Tony Call Wednesday


TONY – Good morning, TNT. Today is Wednesday, August 14 and no, we did not expect to be here. I have a lot of information to share and hopefully by the end of the call hopefully we will have a clear understanding of where we are and be happy.

T – I sent out some tweets this morning. I was thinking about a movie “A Day Without A Mexican.” It actually says what would happen in this country if Mexicans disappeared. Basically, you don’t miss your water until your well is dry. Get the movie. Things have changed and that’s progress. It made me think about things our intel group was discussing. We delayed the call so we could get additional and verified info. We are trying to play 2 different roles: we want to bring you the best info we can to help you hang on to your dinar, while showing you things are moving forward. We do this without interfering with the process.

T – I undestand it. A lot of people will see I’m trying to be reasonable and not trying to hurt the process. We are trying to accommodate both sides then we get comments from idiots accusing us of dreaming up things to say to you. What benefit do we get out of doing that? It doesn’t make sense. You and I have learned a lot in the last 4 years. I’m never going to say I know 100% of what’s going on. DC says I “MAY” know 60% of what’s really going on. Even with that, that’s probably 50% more than others.

T – Everyone believes their sources. We believe ours. Everyone of them has been wrong about the date and time because we’ve heard it from so many. Something changed: an agenda changed, people changed, etc. That doesn’t mean they lied. They tell you what they think is the right thing.

T – We have 47 countries listening to this call. There are 11 agencies from the various other countries listening to this call. There are a highly annoying number of US agencies listening as well. There are certain things we’re doing and obligated to do. We get called and they say “you shouldn’t say this, you should have done that.” They tell us all the time. We know we can afect certain things but cannot dictate when or how.

T – With all the people who are listening, we have to let them know we care more than just about money. Maybe we forgot who we really are and what we stand for. Shouldn’t we let these refugees know we know what they are going thru. I know that people are sitting in a cafe in Iraq listening to us who think all we care about is the money. Yes, the money is coming but there are other issues that need to be solved first. We can’t let people perceive us this way: “where’s my money?”

T – They don’t think we will do the right thing with the money. They see more of the negative comments rather than the positive stuff that can be done. There will always be changes that pop up at the last minute. I wish it had gone last week and we did not have to go thru Monday and yesterday. But if you’re going to have millions of dollars you have to realize this isn’t a perfect situation nor a perfect rollout, but it is going to come. It’s not just about “send me to the bank to get my money.”

T – We’ve had a campaign the last 3-4 calls asking how you’re going to use your money. If we let them know what we are going to do it takes that away from them.

DC – Good afternoon, everybody. A quick overview: things look very, very good. They’re working on timing like we said on Monday. They are wrapping up concrete actions with Iraq to push it out. How do we get this info? We have a team we talk to on a daily basis. Each of them has 1-30 contacts they talk to, from the janitor all the way up to the top boss. We know full well that when others way “this is absolutely it” we know there are others that are trying to change stuff. Nobody at any one time has the entire picture, even at the highest levels of gov’t.

DC – For instance, there are some Kurdish parliamentarians who voted on something and so they say this is how it is. Then we talk to a UST official who tells they don’t have their act together. Both have vital and accurate info but they don’t see what’s going on with the others across the pond. Both can be correct at that moment. Rarely do they get together. So we’re piecing this together and it’s a constantly moving target.

DC – No one has a lock on this info. Not me, not Tony. I encourage you to listen to others but listen to their reasoning. Where’s the reasoning coming from? An Iraqi official? An opinion? This is a brutal ride. I’m built for this kind of stuff and it’s rough on me. Also, there’s no harm in not listening to us. If you can’t take it, that’s fine. Take a break. Once it goes through you’ll find out about it.

T – 2 days we talked about and said we were waiting on 3 more seats. Then this morning it was 9 seats to fill. Five minutes ago it was 2 more seats to fill.

DC – Iraq, on Monday AM our time, nominated Abadi to be PM. Most were joyful about it. Maliki thru a fit. More and more countries are backing the new PM. The new PM is very inclusive, even nominating a Sunni as Defense Minister. This was a major deal. Was it necessary for the RV? No. But it showed how inclusive Abadi is going to be. Abadi got on a  plane today and went to Kurdistan. He’s putting his money where his mouth is in the democratic process. This is taking a lot of the wind out of the arguments of those being negative about what’s going on in Iraq. Almost everybody wins with Iraq becoming stable.

DC – They are trying to prove to the world that they are mature enough. The majority of Cabinet positions do not need to be filled for the RV. Some want to move the goal posts and say they do, but that’s not a requirement. Maliki has moved out of his office, burned files, etc. His amount of power is basically eroding. His military is taking a mature stance saying they’re there for the country, not Maliki. He’ll always be a problem.

DC – ISIL is being routed with USA airstrikes. France and other nations are helping and providing support. ISIL wants to start an Islamic state (Caliphate) ruled by Sharia law. They have done some horrific war crimes with people they have captured. They have been helped by military leaders who backed off their positions as directed by Maliki. They seized bridges, a dam, and poorly-defended cities because they can. They don’t want to directly fight with the Iraqi army. A lot of those fighters are fighting because they feel disenfranchised by Maliki. Many feel when they get money in their pocket they’ll go away.

T – That’s why it was important for a Sunni to be named as Defense Minister. They have gotten more stable in the last 24 hours. And have made announcements about the banking system in the last 24 hours.

DC – These are not “must-haves” but nice to have. They have instituted anti-corruption/money laundering procedures which has strengthened the world’s confidence in their system. This was done yesterday. The CBI put out press statements that they’re implementing banking reforms, including the corruption stuff as well as revalued dinar. They instructed that on financials the banks had to accept the new rate.

DC – The IMF notified that they accepted the last-minute changes from the CBI. IMF said “good job.” The rollout plan has changed a lot in the last 48 hours. They think they have a plan that everyone accepts now. It has been modified slightly and is very much in play. So we’re in the rollout plan from last night, which is occuring as we speak.

T – The IMF & BIS officially recognized them with a tradeable currency on Monday. And we got a call today from an Iraq who said he could actually use his card in another country and it worked. That is a seriously positive step that we are next

DC – So, what about us? That rollout plan we’re not privy to is being executed right now. We’re not giving timelines but it is very positive. If they’re allowing int’l cards to process outside Iraq, then how far could we be behind? That’s just logic. The rates are those we talked about.

DC – The UN Security Council is happy and they have been meeting nonstop between every organization involved in this. They are now executing that plan now.

T – 3-4 years ago we talked about this. We said ridiculous stuff would be coming out, and when it’s all quiet we are in the eye of the storm. When it’s quiet at those levels that’s what you really want. We think this may be the quiet before the storm, changes in our lives and people in other countries. We’re not telling you your’re going to the bank in the next 2 hours. We are saying we are right here! I can’t tell you to be patient – that went out the window a long time ago!

T – We understand what you’re going thru. We go thru it all day everyday. We get ramped up, get ready, only to see nothing. We’re absorbing as much of the pain as possible. But we still need to tive you some info to let you know where we are.



C – What should we be looking for in the news that will tell us the process is complete? Someone posted today that Turki was stopping the RV until the GOI was fully-seated and functional. DC – I don’t think we need them to be seated. Our belief is not to expect a large public announcement that the Iraqi dinar has revalued. We think they’ll keep it as quiet as possible. Watch for keywords “Iraqi currency reform or banking reform” in the news, if at all. We feel it will be downplayed and very much under the radar. It will be explained in very innocuous terms.

T – The general public will hear about new gov’t programs, grants, etc. If you’re on Twitter with us we will tweet it out. Watch our other 4 sites and other gurus will put it out. Once it hits it’ll go from site to site. There are 5 of us designated to share how the process will work once it happens.

C – UN Operational Rates update today but their site is down today for “urgent maintenance”. Should we be watching that? Is that important? DC – Yes, you are right to be intrigued by that.

C – I’m intrigued with the description of the rollout as a domino-like plan. Are things happening on multiple fronts that will trigger the domino? DC – Several key parties have already pushed their dominoes.

C – Why are they calling Abadi the “PM Designate?” DC – Officially they’re already done a bunch of straw polls and voted on him in a non-binding way. They know he’ll get pull 200-250 votes and win overwhelmingly. They’ll have a formal seating later. Right now he’s letting everyone know who his Cabinet will be, instilling confidence in everyone. T – He’s acting like the PM himself while waiting for the formal swearing in and an formal celebration ceremony. As far as they’re concerned, he’s directing the military. Maliki has moved out of his office. Everybody over there is happy. Even with the 30 day thing we’re hearing most people think it will all be accomplished this week.

C – I think the Tweet you posted this morning about idiots thinking only about money was a poor choice of words. People are hanging their lives on this, losing cars, homes, etc. One of your mods chastised me. My purpose is to seek first to understand. T – In your worse-case situation losing a car or home, there are 1,000’s of people in Iraq who would trade places with you in a second. We still have it better than those people trying to come off that mountain right now, no matter how many times they tell us to get ready to go. When I think about those people I can’t say “just give me my money.”

DC – Their country is going to be very stabilized and a shining star in the Middle East when this happens. Just release the money and contrats and watch out – it’s going to be amazing.

C – Will the people be able to return to their homes, those that ISIS has completely overrun? DC – A lot of the ISIS problem will fade away. They will ask “what are we fighting for?” For the most part the people will be able to go back and will get help rebuilding their homes. There are contracts chomping at the bit to get started paving new roads, give better electricity, clean water, etc.

C – Will we be seeing this closer to Sept. 1? DC – We are a lot closer than that.

C – When we call the 800# can we find out if the bank they send us to has a DeLarue Machine or an updated currency book? T – I don’t know. It’s not part of the process. They’re just going to ask which bank you want. Then you go to the next person from there. You can ask the specific bank once they tell you which one to go to for your appointment.

C – The video link you sent out this morning via Twitter didn’t work. T – It’s “The Most Honest Three and Half Minutes Ever” and you should find it on YouTube. The message isn’t so much that America has gone down but what do we stand for now. We can reclaim our place in the world.

C – If we take the contract rate (on dinar) and sign the NDA, and if we have other currency and take the int’l rate, does the NDA cover the others as well? T – IMO the NDA covers all the currencies. We wait for instructions.

C – My friend has dinar and dong and has an IRS tax lien. Will she have problems at the bank? T – The bank is just going to do an exchange, not look at your tax history.

C – Are people still getting paid? DC – Our understanding is that minor people are exchanging. It’s very, very minor. C – We might be more patient if that weren’t so. DC – We’re all frustrated by that. But I think that everybody is willing, once this is done, to get over it and move on.

C – On the Gift Letter, do I put a value on that for what I purchased it for? T – I just put the amount I’m giving, not what I paid for it, because that has changed over the years.
C – You mentioned a cap for dinar. Is there one for the dong? DC – We know there is one but we don’t know what it is. It’s only for the exchange rate, not on how much you can have.

NOTE: Caller is sharing a heart-felt plea to the PTB to release the RV so we can transform the planet.

C – I’m 100% disabled and the VA told me I’ll lose my benefits when I come into my money. DC – Hire a VA attorney, get some strong legal advice. There will be quite a few who will lose benefits. T – Get good advice before the exchange.

C – Are we still worried that Maliki will pop up and wreak havoc? DC – He is always going to be around and someone to be cautious about. He is being watching, he is no longer in power but will still be around. Can he pop his head up? Yes. But he’s not being successfull. Supporters have turned against him and the tide is turning against him in a massive way.

C – Is it a problem until Abadi is sworn in? DC – Not really. Most folks are asking him for advice, not Maliki. A large number of the financial types are past him.

C – One guru said yesterday that Abadi was sworn in yesterday at 2PM. DC – He was sworn in and it’s in the Gazette. There must be a ceremony after a formal vote. The highest priority was to get the Kurds inside the gov’t officially and that’s what they’re doing right now. T – And we’re looking for all that to happen when? DC – Today, tomorrow, in the next day or two.

RECAP: T – While we’re not on an official countdown, we are close. DC – Our understanding is that the rollout process is occuring. Some adjustments were made on Mon/Tues. Iraq has fulfilled all their obligations. We are waiting on the rest of the world for it to go through. The world is impressed with their progress. We anticipate this to be on a short timeline for rollout procedures. We have been told to ramp up and be ready. Thank-you for sharing your PIF stories. T – That’s where we’re at. We’re in a window. We are truly looking for it and our info tells us it should be here. Everybody is prepared. We know forces all around the world are pushing for it. Hopefully this is it. Hopefully in a couple of hours it’ll be all over. We have no problem doing another call. Let’s get it done! Enjoy your day and hopefully I’ll be able to send out a tweet everybody will like in the next couple of hours. END OF CALL.

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