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TNT call notes 1-Oct-2014

Tony:  Good morning, TNT!  It is Wednesday, October 1, 2014.  I’m going to do this a little different today. I have some really great news that even idiots would be happy to hear.  I asked them not to come, but I promise you they’re here – they can’t help themselves!  They wouldn’t have anything else to talk about if they didn’t come here.

This is why I talk about Texas all the time. I know some good people here, but there are just some lost souls.  I mean, where is the first place we get Ebola?!  [laughter]  As much as they talk about Border Patrol, we need to have that around the whole state!  It’s easy to pick on Texas – it’s a big state.

We do have some really, really good information, but Pam wants to read something first.  It sounds a lot like patting ourselves on the shoulder, but there are a lot who don’t get on the forum who don’t understand, so…

Pam:  This is a post by ThruTraffic, called A Preponderance of Evidence.  There are some amazing people on our site: 

On a nearly daily basis there are comments posted in the forum threads and in chat saying things like, “No guru has EVER been right about the reset,” or “Guru X has been right as many times as Tony and DC, which is NEVER!” Some people even get on the MWF conference calls to challenge Tony and DC about being wrong about the RV for “55 weeks in a row!”
I beg to differ with this entire thought process. I propose that, in fact, Tony and DC have actually been RIGHT “55 weeks in a row” about the RV, based on the information they had up to the minute.

Keep in mind that T/DC have never, EVER “called it”. Neither of them have ever pinpointed a date, a day or a weekend, not one time. What they HAVE told us repeatedly is that certain conditions are right, critical meetings held, certain documents signed or power shifts accomplished that indicated, at a particular time, every possibility of the RV taking place. That’s not “calling it”. It’s an educated analysis of innumerable bits of intel that indicated favorable conditions.

Another thing that has happened repeatedly is that we dinarians discover some days or weeks later that – lo and behold — the meetings or signatures, power shifts and favorable conditions T/DC mentioned actually DID take place, and the RV actually COULD have happened! Of course it hasn’t yet, but does that mean they were wrong? Absolutely not. They called it as they saw it – “Lucy is holding the ball on the 1 yard line and this game MAY be over, UNLESS someone moves the ball.” Unfortunately, Lucy is infamous for doing just that. (For those unfamiliar with the analogy, search Charlie Brown, Lucy and football on YouTube.)
Also unfortunately, there are a hundred countries, a thousand agencies, 10 thousand banks, 100 thousand bankers and a million politicians involved in this thing, and they’re ALL coaching Lucy. They will never agree, and the ball will continue to be snatched away until the powers and pressures to kick the ball are greater than the powers and pressures not to. It’s just that simple.

However, as this fiendishly complicated game plays out, wouldn’t you like to have someone on the sidelines with binoculars trying to do a little lip reading? Maybe someone who was talking to some experts who know the rules and the players? Wouldn’t you appreciate someone who would take the time to do some analysis and reporting? Well, that’s precisely what we’ve got.

When Tony and DC are on the MWF conference calls, they’re giving us the up-to-the-minute game analysis and report – who’s on the field, who’s on the sideline, and where the dang ball is. We get it from east to west and top to bottom, and have you ever noticed something? Tony and DC finish each other’s sentences (and, at times, DC, knowing exactly what’s about to come out of Tony’s mouth, will interrupt…no, no, no, don’t go there!). There are even times when Tony will briefly leave the call (too much coffee) and DC just takes over.  They simply cannot practice this. There’s no rehearsing the MWF calls in advance. In fact, they often get texts and updates DURING the calls, and still they are always on the same page and finishing each other’s sentences. You just can’t fake that.
It’s all about a preponderance of evidence.

1) T/DC have actually been proven right over and over again. The fact that the ball gets moved does not make them wrong! The fact that they ALWAYS tell us that anything can change makes them RIGHT!

2) They talk to different people and verify from multiple sources. Their info is often many days ahead of other gurus.

3) T/DC don’t earn squat. They have no motive to dedicate countless hours for endless months. And neither of them scheme to get your dinar; they actually tell you how to avoid the shysters!

4) Neither wants fame post-RV, they want to drop off the radar. Again, no motive.

5) They really are a tag team on those calls. The nice thing about telling the truth is that you don’t have to remember what you said. And if there were two of them lying? Come on. They’re in lock-step, spontaneous, unrehearsed lock-step. You probably couldn’t even accomplish that with your spouse.

IMHO, that’s an impressive preponderance of evidence AND integrity.  Heartfelt thanks, guys, to you and the whole team.
[Call cut out; fortunately, I found the post and copied it above.]

That came from ThruTraffic, who has been with us for a while, and we have lots of comments from members who feel Tony and DC deserve all of that. 

DC:  Thank you, that is very kind.  Is Mr. Tony around?

Pam:  I thought that was overdue with all the crazies out there who lie about us.  Tony doesn’t even like us focusing on him.

Tony:  Thank you.  I don’t even know how to talk after that!  [call cut out again]  We do donations so that we would not be accuse of all that BS we are accused of.  [That is, there is no subscription like on other sites.]  We have fewer than 400 people sending us money!  And there are 20,000 members!

Pam:  Take it easy on the Mods – it is not their fault this is happening.  You can tell we fly by the seat of our pants, can’t you?

Tony:  Okay, are we ready DC?  Really good news…

DC:  Thanks for those kind words, Pam.  East to West, and it’s falling into place right now.  They have been telling everyone their cards would be activated today.  We understand that some cards have been activated in some regions, with seven confirmations.  There are lines at the banks, and constant news clips walking people through the process in Iraq.  We have three folks saying ALL of the cards have been activated, and four saying that part of the last big group was activated today.  They are getting cash and seeing if their cards are working. The rates are coming out at $3.58 to $3.60.  Let me explain this deal.  In the past, the cards have been turned on and used, but there are many different groups, such as widows-and-orphans, the police, the retired military and government folks, the families of those killed by Saddam Hussein. Some segments have been turned on a year ago, in restricted amounts and regions. This final group is the general population, like Alaska.  In AL, everyone is paid to live there by the oil companies.  In Baghdad, the government gets revenue from oil and gas, the people get a portion of that revenue.  It’s like a royalty payment, and they are starting to pay it to those groups. There was a variety of rates from $3.21 to 4.14, and now they are being adjusted to $3.58.  They can be used internationally, like a debit card.  We are not yet clear what percentage of the general public were paid actively today. There are lines at the banks, at $3.58, in many towns.  Those with bank accounts have been adjusted as well to $3.58i.

Last night, the rates they quoted the same rates in the newspaper – on Monday, Tuesday morning, and some internet sources.  They were running the entire weekend spots about which banks to go to and what to do there.

Tony:  Last Thursday we heard $3.58, and it was posted in the Gazette on Monday at $3.58. Today, it was posted on their cards at $3.58.  All these other gurus were saying we were incompetent, yet we wake up today on 1. October, and the rate is $3.58.  It’s a miracle!

DC:  That’s how it’s progressed. What we don’t know is what percentage was paid. Some folks in the DBI are saying that the cards are being loaded throughout the day, completed by morning, but others are saying not all cards are activated.  Others are saying that all their family’s cards are live and they are buying stuff at the store.   It is easing tensions, as you can well imagine, and it’s wonderful news.  They are saying where to cash out and here is the process, and telling people to stay calm.

Tony:  There are two things on the television.  In the US, they are saying the economic reforms are about to come soon, and also saying we don’t need to have the budget done – they are saying that on Iraqi television.  As for the defense minister… [call dropped again – 40,000 people on the lines?]

DC:  I’ve never had to dial in before – Pam just texted me with the procedure!
Over there, they are basically walking everyone through the exchange process.  They are saying to keep calm.  The finance minister is specifically saying they are not waiting on the budget, that the economic reform is happening very soon.  They are reporting that in the US.

Tony: That is on the news.  As for the defense minister…

DC:  The defense minister has been used as a way to play with everyone this entire time, sometimes strategically, and sometimes just “this needs to be completed”.  The defense minister has been the same Sunni guy whose been there for over a month. There has been a LOT of negotiation about his deputies and their backgrounds – Sunni, Shi’a, Kurd, even Christian.  ISIL is all around them, so that is always an issue. Also, this is where Maliki caused a lot of problems, because he could bypass a lot of the stuff that slows things down, and go directly to the commanders in the field. That is a huge problem in a democratic government.  There has been immense house-cleaning in the defense ministry, and some people have felt hurt by that.  This has dragged on forever, and made people mad. However, the CBI has given clearance to do the RV whenever, and at the same time, they have been asked to complete the defense ministry. It’s been a major issue, and the rV has been used as leverage to get this sorted out.  They are in emergency session now, and also in the last four days, Abadi has met with all the key reps and leaders from all the parties.  All of them have been in one room, horse-trading for ministry positions, and all the rest.  This has not been published, because it’s been in executive session, where they can make real agreements about the deputy ministries and all that stuff.

Tony: For the last nine days they have been negotiating, and it cut the chase since Sunday. 

DC: Then they get together and do formal votes.  They negotiated again on Monday and Tuesday, then passed a lot of laws all at once.  They are doing that again now, with an emergency meeting to vote on things.  The main topic is the defense ministry, and we believe it is done now.  My contacts in those meetings believe it is all worked out and it’s fine.  Some people have been asked to retire;  they haven’t revealed this to the world.  It’s my understanding from folks in those rooms and the intelligence agencies. That has been the main topic, and the emergency session just started as our call started.
Tony:  Some of the banks are actually closed as people go to them, and some people are concerned that ISIL is so close they are affecting this process, because people are lined up outside the banks.

DC: They are worried about car bombs and such.  Now, about ISIL and what they are doing:  when you look at this, it’s something to be concerned about, and we are not discounting that. However, we are also saying that the RV process is continuing at the same time.  When you look at a map of Iraq, and you see they control this wedge, that part is not very inhabited. There is not much out there, so to control that area you don’t need a lot of troops. There are not many towns, they are mostly Sunni, and so they were sympathetic to the Sunni extremists, like Faluja.  They have been a problem for ten years.  Now that we are working with the elders there, trying to protect people the bad guys are trying to kill, then there will be hand-to-hand fighting for a while.  It’s a bad part of time, and they’ll have to do what they said Abadi said they would do, like having Sunnis in the military and the judiciary.  ISIL has had good training and US equipment they stole from Mosul where the Iraqi forces withdrew and left them the keys.  Once they starting engaging the Iraqi defense forces and the Kurds, with the coalition forces, they kicked butts because they have our equipment, including IEDs.

When you see the map where it looks like they have this massive wedge, look at how few the towns and people are.  There is not a lot of fighting, and they are adapting to oru security measures.  This is going to be ongoing for years, plus they keep retreating back into Syria.  However, all the leaders and intelligent agents I’ve talked to say the same thing:  get Baghdad, make these people rich, and the majority of these problems will fade away. 

The banks have everyone in at the banks, exchange centers, security, with brush-up training for everyone. There is a surge mentality at the call centers across the country, on high alert, expecting this at any time. They are adamant that it has to go through, because they are tired of all this, too.

Tony:  The spend half a million dollars in one day moving people round, and now it’s three days.  They can see the IQN, VNN and several other rates on the boards.  We are seeing new rates, and that hasn’t happened for a long time.  They brought the people back in to the call centers, expecting shifts from 7am to 11pm. 

DC:  As for Washington, everyone from all sides are screaming to get this done and excited bout the cards.  The Democrats are excited because they have a fighting chance to keep their majority in Congress, while before they thought they had lost.

There has been frustration and anger on all sides. We do three phone calls a week to keep people up to date as best we can.  We may know 60% of what’s going on, and some folks are taking active measures to block our intel.  For many people, this is too much!  Sometimes there is just too much, and you are just going crazy.  That is the time to turn it all off and just wait for the tweet.  Some people have gone psycho and are now threatening us and our families.  Law enforcement is now involved, and I thank them for catching people who have double-dipped, and also keeping people safe who are going through this process.  Thank you to all of those who are protecting us.  Tony and I are under constant scrutiny, and they are making sure we aren’t make money on the back end. That would be illegal and unethical and it’s not what we do.  I’m exhausted by all this.  I thought I was volunteering for two weeks, and it’s been 18 months!  I am going away after all this, and will to be speaking in public.  It’s sad that we’ve had to come down to this, but the people threatening us have been turned over the FBI, etc.  It’s fine to disagree;  if you don’t agree, and you cannot turn off the phone and stop listening, then you need help.  I’m serious!  Turn off the phone and seek help!

Tony:  We have 40,000 people on the phone, and other sites have maybe a hundred people.  We know what we are doing, and we’re okay.  Then some idiots are saying that we are PAYING people to call us!  I just start at the top and go down the list.  So 727 caller, how much did you get paid, and who paid you?!

727 caller:  I am not getting paid.   I stayed on the line 900+ minutes, and got disconnected three times.  About the Zim… we have only heard about the trillion dollar denominations, and we have billion dollar notes.  What do you know?

DC:  I only know about 100 trill and 50 trill notes, 2008, series AA. I know know about any other notes.  I hope this will be addressed in the package and by the banks.

Caller:  Okay, thanks.  And I did not get a paycheck yet!

Tony:  Those are just idiots who spend all day trying to come up with something, and they don’t’ know what’s going on, and they just can’t take day-to-day, hour-to-hour, and that just doesn’t fit into their lives, I guess.

Caller:  They just want to create turmoil.

650 caller [yet again]:  I’m still waiting for my check!  I’m sure some people think my calls are planted, but I know you go straight down.  It’s important to me and my family.  You’ve said in the past this has always been planned for weekend.  Is that still true?

DC:  No.

Tony:  You might still see it at the weekend, because that would make sense to me, to freeze the rate. I heard about that one time, and it still makes.  We might not see it until Friday, and we might see it today or tomorrow.  I  don’t know that there is a four-day window, either.  They put it out today, the day they said, 1st October, and today our contacts said that people who already had cards were all updated.  This is happening in a bunch of regions, and they told everyone to be ready today.  Unless they are spending a whole lot of money they don’t’ have to, they are gearing up for something.

Caller:  You said recently that they gave told you a week in advance if the date was going to change.  So have they told you that this time?

Tony: What I said is that when a date was changed for something to do with the RV, not the RV itself, they gave us a week’s warning. They have not done that.

Caller:  In terms of an international rate, what are the criteria for people outside the US, or people who hold debt?  They have Qi cards with a rate on them, and Iraq has collected the currency, when will they get their international rate together so we can see it?

DC:  So you are now really rich, and Iraq is trying to sell electronic money to people who traditionally distrust the banks.  You’ve given the population a lot of money and they are highly mobile.  You are trying to prove this money is there, is real, and you can use it anywhere.  How long will it take them to visit their friends in the region?  Not long at all.  My understanding from friends in the finance ministry is that these cards can be used internationally.  So here I am in Texas, buying stuff at a rate of 1160.  Then an Iraqi can fly over here, buy dinar at the lower rate, and that then causes one heck of a problem.  In terms of intelligence, we know they are on a very tight timeline, like hours.  They are in emergency session right now tidying that all up because they know this is an issue.  They are highly mobile, and they have to protect those rates.

Tony:  Iraq put out those rates on Monday!  How many from those countries will come over to those countries and become millionaires because they keep selling at 1166?  It has to come out because it won’t take long for other people to figure that they can take a short light and become multi-millionaires.

Caller:  We would love to see that real document out in public so that we can see it for ourselves because most of us didn’t’ see anything making Kuwaiti and Iraqi dinars 1:1.

DC:  Those who pay attention to articles saw that there were articles on Sunday, Monday and yesterday… I haven’t found the article online, but several guys in Iraq called me and said the reputable newspapers were quoting the Gazette.  They didn’t read it in the Law Gazette directly, and the Law Gazette is not online.  Others reported from the actual Gazette.  They called us, told us the rate, and the cards are showing the same rate today in Baghdad and Bazra. 

Tony:  We will do what we can do to put links on the forum.  Thanks for your questions.

828 caller:  You recently said that 1. October was the significant date, and if it were up to you, they wouldn’t wait this long.  Here were are on 1st October, and we are hemming and hawing.  You said you thought there would be big problems… such as?

Tony:  they didn’t listen to me, but here we are, and they did do it.  We have heard from several sources that there are lines out the bank, and there is the new rates on the cards, and they want actual cash in their pockets.  They have done what they said they would do, and so we know that our turn is coming.  Some have said everyone got theirs today, and many got paid all the back to February.  So it has happened, it’s just that WE haven’t gone to the bank yet. 

DC:  They were going to have riots if they pissed everyone off, with insurgents all around them, if they didn’t fund those cards.  Now that they are actually paying them, a lot of the tension has gone down.  If your card didn’t get paid and your neighbor did, you’d be a bit annoyed.
Tony:  We don’t know.  They may have paid only the leaders first and be waiting to pay everyone at the holiday this weekend.  We know they have called people into the banks, and they are in emergency session at the Iraqi parliament.  They are trying to get some things done and don’t what those things are.

Caller: What else do they have to before we see this in the US?

Tony:  They don’t have to anything!  There is nothing saying they can’t do it in the next ten minutes.  I can only assume that someone has asked them not to do it yet, because there is some other agreement that they are negotiating outside Iraq.  Even that was supposed to have been done by today, but we haven’t heard if it was done or not.

Caller:  But the US government could have asked them not to call it?

Tony:  It could happen. 

Caller:  So what’s your best guess?

Tony:  The word’s going to be out all around the world that Iraq has this new rate on the cards, so I think by the weekend.

DC:  This make no sense to me.  You have just given a large number of people the ability to double-dip, if the cards are functional overseas.  If they tell people they cannot use the cards overseas, I would pull out a lot of cash, go to a neighboring country, and buy a bunch of dinar at the lower rate… it’s a no-brainer.   That’s what I would do!

Tony:  Or just call their neighbors and relatives and tell them to load up on Iraqi dinar! 

DC:  It’s a committee running the show, so who knows…?

609 caller:  So you say the rate on their cards is $3.58, and once they are all loaded, then we will see the RV here? 

Tony:  That’s what I’m hearing.

Caller:  So if I call my bank and say the exchange centers are staffed… is that all the banks or only the Big Four?

DC:  There are nearly 5,000 bankers who have been trained, prepped and put on notice, with maybe 2,800 folks in call centers around the world.  ONLY the trained people are being called in, not a memo going around all the banks.  They have intentionally kept these people separated at various call and exchange centers to stop those information leaks.  They want to stop every teller buying currency and quitting.  If your particular manager is part of this process, then they may know, but most will not because they don’t want them all to quit.  They will probably have a video-cast when it is announced telling tellers and managers to direct people to the call and exchange centers.

Tony:  One person who we know went through the training in a pretty big city said that there were only six of them at the training, in the whole city.

Caller:  I heard about the Zim that that the 2009 notes will not be accepted, that they have gone live and they are only accepting the ZWL notes.

Tony:  I don’t know about that.  I know people have heard different things, but we haven’t heard that from any of our people.

Caller:  So they are seeing the new rates at the bank screens?

Tony:  Yes, the people we talk to say it is back on their screens.  This is not at the teller levels, but the people we talk to.

Caller:  Can you tell me the rate of the guy who exchange a while back?

Tony:  It was $3.71;  I saw the receipt at the time.

337 caller:  Pam has a very understandable, melodious voice, as opposed to DC’s very quick delivery.  About the banking system, is it still going to be the same, or is it going to change?

DC:  It’s always going to be fractional, taking in a certain sum and loaning it out at 8-10 times that amount.

Caller:  That sounds illegal to me.  If I receive a hamburger, and send out ten pieces of paper saying ten customers have a hamburger – how can that work?!  Tony, I think you are a little passive.

Tony:  Well, that is how it works with banks.  And as for passive, I’m only trying to give people all the information we have.  Everyone is frustrated, but those who don’t even try to understand, they get all upset because they don’t have their money already.  Well, if they don’t get it now, they won’t hold onto it either.

404 caller [yet again]:  Thanks for taking my call. I have never received any checks or direct deposits from TNT.  Most of my questions have been answered.  In prior calls, you have said that this RV will just show up.  Now you’re saying there may be an Iraqi announcement this evening – and it’s nearly 10pm there.

DC:  I have heard that, but don’t know if they will do that or not.  Most of those who would make this kind of announcement are in parliament now.  If they get it done by the 11pm news, which would be the main venue, then there may well be a formal announcement.  It’s too hot to work in the middle of the day, so they work later than we do here.

Caller:  So we could be having another call after the 11pm news?

DC: I don’t’ know.  This current situation doesn’t make sense to me.

Caller:  Have the rates changed significantly on the bank screens?

DC:  they look about the same to me, and they are on the screens.  I think the WTO meeting going on right now is not connected to the GCR, although the WTO will be patting Iraq on the back…

256 caller:  My friend is discouraged because this hasn’t happened… do you think it’ll be another weekend?

Tony:  We know it’s being done in Iraq right now, and it could happen any time here.  They knew we were going to make this call, and they didn’t tell us not to.

Caller:  Is it still the same five people who know when this will happen internationally?

Tony:  We believe that there is one agreement that still has to be made, and that may have already happened;  I cannot answer that.

Caller:  My friend is going through a hard time, she is trying to raise her seven-year-old granddaughter, and she tried to commit suicide on Saturday.  We’re both Christians, but we can get overpowered with stress.  I hope this hurries up, because we need it.  I am trying to help churches and such, but there is also St Jude’s Hospital for Children, and also the Shriner’s Hospital that have the top children’s hospitals and burn centers in the world. I just want to help people in need.  I hope the next call has the 800 numbers.  You said a while back that one person asked not to do this yet, but was that person in the Capitol building?

Tony:  I don’t think it was just one person.  I’m sorry about your friend.  When this happens, it doesn’t just affect Iraq, it affects the whole Middle East.  There is a bigger picture, in terms of the effect on everyone else.

Caller:  A lot of Christians have bought currency, and I would like to help Israel after this happens.  What does 1166 refer to?

DC:  That is the current exchange rate for the Iraqi dinar in the US – 1166 dinar per one American dollar.

Caller:  Tony, you said VNN would be ten times what it was worth when this started.

Tony:  When it started, we heard we might get two cents out of the deal.  Then we heard it might exchange at five cents, and someone said that if it would came out that high, it would destroy the world.  So I guess that when it comes out – at least ten times that high – that will be the last day of the world!

904 caller:  [Appreciation]  If we have four banks to go to, and you cannot tell us anything about the banks (with the package), do I just gamble on which bank will give me the best rate, or do I just go to the lead bank?  What would you do?

Tony:  If we get the call and find out this went through and we’ll be doing our own call and our own information, if it comes down to that scenario, before I sign the NDA.

DC:  We now believe we are not going to have the package – it keeps going back and forth – but we can give out 800 numbers. If we don’t get shut down, we’ll keep having calls like we always do.  Once we are contacted and asked not to do calls, then we understand they will give out information about the process and which banks to contact.  The majority of the general public will only get the international rate, but the contract rate pool is there, and those who call the 800 numbers quickly will probably have some access to the higher rates.  The 800 number call centers is supposed to be able to tell you which banks the contract rate is available.  We understand that the major banks will have access but we don’t know how long that will last.

Caller:  If this comes out in the middle of the night…

Tony:  I will tweet it out to everyone, and post it in the forum, and as a Tony blast, and then we’ll post it on our other three sites:, .net, and .info.

Caller:  And we can listen to the call and/or the replay?

Tony:  Yes, you can always listen to the call.  We know that some people are laughing at us may be laughing today, but I know I’ll be laughing for the rest of my life. Some people are going to be embarrassed that when this happens, they didn’t listen, think outside the box, and take advantage of this unique opportunity.

DC:  I honestly feel bad for people who are so upset that they have to be nasty to gurus whose information they don’t agree with.  Yet they keep listening!  That’s sad.

Tony:  People are frustrated that we keep speaking to the same caller, but it’s easier if I
just go down the line.  So I’m just going to ask, if we have to do another call, don’t get on the line hours before the call starts.  Let the new people have a chance, so I don’t’ have to go down and search them out.

DC:  The cards have been paid, people are in lines at the banks, and Parliament is in emergency meetings now.  The rate is $3,58, as announced.  This is an amazing day for Iraq, really incredible.  In the US everyone is ready to go, and I don’t understand how they can keep what they are doing separate form the rest of the world for much longer.

Pam: We congratulate Iraq that their government is working the way it should and we’re pleased for them and their economic reform.  We have great things going on here, too, with a lot to look forward to.

Ray:  I will email my two days’ notice!  To all the naysayers, I’m not a perfect Christian, I can forgive, but might now forgive.  Enjoy Whacky Wednesday.

Tony:  Every call out of Iraq was very positive, and all good news from the banks, etc.  Iraq has paid people when they said, on 1st October. It’s not perfect, and some are concerned about ISIL.  Over here, they are saying ‘economic reform’ is going to happen with or without the budget.  DC told you what we have been hearing about the defense ministry.  You’ve heard the news from every level, from the ground floor to Parliament. I’m hoping we will do THE call this afternoon, or even tomorrow.  It’s going to be a good weekend.  We heard the rate on the bank screens, and we all laughed because it was the rate we heard three years ago!  Enjoy the rest of your day!!

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