TNT Wednesday

Tony:  Good morning, TNT!  Today is Wednesday, July 29, 2015.  We never, ever, ever thought we’d still be here today.  We thought we’d be in Vegas by now!

I’ll get straight to the facts, and we can discuss it a little bit.  Everything is done.  The Iraqi Parliament yesterday and they passed all the laws we were concerned about:  the new investment and banking laws will be announced along with the RV.  Tariffs and taxes are effective on Saturday, 1. August. None of that has changed. They will be taxing cars, boats, planes, homes, cell phones… everything.  Here is the thing.  The Council of Basra are refusing to renew the application for ____________.  [Sorry, didn’t catch this point.] They are going to Baghdad and saying they don’t have the money/economy to do this.  The GOI will say “you are still doing it and by Saturday you will have the money to do it.”  There is one more meeting today and after that they can make the announcement any time.  What we got from Iraq is this:  “This will be over, Iraq will be international by August 2nd.”  That is what he said.  I think the plan is for most people to see it (here) by Monday, 3. August.

Pam said that Thursday through Sunday will be a holiday in Iraq due to high temperatures.  I’m in Sacramento right now.  Today  is 107d, tomorrow is 105, and it’s been in triple digits all week. There has been no holiday here!  They have been burning up all week, and all summer, for ten years. This is a four-day window and having it as a holiday makes it the perfect storm, with the taxes/tariffs, UN operational rates on Friday, with people getting paid on their cards, etc.  Its’ the perfect storm this weekend.  Everyone should be excited.  People in Iraq are protesting in the street today – they are tired of hearing ‘in a few days’.  So the people in Iraq feel they will see it no later than Sunday.  So we are in a good spot!

I’ve been asked not to discuss rates today.  We have discussed them the last five calls, so we shouldn’t have to discuss them today.  I would like to wish Jay a happy 31th birthday.  Pam was supposed to give me a list of the mods because I wanted to say thank you to all of you, in case this is our last call. Thank you to everyone who has participated on the calls, in the forum and in the chat room.  Thank you for the last five years we have been here together.

352 caller:  I’ve been involved in this for about five years.  I used to listen to you on PTR.  I’ve talked to you three times in the last five years.  Last time, you hung on me, and you have 404 on there every all, asking the same frickin’ questions.

Tony: Why did I hang up on you?

Caller:  You just hung the phone up and it rubbed me the wrong way because I had a good question to ask.

Tony:  I didn’t say anything?  I just hung up the phone?  If I called your name several times and you were on a speakerphone or there was a delay, then I might have hung up because I had to move on.  It was nothing personal.

Caller:  Anyway, my brother and I appreciate what you do, I just wanted to bring that to your attention.  You talked about when this thing happens, you would put your money into 1%.  How much money would you do that, and for how long?  I mean, put your money into a 1% account to accumulate some interest while we’re waiting to see how this shakes out.

Tony:  I don’t know anything about that, and I’m surely going to get more than 1% interest.  If you decide to put it into an interest-bearing account while you work out what to do with it, well, what else are you going to do with your money?  Some people aren’t going to touch theirs for six months. That’s what some people are negotiating when they exchange.  I would leave it in the bank and collect interest until I decide what my plan is – how much into mutual funds, investments or whatever.

Caller:  I would rather have it in CDs or something higher.  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

707 caller:  You’ve never hung up on me!  I have lost the call a few times of my own accord.  I don’t know what we would do without these talks – we would be in a world of hurt.  [Appreciation]  I know DC is still contributing.  The hardest part to believe is how you  guys can keep doing this as volunteers, to give us information and hope and keep us moving. Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

919 caller:  I’m in NY;  I have a house in NC, and this is a NC phone.  Hopefully I’ll get to see you in NC soon.  Today is my birthday, and I’m 66 today!  [Appreciation]  I would sure love to have an 800 number today – that would be wonderful!  It sounds like really good news, with fireworks.  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

Tony:  Tell your husband to enjoy your birthday and extend it through the weekend!

301 caller:  I’m super-fantastic!  You said that if it goes on Sunday, when will we know?

Tony: I’m hoping we know on Sunday!

Caller:  I hope you’ll be up all night reviewing that package so you can tell us what to do.

Tony: The bonds should be released by Sunday, and the taxes/tariffs will be active in Iraq as well.  So it should be done for sure by Sunday.

Caller:  That’s all I needed, Tony!  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

860 caller:  You did answer my question about how people in Iraq are reacting to promises that have not been fulfilled yet. I know they are suffering immensely. Let’s hope for their sake that this is THE DAY!

404 caller:  This is One-Question Wednesday, so that should make more people happy.  What is the latest your sources are telling me about what announcements we should be looking for?

Tony: They are saying that there may not be a public announcement for days after this has been released.  You can, but it’s probably just going to happen because that is the way they want it.  They will be celebrating, and the governments/banks will know, and I have too many resources NOT to know what we already know.  Non-believers may not know until days after this has happened.

Caller: [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

360 caller:  It’s my first time – this is great!  Taxes?  I know a person who got the West Coast office started 30 years ago;  he’s involved as a dinarian, and he says it’s illegal to charge tax on a currency exchange.  That’s from someone who was very involved in taxes for over 30 years.

Tony:  Can you ask him to look at the tax code?  If you do an exchange of over $200 (profit), that is taxable under the tax code now.  We just don’t know how they will treat this exchange.  He can look it up.

Caller:  I’ll ask him and get back to you.  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  I’m originally from Sacramento so I know how hot it can get. At least it’s dry heat.

406 caller:  I forgot my question.  Have a great day!  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

410 caller:  Oh, hi!  Woo!  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  I will tell you, it feels like we just need to giggle about some things.  I saw this troll saying that you are getting paid for every time we say Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  So I’m saying it again in hopes you will get a lot of money!

Tony:  Wait a minute – that’s a new one!  You mean I’m getting paid every time YOU say Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!?  Now who does that make sense to?  OMG.

Caller:  There is nothing to ask today;  it looks like it’s right on our doorstep.  [Appreciation]

Tony: Send that link to Pam so we can put it in the history books.

Caller:  I think it was on Twitter, and I’ve seen it for a few days now.  You can search for it.

Tony:  That is too funny!

Caller:  See you in Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

636 caller:  I’m spectacular, and I know you’re super-fantastic.  I didn’t know you were working for the Vegas Chamber of Commerce!  I was talking to our daughter-in-law last night, and she asked if I would go to the exchange with her.  In the past, you said that nobody could go except maybe an attorney;  what do you think about a family member going to help someone with their exchange?

Tony: Rules are made to be broken, and nothing beats a failure but a try.  I would go in there and they would have to tell me No.

Caller:  It’s so helpful to bounce things off you.  It’s been almost four years for us, and I know we would not have maintained our faith if not for you.  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

941 caller:  One thing the tax person was saying… the tax law says that if you go out of the country and come back in, anything over $200 profit is taxable.  We didn’t go out of the country and come back in, so if anyone has to pay that tax it’s the people who brought the currency into the country.  I said that two years ago, and everyone said I was crazy.

Tony:  You might have solved everyone’s problems, but they might delay this for another month to write a new law!

Caller:  If the congress people and elite didn’t pay tax, I don’t think they will pass a tax on themselves.  People read things into things and cause problems with their interpretation.

Tony:  All the time they interpret it the way they want to.

Caller:  Have a good day and have fun in Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

Jerry on Skype:  I’m here!  I’m fantastic and glad to be back on the call with you.  I have one question today.  When I first got into this, I went with an investment group and bought my first dinar with this person.  Since then I haven’t been able to get in touch with these people.  I went to Plan B, and purchased some more dinar for myself.  What was supposed to happen is that with the RV I’m supposed to go there, exchange and get my money.  I purchased dinar from them, but they never gave it to me physically.  I haven’t been able to contact them since.  The one thing positive about this is I have a document saying they sold me four million dinar.  They don’t answer my phone calls, but I have dinar, zim, rupiah and dong, and I have enough to put together an investigative team… the person didn’t show me ID, but I know from other sources who this person is.

Tony: More than likely, it was illegal for this person to sell you dinar without a license, so they will probably be arrested after this RV.  However, you will probably be in a courtroom for ten years.  This person will probably end up in prison, and you’ll have an even harder time getting it from prison.

Caller:  Yes, I’ve already reconciled myself to that.  When I was first told about this, I was so excited and I wanted to get involved immediately.  After I had time to reflect, I realized that I had to do this the correct way, buying from dealers who are licensed and legally able to sell this currency.  I know the other is a lost cause, and that’s why I worked out a Plan B and Plan C.

Tony:  You can lodge your complaint with the FBI even before this comes down.

Caller:  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

352 caller:  Good morning, Tony!

Tony:  No, you cannot talk about him.

Caller:  Do you think you have the most naïve audience on the planet given that it’s always arriving but still hasn’t got here?

Tony: I think we are all hopeful, because the information is very positive.

Caller:  Do you think these bonds are the catalyst for this RV going down?

Tony:  It’s my understanding that the RV has to happen for the bonds to be paid out.  The bonds will happen a day or two after the RV, because they need the RV, not the other way round.  Nobody is talking about stopping this;  they talked about the times when it could go and should go.  Everyone is ecstatic about Parliament and what’s going on there.  Yes, they have a predetermined time and day, so we’ll see when that is.  I don’t hear anyone talking about how and when it could be stopped.  And I will not tell you who I get my information from, because then they would be locked up.  Next!

601 caller:  Regarding the laws that were passed yesterday, did any of them have to do with counterfeiting?  And where is Maliki?

Tony:  It said all investment and banking laws, and I thought the counterfeiting laws were passed months ago.  That should be already taken care of.  My understanding is that Maliki is sitting in Baghdad.  I think it will all happen at one time.

562 caller:  [Appreciation] Looks like we are at the end… thanks to all those in Baltimore who got me into this.  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

936 caller:  A bunch of us were sitting around talking, and wonder if you can reiterate something for us.  With the news for Kurdistan and the cards and their markets, is it possible that it has gone in-country and just hasn’t been announced?

Tony:  Yes, in Kurdistan!  They did it, but others in Iraq still haven’t seen the new rates. Contractors themselves got paid by Iraq in November, and in the last few weeks some fo their workers got paid and half of his people promptly quit.  But we are still here today.

Caller: What about the regular citizens around Baghdad – didn’t they get some money?

Tony: The entire banking system was activated last week to work with the cards.  They are using their cards, with different rates on different cards.  I don’t know how their system  is set up, with different rates (in dollars) yet only dinars being put on each cards.  If they got the new rate in Kurdistan, and they changed the prices, then they are still making the same value, but it doesn’t make sense in terms of the rest of the country.  The RV is not here until the whole country is on the same rate.  Obviously it is going in some parts of Iraq, but every single citizen has not got the rate on their cards.  They have cards with money on them, but everyone didn’t get the same rate throughout Iraq.  That is what this new system is supposed to have – the same rate, although not the same amount.

Caller:  So have they changed up or down?

Tony:  The changes have been minimal in the last few weeks.  Pamela?

Pam:  I’m here!  I was at the other end of the house… <laughter>  I want to thank everyone, and remind you to take  your time.  Don’t’ set your hair on fire and run round like crazies, relax and go with what you know.  Don’t use people you find online;  do your due diligence and BE CAREFUL.  You will be gazillionaires and a lot of charming scallywags will want to take advantage of you.

RayRen: Someone has a bigmouth and messed up my arrangement with the Chamber of Commerce in Las Vegas!  <laughter>  Continue to enjoy When-Will-I-See-This Wednesday.  I’ll see some of you in Tennessee.

Tony:  It is the real deal.  I don’t know if this is our last call or not, but it has good potential to be the last call like this.  What I can tell you is that we will be here to help you as long as we can.  If they want us to do a final call, we will be there to help ou get the most out of their process. If not, we will talk about it for the next ten days, if we can.  If not, we have discussed it a million different ways and rate and places to go to find the rates, time-frames and all the rest.  Even if things change, if you take the time to listen and think about it, you will be fine. When I was building and trying to plan, I would go ten steps out. Look at where you want to be, say 100K in ten months, then that means you need to make 10K per month.  That means I need to bring in $500 per day for 20days, which means $50 per hour for ten hours per day.  Work it back, in steps, and make sure it makes sense to you, and understanding every step.  You need to understand every step;  it needs to be logical and proven, if possible.  You need to know what fits into YOUR plan, not what someone else plans for you.  You need to know what you’re getting into and what you want to get out of a negotiation. You need to have your Ten Things all ready, because the moment you see that tweet, life will never be the same.  That time could come any time through Friday or through Sunday –t hat’s what they are saying.  Let’s hope it happens and nothing gets in the way.  The different governments  and banking systems are all ready for this today, and I hope this is the last call like this.  If necessary, we’ll be here Friday and we’ll do the call.  Thanks, everybody!


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