Tony and TNT – Wednesday


TONY – Good morning, TNT. It’s October 15, 2014, Wednesday, and before DC starts let’s see how much we can get our of DC. We are NOT accepting any calls from TX today – LOL! For anybody who doesn’t watch football, the whole Ebola thing is one thing. Then they win Monday night football, and a multi-millionaire player went out to a store and shoplifted. Really? I like TX, but man! LOL!

T – We’re having a good day to day. Should have had a good day yesterday and DC has a good explanation why – it’s complicated. DC can explain.

T – We’re having a good day to day. Should have had a good day yesterday and DC has a good explanation why – it’s complicated. DC can explain.

DC – East to west: We verified 4X on their TV, including US-piped Iraqi stations, they are airing infomercials that Iraq is ready for their int’l economic reform and there are no delays now. They’re saying this is the final part of the currency reform and will happen at any moment, any time.

T – Who is that coming from this time?

DC – Finance Minister, CBI Rep, and a few others.

T – That’s important to know.

DC – That looks really good and keeps pressure on everybody. The Qi Cards are still loaded at 3.58 and is causing grief and frustration among the merchants throughout Iraq. They’ve voted on a bunch of laws already today and are in evening session right now. Is it required for the RV? No. The budget should be published either tonight or early tomorrow – NOT required for the RV. Parliament continues to do its job.

DC – In Baghdad there are major business conferences being in there. Why would major businesses attend if the city is about to be overtaken? ISIS had a good week last week but they are manageable situations. One thing you’ll hear about are drive-by’s and suicide bombs, mainly that make good press here. A lot of the major towns on the outer rings of the country are experiencing some battles, within a day’s camel ride from Baghdad. They are close to Baghdad but Iraq isn’t going to fall.

T – On Saturday Fox News put out that the Defense and Interior Ministers were finalized and named. These were the same people we heard about a month ago. Then today they said they’re announcing them again tomorrow. Does that matter?

DC – Not at all. It’s just more formal seating stuff. The Defense Minister has been in his seat and working already for at least 7 weeks. It’s important to do a formal announcement/swearing-in ceremony, but it has nothing to do with the RV.

T – The budget is supposed to be formally announced tomorrow as well. What does that have to do with the RV?

DC – NOTHING! Those numbers are buried in the budgets from 2010 thru now. We are not waiting on that for the RV.

T – Okay, we’re just 2 guys talking. No super-secret intel. Just talk about what makes sense. We’ve put 10-12 years in Iraq to get a monetary return. This should have happened years ago. Now we have ISIS, Maliki’s situation (declaring martial law and allowing ISIS to come in), etc. so they wouldn’t take the vote. But, it took on a life of its own, much farther and faster than they expected. We’re still not going to let Iraq fall into those hands, but in order to do some things we said we weren’t going to do, the situation has to come under control. In order to justify our actions we know we can take them out in 24-48 hours, but it can’t be done until it’s the last step to be done. 52% are saying it’s time for boots on the ground.

T – There’s only so much defense between Baghdad and ISIS. But we know there are over 80 reps in Baghdad there now from different countries, including diplomats, discussing how to rebuild their country. And Baghdad is about to be run over? Why are they painting that picture?

DC – Logic would tell you there will be more action by the coalition. If you look at Baghdad, on the left and northwest side that’s where ISIS is located. Those areas can be easily fought when properly supplied.

T – Are they ever going to be concerned about landing at the Baghdad Int’l Airport?

DC – No. If you’ve ever flown into that airport, you know they corkscrew down the landing to avoid RPGs. They’ve been doing this for a long time already.

T – So, we can either talk about timing and how good it is or the craziness we heard about this morning.

DC – So, the UN is still bitching and moaning “why isn’t this done yet?” Our understanding is they are getting pretty antsy, as well as their NATO cousins. In Washington, the Dems were promised this would be done by now and they aren’t partying,… it isn’t. The Senate is controlled by the Dems and it appears the Repubs will take control. The Dems don’t want that. The Admin believes they will be a lame-duck afterwords and they are highly concerned even though they were told not to worry. Now even the most optimistic Dem thinks the Senate will be taken over by the Repubs. The question is by how much.

DC – With an “October Surprise” they may be able to pull it off and keep control of the Senate. Why does that matter? Because POTUS is a Dem. The stock market is down 4.5% and they want to show economic increase. Are they going to announce on Good Morning America that the Iraqi dinar revalued and the Dems won because of it? NO! They are HOT because it hasn’t gone down. One or 2 people didn’t get that memo and got in the way in the past 2-4 days. A lot of finger-pointing is going on back and forth.

T – Some people asked me on Monday’s call to do some things. You guys want me to put my head on the chopping block and tell you what’s really going on? I was asked to “burn the house down.” We’re looking at the plays being called right now and they have 17 days to get this accomplished. Here’s my thoughts: in 17 days you want me to educate the entire Dinar community in the USA about what’s going on and get a Congressional investigation started?

DC – Absolutely not. But you CAN say “look at the cars/homes being bought” and concentrate on the few states where the vote will be close.

T – So, this is their plan on the positive side to win those 5 seats?

DC – Yes, that’s exactly right. But it’s along shot.

T – They can only do that if everybody listens to the QB.

DC – But that’s what’s happened in the past 3 days. Because everything is so secretive it takes a few days for it to trickle down to us. Frankly, it’s a long shot but a lot of tremendous number of Dems and Repubs are saying “why did you play it so close”? We’re not in charge and just trying to explain what we’ve put together based on what we’ve heard.

DC – US banks are ready and queued up. Some banks have full staffs ready and others are on 30-45 minute call-in ready status. Everybody is ready throughout the world and everybody is exhausted and ready to get this done.

T – I heard we gave away the Fed Res and UST over the weekend? LOL!

DC – That’s not possible. I think people are scared and willing to listen to anything.

T – The Federal Reserve isn’t even owned by the Government. How can they give it away to another country? Or invite another country to come in and take over. If you got past the sixth grade, who does that make sense to? I got calls about it this morning, chatting about it on other boards, etc. It’s not even possible. I had to tweet over the weekend because these same guys said I was in Atlanta exchanging over the weekend and would be giving 800#s on Sunday. Really? This kind of stuff is pure nonsense. Hopefully we won’t get any questions about this.

DC – So, everyone is playing ball again and wants to get it done.

T – Those same people were screwing it up last week.

DC – Right, but as of this morning they are all agreeable.

DC – We intentionally did not mention names of people or places or things because we get nailed by these folks afterwards. We are not intentionally being exact.

T – I will tell Pam to close out the special Forum today. The biggest thing is that we have accomplished educating people about what to do afterwards to create a legacy for their families.


C – Do we know if there are any exchange centers around the Fresno, CA area?

T/DC = Don’t know. You can always come up here (Sacramento).

C – Is the ZIM still in the 1st bucket?

DC – The latest info we have is yes.

C – Is the ZIM still in the 1st bucket?

DC – The latest info we have is yes.

C – In your heart of hearts, do you think this will be before the end of October. And do you have a Plan C?

T – There’s absolutely nothing stopping it, no reason in the system for it to be stopped. If it does stop it’s for an outside reason, non-RV related. It should have been yesterday, should have been in the last 3 days.

DC – If all the players on the Dem side it will absolutely get down as early as tonight, or a few more days. If not, it will drag out a bit longer.
**** DC – If all the players on the Dem side AGREE, it will absolutely get done as early as tonight, or in a few more days.

C – What date will benefit the Dems politically?

DC – We are in the 4th Qrtr with 1-2 minutes left and they are 2 TDs behind. There are only 17 days left. Obama and crew wanted it several different times – April, June, etc. Everybody said okay. Then they said they wanted it knocked out of the park in the 3rd quarter. But 1-2 major powerful Dems pushed it off for their personal agendas, espousing ISIS and Maliki, who gets to announce it and when. The Dems want the economy doing well and it makes no sense to me either.

T – I’m going to give a football analogy: When Al Davis passed away we got a new coach who hired a rookie coach. We had a losing season under him. Then another one. First, they fired his coaches. Then they fired the staff. Then fire the coach and promote the assistant coach. So, why would you fire one and not all at the same time? Last week they came out looking like a whole new team. They new they had the wrong leader the whole time. I have to look at how things changed along the way. I’m doing arm-chair quarterbacking. Somebody finally realized they had the wrong strategy and they have 17 days to change it up.

C – Regarding the delays, are the same people going to delay it again?

DC – They had a “kumbaya” moment this morning so we’ll see. Many are just now becoming aware of how this is being delayed.

D – If they delay again, will you tell who is holding it up?

DC – NO! There are more effective ways.

C – Do you know how many people have cashed out in the last 45 days?

DC – I don’t know, but there have been some who did.

C – If the 800# is used only for contract rate, then why not go now?

DC – Those rates are primarily China. There is still a process to go through. It has to go through the CBI but the USA has to agree. It was stalled at somebody’s request.

C – A week ago you told a woman you had a plan to CE with Sterling. If that’s true why would you have to sign and NDA?

T – I don’t have a special plan with Sterling. I have a plan with the bank and plans if I use Sterling. I have never, ever worked for Sterling but I believe in them and in Frank. There were other gurus who tried to make deals with them and he would not do it.

C – In 2 days it’ll be a year.

T – Right now they are treating us right and preparing to do the right thing. But there is another agenda going but I’m not exposing it. It’s more than about us. It’s about how it will affect the rest of the country.

DC – Until 1 or 2 gentlemen decide to play ball with everybody, which they did today, it will be okay. If you put your thinking cap on you will know we have said in the past who is delaying this. We don’t want to be an issue because in the past they used us as an excuse. We just want it to be resolved.

DC – They are no longer going to cut us out. It’s an insane blessing that we are involved. It allows some to get contract rates and get paid out. Post-RV most people are going to let this go.

C – Did Abadi make his speech yesterday or today?

T – On Monday evening it was rescheduled for Thursday so we’ll see if it happens tomorrow. You have to hear us: IRAQ IS READY TO DO THIS. They’re broadcasting on their TV trying to keep people calm. Now even today the Finance Minister and CBI Rep is instructing people thru 20-40 minute infomercials. Iraq did ask for an extension over the weekend but as of last night they were ready. It’s a constant moving target. Even though everyone agreed, I don’t have 100% confidence because I know who it is. IRAQ IS NOT HOLDING THIS UP.

C – How did Iraq lose control?

DC – The USA appointed the person in charge of the IMF and BIS. The CBI and PM’s office said “let’s do this” on Monday night. Everybody get ready. Then they sent their instructions to the IMF and BIS. The IMF said good. The BIS said to hold on so they could make sure X-Y-Z is right. They have a process to review this. And the USA, in the past, has taken advantage of this process to cause delays. So over the past few days that’s where the problem has been stalled. We don’t fully understand all the reasons behind it. They have a 2-step process to try and figure out if the USA is full of BS.

C – So we’re in an indefinite hold period with no real window?

T – No. There is a window and time.

DC – The BIS has a review process and a tight window to do that in. The Review Board has to publish their findings and if it’s a BS reason due to politics, they can kick that out right away. It’s not like it’s a big political board. They have x-amount of hours to fix something then move on. Every time there is a pause they have to review it. Now, as of today, that pause has been agreed on and cleared not to be used again.

T – On Monday I told you there was a system issue, then an actual request, with different reasons to prolong it. Today they agreed to stop the BS at the BIS.

DC – Nobody paid much attention to the BIS until now. Now they are being watched very closely and being told the delay reason better be a damn good one.

T – Their own team mates are saying “you’re about to cost us the game.”

C – Sounds like some people don’t think it will affect the election and want to put it off.

DC – That ONE PERSON it won’t help with his election (not POTUS). There are a few people who want their names in the glory light. It’s only part of the reason now.

T – As a matter of fact, we have talked about this way too much today.

C – I’m glad you addressed the Fed and UST not going to China. I don’t know who this JC Collins is, but are you kidding me? Then another one: Robert Wan is signing over the gold tonight and the Admiral is going in.

T – Well, first the Admiral has not gone anywhere yet. And we’re just trying to give them the UST? LOL! China has been trying to replace the USD as a reserve currency. Why would we give them the UST now?

C – If POTUS wasn’t paying attention and someone was doing these delays, I’d fire them.

T – It doesn’t make sense.

C – Is it true that Iraq needed this because they have bills to be paid by 10/15? DC – Some parts of the GOI have received loans but it’s debatable how much longer this can go on.

C – The more they delay this the more people buy.

T – If you sign an NDA is effective that moment going forward, not what you said before you signed. Once I get under the NDA the rules change. Nobody can come get you because of what you said last month or an hour before you signed.

C – I was on a call with a full-bird Colonel who said he’d called his contact at the Pentagon and they told him it wouldn’t happen until the Defense Minister was announced.

T – They announced him last Saturday, so what happened? And they’re supposed to formally announce it tomorrow again.

C – We should be ashamed of ourselves, with the USA jacking this new PM around when he’s trying to do his best.

T – Some things we don’t know.

C – Regarding the politics of this, if they need to use funds for media buys for the elections, they need to release it NOW. They need to pull the trigger today.

T – The majority wanted this before now and some didn’t get the message.

DC – One issue is that some Dems are looking out only for themselves, not the party. But we don’t know the whole story. There must be something we don’t know.

C – Do you have suggestions on how to get Wealth Management classes on your own?

DC – Big investment house have classes of their own in major cities. The major banks have sudden wealth classes, some are state-sponsored and some by banks.

T – Banks will show you only their products, so go to multiple banks and get educated as much as you can. States that have lotteries can connect you as well. Also, professional sports teams give their new players a 2-day training class. You could try and be part of those since they’re objective – they don’t know who you are and they don’t want your money.

C – For people NOT on the Forum, can we go to the bank as a group?

T – When they say “TNT Group” that refers to everybody who listens to this call, whether or not you’re in the Forum. They mean “TNT” as those engaged on the internet to Dinarland, not the other 3M people who aren’t engaged.

C – Do you think we might get to the bank this week?

DC – I think there’s a good chance that might happen. This morning they had a “come to Jesus” meeting that shed a lot of light on the delays of the process.



C – How is this GCR going to change the world?

DC – In Iraq, they will change dramatically, some places overnight, others longer term. They’ll get electricity 24 hours a day, employment will take off, retraining, etc. I predict they will join the G8 within 5 yrs or less. They’ll still have to deal with ISIS but with lots of money. Rich people don’t fight and have no tolerance for it. They will be a stabilized democracy in the area. This will encourage others like Turkey and Jordan. This will allow for more democracy and less persecution to minorities and women. Oil consumption will rise dramatically. Many charities will start helping poor areas in Africa and Southeast Asia. Diseases will be eradicated and extreme poverty will be eliminated by 30-40% in the next decade.

DC – Large numbers of middle class groups will fuel massive economic expansion throughout the world. Europe and the USA will be massive purchasers of goods and services. Hiring will go up and unemployment will go into the 8’s. We’ll see lots of charities. Lots of people will blow their money and destructive capitalism will cause a dip.

T – I think we’ll have to go thru some pain first, with the initial shock of the drop in the USD around Christmas. You’ll see smaller countries changing their standards of living and the way they think. More countries will turn into democracies and will throw their dictators out. People will be smarter and will say they won’t take being poor and educated anymore. Humanitarian projects around the globe will increase and decrease the need for wars. Mindsets will change. With all the businesses locating to Iraq and Lybia, Syria, etc. they will be transformed.

C – It is so amazing that some people have this much power to stop this from happening. Who has that much power? Why not let this happen?

T – Once change occurs, any change, somebody loses some of their power and they will always fight to keep it. Everybody hasn’t been aware of what’s going on since February. Today the WH meeting came out and said they’re going to acknowledge mistakes with ISIS were made.

T – I just looked at the TV and they’re already talking about firing the Director of the CDC. Now they’re going straight to the director.

RECAP: DC – Everything looks nice. We pray everybody let’s it go through. We’re not picking sides or trying to antagonize anyone. We are quite ready to get this going. Thanks to everybody for getting in their letters to be sent to world leaders and the research center. They’re really touching.

T – This could happen at any moment or time. There is no technical, legal, Iraq, problem. This has been scheduled and times designated, people in place, rates put in. There have been different excuses but some of them were just stall tactics. It’s our understanding now is that everybody is ready to go. Remember, the info we give is what is given to us. Both sides have asked us to do something. Our concern is actually you guys – dinarians who don’t have anybody else to stand up for them. I’m not here to promote or influence politics, one side nor the other. We’re just trying to give a better, clearer understanding of what we’re hearing. DC says we only know about 60% of what’s going on. But we still get a lot of info. I’m hoping with every fiber of my being this is over today. I expect it to be over this week. It has been agreed upon. Enjoy the rest of your day.


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