar and dong).
Pam: You’ve heard it all a million times: I appreciate all of you, the TNT family, intel team, mods, transcribers, and you may never know their names but they have sacrificed along with all of you.
Ray: Continue to enjoy this Wonderful Wednesday!
Tony: We’re still in it to win it! If you are having a bad day after this call, just think… darn, I could be Tony, Pam, Ray or DC, and going through this three times an hour – up, down, sideways, and all the rest. We cannot tell you the exact moment, only a window. Several times it has been blocked, and if they tried to push it through, then why if there was still a glitch? In the last two weeks, it was authorized by everyone, and there was a system in the problem that has since been resolved. Now it is up to one person to release this, and then our lives will be changed forever – not just us, but the Iraqi citizens, with new laws, new wealth, and a new type of government. They will have things imported that they have never seen before, including democracy. We’ll still be the same people, just with more money. It will change their lives dramatically, and I can’t way for them to experience that.
If you could affect ten people’s lives in ten days, that would be news around the world. A thousand dollars will affect somebody’s life, and six million x ten is sixty million people who will be helped. We’ll see it on Facebook and Twitter, etc. Put the ‘superfantastic’ on those thousand-dollar tips, and we will know it’s TNT at work. Enjoy your day! If something happens, we will tweet it out!

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