TNT Wednesday

Tony:  Good morning, TNT!  Today is Wednesday, July 22, 2015.  Good morning, good morning, good morning.  I have some really, really good news, we’ll have some discussions and I’ll explain some things. This may be more in-depth information about what we are seeing and hearing and how it pertains to you.  I’ll get some other stuff out of the way first:

For those who have been here for years, with all the ups and downs, the excitement during the week leading to the weekend and hoping this will happen – we all did that together.  Pam, DC and I all had great days thinking this was over with, only to have to come give more calls, and explain all over again. Everybody can’t handle being in the moment, and over the five years we have lost some good people, including Mods who stayed as long as they could but who couldn’t’ take the up and down, or had to get jobs to get through this.  It takes a lot to get through this, with everything along the say.  Pam sent a text from one fo the members:  “A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks that have been thrown at him.”  Everyone who is still here after everything thrown at you by your friends and family who you tried to tell about this… the same is true for me, times ten.  The way you make decisions, what you plan to do from now on… think about what I just said:  i’s all on the foundation of people’s reactions.  People are still going to try to take advantage of you, so look back on all this and use it to defend yourselves.  I know people are still going through this, because I keep getting emails about “why hasn’t it happened like you said,” or “why are you treating people this way?”

I got another instance or warning about this.  Someone contacted us this morning about some new group – been doing this for a couple of weeks, really – saying that people won’t be able to cash out on this round, and they need to join this group to be in round 2.  Pleased don’t do that!  I have been asked to warn you about this.  DON’T GIVE YOUR DINAR TO ANYONE, in any circumstance.  Some guy on the internet wants you to send your dinar, driver’s license, etc., so that you can exchange?  Who does that make sense to?  I’m not sending this idiot anything, and you guys have to be smarter than that.  If they really have a great deal for you, they can complete it without all your personal info down to your street address.  They even said, “Send this to people not in the forum”, which shows that they didn’t want me to know about it. So that is my warning.

I know this next part is confusing, because it’s confusing to me.  Last week we talked about the contractors being paid.  Sometimes people ask why I answer the same questions, and it’s because I didn’t answer in the right way.  My biggest fault, as I’ve been told for years, is that I assume people know things.  A lot of times they do, but sometimes they don’t know or they don’t understand how things work.  I’m nobody special, I’m just a guy trying to help things along, so  I assume people know thing is because I do.  I told you contractors in Iraq got paid.  The contractor got an SKR in 2013 for their contract rates.  He actually got funded in November 2014 @ $4.16.  He got PAID directly from the Iraqi government.  Last Friday, his people got paid on their cards @ $3.31 or $4.61 on their cards by the Iraqi government.  They said that this is what they will get paid from now on, and half of them left – which is great for us.  If they are getting paid on their cards, what happens on the street and in the marketplace.  The word is that the rates in the markets changed from 1166 to 1201.  They didn’t want people in the marketplace didn’t want be taken advantage of, so they will have to fix this really fast… and Kurdistan jumped the gun on that. They got started early on their own – or was just frustrated and decided to go on and do it.  They got it started and it continues to go.  So we are seeing that.

Yesterday, articles were put out saying that the entire financial system will be activated today:  all the ATMs, banks, and POS… all connected and ready to go TODAY. They will be able to use their cards to buy things, change things at the bank, even as ID and for voting.  This makes sure everyone gets the same rate at the same moment – TODAY.  That is really, really good news!  Everybody is on standby for this to happen, just like I told you on Monday. They have been given a window and a time to look for it.  It could happen 20 times within that window, but it’s there and they are looking to go again.  We have heard all that before, but it’s more exciting now that their cards are working and the entire system is out there for everyone to see.  The news articles said yesterday that everyone is ready to issue new currencies.  Iraqi citizens know this.  They have been protesting in the streets the last couple of days, saying how their government keeps promising and they are just like the last guys, etc.  Well, now it’s happening.

Iraq is ready;  the banks are ready;  everyone over here is ready.  We are hearing stories about SKRs being funded.  TNT members are relaying this, and people have been talking to for years have been told they will be funded in the next day or so, and some have actually been given access to their cash.  The banks have been doing 20 here, 50 there, and we know that the word is getting out.  People are not taking contract rates, not signing NDAs, so they have been able to tell people freely.  If you have just become a millionaire, wouldn’t you tell people??

If you are looking at the big picture, banks/government/security are all on high alert, getting ready for this.  SKRs are being funded today;  in Iraq, cards were issued on Friday and Monday, and the banking system was connected today.  This is not testing one card or province at a time, they were building a system that is now connected TODAY.  If can’t get much better than this. The only thing that remains is to tell us the rate in public.  They are using their cards at ATMs, point-of-sale and outside the country as well.  There is a time and a window, and I wont’ talk about that, but I told you earlier in the week that this is coming.

With the SKRs, they were getting over $4 this morning.  [Monday’s call:  “The last time I looked at the rates, the zim was 21 cents, dong was $2.27, dinar was $4.27, rupiah was $1.18, and Afghani was $3.27.”]  There is a lot of good news out there, and we will hear more after the call, with SKRs being paid and people doing conference calls all over the place.  We’ll see what happens.  I am super-super-fantastic today!

860 caller:  I saw on a site today that some people are still suggesting October, but that doesn’t make any sense to me…

Tony: It doesn’t make sense.  They have already passed the terrorist laws and they are supposed to take effect from July 1st. We have talked about this for years.  Every time the Parliament had to deal with something, there were articles in the newspapers.  We’re not seeing anything like that now, because everything has been done. We’re here.

Caller:   [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

Tony:  If not for the intel team, mods, and members, we wouldn’t have made it this far!  The laws were supposed to kick in on 1. July, but we thought this would be over by then. They are waiting on the RV for some of those laws.

831 caller:  Thanks, that is all great news. The information you provide is stellar.  Have a great day and thanks for the call – see you soon!

616 caller:  I’m really excited, and you’ve answered my questions!  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

717 caller:  No surprises today, okay? Hi to Pam and Ray – great chatting with Ray on Saturday morning.  Will the groups go before us or will we all go at the same time?

Tony:  We will all go at the same time. They have been peddling that BS for two years now, but we will all go at the same time. We don’t have anything on the package, and we probably won’t get that until this actually goes through.

404 caller:  No pressure here!  [Appreciation]  You were saying that things were triggered in Iraq today – when?

Tony:  All I can do is go by the article that came out saying it would happen today, and then today’s article saying there is now full access to the banking system there.

Caller:  Are we still looking at April 27th for this having happened?  If so, this is the three-month anniversary of that date… which is a slow rollout indeed.  Should I plan on a Friday call, or is that too specific?

Tony:  I would plan on a Friday call, a Monday call and a next Wednesday call – I told you that I would not respond to trick questions!

Caller:  Sorry, I withdraw.  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

432 caller:  I’m waiting!  I have no questions.  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

508 caller:  I’m really happy with all the good news.  [Appreciation]  Looking forward to Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  I’m on Cape Cod, Massachusetts.  About the rates – are they still basically the same rates?

Tony:  Yes, they are, but everyone in the last 24 hours have been receiving over four dollars.  I didn’t get a rate update this morning because we had so much other stuff to discuss, but for zim I’m still expecting between 11 and 21 cents.

Caller:  Are we close within a week, or do we have another month to go?  My friends are all saying, “You told us last week, this week…”

Tony:  I’m going for the month… <laughter>  I think this is very, very close.  “It might not be here when you want it, but it won’t be too late when you get it.”  And if your friends would only  listen to the calls or replays themselves, they could blame me, not you!

302 caller:  Are the rates the same across all of Iraq?

Tony:  The rates are different according to status or position.  A veteran will get a different rate to a widow, or a government work.  The contractor said his people were getting paid from $3.31 to $4.61… and half of them quit.

Caller:  How does that make sense, having a different rate on different cards?

Tony:  Are you retired?  Let’s say someone is retired from the government, and gets a government pension, and someone else is just retired from something else. Let’s say they each get $1,000 per month.  I can put them on the cards in ratio to the dollar to get the same amounts, so that the official gets $1,000 worth/value and the social security person would get $300 worth or value.  Right now they are still dealing with an exchange rate;  once this goes public, then they will get what they get.  That’s what we are waiting for.

Caller:  Have you had personal conversations with someone in Iraq today?

Tony:  Yes.  I have four people I talked to this morning who have talked to people on the phone in Iraq to find out if this went through.  They are people from the marketplace right up to high in the government.  I’m not just getting things from articles;  we get this intel from people in the government, in Iraqi banks, and other levels of society.

716 caller:  You’ve said we won’t get paid until Baghdad gets paid.  My take on this is that we are getting paid.

Tony: Kurdistan has been paid.  Baghdad will come last, but today’s not over.  They are getting the feeling there will be an announcement in Baghdad in the next few days.

Caller:  Thank you very much.  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

512 caller:  This is the greatest news we’ve had in a long time!  [garbled]  [Appreciation] We’re from outside Austin, and I’m assuming we are at the last step, meaning the RV is coming out whenever.  We’re just waiting for the announcement, right?

Tony:  Everyone is set up to get paid, and Iraq is now set up to pay them all instantly, at the same time throughout Iraq.  As of today, all ATMs, banks, and POS are connected.

Caller:  Beautiful!  Texas, Texas, Texas and Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

602 caller:  I’m happy to hear you are super-super-fantastic!  I hope this is the last time we are on this conference call.  Thanks to all the intel team, transcribers and IdahoUSA for beautiful banners.  I see that oil is still flat…

Tony:  It could well be, but I think it’s whatever it will be.  I think it’s just a timing thing now.  Everything in the meetings over the weekend was fine.  We keep saying, “if they are all agreed, why don’t they just push the button?” Well, it looks like Barzani took them up on it and announced it for Kurdistan at least.

Caller:  How long between the RV and Las Vegas, maybe 30 days?

Tony:  I will set that up as fast as possible, throw money at it if necessary.  It may take 30 days to get everything set up;  I just don’t know.

Caller:  I think it would be great if the bankers could have their seminars in Vegas… That would be a great service for everyone to learn how these things work.  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  Have a great day, Tony!

Tony:  I agree, and I think it would be great for the banks, too, to talk to everyone in the same place.  One bank I know said two years ago that they would do it.

Pam says that this is One-Question Wednesday.

410 caller:  This is going to be super-fantastic time!  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  [Appreciation]  and also to your families because this takes it out of that family time.  Thanks to everyone in support mode.  Looking forward so much to Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

941 caller:  You said you wouldn’t give any hints as to when, but someone asked and you said, “the next two days”.

Tony:  No, I didn’t.  It could be by the end of the month.  Friday would be a good day, too. Today would be a great day, too.

Caller:  Anyhow, I hope this is the last call.  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

Tony:  I hope so, too, so that we can go on with our great lives and all that we do.

406 caller:  I’m confused.  I’m counting on you to get this done for us.  Will we ever hear from Winston again?  I heard someone say Winston might be the one to push the button.

Tony:  I’m confused, too, and spend all day trying to figure this out.  I think he will be on the last call.  I’m sure he knows where the button is, don’t know if he will be pushing it.

678 caller:  What makes you think they will RV before getting ISIL under control?

Tony:  A little-known secret is that ISIL already is under control.  That is not really an issue at this time.  If you  look on television, you will see less about ISIL;  they are not a major issue anymore.  This RV is also part of the plan.

Caller:  So are we looking for this today, tomorrow?

Tony:  I’m looking for this every day:  today, tomorrow, Friday, Saturday…

405 caller:  How much longer can the USA keep putting this off?

Tony:  First, this has not been the USA the last two weeks;  they have been pushing for this to go through.  It has been another three-letter agency, not in the US, who asked everyone to hold off to see what happens in Greece and in the markets.  Let’s not blame the USA when it’s not their fault this time.

936 caller:  Have you heard anything new about the procedures –any intel or rumors about exchange centers and/or the NDA?

Tony: The people who got their SKRs didn’t sign NDAs. Those who exchanged over the weekend didn’t sign an NDA either, so I guess they took the international rate.  I haven’t heard anything about the taxes, and that might vary according to the bank.  We’ll see.  We’ll just have to work through it, and hopefully we’ll be here to help you through it.  As Pam said, you know more than you think you know, if you have been listening and taking notes.  I do know of one group who paid 11% in taxes, but that was in their agreement.

Those who got their SKRs didn’t say anything about taxes one way or the other.  It would probably  have come up if the taxes were exorbitant.

Caller: Did you hear anything from the mosques today?

Tony: We’re still waiting on that, and I’ll probably  find out after the call.  It was in the newspaper about the cards and the bank system.  Maybe we’ll hear something in the morning, and especially on Friday morning.

Caller:  Thank you, Ray, for what you did on Saturday morning!  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

772 caller:  Have you heard anything that we need to watch in the exchange process?

Tony:  I can’t think of anything we haven’t already discussed.  I haven’t got any warnings recently that they will trying this or that.

Pam:  People will treat you the way you let them treat you.  We are all ready to go!

Ray:  Those who are impatient about SKRs;  let me know and I’ll take that of your hands!

Tony:  I don’t have an SKR, but I have talked to people on the phone this morning who either know people with SKRs or who have gone through the exchange (and now refuse to answer their phones at all).  Just because you haven’t received a call yet, that doesn’t mean you will or your won’t.  The banks might be doing this slowly until the announcement comes, because they are supposed to do this all at the same time.  But if some are going, it’s close to our time.  Memos went out again to make sure people are in place.  They were given a window in time.  Iraq’s banking system is now active and live throughout Iraq.  There is nothing but good news today.  I’m looking for an exciting weekend.  If we have to be here on Friday, we will be here.  I hope I won’t be.  Friday is my son’s birthday and one year since my mother died, so it will always be a tough day for me, so I’m hoping I will not be here.  God willing we won’t be here, and if not, we’ll go it on the weekend.  I’m not trying to bring the call down – I’m excited, super-fantastic, and looking forward to this thing right now, right this minute, or any time from now on.  If not, we’ll be here to do what we need to do.  Enjoy the rest of your day!

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