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: TONY – Good morning, TNT. It’s Wednesday, November 5, 2014 and I can’t hardly believe we’re still here, but things are about to change! Hold on and you will see. I got some letters & comments from people on info in the letters received. You’re going to hear some stories today and genuine info. If you received any letters from a bank that the dinar is a scam, please send them to the address I gave you. Send any that you want in the book as part of history. Anybody that actually bought dinar from a bank before they stopped selling, please submit that as well, if you don’t mind being part of history. We would greatly appreciate and further authenticates us and takes us to another level.

T – We are going to present this to the people who helped us and ask them to put it into history and the Congressional Library, or books that will come out in 10-15 years. After things that happened yesterday we decided to ask for this material as well. I think it will be a good part of history. East to west…

DC – Let’s do East to West a little bit. Iraq has been meeting even during the holiday on Monday about laws, moving along at a good pace. The CBI has been held hostage by the USA but they are prepared. They are scrolling on their TV that “economic reform is happening” or “in process.” They are very frustrated and everyone is wondering what is going on. Coins are out in some areas. Iraq banks are trying to give them out but everyone knows they’re useless until the public RV happens.

DC – ISIS has suffered a few more defeats and the coalition partners are working together better to defeat ISIS.

DC – Iraq is ready. In the USA, this is where the action is. The UN is highly aggravated that the USA has held this up. UST and Admin officials are taking a beating, or flat out not answering the phones. We talked at great length about the Admin. The highly political folks blocked it to not happen until after the election so it wouldn’t affect the Senate elections. As everybody knows, the Republicans have won regardless of any run-off races. So the guys stopping it don’t have anything to fight on or lean on anymore. A lot of folks are being setup and ready to go right now. No one thought they could delay it until November but they did. Int’l agencies are preparing for the public reveal as we speak. The timing is in the next few days.

DC – Some exchanges were made Friday evening thru Tuesday, with a mix of int’l and contract rates. Why didn’t all banks do it? They wanted it in select areas where people were trained and security was present. Banks said they wanted it to be legit. Our understanding is that it has been put on pause for a few hours to a day to prepare for the public release. Because of no more political situations, everybody is ready to move forward.

T – On Friday we were told the cut-off was Tuesday. It was only scheduled for those 4 days to do payouts, as of Friday. As of today we know they aren’t doing any. Is it a reset for everybody? Or to change the way they did it over those 4 days? Who were those people who exchanged?

DC – They were people who didn’t go thru in Jan/Feb, who didn’t want SKRs or claw-backs and wanted only cash, including politically-connected.

T – As well as some random people.

DC – Yes, it was a large group. I don’t know if it’s going on today or not. Can’t prove or disprove.

T – Here are the people who DID NOT get paid: large groups or their leaders, we did not get paid. It was basically people in the shadows, nobody in the limelight.

T – We are coming up and it’s so public in the banking system they don’t see how they can hold it back

DC – I got on chat last night. Was it live last night? Yes. Was it 3.58 and 1.02? Yes. Will that be our rates? We hope so. Do we expect it to be live soon? YES! More and more managers and WMs have been brought into the loop. But there are still bankers who don’t know anything about it. They’re still trying to keep it quiet so they don’t lose their entire work force.

T – Ray, can you give us 2 bank stories?

R – We had one person with an appointment set for this morning. They got to the bank and learned it was to review potential investment opportunties. But when the IQD was mentioned they denied it was legit or they would ever deal with it. The customer told the banker he bought his IQD from that very branch and the banker denied that. The customer showed him copies of his receipts and the banker made a call, and came back flush-faced.

T – Bankers are not lying. They are telling you what they have been told. They will believe their superiors. Why would they tell their employees about it and have them buy IQD and walk off the job? I understand why they are doing it. They did what they thought was right.

DC – We understand the NDA changed again and the latest page count is 17 for a contract rate.

T – Every time we try to do something good or right, some idiot says we are trying t make money off of it, we are just trying to do the RIGHT thing . If they would know by now, we all have businesses, industries, etc we don’t need a little bit of money from a book .

DC – We are going to do so well from the RV there is no reason to make a profit off this “history” book. The main reason is for posterity. How do we show thanks to the leaders who have helped us through this? We know a lot of powerful men and women wonder about their legacy. Some have libraries in their honor so we thought we might enjoy being a part of that. Plus, I’m a history buff and would like to create a center where all this stuff can be displayed for people to learn from it. There are some horrible implications as well going forward and we want to highlight those as well.


T – Okay, let’s go on to some good stuff.

DC – We cannot confirm or deny if anybody is getting paid. Today we have been told there are some last-minute “get ready for the public” things here in the USA, as well as some calls with the IMF, BIS, CBI, etc. They are engaged in a specific time but we don’t know that time. There is immense pressure on the USA not to get in the way again now that the mid-terms are over. Now they can move on from that excuse.

DC – Meetings started on Monday and wrap up stuff today. The intent is to roll it out. I cannot confirm exchanges today. The slow roll-out is the past 4 days of getting a lot of folks thru to get the numbers down. The other part of that slow release is to inform Dinarland thru the gurus and thru the internet. It won’t be broadcast and most people won’t know. We understand this is to happen in the next few days – no specific times – just windows. Everybody and their mother is ready.

T – We don’t know when anything will happen. Since February we were told some wanted to wait until today. Well, today is here and we don’t see anything stopping it now. The word to us this morning was “are you still willing to help?” Yes, we are still willing to help you get through this, explain it to you. It would be really smart for them to allow us to post the NDA. That way you are familiar with it, but it’s not our decision to make.



T – We know thousands got paid yesterday at 3 of the top 5 banks that we know of and the people who have been helping everybody didn’t paid? How does that happen?

T – TNT is more about the rate/date. We’ve been here trying to help people protect their money, make their money grow, make this one-time event last for generations. I encourage you to go to ESPN 30-30 and read about the broke athletes who went through millions and have nothing to show for it. $500K can last a lifetime if handled correctly.

C – Is there any correlation between the gold & silver price dropping to the GCR/RV?

DC – I don’t think so. It is a deflationary issue with Europe and economies going down, as well as gov’t policies. Instead of pumping $40-80B into the system there has to be an adjustment to hard commodities

DC – The easy money policies have stopped.

C – So are we close?

DC – Yes.

T – The weekend’s activities and bank’s procedures wouldn’t have happened if they weren’t close.

C – Up until the last 60 days we had tangible objectives that were reasonable excuses. Now, however, the reasons have become enigmatic, cloudy, arbitrary and self-serving. Are there elected officials holding this up and why?

T – Up until today there were legitimate reasons. There were things used to prolong us getting to today. Even when they ran out of excuses it was bogus. They intentionally blocked to get to today. Was it a personal agenda? Political agenda? Those are questions that need to be answered, but for us to answer them might cause more problems and would put us into direct confrontation with those people.
T – We have to see what happens today. We’re hearing it’s over. DC says everybody is kissing and making up this morning. Today, tomorrow, thru Friday is what we have to wait for and see. There’s nothing else to do and you can’t put spilled milk back in the bottle

C – Has a new date for release been established?

DC – There is a release in process as we speak, since last Friday evening. The real question is when do the internet public get to go like you and me. That’s what they are debating right now. We understand it’s in a very tight window, tonight, tomorrow, this weekend, and they are hashing out those times now.

C – You seem a bit hesitant. Any reason?

T – There are no other reasons we can see. We were told on Monday it wasn’t about the election, but they told people to stop answering their phones. It’s amazing that so few people have such power. Now we’re told they’re all being friends and playing nice.
[19:17:33] Wei Ting & Wat Ching 4 Ka Ching! Angel: C – Are you thinking this weekend? Not waiting until January?

T – The only thing I can think of is they want to wait until the weekend and go with the weekend plan.

DC – One of the reason is they want to let things cool down. A lot of people are annoyed it has been delayed so long just to benefit a few. The Iraqi people have been screwed over, so they’re rebuilding the bridges they burned down. I don’t see any reason for it to be delayed. Let’s move on.

C – So the NDA is now 17 pages instead of 5?

DC – I thought it was 4 but several people I talked to over the weekend signed one that was 17 pages. I’m hoping that NDA length is related to being paid first. How many words can you use to say “be quiet?”

C – I don’t know how we can read through 17 pages in 20 minutes and understand it.

DC – If you don’t understand, DON’T SIGN IT. Make sure you read everything!

DC – I want to point out that we’re not trying to threaten banks or people. We’re just trying to document things, good, bad, etc.

C – If you are not here to help and the dinar is the only currency that comes out, what do we do if we have other currencies?

T – You will know how to follow the others. The key point is that you have it. Even if they take 6 months to a year, you know you have money in the bank. You could always buy more. There are others in the 2nd basket that we can’t discuss with you, some greater that the dinar. There are a bunch of countries that are sleepers, better than the dinar.

C – What time frame with the dealers have to shut down for the public to go at the new rate?

T – I don’t know. I’ve heard 1 hour, 30 minutes, now sure. I’ve heard different times.

C – Is a public announcement from Iraq necessary?

DC – They’ve had enough announcements and are saying just do it. In fact, the entire world is saying that. Just get it done.

T – Was it a requirement? Yes. But then they started using that as an excuse, and is still being made to look bad for someone else’ benefit.

C – So even the most negative people are saying it needs to be done.

T – Right. And they’re trying to force it (in Iraq) by putting out LDs and coins. They’re doing everything they can do publicly. That’s all they can do.

C – At what point will the ISX market open up with a reality rate?

DC – The ISX is already open and working. The new rates will be reflected in those prices once this RVs.

C – So what “magic” thing happens that finally lets us go?

DC – The IMF/BIS/UST finally letting it go.

DC – It’s in the system and working just fine. They haven’t done the final reveal.

T – It’s in the banks at a live rate. It’s not down to the teller level yet. Every bank in the world is waiting on that to happen. Once those 3 agencies actually release it, that’s when it will actually happen.

C – I understand the banks will be charging 2%. Is that negotiable?

DC – No, not in the initial cattle call.

C – Is the contract rate just for brokers? If the contract rate is not available and we get the market rate, will we be charged the 2%?

DC – Yes. It’s on the screens right now at 3.58 and the dong at 1.02.

C – Would you hold off and wait on the dong?

DC – I think at $1 it’s amazing.

C – Is there a contract rate on the dong?

DC – I don’t know. The rate showing now is pretty amazing, but I don’t know about a contract rate.

T – We’re hearing there is, but we don’t know for sure. Supposedly those 2 had contract rates. We don’t want to say anything wrong at this critical period. We don’t want to get everybody hyped up. We heard there was a contract rate for the dong for years, but we’re not sure if it’s still there.

C – If someone goes to the bank today, could they go to a teller window and exchange?

DC – No, only a few locations are allowed to do this and they are controlled by the control centers (BIS/UST). You won’t find out access even if you dig around for it.

C – In your heart of hearts, if you stop telling them the weekend we might not have to wait until then.

T – If it does go to the weekend, that would be for the masses – that makes sense to me.

C – What terminology should we use at the exchange?

DC – Dinar = IQN, Dong = VNN. The only real “gotcha” I’ve heard about is you MUST SAY EXCHANGE.

T – We have talked with people who have gone thru the training and they are listening for that word: EXCHANGE. Anything other than that word will affect your outcome

C – What do you say if you’re interested in a higher rate?

DC – Ask for the contract rate or higher rate above market rate. They are supposed to offer it to the first group of people.

C – Are there any other words or phrases we need to know about?

T – This is a business transaction. READ AND IF YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND, ASK QUESTIONS.

C – Do you have any numbers of how many have dong?

DC – About 100K.

C – For dinar holders, what is the smallest % of those with larger amounts?

DC – Over 10M is was like 2-4,000. Over 50M less than 1,000. And over 10M in the low 2-4 thousands.

C – Can you give any idea about the other countries coming up?

DC – The ones we know about in the system right now ready to go are the dinar and dong. We don’t know about the Zim and Rupiah. They’re in and then they’re out. We don’t know where there are right now. There are other adjustments and some will be surprising.

C – I’ve been told by 2-3 sources that the “family” is financing this RV. If they don’t release the money we won’t have an RV?

DC – All the money is in place, all the docs are signed. We’re waiting for the UST/IMF to let it go.

T – The issue lies with the 3 agencies and it can go when they say so.

C – Can you talk about the role of the families in the GCR?

DC – I think there’s a lot of confusion about who controls what. This is my take on this, my opinion. Is there a patriarchal family controlling the RV? NO. Is there a family involved in the banking system that’s been around a long time with a lot of influence? Yes. Are they in control of the process? No. Do they control the economic system of the world? No. Regarding the GCR, this is nothing more than adjustments to currencies including dinar, dong, etc. Like any splash in the ocean from an ocean liner, the US economy might bobble slightly. Other Gulf countries will adjust in a much bigger fashion. Other countries bought dinar as a reserve currency, so there will be big adjustments. Iraq will become very major. Dong as well. Most of the GCR is adjustments to how the dinar and dong will affect the other currencies.

C – Did the families fund the Fed at its inception?

DC – I encourage you to read “Creature From Jekyll Island”. I think they are a highly-watching body that no one has that much control over, but they’re watched like a hawk. Just Google “who owns the Fed.” This revaluation will change a lot of inter-banking relationships and it will be fascinating to watch.

(“Creature From Jekyll Island” is on You Tube if anyone would rather listen! Also “Who Moved My Cheese” and “Confession of Economic Hitman” all on You Tube )

RECAP: DC – Everything looks really good and is ready to go. By every indication it is on the verge in the next several days. We expect it. Have a plan together, including taxes.

T – We’re in a good spot. It’s ready to go and everybody is in position at all levels. There is nothing else we can point to – the rates are there: 3.58/1.02. We’ll see how they come out. Enjoy the rest of your day.


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