TNT Wednesday

Tony:  Good morning, TNT!  Today is Wednesday, July 15, 2015.  We delayed the call to listen to President Obama’s press conference about the new nuclear agreement with Iran.

Pam tells me she will NOT be speaking on this call!  I know we are an hour late.  Iraq is still telling their people they will have money to shop on Saturday.  We have people who went to the bank in Iraq, and the bank told them to come back tomorrow. So that sounds like Thursday or Saturday.  The people who were in the banks since Friday were told to go home, get some rest, and come back today. That is where we are at, absolutely and positively.  The President is talking about Iraq, but I’ve muted that because of this call. Everyone is on edge, told we are ready to go, and it could be any time between now and this weekend. By the Time of Giving, Iraq wants its people to have money to give.  Everyone is super-excited!

The Iran agreement is 60 days out, and we know they are not waiting 60 days. The problem in Greece is being resolved, and that will be agreed shortly. We are not being held up by anything – we are all ready to go.

I am going to do something different now. It’s One-Question Wednesday, and I want to let some new people go today, because that is the basic information and there are not a lot of questions.  So I want to surprise some if you really quickly… Iraq’s credit rating should be announced next week, and someone said that there has been an announcement that Iraq’s currency would be international by 1. August (after all their banking changes).

So… first time callers, one question only, and I’m taking everyone’s hands down now.  First time callers, now is your chance to get on!  Press *2 to raise your hand.  Okay, I have twelve people already.

810 caller:  [Appreciation]  Thank you for sticking with it through everything!  You told us what’s being said in Iraq – is the same thing being said on Iraqi television in the US?

Tony:  I asked our contacts about that this morning, but he hasn’t got back to me yet.  The last thing I can remember was Abadi saying this is coming, and get ready to celebrate.

Caller:  Thank you!  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

732 caller:  How are you?

Tony:  I’m super-fantastic, ready to go as soon as they call!

Caller:  Did you speak to DC this morning?

Tony:  Yes.  I asked when he was going to quit his current job.  He said that everyone is ready, timing has been ‘any minute’ for the last 36 hours or so – everyone is on pins and needles.  We don’t know why it didn’t go!  They typically say “it will be done on Saturday” then do it 2-3 days before.  His people say that they want them to have the money to spend on Eid, to it has to pop a few days before hand… which means now.

702 caller:  I’m a first-time caller.  This is Dominic from Las Vegas.  Is the dong definitely in the first basket?  We heard some rumors otherwise…

Tony:  It’s on the boards right now.  There are rumors out there every day;  it’s on the boards right now and it has a rate, which is above 47 cents.  Right now it’s at $2.21;  don’t know if that is what it will come out at, but that is what is showing right now.

863 caller:  I’m at Disneyland, ready for the happiest news on earth… Do you still feel good about the dong and Iran?

Tony:  I feel good about the dinar, dong, zim, rupiah and Afghani;  they are all on the board.

Caller:  I was a little down about the dong rumor, but the information you get it only as good as its source. I’m with you because you’re the only one who is consistent and with an uplifting message.  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

Tony:  I don’t know what rumors you’ve been listening to.  The US has more dinar than anyone, and the only one in competition is China – and they are backing it..  Do you think they wouldn’t let that revalue?!  I see what’s on the boards and it has a great rate.

540 caller:  I heard that Iran is going to get it’s currency back.  Is that associated with the GCR?

Tony:  My understanding is that Iran has its television saying they will get their rate back as part of this deal, at $3 or more.  The UN is going to vote next week on removing the sanctions, including the banking ones.  That will go into effect once this is agreed upon.  I don’t know if it will go into effect when it is agreed next week or in 60 days.  The US has to get Congress on board, and the President has the power of veto if Congress doesn’t agree.  We still can’t get rials, but they will get their rate back at some point.

Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

Tony:  Let me ask you a question!  You must know how to get some Iranian currency…

Caller:  No, I was just curious because if you are revaluing one country it makes sense to do that for Iran as well.

Tony:  That is what lifting these sanctions is all about, in hopes that over the next 10-15 years it will change their mindset in Iran.

435 caller:  I’m thrilled that … service people in Iraq… Is cheese a concern now, as in ‘first mouse, second mouse, third mouse’?  Do you have an updated scenario for a family with only a few million IQN that they want to be wise stewards for?

Tony:  Good question.  That’s always going to be a concern because the rate is always going to change.  You have to remember that this is a concern right now for those negotiating through other means; t hey are taking a lower rate to get their money now.  When the rate comes out, it will be a rate everyone can react to.  The situation has changed a lot because of the reserves, and waiting so you can get more later, and whether it will change on Forex.  They want to get as many as possible through as quickly as possible.  For me, I won’t take a rate under at $3.90 rate – then I would feel I was the first mouse, but some don’t care, they will just do it.  Someone the other day took $3 because he felt he had enough money.  Everyone won’t go for the whole factory;  take what you feel comfortable with, and the rate that will let you accomplish your goals.

Caller:  Maybe if I were to start with 100K and get some bills paid, then should I watch Forex to see if it goes higher. Do you think it likely to drop below $3.91?  Maybe it’s better to start out with a little bit and see how it goes on.

Tony:  You can do that. Iraq is already telling people they will be the richest country, which means they will have the highest rate.  Look at the rates of the countries around Iraq;  their rate will have to be higher, otherwise they will not end up the richest.  I doubt it will fall below the lowest one around them, and I’m sure it will end up higher.

Caller:  Either way, we are sitting pretty in terms of the benefit we gave Iraq.  And Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  I’m ready for it!

832 caller:  I’ve been following this since 2010, and every day I wake up and hear different information.  I read articles, and I go to every place I can think of, and every place is saying the opposite of what you say.  I worked in the oil fields in Iraq, and we have just as much oil down here, so why would we need Iraqi oil credits?  Even Merrill Lynch and Bank of America say this won’t happen, and there is no such thing as a street rate or a contract rate. When Abadi was here recently, why was he borrowing money to help buy military material to defeat ISIL if this was going to revalue.  [more of the same]  I’m all confused here.

Tony:  Yes, you are.  Hold on. Where are you calling from?  Houston?  Okay, that’s not a bad thing.  How long have you been doing this?  Five years?  Let me try to answer some of your questions.  You’re only supposed to get one question, and you’ve asked about 20.  I’m going to mute you out and try to answer your questions.

If you have been it for five years, if sounds more like you have been in this for five months, because we have explained everything you’ve asked, multiple times – how it’s going to work, why it has to, and why your bankers say it’s not going to happen. You should know most of those answers.  Just say Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

Caller:  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

Tony:  I know there’s a bunch of new people so I’ll take a few minutes with this.  This plan was put together 12-13 years ago for Iraq to revalue just like Kuwait did. When Iraq went into Kuwait their currency went down 4000:1, and when we went in, the currency was restored, and people who were in the know made a lot of money.  This is not new, it has already happened in history, and all you have to do is look it up.

The US and other countries have bought dinar and will receive oil credits over the next 30 years.  They will exchange for your dinar – not Iraq but the US Treasury – put it in their vaults and use it for oil credits over the next 30 years.  Why do we need oil credits?  Because we are in a global economy, and we loan and borrow money just to keep the cycle going.  The last 3-4 years we have been fighting about an oil pipeline because their oil is cheaper than our oil;  we are effectively banking oil against the future.  It’s a resource for us instead of using our own.  We do the same with rice and corn and other things we buy from other countries.  That’s how the global economy works, on international trade.

The Iraqi dinar was never supposed to be for us – only the elite were supposed to know about this.  However, because this has taken so long, it went from the UK and the US to 190 counties, from an Iraqi dinar reset to a GLOBAL Currency Reset to level off the playing field. This will change a lot of countries around the world.  Iraq and other countries will have a stronger economy as well as a stronger currency. The banks here were not supposed to know about it.  When Kuwait revalued, they were already paying all their people $5,000 per month.  All their workers were foreigners, brought in to do the work.  All Their workers got the benefit, and they left Kuwait.  They had to start over from scratch, and that caused them some problems. The banks aren’t stupid – they are not going to tell their people ten years in advance that this currency was going to revalue, because their tellers would buy a million dinar, receive three million dollars or more at the RV, and walk off the job!  The banks have trained people over the years on how to handle the exchange, to be in exchange centers;  they have also had their people sign agreements not to buy currency, because that is smart business practice.  We believe what the banks say, but they are just doing their jobs in telling you what their superiors have told them, that this is a scam.  Yes, there are scams involving the Iraqi dinar, but not one says that the dinar itself is a scam.  The banks word the memos very carefully.  Years ago, BofA, Wells Fargo, and Chase all sold dinar and dong – they wouldn’t have sold it if this weren’t going to happen.  We are fortunate that we have enough pieces of the puzzle to figure it out, to understand when, where and why they are doing this.  We know more than some bank teller who hasn’t studied the history, doesn’t know what they say in the newspaper and television or government sources in Iraq telling them what is going on, nor do they know people have exchanged and have even told us the rates and fees. We know where the exchange locations are, and the rates on the screens.

Contract rates — that doesn’t work with six million people holding dinar now.  So yes, they will cut us off in terms of contract rates and amounts people can exchange. We have to cut it off at some point, and we are now at that point I hope that answers your questions, sir.

770 caller:  When we talk about tier 1 banks, and I live in Atlanta with Wells Fargo and Bank of America – does that diminish the tier because it’s a smaller town?

Tony:  No.  Tier 1 is tier 1, wherever it is.

Caller:  I have a comment for those on the internet – please let your intel be intel, and don’t make it so much better than anyone else’s intel. We are adults and we can do our own research.  There is no point spending paragraphs saying how inferior someone else’s intel is.  For those on the call, if you have a question that will help everyone else, then great. Otherwise, please stop asking when it will happen because YOU have an immediate problem.  That will not make it happen faster. I don’t know of anywhere or anyone I can call where I can ask about increases to my benefits on a weekly basis. So if you are on the call, ask questions that will benefit all of us.  Tony doesn’t have a crystal ball, and if he could tell us, he would.

Tony:  Is Mtn Goat talking about me again?

Caller:  Yes, and to a level of ridiculousness.  The Goat is just adding to the confusion…

Tony: And the Goat is not a she.  Just say Vegas, Vegas, Vegas! and we’ll move on.

510 caller:  I’m blessed and super-fantastic, bro!  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

508 caller:  [Appreciation]  In the event they don’t let you do an event in Vegas, where is one of your favorite places?

Tony:  I got to the Bellagio, the Rio… there is a cigar place in the mall, too, the place with the view of the sky. There is only one place they let you smoke there, so I’ll probably be there a whole lot.  [William Land Park?]  I’ll have on a t-shirt that says super-fantastic!

Caller:  I’m at Cape Cod, so if anyone wants to come enjoy the ocean here – not where the sharks are, on the other side!  I’ll have room for Pam’s yacht!  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

516 caller:  I was blessed about four years ago with a 25K note and I have purchased a few since then.  I got sent a 250 dinar note in the mail.  Is that the same rate?

Tony:  You mean $3 or more dollars per dinar?  Yes.  That removal of the three zeros only applies over there, not here.

Caller: Is it legal to buy Iranian currency here in the USA?

Tony: You will have  to call the bank.  Up until now, it’s been part of their sanctions, so the rial has not been legal to buy here.  But call the bank and they can tell you right away.

561 caller:  This is my first time getting on!  [Appreciation]  It’s been a history lesson!  It’s made my world grow and helped others decide what to invest in.  If we could go to Vegas, they said that some people might try to cancel the NDA (if we signed one).

Tony:  I don’t think that will be a problem, because most NDAs only say that you can’t tell others what rates, how much currency and such.  All that will be in the past.  We want to meet in Vegas to celebrate and maybe for the banks to help you understand how to handle the money, or how to make investments.  Nobody is going to sign up for anything in Vegas, it’s mainly for us to meet each other in person, hang out, have dinner together – mostly so that we can see each other live in a place where you can have fun.  People get worried about a bunch of people with money in one place, but this is Vegas!  the last thing they want there is for people to feel insecure about money – it’s the safest place in the country for people who have money!

Caller:  I do want to meet you all, and I couldn’t get into the forum before it closed.  I think there is a wonderful life ahead of me, and I want to see you all.

Tony:  My mother hoped to see this, but she passed a while ago.  We will all have a bigger and better life, and if you lose a house or car, I am truly sorry, but don’t let go of your dinar.  We are so close!  I hope nobody loses a house, car or family member, but you need to hold on, leave the past in the past, and look forward to tomorrow.

Caller:  It will make such a difference when it happens!

Tony:  A friend always says to me, “It might not be here when you want it, but it won’t be too late when you get it.”

Caller: Hope to see you in Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

Tony:  It will be on, .net or .info when it happens.

856 caller:  I can’t believe I really got through!  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  We can’t wait to meet you there! They keep changing the codes – which one should we use for dinar, dong and zim?

Tony:  IQN, VNN, and ZWN… probably.  They will go with whatever you say, so at the bank, ask the currency rate for the IQN and the IQD, and then take the higher rate.

Caller:  I work in Atlantic City, and we would love to have you out here.  My hours have been cut down, and four casinos have closed, but in the rest, we are alive! There are many people here who would love to meet you!  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

Tony:  Reno looks like a ghost town compared to what it used to be, since California opened all those casinos.

828 caller:  Been with you for five years, listening to every call for the last two years.  I have a real quick story.  When I got married, my father said, “If you have a doubt, don’t do it.”  These doubters should quit, and the rest will rise to the top.

Tony:  And are you still married?

Caller:  No.  If you have any doubts, you need to get out.  And you know what they say about billy goats:  they have a hard head and a stinking ass.

Next caller:  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  Tony has been a catalyst in my life since 1998, so whatever ship he’s on, I’m riding it.  Whatever he’s thinking, I’m thinking, too!

Tony:  I didn’t even know it was you!

Caller:  Pam, Ray, DC… all you guys are golden in my book.  Everyone else, have some faith and patience, and remember that faith without works is dead!  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

Web caller:  Hopefully this is coming down this weekend, and I’ll be in Vegas.  Do I call from Vegas or wait until I get home?  If I can exchange in Vegas, should I do that, or wait until I get back?

Tony:  I don’t know the tax implications for you.  I do know some people who are going to Vegas to exchange, including some who were called this morning to go there today!

Caller:  Also, I called a couple of banks who didn’t even know tier, and tier 2 banks.

Tony: What does that tell you?  You’re obviously talking to the wrong people!

Pam:  I didn’t know what a tier 2 bank was until you started talking about it… but I don’t work in a bank!  Hopefully that format worked out for you today.  Tony took some of you to school, but that ‘s okay because there are some beginners. You know more than you think you know.  The most important thing is to hire professionals with experience, not people you know from the internet.  Take the time to protect what you’ve waited so long for.

Ray:  Here we are at When-am-I-gonna-see-it Wednesday.  Maybe you should stock up on coffee.

Tony:  After the last call, people said they had never heard you say goodbye like that before.  The word is that people are still on lockdown, waiting for any minute, and Iraqis are still be told they will have money on Thursday.  We don’t know yet if that is the new rate or the old rate.  They are being told that by the beginning of Eid, they will receive what has been promised, which they have not received before.  They are having a day of shopping before the three-day holiday.  They want the Iraqi people to have in their hands this BEFORE the Eid, so they don’t have to run to the bank over the holiday.

Try to enjoy your day – I will enjoy mine – and if anything happens, I will definitely tweet it out to you.  Take care, everybody!


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