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TNT Call notes 19-Nov-2014

Tony: Good morning, TNT! Today is Wednesday, November 19, 2014, and it’s One-question Wednesday! We might read a few questions from the forum, too. I usually go right down the line, I don’t know if they are the best questions. If somebody else wants to find the best ones…

For those people under 5-6’ of snow, I really feel sorry for you, but better you than me. I lived through it in ND, Indiana…even looking at it makes me cold. I’m going to chase the sun when this is over, all around the world, wherever it’s summertime! It’s going to be a good day, but not a super-fantastic day, but it will be a great day because things are still happening. It is going to be One-question Wednesday, so make it a good question that applies to everyone, if possible.

It is NOT going to be a superfantastic day today – that much everyone has told us – but that doesn’t mean tomorrow won’t be. It might be a super-fantastic weekend, though.

Pam: If you announced it is NOT a superfantastic day, maybe that will make it come through!

Tony: They wont let me be that right!

DC: Like normal, east to west, everyone is cued up in Iraq and ready to go. The CBI has run through final checks again, with interior, finance and defense, everyone has their game faces on. The PM is actively engaged in that, too. The information we have is that they are actively coordinating with IMF+BIS, ready to do this any moment, but it might take another day or two to check their final points for the 15th time, after some recent changes. They want to make sure everything is perfectly in line and ready to go again.

Iraqi television is running the same things in term of ‘reform is occurring’, the finance ministers are on, CBI is waiting for the timing to be right… the same things they have been running for the last week. The frustration is there in Iraq, and they have been told in the mosques that this is waiting on the CBI to do it and the PM to announce it. They are being encouraged to watch television, certain websites, etc. The UST+BIS have done a few tweaks Monday and yesterday and they are waiting on that.

There have been some unfortunate bombings, but the ISIL situation is improving overall. They are moving forward on that front. Everyone is well aware of the frustration and why hasn’t this been done already? Recent news and interviews has calmed that down a little bit but not for more than a day or so. That is widely known in Iraq, most countries and intelligence agencies.

Tony: On television they are announcing all the relevant meetings today with public acknowledgments – they wanted to do something today in public. The new financial adviser has been announced – Saila and Shabibi (sp?) The whole world knows that is who is involved and who is advising them.

DC: They are former governor and assistant governor of the CBI – they have tremendous standing have been involved in this process for the last decade.

Tony: They are announcing that ISIL is in retreat, both on Iraqi and US news. For the last weeks and months, Iraq has been pushing and complaining that they are ready to go and the US is holding them back. Now everyone is ready to go and Iraq is holding everything back! They say it’s all done and complete, and now they are waiting for the right timing. How can that be?!

DC: Good question! We are all saying “What do you mean, you need another couple days to get your s—t together?!” There were a few tweaks, but all the same! The folks in the CBI and finance ministry are saying that this feels like a whole ball of BandAids, so they want to make sure that after all this prep, there is nothing someone hasn’t spotted as a second-order effect. They want to make sure that when they say Go, the US won’t hold them up again. It’s their show, and they want to make darn sure it’s perfect. They don’t think they should rush it out because of last minute changes to make US politicians happy.

Tony: This is now making us nervous. We don’t want another 24-48 hours for them to come up with more problems. But there is something expected for this next week.

DC: In the USA, the UN is actively champing at the bit with the Chapter VII release; that has to have the RV in it and it’s already a year and a half late. They are keeping as much light on this process as possible. The US is now saying Go, and now Iraq is hesitating. The US is supporting them getting this done. Many exchanges are occurring in accordance with the directive to crank it up last week, and that is being supported by all the banks and institutions. These are people with SKRs plus some random folks selected by the banks. How that list is generated we do not know, but it’s happening in at least five locations and probably more. The banks are ready and brushing off waiting on Iraq. BIS+IMF have given control and timing back to Iraq, and they are trying to keep everyone in line as Iraq does its final checks. Politicians in both parties are trying to move this along, talking to the banks about getting DinarLand through very quickly. Some guys this morning are saying they want to get all of Dinarland through by Thanksgiving – meaning the people who are listening and paying attention to us and other gurus. After Thanks-giving, they will start the general public side. That’s it for news.

Tony: We know the payouts have been from 50 cents to over $20, high 20s, and people are getting paid out at those rates with access to their funds. That’s the good thing, that we are getting all this information. WE know what is really happening in different banks. Each bank has slight variations in their procedures, and we are getting intel from several banks so we know what’s going on.

We got a call from one member on TNT; a relative of his picked up his dong day before yesterday (for $300) and was immediately offered an exchange — $379K for his five million dong. He didn’t take it because he thought it would be worth more later. If it were me, I would have sat down with the banker to find out about contracts, NDAs, and all the rest. Certain wealth managers have the authority to do that. I like that they are picking everyday people, but it’s been dinar up until now. This is the first dong story we’ve heard directly. It’s not all off the lists – he just came to pick his up and they made an offer.

DC: There is some controversy with the contract rates. Our general premise here is that when we had the big twitter campaign, we pushed for contract rates for the general public as well as the political buddies and insiders and bank friends – that is not fair. So, in order to avoid political scandals and illegal activities, some of that has to go to the general public. They changed the process, and there is a proportion of the contract rate pool is still available to the general public – us. We do believe only the initial people will go in and get it, and we don’t know what number that will be. They have some caps in place so that some giant whale cannot grab it all, and beyond that cap you can get the international rate. Meanwhile, everybody is concerned with all the exchanges going on since the beginning of this month. Have those been consuming all the contract rates? The rates have been all over the place from 50 cents on up, with a few in the teens with a few exchanging in the upper 20s. We have seen documentation and receipts, so we know what rates have been exchanged. The cynical side says that they should be entitled to direct the higher rates to their own buddies, while older, calmer hands are saying “that is not fair; you need to keep to the agreements we made in the spring.” We hope that by bringing this out in public, everyone will know, actions will be taken to keep it to the original agreement, and maybe some of those who have backed off from this situation will step back in, from both sides of the political aisle, and will look into this issue again. We want them to force clarity and transparency back into this situation they are trying to hide.

Tony: Those who are agreed to 50 cents or so, they may have to live with that. I don’t care that they are paying people what they agreed to 2-3 years ago. What bothers me is what we have been hearing in the last few days about the percentage they plan to give the high contract rates, and it is NOT what we agreed to. It WILL come out, and if it’s not a government audit, the People will audit it, and there will be trouble. What we are hearing is not fair, it’s not what we fought for or agreed to. Just be fair! I want people to know that they are planning this nonsense behind our backs, but we are fully aware of it. A lot of you ask how we know what rates they are giving out and to whom, and we KNOW because people are still feeding us information. It was set up to do the right thing, and we just want them to do the right thing!

DC: Those who are thinking about doing something stupid, it will come out and you will get slammed. Other people will be elected or appointed to the right places, and this will come out. The banks have just had a beating with fines, and they don’t want to play this game any longer, having lost in a massive way. This cannot end well for anybody. Any stupid behavior will get found out and it will not be water under the bridge. There are whistleblower acts here and in other countries that will catch any chicanery. Guys, you have to let those who have done this effectively in the past to work correctly now. If you are planning something foolish and unfair, think again.

Tony: You really don’t’ want to go there. Just play fair. There is a plan in motion (in Iraq) for the next couple of days, and there is also a plan to complete the “internet group” by Thanksgiving. That’s according to the plan, but according to the plan you should be at the bank already. Everyone is saying, “Don’t even start looking for it until tomorrow”, and then Tony can be right and it’ll be at the weekend. Hopefully we will see it on Friday, we will have a great weekend, and you can go to Black Friday like we expected last year. The exact same thing was happening last year, but so many things have been accomplished that were not done last year. They could have done the RV and done all this other stuff afterwards. They delayed, created a crisis and used all that to extend it to this time. There is nothing else that needs to be done. CBI is ready to drop the zeroes and make their announcements, so they are beginning to look ridiculous. Now they have the power, and people are saying, “If you screw this up, it’s on you!” So they are super-concerned to get it right this time, and of course we don’t’ know what agendas are going on behind that closed door. If we have 60% of the information, we’re doing well.

DC: I was talking to a politician who asked, “Are you really doing that live?” and I said, “Have you ever listened to us?!” You can’t tell?

407 caller: Why don’t we get together, find out how many want the contract rate, divide up the pool and make adjustments later?

Tony: Yes, we are the people. The only people I really care about are those who are listening to this call, who have tracked this for four years, who are paying attention. The other 4.5 million who are not paying attention, I don’t’ care if they get the international rate. The percentage we were told would cover you, and as long as it’s close to that number we can live with it. In the last two days, we are hearing rumors someone is trying to do something else, and that I don’t like. If they stick to the numbers they originally agreed, then I have no problem.

Caller: My issue is that my Congress people probably did get the contract rates, and if I don’t get it, and then I go to a class action attorney… It’s the ones who don’t sign the NDA and don’t get the contract rate that might create the problem.

Tony: If I were in your shoes, I wouldn’t’ even take the contract rate. If you and your family cannot keep their mouths shut, and your drunk uncle puts it on Facebook, I wouldn’t take the contract rate. I would just exchange my first 100K and take the international rate, and then exchange the rest when the international rate got to the level I wanted. Some of you know that you can’t be quiet when you’re at the bar, and you’d go home and find your bank account frozen. I don’t know if it’s worth ten years of that, but I don’t have a choice about signing the NDA, so I might as well take the higher rate. If that is a problem for you, take the international rate and don’t take the chance.

DC: What about everything getting frozen? If they don’t know where to go… it doesn’t know they can find out where you got the money from. The killer is when a bank or UST employee publishes their information. That’s what will keep people up at night. The banks and such have mitigation risk monies set aside for this possibility. Suing the government is always a challenge, and the politicians put their money in blind trusts so that no one can prove anything. They can put their big money in blind trust where you just can’t track it down, especially en masse. Blind trusts are a great idea to keep everything totally hidden for those worried about such things, so look into that yourselves.

908 caller: I found the secret of getting on the call! You have to dial in at the middle of the night – 637 minutes, I dialed in at 3am this morning. Of course, I realized I have to put my hand up as well! I’m very new to this, about seven months. I admire you guys who have been doing this for years, and I feel blessed to have this opportunity. [Appreciation] Who are you talking to that gives you the authority to deliver the 800 numbers and walk us through this whole process? If they can give you that information, how come they cannot be more accurate in calling this?

Tony: I will mute you and we will answer your questions. Thank you.

DC: Nobody gave us the authority. This is a volunteer situation. Tony started this up because he felt people were being taken advantage of and being given bad intel. I listened and wanted to help out. They didn’t GIVE us authority, but collectively all our sources are trying to help all of you get through this deal. They trust that we will give as much information as we can, with discretion on timing. Then some actions that started this time last year, frankly a lot of folks in the US and in Iraq thought they were wrong, and then they started giving us even more information. On a good day, we are about 60% right and the other 40% we just don’t know. Even the folks doing it don’t know everything that is going on. I was talking to some senior folks in Parliament at 2am this morning, and they have no clue about what’s going on in Atlanta and Reno. They do have a good perspective on what’s going on in the government of Iraq, though. The banks have no idea what is going on in Iraq. So we are trying to put these viewpoints and information together as best we can. As for the 800 numbers, they know we can get information out quickly, so they came to us and asked us to help, and of course we would love to help that way. We made some folks mad, but they still will give us the 800 numbers.

Tony: No government agency said, “Hey, you go do this”, at least not to me! You guys know how this works by now. I volunteered for a week of this and now it’s been four years. We are now the biggest internet group, and we are the only ones giving live intel, day by day. The people involved in the process noticed this and decided to feed us because “Tony is less full of shoot than the rest of them” and that’s how a lot of different sources came to us. They wanted to correct what we were saying because they recognized that we are at least trying to get it right. A lot came to use through TNT. A lot of government, banking people, Iraqis have all contacted us – they are involved and want us to have the right information! They will talk to us when they won’t talk to each other. So no one authorized us, they just started to give us information, and they did run our numbers. WE have eleven agencies and 47 countries listening to our calls, with 22 intel agencies always listening to us. They even know what gas station I go to! They certainly know about us and see that we are committed to doing the right thing. That’s why I don’t talk about other gurus and what they say; they are getting some information from some of the same sources, but we get ours from a wider spread of intel sources.

DC: They trust that we’re doing the right thing but also shine a big light on our lives. A few months ago, they texted me to say I was speeding while I was on the call!

Tony: A lot of people volunteer their information because they care about you and they are doing the right thing. They are still sending us documents and records, anything we might need for court, and I can’t tell you who they are but they are standing up for you just as much as we are. The only difference is that I’ve got a bulls-eye on my back because I’m the public figurehead here and we’ve upset some high-level government people. That was never our purpose; we know how much power they have. Our purpose is just to be honest to the American people, which is their job! Some people took it personally, though.

559 caller: I just wanted clarification about what you were saying on Monday’s call, about the banks. If you move 50% of your money, you said they will probably close your account. In California, you need to put aside 58% aside for taxes, so…? Also, I’m more concerned about the Iraqi people than about myself.

Tony: They are more concerned about people just spending the money instead of investing for the future. If they see you are just spendthrifts, they will see that and close your accounts. They won’t close your account for putting money aside for the IRS.

832 caller: Iraq is delaying this just so you can look like a prophet on the weekend, Tony! So many are frustrated at the delay, expecting Abadi to make the announcements after Monday’s call. What is to be gained by these delays? Obviously Iraq has to get its new government in order, but it feels like there will always be something until the backroom negotiations have run out. This morning, I wondered if they were trying to burn through the contract rate. So my question is: another delay, let’s say you two are brainstorming, what do they want in the backroom to get this RV released?

Tony: On Monday, we didn’t expect to make a Wednesday call. Abadi’s announcement was scheduled for 9am. Then it was supposed to be 8pm and 11pm. We didn’t sent out a tweet because we go through hat up and down stuff every day. They had all the reporters in the room waiting! They just put the bankers and government officials through that as well. And then it doesn’t happen, so we have to look at the next time it can happen. When we get 24-48 hours, that is just too much time, it gives them too much time to figure out another delay. But when Iraq tells their people that everything is ready, you can’t keep stalling your own people like that. Somebody’s going to go to jail. But there is another time scheduled, I do know that.

DC: There are people still fighting this, but there is an insurgent war in the middle of Iraq and this would solve a ton of issues because rich people don’t fight! This is putting a lot of pressure on, especially with the US and the coalition fighting ISIL. IF this goes to hell if this goes sideways. Nobody wants some massive screwup that causes ISIL to have another resurgence or riots in the streets when they are currently on retreat. Abadi has created all this good will, and nobody wants that to go away because some US politicians decides to screw everyone over. That doesn’t make sense to me at all – there is no benefit remaining. They do seem to have genuinely turned it over to the CBI. The rest of us are highly worried that something else might come up, but the pressure is now very high to get this done. In every administration, they worry about how time and history will work on this; if they delay this, it will come to light and they will get skewered. I just pray that cooler heads will prevail, and they hope that in the end people will understand why there was a delay even if they don’t agree. They are looking at the exit now.

Caller: I feel a lot for the people of Iraq who are suffering through this. I hope this is done long before Friday.

732 caller: Thanks for having our banks. [Appreciation] I don’t understand this: it seems that Iraq has not RVed, so how can the elite get paid out when we are still seeing a rate of 1166 for the dinar. How are they getting paid if it hasn’t revalued?

DC: As of October 31, it did revalue, it just hasn’t been revealed to the public yet. Nobody thought that we would have this kind of dilemma, that they would exchange at one rate and still have the lower one on the public screens. This is causing absolute havoc and frustration. It’s the politicians who decided to take this risk, and it’s causing an immense amount of frustration here and everywhere else.

Caller: It seems like déjà vu from last November; it’s the Iraqi people who are suffering. Someone moves to need this along because their lives depend on this. Oh, what is your address again, please?

Tony: 9580 Oak Avenue Parkway, Folsom CA. That is where to send your letters from banks and Congress people to put in the book, the museum and all the rest. I know this seems like last year to you guys; here is the difference. Last year, certain banks paid people out and others couldn’t even see the rate. This year some banks are paying people out and others have the option, but they are choosing NOT to play this game.

DC: How they are paid is also different. Last year it was all forward-based contracts, and today it’s live with credit through the UST and other central banks like the CBI, with transaction codes that go through. It’s a cash rate with no funny business.

Tony: The places where they exchanges are taking place, the rates are live for them, and they control how many levels that goes down. It just isn’t public yet. They are also giving it to some everyday people. It’s not like before, with people with five million and above. Each bank has the authority to use their own discretion, and that’s different from last year. They are paying real people, not just politicians and their relatives. We are here to make this run a lot smoother for you guys, from a trusted sources that’s here to support you. We’re not doing for them, we’re doing it for you guys, so that when it’s over and done with, I know I’ve done everything I can. We still aren’t getting paid (and I might be on a blacklist) but this could be part of the slow rollout they wanted to do all along.

908 caller: Are you still the prophet? I have a question for you today. There’s been a lot of information about the FinCen in terms of them trying to turn your exchange into an investment.

DC: I know what the FinCen form, but Pam doesn’t let me on the internet.

Tony: It’s not about the form, but how much is left at the bank, the rate change and how this will affect you. This is what they are doing right now. They will exchange you at a certain rate, let’s say it’s $3.58. However, your wealth manager might say, “If you leave 20% in the bank for a year, I’ll give you $3.78, or $4.08.” If you didn’t plan to spend all your money in the first six months, then it might make sense to take that higher rate. If you are planning to remove all your money a week later, then they probably won’t want to work with you. But you can leave some money there IF you want their money manager to help you work with it.

Caller: Do you honestly think this is going down this weekend? If not, I have to get a job.

Tony: Live for today, not on tomorrow’s hope. If you have a job opportunity, take the job because you have to keep living. We don’t’ control this. I can tell you what I’ve been told, but I cannot tell you 100% that this is going to happen by Monday morning.

DC: We’ve been so close so many times, we cannot predict it. I would have done it years ago if I had any control over this thing. You have to keep living your life.

Tony: When they say 48 hours… I have heard that so many times already! They said that 48 hours ago, so I’m not getting all giddy about it this time. Also, there are a ton of exchange places situated around military bases.

617 caller: I have read that if you put a lot of money in an bank, they can consider that an investment in the back, such as over $250,000.

Tony: I saw an article on that yesterday.

DC: The FDIC guarantees over 250,000. If you have a bank account bigger than that, the FDIC only covers more than that 250K. You can get around that with a Cedars account and a few other ways. Barring catastrophe, that money continues to be yours.

Tony: There was an article on the forum that during the G20 they passed a law saying that anything over 250,000, the bank can use that money first to pay off any debt; any person with more than that amount is considered an investor in the bank, like in Cyprus.

DC: That has not passed in the US, and it’s not in Dodd-Franks. They could do that in the US but I think it extremely unlikely because it would be highly destabilizing. If we have a Cyprus problem, we have bigger issues than what’s going on in our bank accounts.

719 caller: I agree about the G20 thing. The other day, though, you talked about the draft Executive Order that could shut all this down if people get rowdy. I’m from Texas, and I think we should let Texas secede and then we won’t have to worry about crazies at the bank! To the PTB, please don’t jack us around any more. If you think Ferguson was bad, just try screwing us over. A lot of people are VERY upset now, and if they only release this to the elite, if we don’t’ get at least a shot at a decent rate, then they will take the contract rate, no NDA, and they will write books and blow this wide open. Personally, I think those on the forum should get first shot at the contract rates!

Tony: I agree!

Caller: You gave a great synopsis to the lady about the US stopping it and the affect on ISIL and such. Do you think the US will screw us over again?

DC: The folks that I am talking to firmly believes that these individuals are close to the end of the rope and there is nothing much more to gain beyond personal vindictiveness. Part of the earlier delays were because we were trying to work with Maliki, and he was willing to cut a deal if that benefited him or his friends. Since Abadi came to office in August, he walked into a hellhole, and he and his team have done a tremendous amount of work to get everyone back in line. So they had to do all this work, and now they are ready and boxing in the rest of the world with all their due diligence. They are getting approval from the rest of the world as they go along to block all the maneuvering. The only thing lacking is PM and CBI getting to a forcing function, and the rest of the world is proud that Iraq has that maturity and the votes to say (to the world), “You signed this and by God you are keeping to it!” They don’t want to see any loopholes, and that’s encouraging. They are doing this because it has been done to them all along.

Tony: They have already issued the lower denominations and the fils, and the people know it. It’s on the television, radio and the mosques, and it’s getting old. The Iraqi people are frustrated and ready to go on the streets. Meanwhile, ISIL is paying people, and the government can’t counter that with promises and delays. Now they want to make sure of last-minute changes.

Caller: I beg them to let Abadi look like a hero, let him take the credit, and give us the Thanksgiving we have been waiting for this last year. I hope our weekend starts Friday morning.

Tony: I just got a text dated October 29th saying the RV will be delayed for five years. We expected this to come out on the 1st, and every RV there has ever been we hear an article saying “it’s not happening”, and then it happens the next day. As DC says, “Watch what they do, not what they say.” That disinformation is for the masses who are NOT on these calls. That’s who they are telling, “Oh, the RV is a scam, it’s not going to happen for another five years.” Why do you think that ISIL says it’s coming out with its own money? It’s because they have put so many blocks in the way of ISIL exchanging their currency. They had to set up some banking regulations over there because they knew ISIL would try to funnel money through their sympathizers. They are 40 miles outside Baghdad, and it makes sense that the GOI and CBI need to think about that in terms of thriving 50 years from now. Dinar is going to be part of our reserve currency for the next 30 years, and we want it to be strong and protected. I try to look at the big picture and see what makes sense. THEN I can ask, “Who does that make sense to?”

503 caller: Your 3-D printer is coming of age in Oregon libraries, offering free workshops to introduce this technology to the public.

Tony: Libraries, Fedex, you’ll see them on everybody’s desktops. There are some hidden gold mines that will absolutely make people rich if you study the parts and the sup-parts. There are commercial, medical, military aspects… and you will be able to do things yourself.

Caller: The medical applications alone are amazing.

Tony: They made an arm for a girl with a 3-D printer for $2,000 rather than $83,000, so she can get a new arm every year as she grows.

Caller: About Iraqi culture, I’ve been told the common people live day-to-day without expectations of becoming wealthy. When you speak of them being frustrated, I hear that’s not as universal as you might think. DC?

DC: Arabic culture is different than American culture. We are typically more consumption-driven, and they are incredibly poor. They are very commercial, and you will leave without your shirt because they are amazing natural salesmen and women. However, they have had so little money and so much terror for so long under Saddam Hussein (and then Maliki) and there are still insurgents… they had lost hope and believed they would be hungry for the rest of their lives. You give these people jobs and a little cash and watch out, they will go crazy (in a good way) and it will be wonderful for the Iraqi people.

Tony: They have whole cities of homeless people, but they are being told they are about to be rich with houses, cars and flat-screen televisions. They are being promised that every day, and when it doesn’t come about, they get tired and frustrated. Then their leaders had better produce, or there will be trouble. Then ISIL offers food, money and warmth, and the illusion or security; you can’t fight that with promises.

Caller: I hope the Garden of Eden returns!

DC: Within ten years, it will be a tourist destination like Dubai+history. I think it will be amazingly wonderful to go there, especially those who have spent time there.

Caller: And all the neighboring Arab countries are beginning to work together; time will tell.

DC: A lot of poverty is caused by ISIL and other extremism. The local culture is not about that kind of mindless violence. However, that can be the only way some people can get food, and if that is offered along with some imam preaching, then they’ll take it. As soon as you get beyond that into a middle-class lifestyle, that extremism will go away. In all administrations, they should be given credit for changing the world constructively when they bring people out of poverty and into some kind of stability.

Everyone is ready, waiting on Iraq to do their final check-throughs. This is way to force the folks who have been messing with this thing to stop blocking it. Let’s hope they do what they said they would do. The US is ready and waiting on Iraq. Iraqi, EU, NATO, US and UN sources all say they will run this through today and possibly tomorrow, so we will get excited from tomorrow afternoon onwards. Please have a plan that includes paying your taxes, have a conservative amount that includes creating a reasonable income before spending money.

Pam: I can’t think of anything – maybe we’ll speak to you Friday morning, maybe not.

Ray: Enjoy Wealth-seeking Wednesday.

Tony: We got info coming in during this call, and we were a little upset about some of it, but it will be okay. Thousands of people exchanged yesterday, at different rates, and that means they are getting closer to DinarLand and then the public release. Some banks are authorized; some banks are not touching it until the RV is public and available for all. We might need to review what is okay and what is not okay, with some changes people are trying to sneak through. Other than that, we’ll watch what they do, not what they say. They brought in exchange people, bankers and security, scheduling them for later this week and this weekend, so we’ll see what happens. In Iraq they say that they are ready, and they have done everything required to delete the three zeros, and they are ‘waiting for the right time’. We don’t know what that means yet. Our intel says that all conditions have been met and we’ll see it in the next couple of days. We hope this time it goes through. From everything we can see, everyone is being told to get ready and BE ready. Finalize your plans, know what you will and won’t accept; set aside half of your exchange for taxes, and if you don’t have to pay as much as that, you can always invest that money next year. Plan while your mind is calm, because you’ll be too excited when this comes out! Enjoy the rest of your day, and we’ll see what happens.

end of call

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