TNT – Wednesday

Tony:  Good morning, TNT!  Today is Wednesday, June 17, 2015.  I hope you are ready for an exciting time!  We didn’t think we would be here doing this call.  Let’s try this call one more time and see what happens.

Pam told me earlier that someone is passing around that I did three recorded calls this weekend, but I didn’t do anything!  Word like that has been going on for years.  If I did do that, I would let you know.  We have not received any packages or  final instructions at this point.

Here’s the deal:  Abadi said they would do this by Ramadan, so we want this right now.  Some are saying Ramada doesn’t start until tomorrow. It is significant that the banks will be open six days  per week rather than five, and they will be open this weekend to work with the international banking community.  That is not coincidence.

The MasterCards have been zeroed out, and they should be loaded with the new rates somewhere between today and Sunday, which goes with working with the international banking community.  On Iraqi television today, they said that their currency will be more valuable than it was before sanctions were put on Saddam Hussein.  They are ready to go.

Over here, everyone is on lockdown, trying to block anyone giving out information, but they are absolutely ready to go.

DO NOT try to hold Iraq or any Arab country to an exact minute of time, like a minute before Ramadan starts or 20 minute after it starts.  If they get it done the same day, or even two days later, they are okay with that.  They can still get it done “before most of Ramadan” or whatever.  They don’t operate like we do, and it’s their currency!  They are in a window of time, and they can do it any time within that window.  The rates are still there, and I’m happy.

I gave you the window of time – between today and Sunday they should show the new rates on their cards.  They will be working on Saturday.  The bankers have already received memos on when to expect this.  It’s on television again, and they are ready to go.

Let’s see if there are any questions apart from the moment in time when it’s supposed to happen.  They don’t want anyone to know until after it’s happened at this point!  They’ve tried to cut off a lot of information, I don’t’ think they want me to say “they are coming into the office on this date/time”.  The ganks are ready, Abadi says this is coming soon, and banks have sent out memos for a particular date and time.  I’ll leave that alone and not screw it up by letting that information out.  I know why they don’t want us to know the exact time and day… because of fraud, stock markets, and all the rest.

302 caller:  You said last week that we ought to see something by Ramadan.  We are here at Ramadan, and now you are saying between now and Sunday.  What makes you think Abadi has control of this?

Tony:  That is what my sources are telling me, inside and outside Iraq.  They have control within the window they’ve been given.

Caller:  I thought Abadi said they would be paid on time…?

Tony:  There are articles saying that they would be paid on time, which usually means around the 6th;  today is the 17th, and they haven’t been paid yet.

Caller:  We’re all frustrated and looking forward to this final countdown.

Tony:  Nobody, and I mean NOBODY can be as tired of this as I am.  Everyone is frustrated and know there is a reason for this to be here, but nobody is as tired as I am.

404 caller:  One of the things we’ve always heard is how confusing the information would be.  Is Parliament in session or not?  How critical is it Shabibi be back in Iraq?  [Can’t follow – too quick]  How relevant is this for the RV to happen?

Tony:  I think we will see all those things at the same time.  When people see all those things happening, that gives a clear path for people to follow, and they don’t want people to have that clear a path.  This is just what we have predicted for years:  confusion, chaos, the calm before the storm.  They want people NOT to understand until it happens.  Then they can do it in black and white.  They have done that for Iraqis, but not for us.

Caller:  They have succeeded;  this is the most confused situation I have every seen in my life.  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

Tony:  Pam says this is One-question Wednesday.  I understand that you are frustrated and I’m trying to answer your questions as best I can without causing an issue.  I also understand your frustrations because they are my frustrations.  We are trying to give you as clear a picture as we can.  Some of you have been here ten years, and some only six months, so you don’t fully understand.  I still have information that you don’t have, and that I am not at liberty to disclose because it will cause an issue.  I have to take that into account when I answer your questions.  I do have answers that I can’t always share, but that also adds to my frustration.

702 caller:  [Appreciation]  How can the CBI give the go-ahead if Shabibi is not in control?  I don’t see how it can move forward without the Amnesty Law, etc.

Tony:  The RV has already occurred;  all we are waiting for is the release to the general public.  What does the currency as to do with the amnesty law?  Nothing.  That is just a ball being used that as to be approved before the currency moves.  It’s something that they would like to see, sure, and it will mean the release of many who have done nothing wrong because Iraq wants to show the world that they are a just government.  None of that is a requirement for the RV.  They are not waiting for that because the RV is done.  If that is what they were waiting for, then the last ten times they tried to do it in the last month – what were those about if they were waiting for those laws?

Caller:  It feels like your window contradicts what you say you can’t say.

Tony:  It could happen today.  It could be on Saturday, once Iraq’s banks are in alignment with the international banks. It could be on Sunday, if they reload the cards then.  It could be any time of that timeframe.  Someone is telling me an exact day and time, and I’m not telling you.

Caller;  Do you trust that source?

Tony:  They tried to do it before and it got stopped. This source is now saying that they are getting ready to try again after two weeks of NOT trying.  I wish it went through earlier.

Caller:  My husband and I were at work, and I told him to check on the dong rates, just at the end of the afternoon.  He called the bank, and the bank manager told us it was .46, or 46 cents.  I asked her to repeat, I dropped the phone, grabbed my keys and asked the manager to hold the foreign currency manager.  I got to the bank, and she took me into a private room where she tried to do the exchange.  I told her how much I had, I went to the window (in public), and the guy there started taking all my information.  The teller asked, “Do you know how much money this is??”  The manager asked me to write down the amount I thought would be in my account, so she didn’t feel like she was crazy.  I got all excited.  The teller did the exchange and said he was about to drop it into the account.  The wealth manager was right behind me, all ready to help, and at that moment the rate changed back to .0039.  I was seconds away from being Bonnie and Clyde!  We call the banks every hour on the hour to check when the rates change.

Tony:  Next time you have to make a move faster!

Caller:  Was it just timing, or do the central banks have a tracking system so they change it back?

Tony:  I don’t know.  Sometimes the rates have been live and they have been doing test exchanges, when people have gone in at the right time and right place.

Caller:  It’s very possible, because it just about happened to me!

Tony:  I’m doing something different today, just picking people.

904 caller:  I have a question about Maliki. What’s happening with him?  He has such an influence with the people, parliament, at the  CBI>  How many influence does he have?  Is he involved with ISIL?  I thought his power had been curtailed.  Is he still an issue?

Tony:  They don’t want me to be a politician, but you want me to address that.  I’m not into politics, but from a layman’s eye, I see a former Prime Minister, and now he is a VP to keep him out of way.  He is still talking to people and has an influence over his sect.  Right now, Iraq is trying to bring the country together as one, playing/working/eating together, and taking Maliki out would make divisions deeper.  They cannot just go in and take him out.  They gave him a position of respect and people are dealing with him in a back room.  A lot of things haven’t happened that should have happened because he is still there.  They cannot just take him out and dispose of him.  Once we see the RV and a stable unified Iraq, it will be much easier to deal with Maliki.

Caller:  Apparently, PM Abadi feels confident enough to go forward with the RV…

Tony:  It’s the time it take to go around Maliki and his faction… but hopefully they are out that point now.

Caller:  I can’t go to Vegas but will have my own little party when this comes in.  I am in Jacksonville Florida. They have casinos nearby and also off-shore.

Tony:  So it wasn’t the casino stopping you going to Vegas…?

Caller:  Once this comes through, I guess I can go anywhere you set up!  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

617 caller:  You said that the banks will be open on Saturday to deal internationally.  Don’t they have to have an international rate to do that?

Tony:  That is the point.  They are staying open to work with international banks, and they cannot do that unless they are international!

Caller:  When and where can we find you in Vegas?

Tony:  I have a friend in Vegas, and he says he will set it up, come down and meet with some multi-millionaires…  If we can’t have our event in Vegas, I can still hang out with  people.  We won’t be able to have a dinar event, but I wont’ be isolated from the world.  I already ordered my TNT Superfantastic shirt and also my Vegas, Vegas, Vegas! shirt.  So if you are in Vegas, you will know!

301 caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

707 caller:  I’m on the website tnttonyiqd – is that one of your sites?

Tony:  I get texts all the time asking if I have seen this site or that message. It really doesn’t bother me.  It has nothing to do with the currency, the RV or being at the bank.  Any time someone puts Tony’s name in the caption, you guys go look at it!  There is another site saying Tony is lying about the dinar and the RV, and when you go to that site, there are a lot of ads selling dinar and dong and zim and rupiah.  Why would they do that if I am lying?  They get paid every time you click on that site.  So they use some quote from Tony, and you go there and that’s how they get paid!

Caller:  I have been going to this site for a while because it’s the easiest to see your tweets and to get on the call.

Tony:  You should not go to those sites because your clicking there is how they get paid for a call that is free for you!

Caller:  It’s kind of confusing.  I was just using that site because it was easier.  I won’t use it any more… and maybe we won’t have to.

Tony:  If you want to hear what Tony says, go to, click on the replay and it’s totally free.  If you want to follow the tweets, go to THE_TNT_TEAM and you’ll get them directly.

254 caller:  I’m from Texas.  My one question is this:  at some conference in 2004, I picked up some of Saddam Hussein’s currency (which I gave to the grandkids for playing Monopoly).  I have all denominations.  When you talk to your contact in Iraq, ask him what currency they are using to buy hot tea at the Green Bean (in Baghdad).  I went to the CBI website, looking at the paper notes, and I wonder how they are paying for the cup of tea with those high-value notes.  The lowest one seems to be 250 dinar.

Tony: We know they are not using Saddam notes.  In the new currency, they have ones, fives, tens, twenties and fifties.  All month they have been told the new currency is coming out TODAY.  I don’t know if it happened, but that is what they were told, that it’s supposed to come out today.

281 caller:  My question involves ‘spendthrift trusts’.  How does that work?

Tony: Ray knows about trusts, not me.

Caller:  Ray was supposed to call me, but hasn’t yet.

Tony:  Do you want his number?  <laughter>  I will give him your number again.

Caller:  I liked your message about the bank earlier.  I was handling some business at the back, and I told the manager helping us that we were involved in currency.  The manager said they had been given information but they were waiting for the green light.  I thought that was pretty cool.  That was last Friday.  [Appreciation]

Tony:  A lot of bank people told us that they were told to be quiet and not say anything about this.  We talk to DC ten times a day, and he is over the top today.  He still has to do what he is doing, but he is excited!

410 caller:  This call is better than food!  I am looking forward to this amazing piece.  One of the first conversations I had with you was about understanding how complicated this is, even when everyone is on the same side.  There are millions of decisions to be made.  With Iraq, you have a whole population who doesn’t understand and in the US you have people who have their own issues.  I’m thankful you were here to help us, sifting the information so we can understand it.  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

Tony:  If you see how young people look when they go into the Oval Office, and they come out eight years later all tired and worn down, with grey hair… that’s how I feel going through this whole process.  I don’t have the weight of the world, like the President, but  my hair is gone beyond grey.  But it was definitely worth it.  I learned a lot, achieved a lot, got to help a lot of people.  I am not choosing one side over the other, but I saw something very funny yesterday:  Donald Trump’s announcement.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the Art of the Deal, and real estate, and that book made me a lot of money.  But that announcement yesterday was just comical.

757 caller:  You are doing a great job!  Can you reveal some of your intel?

Tony:  You mean some I haven’t already given you?

Caller: Well, can you send me one of your Cuban cigars?

Tony:  They told me not to say that on the call again, but we’ll smoke some when we get together.

559 caller:  I almost lost my train of thought when you were talking about Donald Trump.  He is quite a character.

Tony:  I don’t think he really wants to run for President – he just wants fame or something. There is no way he thought he could be President of the United States, not with what was coming out of his mouth.

Caller:  For those who are stressed – the people of Iraq come first.  It’s their country.  People here are getting this as a blessing.  If you look at it like it’s a job, and go to work every day, they get their paycheck at the end.  This has been handed to people.  I’ve been doing this for eleven years.  If they see this as a job, working towards a goal, that will be easier for them. Consider the effort as part of this.  We miss DC and his laughter.  Pam and Ray and all the Mods are doing a great job.   Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

My question is about Ramadan.  They said they wanted this done by the 17-18;  now we are here, so how will they do this during the 30 days?  Or go through Ramadan first?

Tony: Since it’s already passed and it didn’t happen, my understanding is they wanted it several days prior to Ramadan, so that they could go to the bank beforehand and then enjoy the holiday spending their money.  That part didn’t happen because some people got upset in a meeting.   That’s why it didn’t happen 4-5 days ago like it was supposed to. They still want it by Ramadan – does that mean today, tomorrow, Saturday, Sunday, when they can do international exchanges?  So they have to accept flexibility and do this during Ramadan and spend the rest of it going to parties, etc.  There is nothing to say it can’t happen during Ramadan or that we have to wait until Ramadan is over. That is not currently the plan.  It could change, but as of this morning, that is not the plan.

Caller:  It sounds great.  I was told about ten years ago that once Iraq got its banks in line with this, it would happen for us.  That is just around the corner now!  I’m happy that they are getting what they deserve and we are next.

Tony:  Pam says this is One-question Wednesday.  The tweets are also on the TNTdinar site;  click on Forum and you will see where the Mods have posted them.

Will we have a celebration in Vegas?  Yes, that is chance to hang out and meet the people you have been talking to on the internet.  I have never met Pam face to face, nor Winston either.  I haven’t met a lot of you guys;  I barely know Ray face to face!  It’s time for us  to drink, smoke cigars, give each other hugs, put a face to a name.  I would like the banks to give the same classes they give to lottery winners as well.  There will people there who want to talk to you about various investment programs they have access to, and that is okay – they would have their own space for that.  Ray wants to do a class for 500 people every day for the whole four days… although there will be 12,000 people there.  Every night we could have a social event with live bands and parties.  There will definitely be cigars – I will be smoking good cigars and drink good Scotch.  This may be the only time we get to meet each other.  In Vegas we will have four days, and in the other locations we will just have one-day events.  It’s only about meeting people, not about controlling or influencing anyone.  I’m sure there will be that kind of event in Iraq, in DC and elsewhere, and we want to do one for ourselves.

There are a couple of people who want to do annuities, and I’ll ask people to come to the events to explain those as well.

Pam:  Guys, we are so close – we know we are close.  Don’t hold us or them to the timing. Ramadan hasn’t started yet!  Some people don’t start on time, either – the different groups celebrate at different times.  They keep telling us that Westerners worry too much about time, and we need to relax.  So relax – we know we’re there.

Ray:  Ditto.  Continue to enjoy When-am-I-gonna-see-it Wednesday.  Someone knows when you’ll see it and they will be contacting you!

Tony:  Everyone is geared up, although very few know the exact moment.  Based on the public information, they are looking to do this between now and Sunday.  I took a call this morning at 5am, but up to the moment it happens, it can change.  As of last Friday, the plan was to do this three days before Ramadan so they  could get to the bank before the holiday.  Don’t hold anyone to the clock, just know that everyone is ready for this to happen and get this over with.  Iraqis have NOT been paid this month and it’s already the 17th.  That should tell you something.  They are being told the banks will be open in Saturday and their cards will be loaded at the new rate on Sunday. That is what they are being told today, that their currency will be worth more than before Saddam Hussein.  Hopefully the nightmare is over and the party begins.  Sit back and have a super-fantastic day.  I would be happy to do another call this afternoon or tomorrow.  I DON’T want to do this call on Friday morning!  Okay, enjoy your day!


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