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TONY – Good morning, TNT. It’s Wednesday, November 12, 2014. Very, very interesting day today. Today is going to be a different day today. Each person gets ONE QUESTION then we move on to the next person. Really pay attention and don’t ask a question that’s already been answered. Should be some really good info. DC was excited last night and couldn’t sleep – LOL!

DC – Let’s head east to west like normal. Iraq is much the same as they were on Monday. Parliament has passed some more bills for the betterment of Iraq, minor adjustments to the HCL, budget work, & anti-ISIS funding. Abadi and team are very much listening to all factions and trying to be as inclusive as possible. The Sunnis and Kurds are happy with the new inclusive gov’t.

DC – Frustration is brewing over and the news is asking about the 3 zeros. Politicians in Iraq are acknowledging the delays and the pressure is building. There is more pressure on the CBI. They took back the town north of Iraq where the big refinery is located.

T – The PM is on TV asking the CBI why they haven’t completed the revaluation. That’s all for show because the PM knows why. I did get a request from Iraq not to do a Twitter campaign. They don’t think this is a good time and don’t want to cause any influence in what they need to do.

DC – Lots of governments and businesses across the world are demanding payment for bills that are overdue. It’s getting very forceful and those who are owed money are saying “enough is enough. Pay your bills or we’re going to cause problems.” So the pressure is there to get things done.

DC – In the USA, the UN folks are just fit to be tied that it hasn’t gone on yet. There are meetings at the G20 about it and most are confidential, but in the background they’re asking “what’s going on?” They’re being told they look like morons in front of everybody else. In Washington, there is more encouragement by the House and Senate to push this along and stop messing around. Admin guys and UST are working on the exact timing with the IMF to release this to the public. There is immense pressure since they’ve already released it to some. Banks are actually still exchanging people and the pace continues on today. That is a concern to everybody. More pressure to let this go.

DC – More pressure from everybody that it’s live throughout the world but not to the general public. Bankers signed up for 4 days and we’re now into 11-12 days. This is causing problems. They’re concerned about the leaking of documents little by little. This is from different sources. They should be worried about legal issues as well as the embarrassment about what’s going on. This is bringing more pressure to get it done

T – What about the rates people are getting paid?

DC – The rates are varied.

T – The exchanges have been going on from the morning to 11PM at night. People are telling people about their appointments. There are several NDAs out there and they are based on the rate and what you agree to. Each one brings a different NDA. Other than that, we are on pins and needles. We talked with Iraq this morning and they say there’s nothing left to do. They’re given things to do, they do them, then nothing happens. And this is from people involved in the process and who are frustrated.

DC – This is coming from a lot of different agencies not USA-sponsored

T – As far as we know none of the Tier 2 banks are participating at this time. Don’t get mad at them. But it’s still all good – they cannot keep this a secret.

DC – Let’s talk about keeping the info quiet. It’s been nearly 2 weeks of this. One of the 1st top secret meetings I went to scared the absolute hell out of me. When you are in a top secret environment they take the info very seriously. We go to a secure room in a secure building, sound-proof room, pat-downs, guards, etc. We walk into a room with a bunch of guys with guns. I’m a young guy at this time. We’re read a paper that says we’ll go to jail if we talk about things said in this room. It scares the absolute crap out of you. So we go into the room and they start talking about planning the Iraqi war. We agreed to help for a few years. After a few hours I go to the break room for lunch. On CNN in the break room is the very thing I just signed my life away on we were discussing. The point is that even the most secret info gets out so fast. In fact, the joke is if you mark something “Top Secret” it gets out faster. LOL!

DC – The point is that all this info gets out and gets out quick. There’s an exponential curve when you have 10 people. When you have thousands that know what’s going on, you’re screwed. No way to keep it secret. It’s out. The sheer logistics of keeping people quiet is a losing proposition. This pressure and mindset and logic is going on now in the minds of people trying to figure it out. Most people are saying “we are at a breaking point – why are we doing this – why are we delaying this?”



(DC really just telling what his own plan is…not giving advice, ;))

C – Regarding Sterling, can you use reserves to pay off reserves when the RV happens?

T – Put in a sell order and they’ll sell enough of your dinar to payoff the reserve. It’s pretty simple.

C – My question is regarding the people who are continually stopping this because they don’t care about Dinarland, Iraq, etc. What will cause them to stop doing this?

DC – Pressure from international groups, from the public, from corruption charges, from a war with ISIS that will shift because it’s not funded. I see it is immense right now and there is no release valve. We don’t know everything – maybe 60%. The pressure is being cranked up.

T – It is not our position to force our government to release the RV. We hear reasons, some are personal, some pertinent to a small group of people. If we do attempt to do that we become the target, not you. We have to rely on and wait for those other countries, PMs, central banks, etc. to say “enough is enough.” They’re they only ones who can force anything. They’re in the meetings and they can take the heat. Our only voice is if we’re being treated unfairly. We are being fed that info right now: rates, banks & locations, NDAs, what is happening live, etc. That is where our fight is, which we hope we never have to have.

C – On Monday I felt like you were saying we were going to be cut out. Do you feel like those concerns were heard and got moving?

T – The internet will be one of the groups. TNT is part of that. We are the ones living it day to day. I was hearing we were going to do a group with 250K and the other 4M would not know a thing. Just before this call I got a call from people who could only go thru by making a group. Then there is a plan for people to walk in off the street. There is still a plan. Tier 2 banks have the option to do what is happening right now but have chosen not to. There is still an opportunity for everybody. We’re checking everyday to make sure that it’s still in place.

C – With so many people that have been paid, what is the breaking point when the other leaders say enough?

DC – That argument is constantly going on. Pressure is building. The process has gotten more stringent about what delays will stick. Now they’re saying if there’s a legitimate reason that’s okay. But if not, the reason won’t stick. During the summer they kept moving the goal posts. Now the other issue is there getting incredible pressure not to delay this. The Obama Admin has only 2 years left and they know their international chits/leverage. It’s apparent what’s going on – they’re constantly worried about the real affect they get. Say they blow it up today and get a one-day delay. What did they win by that?

DC – The USA has been able to constantly wiggle out of an A or B situation.

T – Either the Iraqi people will do something to cause a stink and uproar, or the other gov’ts who are being harmed by this are going to do the same thing. They’ll tell Iraq to go ahead and do it and they’ll deal with it afterwards. There are 2 pressure points. Our gov’t people who are delaying this are saying they don’t believe they’ll do that and they’ll keep doing what they want to. When DC and I feel like it’s the right time to do something we will.

DC – The simple fact we are constantly getting these details and bankers are saying “trust us” we know over 300K people are finding out. You can’t put the genie back in the bottle. Some are saying “we don’t care – they (us) don’t matter.” By us giving details it absolutely applies pressure. The more info we give out the more the politicians get worried, and the more the other non-USA agencies said “the USA screwed us and we didn’t stand up to them on this.”

C – Are there any Tier 1 banks in Central Florida doing exchanges?

DC – Yes, more than one.

C – The POTUS continues to delay and delay. It seems like he doesn’t want this to go through.

DC – My understanding is that he has been mildly supportive of the whole thing. It is a group of people, not just one, who have intentionally delayed things, not necessarily under the direct authority of the POTUS. We are telling both sides of the story.
C – Based on info we have heard, how likely will we be having a call on Friday?

DC – It’s a toss-up. 50/50, but I’m cynical at this point.


C – What is your opinion about depositing the lion’s share of your currency into a foreign bank, then moving it as you need it, not to avoid taxes.

DC – I’ve been told many times you’re going to pay your taxes up front. I just don’t think your plan will be allowed. Top 3 reasons why? Interest on the money, watch for high rates, and tax reform issues coming out, plus buying other foreign assets that have lower tax liabilities.

C – Will there be any contract rates left?

DC – Our understanding is there will be. I ask that everyday and I’m constantly reassured there is plenty left.

C – After hearing you only hear 60% of what’s really going on, do you think they’ll drag this out to January?

DC – In March they said they’d drag it out to the mid-terms. They didn’t think they could but they managed to do that. There is nothing to be gained by delaying it until January. Mary Landreiu (D-LA) is going to lose her election so what difference does delaying it make?

T – More bluntly, can it go till January? Yes they can. Is that the plan? NO! They made a major miscalculation in waiting until the elections because they lost anyway. Now no matter what happens when the economy turns around the Republicans will get the credit for it. We don’t understand the benefit of it – could be the 40% we don’t know about.

C – Looks like we’ll be here a while. There seems to be only two ways that America can get off its dead butt: riots in Iraq or other countries saying “enough.”

T – Those are the least 2 painful ways. There is a 3rd way but it will be a battle.

C – On the ISX ( website there appears to be some activity yet there are no rates?

T – The info we got was that the ISX was going live today and the rate would there. But that hasn’t happened yet so I don’t know what’s going on.

C – Is the ZIM in the basket at the rate we heard?

T – Right now I’m hearing they are only paying out on one currency that we know of. I still have the same numbers but that could change. I still think it’s good.

Back to the ISX question…

DC – That is a live active stock market working, like NASDAQ, NYSE, etc. Those numbers will change constantly and rapidly. They are so ready for this to go through the rates will be reflected in the ISX site as well as the CBI site. The should have already happened.

T – That’s what we’re being told.

C – If you’re saying you don’t have a call scheduled for Friday and you say everyone is playing nice, why don’t they take the trouble-makers out of the equation?

T – There are 2 people who they can’t fire – the people above their heads – VP and Pres. We know what the schedule is but it doesn’t mean we won’t be here on Friday.

C – What is the bottom line reason “they” are holding this back from us? What is the purpose of hurting Americans and Iraqis by not letting this go through?

T – These are gov’t officials. Our government. Very powerful people. By naming them it won’t change anything here but will irritate them and make it worse. We don’t know their reasons since their miscalculations didn’t work for them (from the mid-term elections).

DC – Let’s talk about the actual people. If you’d paid attention you know who the people are. It’s not wise for us to name names. We were put on a list and threatened. Calm people said “all is okay.” If aggravating one of these guys would help, we would. But the calm, rational folks guiding us are telling us to stay calm and not piss anybody off. We generally believe and can verify that they are working in our behalf. What are the actual issues? There was a blip on Monday then they bring in things just to piss everyone off.

DC – These people are in competition with each other. But everybody wins in this entire system, which is what the saner minds are pushing and saying “you won, everybody won, let it go.”

C – If we have a 16.5% vote in the IMF, is this part of the holdup?

DC – No, it’s been solved.

C – I only have VND. When we get the 800#s will we be able to exchange this currency?

DC – Yes. It has been paired on the screens with the dinar for a couple of weeks. There are only 3 I know of in the basket (dinar, dong and zim). It can change. Folks that have been exchanging since Friday are only exchanging dinar. The 800’s will come with the GCR.

C – A couple weeks ago Tony said the currency had revalued in Iraq and there was just one rate finally (3.58). But I hear you saying recently there are several amounts.

T – The cards are issued at 3.58. Everyone was supposed to get cards but some didn’t trust it. Everybody didn’t get their cards.

DC – They have a bizarre system where the cards are loaded at 3.58 and in some regions they can use them Around ISIS, however, those cards are not active – they are cut off. Some merchants are trading off 3.58. Some black market areas are trading at 1.08. A large group of the population is still at 1158. So imagine how frustrating the Iraqis are, especially finding out the USA is doing this to them.

C – Does the 2014 budget need to be completed for the RV?

DC – The budgets reflect the appropriate rate. They are finished with the 2014 budget and almost finished with the 2015 budget.

C – A friend works for a large institution and at a training meeting they were told they would not accept Clean & Clear Certificates (CCC).

DC – In the lower parts of Florida they are still having issues with laundered money and a few dirty bankers. So the bigger banks are saying they don’t want a repeat of the 80’s. This is not necessarily dinar-related. If you exchange thru Tier 1 or 2 banks you should be fine.

T – You can still exchange thru dealers and there is no NDA involved.

RECAP: DC – To summarize, Iraq is ready and eager. The pressure to get things done is immense. We’re waiting for the US Gov’t, IMF/BIS to do it. We are waiting on a day to day basis. There are no real reasons not to. We know the pressure is intense on all sides to get this done. Please have a plan that includes paying taxes and earning money in a conservative way.

T – This was an informational call not to antagonize anyone. We wanted to give a clearer picture what is going on and why we’re not doing what some want us to do. The info we are receiving and the preparation is being done. There is a calendar of events being planned. We are close enough this could happen at any moment without a doubt. There is enough frustration going around enough for everybody. Your life could change in a matter of a couple of hours. Concentrate on being ready. Your future will be here before you know it. Enjoy the rest of your day. Hopefully we’ll come back sooner than Friday morning.


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