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DC: we had been dealing with 5 different currency values, but something that has never happened before, whether airline, or station, or whatever, they have never reflected the 3.58 rate, and this morning that is happening. we have people saying, funniest thing happening here, when we went to get gas this morning it was at 3.58 rate, but where I got my lunch was still at 1166 rate. 7 different on my side, at least 8, if not 9 confirmations of this going on. All other exchange rates at banks, etc are still at 1100 rate. It continues to be confusing, but it is a wonderful thing that you can do major financial purchases at the 3.58 rate

T: Had a guy buy airline ticket for 300 something dinar to go out of the country, so first time they took dinar for plane tickets

T: He did it on his MasterCard, and when he got to the next country, he was able to pull $3,000 off of his MasterCard to prove that it was international, and he did all of that last night. We figured the rates, and it came out at 3.58. Can everyone do that? IDK, but he did. The 20th-25th they were told they were loading the cards and his did exactly that. Don’t know if everybody’s did that or not, but his did. They are still doing things in different regions and are clearly telling people some kind of announcement is to be made.

T: On Saturday, they said the process has began and would be completed by 1 Dec. They are still telling people the process will be completed by 1 Dec this morning. This is all good news for us.

DC: We’ll get into the details for yesterday. Monday night it was supposed to go down. Iraq said we are doing this the middle of the night our time, and lo and behold the U.S. stopped it. Obviously, Iraq did not take that well, and blew a gasket on Tuesday morning and were livid and irate. We understand with the folks in the room and those trying to calm everyone down, is that it was a misunderstanding, and they said, ok Iraq, please go. So now they have clearly started and a lot of the major institutions are starting to accept the new rate as we told you.

DC: I was under the impression all would go at same time, and instead it is coming in this roll-out scenario and that confused us. We understand the US has been supportive of those changes since the Monday night debacle

T: Since they cut him off, let me tell you guys.. lol

DC: Sorry about that, bottom line is they ended up having absolutely started the process and pushing it through. Do we worry about other stupid moments? Sure, but everything looks very good and I love the fact that the prices are changing at the major institutions now.

T: I want to give a better understanding. Guys, the U.S. wanted to do a slow roll-out like they are doing, let’s not let this do it all in one day and have been doing that. They wanted Iraq to do the same thing, and Iraq agreed, but they didn’t want it to be the sparse way we were doing it. It does seem that is exactly what they are doing right at this hour, so either they are adjusting the cards as they have been, or paying the hierarchy but they are doing this right now.

T: doesn’t mean they won’t all go at the same, but right now they are going through the hierarchy.

DC: not just by top Iraqis, but to all statesmen, we are very grateful to those who have helped with the situation. The US keeps trying to push and the IMF keeps trying to keep everyone calm, and the misunderstanding on Monday night they helped resolve, which we are grateful for. The US Admin guys are now singing Kum-by yah, which we are grateful for. Banks keep pushing out the rates and it frustrates some, but I kind of like that the systems are working and will keep going. Quite comfortable with it, and it commits more and more folks to get this thing done. We are hoping this is finalized soon and we understand they are preparing for the general public and I will tell you emphatically that the US banks are NOT working over the Thanksgiving weekend, but the call centers will be. The ability to take appointments is starting Monday. Let’s hope that’s right.

T: All exchange personnel have been told they will not come back until Monday, not that they won’t still come in. We know people who have exchanged already, and people who are scheduled to exchanged tomorrow and Friday. Sooner or later they will have to get to us.. me, you, and all of us. It is in fact coming and is working, so let’s be thankful.

DC: The rates ranged from 3.58 for most..some as high as $28.50, we don’t know how many, but those did occur. We know the contract pool is still available, but we don’t know how much.

T: That was still going on yesterday.
DC: yes

C: How do we validate that we’re going to a real bank location, and that it’s not a scam we are going into, and will the 800# direct us into a valid, big bank.

T: First, you may not be going to a bank, as some are offices, but not a bank. All we do is give you 800#’s, but everyday what we are supposed to do is something different. DC?

DC: My understanding is that the banks, etc are trying to keep this as low-key as possible, and that is why we are not to put it out on the website. There are brochures already printed that say you have dinar/dong and then tell you where to go. That is how it is supposed to roll out. As far as knowing if it is a scam place or not, they will try to connect you to the places, but if you don’t feel comfortable with the place don’t go.

T: the numbers we put out, they will give us, but if you just see an 800# to call because you saw it in another chat room, be careful. If you don’t see it on our site or it came directly from us, there are some crazies out there who will put up something stupid to have you call their numbers, so be careful.

C: Where would I get this brochure?

DC: some of the banks already have them, so part of what they will tell people to do, let’s say you walk into bank XYZ, and you ask to exchange. The bank may tell you, we don’t do that here, but take this brochure and we will walk you through the direct processes. And the banks will do that through Twitter and the brochures and possibly some other venues we are not aware of.

T: They don’t want to make it that public

C: is the # you give us the same in the brochure?

T: probably won’t be the same number that we will give you that is for everybody.

T: they are supposed to choose a bank and each bank will have their own 800# for them to call.

C: Will Sterling be available when 800
#’s come out?

DC: yes, they will be.

C: when will it be on Forex?

DC: we don’t know, and could be as late as 1 Jan. That has changed so many times, we are not certain. Some thing 2 days, some think won’t be on Forex until 1 Jan.

C: are they exchanging in Las Vegas?

DC: yes

T: they are and they will be

C: we haven’t heard from Okie, is that because he has cashed out?

T: No, as of yesterday when I talked to him, he has not cashed out. He’s hearing great news, but is being careful and waiting until he posts

C: in both of your heart of hearts makes today’s news different than any other intel you’ve received in the past.

T: hmmm.. let me see what DC says first

DC: good question. where Iraq is politically, socially, and militarily. What they’ve done with their own internal finances. how they are doing their own slow roll-out. their reactions have been significant, as well as the U.S. has been exchanging folks for 21 days.

T: the long answer is what DC just said. US & Great Britain have been exchanging a significant amount since October 31st.

DC: yes, more than just those two countries.

T: That didn’t happen last year and not to everyday people. Both of us know people who have already been paid, and are scheduled to be paid today, Friday, Saturday, and that gives us confidence in where we are at. What happened yesterday between the..

T: That didn’t happen last year and not to everyday people. Both of us know people who have already been paid, and are scheduled to be paid today, Friday, Saturday, and that gives us confidence in where we are at. What happened yesterday between the major countries and is very public to everybody, it wasn’t that way last year and it is that way today. That gives us confidence that we are light years ahead of where we were last year at this time. Doesn’t mean something else can’t happen, but those dates like 1 Dec weren’t set in place last year, so there are a LOT of things that are different.

C: my daughter is abroad in Ireland

DC: is she a US citizen?
C: yes

DC: if she were an Irish citizen that would be ok, but as a U.S. citizen that will be sticky

T: so the good news is she needs to come home lol

T: for your situation, if you have a card, green, MC, second card for your bank account. You can always mail/overnight them a card, so they can always have access to money if they can’t get over here in 48-72 hrs. You can always do that by transferring monies card to card.

DC: Power of Attorney, as well as the 800#’s and packet should explain. It is planned for quite a few of my friends that their family members and spouses can exchange for them.

C: back in November when politicians were getting their money, they promised the public we would have a better rate and when we go to the banks and get that better rate, we can shove the past stuff under the carpet. Now it seems we are not getting a better rate, why is that?

DC: they still have and that was one of the major (not only) that we had we the people for, was to keep us all in the game instead of being kicked out, and they agreed to a ‘decent percentage’ of the people that would get the contract rate would be the general mom and pop public, and yes indeed that is still the plan.
C: Is the global currency reset still in play? have they been exchanging dong as well as dinar?

DC: short answer, yes. they have put it on the plate and taken it off, but people we know of have exchanged all four currencies.
T: same thing…all four currencies, people we know of

C: What will keep the banks from pushing this back further and further and delaying over again come Monday?

T: good question. First, it is NOT the banks that are doing it, and I’m going to let DC explain exactly what it is and he may tell you the guy’s name, and what made yesterday’s meeting a little different from today.

DC: the short answer is a large # of the folks who have been trying to push this off (some are just trying to be jerks and mischievous politics), but the vast majority are trying to say ‘force them to grow up’ is what they keep saying. They keep changing and getting onesie-twosie’s to death, and in the military we call it the good idea theory, and what they finally did on Monday night, Iraq as well as the U.S. response was very different than other responses. Iraq was very assertive and called in the big-hitters to give their very reasonable argument, and the U.S. said, ‘ ok, we agree’, and backed off. So we believe where Iraq was more assertive where in the past they were divide and conquer they’ve been very responsible in pushing this forward.
[19:33:46] Wei Ting & Wat Ching 4 Ka Ching! Angel: T: What they asked for they could have realized happened in this session, and they kept saying, ‘grow up’, and they could have said, ‘you guys just grew up and that’s what we’ve been waiting to see’. But they really said, ‘ok, we can’t argue that, let’s just go ahead and do it.’

C: Have a Canadian centered question, and want to make sure we are clear.
T: let me tell you what DOES apply to you, we got word that 2 people did exchange in Canada yesterday

C: under contract rates?
T & DC: NO

C: when 800# gets released, you text it out. I want to understand the timeline. Canadians are concerned if we are holding Iraq dinar or VND, not sure if we can cross the border and use that 800#, but if we are not allowed to do that, is there the chance our notes could become useless?

DC: it is my firm belief that the Canadian govt have the Canadian citizens in mind and have a firm exchange process for them as well. They are very much on board with all major cities having ability to route people to the exchange banks even before it goes on the Forex.

T: you’re actually kind of lucky, because there is a delay plan for people in the U.s., so you guys are lucky there.C: does that include the time for us to go in and talk to our banks when the 800# comes out? and NDA?T: I would. DC: yes, and the NDA for those who go through currency guys won’t have an NDA and should be very straightforward

C: is the due date still by 1 Dec for us exchanging?

DC: we don’t know exactly when the date will be. we know they are ready for this to happen any minute. Folks listening may exchange prior to 1 Dec, but if I have my appt on 5 Dec I’ll be happy. All we really need is Iraq general public to go and we will be good.

T: what we know is being told to Iraq people on TV is this will be completed BY 1 Dec. The exchange people are being told today, that they won’t be coming back until 1 Dec.

DC: but the call center people are coming back on Friday

T: yes, so we expect appointments to be being made then also. We don’t know exactly, but those are the different plans that are out there right now.

C: process for people who have dinar within a self-directed Roth IRA, trying to find logistics to how that would be managed with regard to an exchange

DC: It depends on the trust company, i.e. PIMCO, there are dozens of them, but they all have rules, and those rules we have to follow. I know on mine, they have to physically hold the dinar, which they are right now, then they have to do the exchange procss for me. There are some that you control it, but you have to write down everything accordingly to the self-directed IRA, etc. Depends on the company rules you have.

DC: in my case, they will do that for me and I pay an hourly fee to do it. But they will do the exchange for you and have it set up according to the company’s rules.

C: we have different things going on here, so how does one go about deciding what contract rate is the best for them if they are trying to set up other means to help other people. The tax structures are different for different rates you want to take, and now they are saying the banks will control how much we get based on what we get from them? if you are close to retirement do they take that into consideration?

T: and you want us to answer an hour conversation in two minutes? lol

DC: for those who might complain, she had one question that had 15 subquestions. LOL

DC: First, when you get into the different foundations and trusts, you need a good estate attorney, not just a mediocre one.

DC: 2 is how long you keep it there is between the bank manager and you, such as if the mgr says you have to keep it in here for x amount of years. But if you have a conversation with a wealth manager and tell them what you want to do, our understanding is they will work with you as long as it remains at the bank. They are willing to say the entirety of the amount you bring in, they will base or change their requirements. But you DEFINITELY NEED AN ATTORNEY TO SET THOSE UP.

C: So I need to have my atty with me?

DC: the first meeting is a cattle chute, but the next one will be a strategy based meeting.

C: But we have to decide during the exchange what rate we will take.
T: It’s not during the exchange. You make the exchange THEN 72 hours later you will meet with the Wealth Manager and set all of that up and decide what you want to do.

RECAP: DC: hope everyone’s Thanksgiving is great. It’s a little confusing to us and to a ton of people over there, but we believe they are in the process of exchanging in Iraq, because at some places they are exchanging at 3.58 and sometimes right next to them it is a different rate, so we believe they are exchanging. We have 9 different confirmations from hotels, airports, gas stations, and it has been confusing to them also, but a very positive move. We expect to see something happen very, very quickly. Understand everyone is in position for this to happen, and our understanding that we are going to be able to make appointments before 1 Dec, but may not get to exchange until after that.
Ray: continue to enjoy this wealth seeking Wednesday and happy thanksgiving

T: Pam is tied up and can’t talk but she would tell you to be good to each other, be calm, relax, and nothing is gonna happen today. lol

T: What DC said…the meeting yesterday was great, everyone was agreeable and they were authorized to do it when they decide, and it is in their time and that is what they wanted. We hear that has happened and agreed upon. Don’t expect to get rich before 1 December, but be happy about it.

T: Not sure we will have a call on Friday, but we may. We will be here as long as we can to get this done, and we are just that close from what we’ve heard. The procedure itself may have changed again about what we are going to do and not going to do, but I think we will still send out the 800#. Enjoy your day and week, and if something super fantastic happens, I will tweet it out. Enjoy your day.


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