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Tony:  Good morning, TNT!  Today is Wednesday, June 10, 2015.  I’m tired because I was up really late last night reading and talking, and got up early this morning to do the same.  We have some information and updates;  we’ll go through, then talk about what you guys want to talk about.  Let’s get it done!

Pam sent me a few notes of what I’m supposed to say.  We get on a call in the mornings, get information and then have a conference call to discuss the information.  Because of DC’s situation, I talk to him earlier, and then back and forth throughout the day.

Here in the US, our Iraqi friends with Iraqi television it’s saying on television that the rate will change effective June 17.  That’s on their television over here – that on June 17 they will see an effective change of the currency and the rate.  Over in Iraq, since Saturday they have been explaining the process, the exchanges, and all that is happening, “in the coming days”.

What we do know is that the 17th is the start of Ramadan, and I don’t think they want it to start on that particular day, but we’ll since.  Since Abadi went to the G7, he has had his last few negotiations.  They had the green light from 12 days prior to that.  On Monday night everyone reviewed and updated the agreements, and now things are processing. That means everyone around the world is looking at their directions/instructions and getting their final plans together. They don’t have to wait until the 17th;  banks here are being told even sooner than that.  Banks here have received memos of what day and time to expect this.

I said the Pam and DC this morning that this date and time will not happen, because they already told everyone.  We know they want to blindside everyone, so that date/time will not happen. I expect it prior to that date and time, or immediately after that we will hear a new time.  They are never going to tell people 12, 24, 48 hours ahead of time.

There are no more holdups or even discussions about this.  They are frustrated, and tired of talking about it;  most people worldwide just want this to be over – they are frustrated, and they want to ‘just do it!’  That’s the point we are at right now.

We don’t know what will happen with certain reserves;  some people sent me emails about their reserves going through.  I told everyone to have Plan B, which for me is having enough physical currency or enough of a different currency to try to make up for those reserves, just in case.  That would be MY Plan B;  it doesn’t have to be yours.  If I couldn’t do that, I would change my strategy for afterwards. I would rethink what I do have, putting that money to work that much faster and harder to get me to my goal.

I would NOT be crying over spilled milk. I cannot put it back in the bottle, so I have to have a different plan so I can live, enjoy life and prosper.  Have that plan in place instead of walking around feeling miserable and unhappy;  do it right now while you are calm.  I don’t know that anything bad will happen, because some reserves were processed last night.  We know what we will do if everything is okay, so let’s get ready for if it’s not okay.

Contractors in Iraq were pulling out if this wasn’t done by the 15th. Yesterday, they were told they would receive their payments prior to then.  We know that many have already been paid without the RV announcements, so that doesn’t mean the RV will have happened.  They write the rules, not us.

I’m excited and happy, and as usual some things are going to happen as soon as we finished this call. We are good, good, good!

302 caller:  I have a couple of questions.  All the stuff on television talks about ISIL, what they are doing, that they are on the way to Baghdad, etc.  What’s the real story there?

Tony:  The real story is this – before ISIL takes Baghdad, we will have ten thousand troops on the ground.  The last thing we will do is to let ISIL take over Baghdad or Kurdistan.  We have invested too much money and lives;  there is no way we will allow that to happen.

Caller:  My second concern – unless DC is doing a covert operation outside the country, there is no reason he couldn’t be on a call.  So I wonder if he has decided to distance himself from the concept or from you.  Which is it.

Tony:  As I have said, he is in a project for himself and other people.  If there was really an opportunity for DC to be on the call or make a recording, he would probably do it.  There is no covert reason for him not to be here.  I’m not going to tell you about his project because there is no reason to expose that.  I have told you, so has Pam and Ray;  he’s doing something different that he doesn’t want us to talk about.  Nobody is going to tell you any classified project he is working on.  I’ve already given you the answer.

828 caller:  One quick question – is the dong still going to have a contract rate?

Tony:  I believe the dong will still have a contract rate, which is why we still keep seeing the higher rate.  If it comes out internationally at 47 cents, I’m sure there will be a contract rate.

404 caller:  I’d like your take on some of the concepts floating around:  1) Abadi has the authority to release the RV any time up to the 17th;  if he doesn’t release it by then, will we go back to square one?  2)  Abadi has the authority, but If the stability of Iraq is not assured, we will not see it until somewhat later?  3)  Is this about the situation in Greece?  Is this connected to the derivatives that have now been pushed out until 30. June?  What are your thoughts on these issues?  What do your sources say?

Tony: The overall picture might involve Greece, but Greece is not holding up the RV.  ABadi and Shabibi have been given the green light within the window they were given. They held back because they wanted to talk face to face at the G7 to secure certain places and get back others.  Thirdly, the US will do whatever is required to secure Iraq.  They are letting Iraq have the boots on the ground and be the face of the fight.  The US doesn’t want to be the face of the fight;  we don’t want another Vietnam or Afghanistan.  If you are on the ground in Iraq, you don’t know if the person shooting at you is Sunni or Shia – so you can say that the US is doing all this destruction and fighting.  We don’t want to go through this again.

They had the wrong leaders up until a year ago, in both the government and military.  We could go over in full strength, but we’d be asking who is doing what. We want the Iraqis to be that face of the fight, and we will support them with advisers and material WITH other countries, so it’s not just the US.  The RV hasn’t happened, because they are still not sure that Iraq has the right government;  there is still not electricity because of the chaos.  The RV is scheduled, so evidently that doesn’t have much to do with the RV.  They want to make sure there is a plan, that both sides know how to protect that money.

Caller:  Have they tried since Monday?  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

Tony:  They have not.  Hopefully the next time it will go through.  I will give your number to DC so that you can check in with him directly!

347 caller:  I’ll be brief.  You said earlier that Iraqi television (over here) said that there will be changes by the 17th.  That is being streamed from Iraq?

Tony:  Yes, they get the transmission streamed directly from Iraq.

Caller:  Shouldn’t they be getting the same as they can see in Iraq?

Tony:  Who do you have for your television? Verizon?? I didn’t know they did television.  So here is the deal.  My television has an East Coast feed and West Coast feed, and they don’t show the same things at the same time.  CNN has Americans on one channel, and Brits on the other channel.  They are not saying the same things.  In Iraq they have some restrictions, and they don’t broadcast the same things in the US as they do in Iraq.  That’s why we have a call in the early morning, so I can find out what they are saying there as well as here.  They agree that the plan is for us to see it by the 17th – that is the plan, not ON the 17th but BY the 17th.  They are saying “new currency, new rates”, and it could well be earlier than that.

Caller:  Which currency brokers were you talking about, because I have an issue with reserves with one of the currency brokers.

Tony:  I don’t know. There is a bunch of stuff out there and I’ve been asked not to talk about one dealer over another.  We don’t know what’s going to happen, we have to let it happen. That’s why I’m telling you to have Plans A, B and C.  I would have all three of those strategies worked out right now – “better safe than sorry”.  That’s the best I can tell you.  As for me, I’m super-fantastic.

239 caller:  Pam had mentioned something about the zim, with the demonetizing.  There was something posted about that, saying that 40 cents will be paid for each 100 trillion note.  It was dated 8. June in a Zimbabwe publication.  Does that hold water at all?

Tony:  There is a lot of stuff out there – I saw an article about that on the boards, what they are paying out.  I don’t know if that is just an incentive to pull in the dollars, like they did in Iraq.  If they bring in the zim notes now, and then it revalues, someone will make a lot of money.  People at the UST two-three years ago told me that it would be 11 cents;  on the bank screens, it’s been showing up between 11 cents and 17 cents, and at no point has it been shown as .00000xx.

Caller:  I wonder if they are trying to decrease the amount people are buying.

Tony:  It’s not all about us!  Those are articles over in Zimbabwe, telling their people that this is their chance to make money!  They know that the US dollar is stronger than their zims, so they are spreading it around. In Iraq a few years ago they were offering a premium for dollars, and in hindsight they were pulling it off the streets.  In US banks, the rates are pretty much the same as we’ve been discussing these last few weeks.

Caller:  [Appreciation]  I don’t have any grand strong questions.  DC is busy, and I hope he is having a great day, too.  Tony, I have some great Cuban cigars and some intel for you;  is if possible for you to call me back?

Tony:  I know he doesn’t like what he’s doing but DC is doing what he has to do, working 12-14 hours per day.  People ask me to call them for information, and then they end up asking me questions!

636 caller:  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  [Appreciation]  Most of my questions were answered. Zim is my concern – is there still a $500 million cap?  What would you do for Plan B?

Tony:  We heard 500 million but it may well be raised to one billion.  I don’t have another 50 or 100 years to do, so I don’t need that structure payout myself.  My family could use it.  After I’ve covered that cap, I will hand out 100 trillion notes to family – it will make a difference in their lives today, and start some generational wealth.  There will just be more that I can share through trusts, foundations, etc.

Caller:  So if I have a family foundation, and I get to the cap with my wife and my own currency, can I give the excess to the foundation?  I control that.

Tony:  My understanding is that it’s about what you control.  My kids can each control their own trusts, my brothers and sisters can have their own trusts… I’ll have more than enough for myself, and it will all go to them anyway.

Caller:  When you go visit DC, go to where he gets his boots made;  you get measured up and I’d like to pay for those boots for you!

512 caller:  I’m calling from Round Rock TX, just above Austin.  [Appreciation] I  have two short questions.  Last week you said something about someone seeing the rates on a screen at a WalMart bank – where was that?  Because I’ve asked at other Walmart banks, and they don’t know anything.  There was a guy there I haven’t seen for a while, an Iranian who bought dinar, and we used to talk about oit.

Tony: She lives in Phoenix.

Caller:  I don’t get why Abadi is dragging his feet when the Iraqi people will benefit so greatly from this.  Is it just political stuff?

Tony: I’ve been saying this for a long time.  This is not just about us. There are other people in the world who are affected besides us, including other Americans who will be affected afterwards who don’t have our resources, education, places to secure their money.  Some people will walk off their jobs, create new jobs, but the US dollar will no longer be the only reserve currency.  There are many things to be considered besides just us getting our money.  You are upset because a lot of politicians and VIPs got paid – but they thought we were right behind them!  Things changed;  this is a living, moving nightmare.  We in the US want our oil credits;  what if those credits trun out to be useless and that drags our economy down?  There are many, many pieces to this puzzle.  Yes, they got their money before us, but that money will still be welcome when it comes.  This is not directed at preventing us from getting our money.  Yes, some people didn’t want us to get that much, but we are here, and we are getting the international rate or higher, including two currencies with a contract rate.  You are getting ideas for trusts and other entities that will help to protect their money.  I get letters and emails saying they are glad this didn’t go three years ago, because at that point they wouldn’t have known what to do with it.  We did get included in the process, and have learned how to still have money in 2-3 years’ time, not being toothless crackheads.

Caller:  I’m a little frustrated, but I’ve only been at it for 15 months so far…

Tony:  Is that all?!   There are people who have been in this for nearly 15 years!

Caller:  I am going to have more money than I know what to do with when this is over;  I guess I have to cool down my frustration levels, that’s all.

Tony:  DC just sent me a text from his meeting.  One of our callers said, ‘Please consider that this is no way to treat your 30,000 friends. Please get on the call or write a short note.’  DC says,  “I am out for a couple of weeks, and they get that pushy – they would not do well in my world.  I am on the front end.  I am not retired, and I cannot focus on this for years without pay, like some.  Just relax and stop trying to micro-manage the whole thing!”  DC has his own life and he has to deal with things we talk about on this call.

Some say Ramadan starts on the 18th.  Okay.  “Things are not as good as some are saying, not as bad as others say.  Things are going…” We are in a good place, guys.  Things are moving along and we should be happy.   Nobody is arguing, they are just doing things at the moment.

732 caller:  Once you get those boots, I have a horse for you!  About the zim, is there still an expiration on the 100 trillion zim note? Should we trade them in for lower denominations?

Tony:  I haven’t seen the article, but some have been saying 30. Juen. You will have plenty of time to exchange before then. The banks here have said that they will only exchange 50 trillion and 100 trillion notes.  Only one bank was planning to take zim, and they said they’d only exchange the 100 trillion notes.  Since then other banks have said they will take zim.  The banks and the government do listen to these calls, with 11 agencies and 22 countries.  Many times we have said something on this call, and when they see a loophole, they close it!  So I am very careful about what I say on these calls, because I don’t want to go so much information that they should things down for everyone.

Caller:  “In your hearts of hearts…”  we have seem to have a back wall of the 15th, with Ramadan starting on the 18th.  It seems unlikely they would do anything during their holiday.  That would push us out  at least to the end of the month, which people on edge with the zim.  Do you believe that we are there, and that we will be at the banks by the 15th?  Or, given that things keep changing, do you think they will keep extending this?

Tony:  If we were sitting down over a drink and some cigars, I would tell you what I really think and the explanation behind it.  I cannot do that on this phone call.  One thing I like about DC is “watch their actions, not their words”.  See if their actions say we are about to do something, not the words.  The actions I am seeing say this is about to happen.  I can’t give you the explanations behind the actions because it would be too much. The words are saying they want to do this before Ramadan, and their actions are living up the same.

Caller:  We are still inviting you to the wedding, and DC still owes me a drink for winning his contest.  I can buy my own dinner, but I would like him to buy me that drink.  In the meantime – Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

559 caller:  I’m super-super-fantastic.  People, get off DC’s back and let him get on with his job!  My husband used to get all into his black work, and would get calls he had to respond to.  I used to joke that it was his girlfriend calling.  Just let it go…

Tony:  DC calls us first thing in the morning, he steps out of meetings – he is involved as much as he can.

Caller:  Do the banks still have any leeway on negotiating those contract rates?  If you keep your money in longer, for instance…

Tony:  None of that has changes.  The more money you have, the more you can bargain for, the lower fees you can negotiate.  It’s still your money.  The banks have said they will be in competition.

Caller:  I’m ready, I have plans A, B and C, and my bags are still packed!  What about the tax situation for those who exchanged earlier, who have not been taxed?

Tony:  If we are taxed, they will have to be taxed.  The IRS cannot tax X, Y and Z, and not tax A, B and C, not unless some kind of exemption is written into law – and then we have ‘we are the people’.

Caller:  I’m going on eleven years here, for that gentleman who has only been in this for 15 months.  I almost fell on the floor when he said that!  Try eleven years’ worth and a lot of hair coloring!  [Appreciation]  If people don’t like it, those who text or tweet or email you, then don’t listen!  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

310 caller:  You mentioned before that some people had exchanged, but then you said no one would exchange before Iraq.  So when do you expect people in the US to exchange?

Tony:  We have privileged people in this world, in our government and society. The rich get richer, and that’s just how it is.  So people over here got paid two years ago.  Iraq has had people get paid as well, at the new rate, and they are spending that money now.  They are privileged people who got their cards years before others did, because they have VIPs just like we do, based on their positions in their society, and whether they get government checks based on the new rates depending on where they are in Iraq.  When EVERY Iraqi citizen can be paid, THEN we will be paid.  It’s their country, and we just get a benefit or byproduct of their process.  We get special terms because we went over there and lost lives for the change in their country.  Many more Iraqis have lost their lives for democracy.  Some think they will never have a true democracy in that part of the world, but there IS now a Parliament, and they have taken votes. Why are they not perfect?  Well, we have been doing democracy for 200 years, and we still don’t do it perfectly!  We cannot expect Iraq to go through one good PM for less than a year, but he has included more people, and given them more change and hope than most people can even imagine, and people are still grumbling because ISIL is still active in some places and not everyone has the new rate yet.  The US didn’t get it together in one year, so lets celebrate how much Iraq HAS achieved instead of complaining that they aren’t perfect.

Caller: I went to a few banks that gave me rates on the dong, and they were willing to exchange my dong but it wasn’t the rate I wanted.  So what difference does a new rate make it they cannot exchange at that rate.

Tony:  It makes a difference because once the good rates are in place, they can allow exchanges at the flip of a switch.  I know people who have exchanged, and the rates and points and the whole process.  The authorization to go has been done and I know the system is working.  I am not exchanged because I’m too well-known.  We will not get through until Iraqi citizens are able to exchange.  Until then, we have to wait.

Pam:  You need a Plan B;  there are no guarantees and there are surprises daily.  We’ve never known how this will shake out at the end. Let’s be flexible and do the best we can.

Ray:  This is “When are we going to see it Wednesday” and now we know:  after they see it in Baghdad.

Tony:  All the information is positive, and a timeline has been set.  They want to get it done by Ramadan, and based on their actions, I believe it will. They get to pick the time for this to go, and we get the chance to receive this money and pay it forward.  I love the emails I’ve got about that, and look forward to seeing the ‘super-fantastic’ thing on FB and Twitter.  Looking forward to the great projects and how the other citizens will benefit from this.  I would love to do a call today or tomorrow!  Let’s get this party started!


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