Tony Friday

T: Good morning, TNT! I love to do that…lol Oct 31st. It’s a great, great day. Everything was good yesterday, a lot of things in motion DC is going to tell you about, but before he says anything before he can steal my thunder, I have said I like the weekend.

DC: Bottom line, everything looks amazing…really amazing, so I just pray it stays that way. East to West…Iraq is ready, and running on the tv’s currency reform and will be completed in a few days/ the coming days. They are very much prepared, and CBI has been checking and double-checking all the systems are in conjunction, BIS, etc.

Parliament has been working and completing nice to have laws, a few more wins on the ISIS front, and a lot of folks gearing up for when the RV happens to deal with ISIS.

That’s wonderful. Everyone is getting excited over in Iraq about things and you are starting to see not recycled articles, actually fresh ones about removing the 3 zeroes. What else?

T: Announcing the fils/coins are out tomorrow, the cards are out nationwide and they are fully ready to implement the deletion of the 3-zeros, and they are looking for one hell-of-a-day tomorrow.

DC: Yes, yes, yes,…..indeed. So that’s Iraq, and the UN and all the NATO partners are all pushing to get this done. All saying, ‘you’re doing this, right?’.

the IMF bless their hearts have been working like dogs, and my understanding is that all final checks have been done, and everyone is happy worldwide.

The house and Senate are totally focused on elections, but the intelligence guys have been briefed and are very, very eager to be done with this and move on.

The Admin has been very happy, but very cautious in being sure everyone is ready. The checks have been very successful and are ready and eager to get this done.

The banks have done more checks themselves, and are extremely ready. Everything is going well, even the non-contractor banks are absolutely geared up for this. Frankly, if they are actually doing the work that makes it all the more real. They are all ready and eager in all the countries.

There are preparations for crown control. It is our understanding they are doing the financial groups first, then get to mom and pops later. Contract rates are still available. Same things we’ve talked about, don’t know the percentages, but they are definitely still available for little old us.

T: The exciting part is banks that completely dropped out of the process and were just as frustrated as you are, and had said not until next year. Those are the people he is talking about has re-engaged at this time. They have brought back security and are being briefed on final roll-out procedures. We don’t know when it is going to take place, but they are all being briefed and getting ready.

DC: Banks ready, other countries ready, everyone running final checks.

T: Oh, security. We’ve been talking about security for awhile and what they are going to do about the fraudulent, smuggled currencies, and even some gurus that will get the shock of their lives, well all of that is being prepared right now.

DC: That’s right. What is different? Could it have gone before? Absolutely, but they are all being cautious and praying to God this if finally it. So that is what we are hoping for.

T: Absolutely all of me, Pam, DC, Ray want to thank you for the letters to and from our Congressman, as they will be making history. I’ve ready them and have gotten at least three who did acknowledge that they knew something was going on and they didn’t skirt around, although they weren’t blatant that they would look into it.

I’m definitely going to copy them and put them in a book and giving them to Pres Obama and the other guy that we can’t say his name, along with Senators and Congressmen. Thank you for participating in that.

DC has something he wants to say to you guys.

DC: This morning a friend called from Iraq at 4 a.m., and one thing I’ve been remiss to do and have not done. Once this is done, Tony & I and others will be signing an NDA to not speak of this for 15 yrs.

I got to thinking, because I didn’t want to get into it, I haven’t explained my background and my intent in helping now. I thought those reporters, researchers, law enforcement guys, I’m going to put it together for you. Indulge me, and those who don’t care, just put me on mute. lol

Main reason we haven’t done it, is because I always thought it was about the information, but thought it might be helpful for some.

1, my name is Winston. We talk about how did DC come about? Literally, Tony just pulled it out of the air, and after talking to him for 9 months, just pick a name. He picked out DC guy, I guess b/c I have a few DC connections.

I have 2 small kids, and am an absolutely devoted father, and when I get home I don’t answer my phone much even tho it aggravates Tony & others. I usually turn it off. I had kids later in life, and probably b/c of that, I am more devoted to that time.

With the same woman 16 yrs. married 14. Love flying, am a pilot, love flyfishing, and fishing. love reading historical biographies, and fun, silly stuff like mysteries, financial reports for understanding how to handle money.

1 to 3 papers a day I read, the Journal as well as the Economist and one international daily.

I talk fast because I think I’ve covered enough and want to move on. I am capable of talking slow, but I feel if we can get 2 or 3 callers onto a call, that’s great.

Think of myself as a farm & ranch kid. Started working at age 6 on the farm, my grandrfather got me up at 5 a.m., packed a huge lunch, 2 gallons of water and dropped me off at the ranch and said I’ll pick you up at 6 p.m. My point in mentioning is not that my grandfather was a bad guy, as he was wonderful, but my point is that I grew up fast and learned to work very early and all my life a lot. A typical day is 14-hrs a day.. 8 hrs, I don’g like, it feels as if I’m slacking.

After college I became a biz consultant, then wanted to get more technical and then went to work for a think tank, and Tony gives me hell for Ivy League connections, and the reason is we are immensely related to MIT.

Tony laughs at this

There are several intelligence agencies I’ve worked for and with and thought it was wonderful, and humbled that they picked a farm kid from Texas. I laughingly call myself the ‘diversity hire’.

This was before 9/11 and I was in battle command, recognizance, and do you tell them what you are doing? I have always lvoed the military, dad and brother are Navy. I didn’t join b/c I have broken bones, but actually ended up seeing more action than my dad or brother did.

My point in mentioning is that I loved the military and everything related to that. After 9/11 everything got much more real and serious. Many of the battle command systems did not work well together, but not just inter-army/marines, airforce, but also the intelligence systems. Especially the coalition partners brought in together.

As a young guy I was will to work over 100 hours a week until 2007, and again, that is why I mentioned the farm stuff. I solved a few problems, unknowingly, but a few very Sr. people noticed and made me ‘their guy’ to solve problems. What that did was expose me to more aspects of this.

The beginning of the dinar one had been planned in the 50’s, then the 90’s, and in the preps for the Iraq war, they had 100’s of people working on the plan by a top notch group that I hope is recognized for all the tremendous amount of banking, studying, walking through all of this. Frankly, I think they deserve their name in lights, and my point in mentioning is I helped with a tiny sliver of that, and that is why I could not speak in dinar community until 2013 as that is when my 10 yrs ran out on some of that help.
[18:11:43] Wei Ting & Wat Ching 4 Ka Ching! Angel: I’m a techy and could handle myself in situations where peeps are trying to blow you up and shoot you, and part of what they loved about myself and a lot of us, is we were kind of a quasi govt situation without all the hassles of contracted agencies. When you are doing a lot of ad hoc communication, you need to not be restrained by a lot of bureaucracy, because I had the ability to work on my own and to work with people I was way out of my league with.

The wonderful thing about that is it exposed me to a lot of fun, beer drinking stories, but also a tremendous and humbling impact of meeting these incredible people, intelligence officers, generals, diplomats, I would brief on these things time to time. I believe one of the reasons they helped me was b/c they knew I wasn’t going to last in the system, so I had an overt job to help with tech aspects, and a covert job that grew into a massive part of what I used to do and some of it is locked up in the intelligence world and I will never be able to talk about it or lose my position.

Only one other person knew some of what I was doing, and it was because of my flexibility and not everyone knowing it. I had fun, but after the surge in Iraq I started seeing the handwriting on the wall and that I was way too young to have held the positions I had, and that as things moved in a more positive way of bureaucracy and also negative ways, I don’t do that well. I do better ad hoc, and my heart was to be an entrepreneur since I was eight. Haven’t been able to turn my mind off since.

So, I started several IT companies, and did ok with those. One or two didn’t do as well as they should, and I branched out from that. Some did well, and some failed, but that is part of the bruises you deal with.

I still do some volunteer work for folks to maintain connections and help out where I can, as I feel very very grateful to the people who have pulled me out of absolute obscurity. I know it was probably only because I could make them laugh, but I still volunteer.

Re: dinar, etc. after the 10yr lock up on everything, I had been watching some of the guru stuff online from time to time, and had frankly had forgotten a lot of it except that I had some in my sock drawer like every guy who had been there. I had compartmentalized most of what I knew about it, then a friend of mine asked me about it, and I said yes, that was something I really wanted to do and move on.

That was when I started paying more attention, and in April 2013, I called one of my old bosses up and said, ‘hey’ I ‘m going to help these guys out, it is only for a couple of weeks. He asked are you sure you want to do that? and I said, yes, I like Tony, because he laughs and doesn’t take himself too seriously, and he also had strong IMF, BIS and bank connections, and I would bring military, political connections. I had background things run on everyone, and of course, Tony had some warts, and so now Tony and we are under an absolutely microscope, by not only y’all, but also intelligence agencies, police, political types have us there.

My point in mentioning, is that yes, Tony has some warts and has had some problems in the past, but I’m comfortable with people that are moving on, and I could also tell because they did have him under a microscope that he was doing it to help people out.

So I called him and said hi, I’m Winston, but he and Pam were both extremely skeptical, because I sound like a half-ass, and a farm kid, so they checked and double-checked and did background checks on me.

My point is that’s how I can about being with the TNT team. I like to think I helped in some ways before I got on the air, but no big deal. In Nov 2013, I said I would be on the call just so Tony would have someone else there, but I said please don’t use my name as I don’t want some psycho to show up at my kids’ school. Although that did happen later. Tony just pulled the name DC guy out of his hat, but I have nothing to hide and don’t get on Twitter or Facebook much except to look at kids’ stuff and their friends stuff, etc.

My initial reason for doing this was just to help folks stay in the game. I didn’t buy anymore, but just wanted to help people stay in it. It did grow into more than that as things progressed in the political world, so the sources/reporters that I helped Tony cover was a lot of people in Iraq, Shia/Sunni, CBI, Security Contractors in Iraq, Intelligence and Defense guys in Iraq, a lot of coalition guys in Iraq, and lower level guys. My best contacts are not the highest, but actually the guys on the ground that do the work, based on my farm kid life.

Lots of friends in Military Intelligence guys and those are where I mainly hung out. What has happened with the sources is that around the November timeline, some folks started getting paid out. Some of them were cash, some were SKR’s, some were SKR with 1% access fee, some with different access to funds, and it became a concern mainly because of the fairness issue.

A lot of good folks on both sides, including IMF, etc., started going ‘this isn’t right’, it’s not the right thing to do, but we thought it was getting ready to happen for everyone else. I ended up quadrupling my sources because of the unfairness and anger over the process. A lot more good people began to pass us information and linked us up with other sources. Some I speak to once a day, some once a month.

Will I ever reveal who any of my sources are? Not a chance in hell. My phone is bugged, my wife’s phone is bugged, some of it is legal, some of it is not. Both U.S. and foreign, and also the folks you are sensitive about b/c of my background in intelligence and non-conventional ways, I was able to learn how to get around some of those things. And what are some common sense things that can kind of keep those things hidden. Not things I would do wrong, as I would not do something stupid, but if I had anything to hide, I would not be on radio.

But I am trying to protect those people who have talked to me and because I’m dealing with people on a classified level, I don’t want any of the snooping around or classified information from them. No one wants someone snooping around, so we set up basic safe guards that are very easy to do to be able to communicate with them. That has aggravated a lot of folks, but quite frankly, I’m just trying to protect folks, but if they want to say they have spoken to me, it is their decision. I just won’t do that, even after the 10-15 year NDA is up.

One of the things that has been said is ‘y’all called it a lot’. And we have said this is the day they are trying to get to.

Are you trying to pump things? Answer is no. I thought I was doing this for 2 weeks, not 18 months, and if I knew it would take this long, I could have done something else.

But I guarantee this has been about to happen over 100 times.
[18:12:36] Wei Ting & Wat Ching 4 Ka Ching! Angel: Second, we are all about to make an enormous amount of money, so why would I do something stupid to make a few dollars now to jeopardize seeing my kids or losing everything.

Who am I working with? Frankly, I’m working with Sterling and mainly b/c if people were to say, ‘Tony said, or DC said’, there is no way to directly correlate what we do with them.. And in the other way, Sterling and other dealers were making enough before we came along, so why would we help them make more?

Third, it is immoral and illegal and they are being HIGHLY regulated, as are we in what we can do or say.

Fourth, they are constantly audited by the UST and other agencies, and if you are heavily regulated, how long do you think you will get away with doing something immoral, illegal, etc.? You won’t!

Let’s hit the crazies out there. Why did it matter who I really was, as frankly I didn’t think we would be here this long, and didn’t think it mattered or anyone cared.

I do think it is good to help people out, but I might have a different source than Randy Koonce or Mtn Goat or whoever, but if I’m wrong, I’m wrong, but bringing in the personal stuff like showing pics of my family, and showing up at my door, etc., there is even a real psycho out there that has an internet porn problem, so why not let the lawyers and law enforcement do their jobs?

They are and are bringing down the scammers, liars, etc. and I’m not an idiot, but the folks who brought out my name and address is just a jerk. Frankly, I now have to have higher security for my family and kids, and when you are in public life you will have some issues like this, but my point is that the other gurus and nobody deserves that kind of treatment when we are simply trying to help others.

After this, I have business prepped and ready to go, and I’m not going to be on the phone 14 hrs a day, and the reason I still help people is because I’ve had a lot of the same financial problems that people are struggling through. I feel horrible for them, but also want them to know there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and empathize with them.

I have the itch bad to start new businesses, as I haven’t in several years, but I’m not going to mention them, because I’m going into the backgrounde.

I’m starting several foundations, one for learning disabled kids, as I am, and also for those young Einsteins, DaVinci’s, etc., and no one has been able to put it all together, and I look forward to helping.

Also, hungry children. It drives me nuts, that in this country there are kids that go hungry.

Also park lands, I’m a big get outside kind of guy and hope to revitalize neighborhoods with parks.

Have been asked about potential foray into politics, but I cuss too much and drink too much. I’m fiercely independent politically as I’ve seen the best and worst in both sides of the aisle. I’m not a patient person, so not sure I would have the patience for that. Never say never, but it would be a tough sell.

Also going to push these key players to open exhibits at their libraries/museums, and if they are not willing to, my plan is to do such as to how the political systems came into play in both parties, and what has happened in the process. Those are the reasons for us doing the book, and to show how much effect this will have on the system and people.

T: First, I never, ever in my wildest dreams thought you would give up that much info today lol…

DC: I’m going to be locked up in an NDA, and I will never get to tell my side of the story, as I will not get to otherwise.

Pam: I’m blown away, too..I knew most of that, but that is awesome that you told it all

T: I’m going to tell them what you said, b/c you spoke so fast. lol…

DC: I didn’t go to MIT b/c I was never going to be a lifer…I like getting out in the field.

T: He has a photographic memory even tho he says he is learning disabled, was actually in Iraq before this started and that you actually spent time with Maliki in the room.

DC: yes, quite a few times

T: He knew the plan years before we did, and was actually part of the plan

DC: sliver..minor…don’t make it too big

T: I want you to understand what covert really means, and at such a young age, the rank and info they gave him upset a whole lot of people. VERY high rank, and coming to us because he always says he asked somebody, and he says they said, ‘those guys are less full of shit’, and he was volunteered and told by people who have multiple stars on their shoulders and their equivalent level of people.

DC: yes, let me clarify a little. The reason I still talk to them is they are still very influential in my life, and I still ask them for advice, but I was not working for them when this started.

T: I called him DC guy b/c of the level of contacts he does have, because not only who we were getting info from, but also those we got direction and requests from on that level, but we are not naming names.

DC: no we are not

T: Doing this with a pearl of great price, but he told me when he looked at me, they even know what gas station I go to. I knew I was being tracked by the highest of levels, and that’s why Pam & I joke about DC being ‘my handler’ lol

T: I appreciate you being here, everybody else wants to say thank you. I get texts, but guys, the past couple of weeks, the fact that DC guy was talking about this idiot we have done complete background check on that has put out a video, we know he lives with his mom & dad, and his complete history, even though he thinks we don’t. I don’t know who he thought we were talking to, but we even have their psychological reports, even though they think we don’t. It will all be taken care of, but the fact that Pam and DC were going through it, really bothered me as none of them have done anything but try to help you as best they can. That is what they are being scrutinized for by some fridiots, when they didn’t have to help us at all. I know there are 250,000 or more people who are grateful for that.

I’ve recorded every call I’ve ever done, including PTR. Every site and comment has been recorded and will be part of history. We are going to give it all to the government except for the stuff I wasn’t supposed to have, lol, and I know some people will try it before 10 or 15 yrs, but we’re signing an NDA that says we can’t be in politics (I don’t want to be anyway, so it’s ok). It was the right thing to do, and we did it for the right reasons. DC knows he was, Pam knows she was, and the guys we can’t mention at every level just started volunteering and sending us information. People were supporting us like you guys have no idea, and I wish we could include them, but we can’t.

Anyway, I didn’t know we were doing this today and you were giving out so much information.

DC: Again, i wanted to share my side, and am pretty proud of what we’ve done.

Tony: You guys are first, and I’m going to see what they want us to do. I guarantee I’m not going to do anything to hurt you, and I’m not saying they are doing anything wrong, just saying that we are not. I may not be allowed to tell you anything more, because it would be inside information, but hopefully when I go sit down to read this, I’m going to try to do at least our 40 minutes to give you guys time to celebrate as we went through 4 yrs of hell. I did, anyway.. lol..I still think we should be able to get you guys together to share after all we’ve been through and still hoping to get WF to do some training.

DC: Just one more thing, for articles and research, what I’ve been told by several different folks is our numbers are between 30 and 60,000 and more than double listen to recording.

T: from 30,000 to 300,000 within 48 hrs. listen to the recording.

DC: Ok, so I’m told our sphere of influence is about 1 to 1.3 million. Obiouvsly Twitter has around 2-4M on it. The intent is not to say ‘oh look at these numbers’, but just to let you know we are not just trying to answer your specific answers, but relate it to1.5 to 2M others.

T: This may be our last call, so can you give us the numbers on dinar, dong, zim

DC: about

number of people over a million is ten? or million dinar?

T: 12 to 13 thousand

DC: number of people over 10M dinar…2 to 3 thousand. The number of folks over 50M 1 to 3 thousand.

T: We know why they say in 2 years most will be broke as we have had those numbers for 2 to 3 yrs. and 90% why we tried to explain ideas how to make your money grow and now be part of that 90-95% that will be broke in 2 years.

A lot of you are going to end up with a half a million dollars and think you are rich, and you are not. If you don’t prepare right and start making that money make money before you spend it, it will be gone and you will make them right.

C: Caller told a funny story, but I did not get it…

T: Just want everyone to know I speak about Sterling, because I respect how they do business, but I have NEVER made money from Sterling, even though I could have put an ad up and considered it at one point, but chose not to. I do not get kickbacks, etc, and only a handful of people have EVER donated to this site. Why? Because I know it is wrong, #1, but I also know I am being watched very closely.

Why would I be doing something stupid, when I know for a FACT that there is a list of gurus that they have prepared indictments for, but he just made me think of that as he was speaking of Sterling, and because I didn’t know we were giving out all this info today! lol

C: I’m going to bring us back to info here. It does sound like we are at that place. I want to ask about the deletion of zeroes. Basically it makes sense, as they need to make it like Mexico did, so I just want to get it crystal clear from you since this has effectively happened in country.

Are we going to face the loss of those 3 zeroes before we exchange?

DC: No. Several different reasons, also just for fun how much were you paid to make that phone call?


Bottom line is, in country they have the bastardize system, meaning they have multiple different values on different cards and merchants. At some it is 1.08, at some it is 1.15, and some it is still 1500…and some are at 3.58. Joe Blow Public has this down, but most are doing their business with the right values on them, so to say it is already done in country is not quite right, and hope it explains to everyone else.

In the U.S., even today people are exchanging those 10k or 25k notes for easy math, the 10k note is worth $30,000 USD and are doing that even today. Have we done that? No, I wish I had or could, but keep getting told no, no, no.

Who wouldn’t want to go get it done, but people are. Then John Smith who just went in a 8 a.m., we just paid you $30k for your 10k note, but then Winston, you are only getting 300 just doesn’t make sense. So what they are doing is similar to Kuwait, and there are very few 3 zero notes left out there in country. There are plenty of articles and the CBI you can read says a very small percent is still on the streets.

Physical money is moving so fast and falling apart, they are constantly dealing with, but if they were lopping it off, we would have another discussion.

C: So if we are able to take an existing value of our notes and receive $3+, when will that happen for them in Iraq?

DC: At same time. Now in the U.S. financial groups and info groups for crown control and security will go through a touch earlier than we will, but they are already more than halfway there.

C: Can you explain who has been going through and how they decide?

DC: There are 300 groups (approx) out there, and a lot of them were 5, 10, 20 groups of people, and some have 1,000’s of them, and those have already gone through. Some of the ones with 1,000s of them (people) have been held up to not quite yet. Frankly they’ve been trying to get high valued individuals in the bank as test cases, and that’s what they should do.

Tony: All groups will not go through, and some of you will be very disappointed as some of those groups are on that list to be indicted, and for 2-3 yrs we told you guys not to do that, and you are just going to have to go through the process to try and get your money back or to get paid, but people who are not in a group may be able to go in there tomorrow. There is a procedure they will have to go through, but hopefully it will work out.

C: quick story… (not going to transcribe gall bladder story lol)
[18:31:05] Wei Ting & Wat Ching 4 Ka Ching! Angel: C: How do we tell realtors, etc. where our money came from, based on NDA?

DC: Most people will be fine if you tell them you sold a company and had to sign an NDA…there are also things like Clean Currency stuff or Proof of Funds letters. Also, money talks, so I’d have a Proof of Funds letter and tell them I’m a private guy and not comfortable talking about those things.

C: and what about the ZIM? What do we say to those that say it isn’t going?

DC & Tony: They aren’t lying to you, (the other gurus), but they don’t have the same information we have. As far as they know, they are right in saying they are not doing the ZIM, as it was supposed to go in June, but didn’t meet the qualifications, but at the first of the month, things changed and they do meet the qualifications, so don’t be mad at them, they just don’t have the same contacts we do.

C: What about the other groups?

T: There’s an SKR group, and now DC will tell you

DC: There’s a group that is SKR, there’s informational groups like us, the TNT people, or other providers that send e-mails to thousands that subscribe to them. The SKR group are the people who were able to have a bank keep their funds and give them an SKR, so basically those are all going at same time.

Are we going to send out an 800#? Yes, we will, but think we are the only people who will be able to do that and Tony will tweet that out for the informational groups.

T: The SKR’s are the ones where you can see your deposit, NOT the ones that you gave your money to someone and they gave you a piece of paper that they will find out is no good.

DC: Tony is right, the real SKR’s have a pending balance in their accounts, and then there are folks who will cry after this is done, because someone has just gone down the river with it. Law enforcement is very much after those folks who have scammed people in that way, but Law enforcement is trying to get their money back.

C: I’m a modest holder of VND, soon to be VNN, right?

T: that’s right

C: I live in Reno area, so I heard about some things that went down, so some banks here and I’m a former banker, they are very down on dinar, so I thought I’ll go with the VN currency instead. As a modest investor, my plan is to go into Annuities and not sure if I will make the celebration or not, but I already know Annuities that pay well and have a floor on the rate so I won’t ever lose with them.

T: If I was a modest investor, I would put 50% of it aside, but I do want to tell you the VND was a much better deal than the dinar, but that is not for people to go out and buy VND anymore.

I would let that money (50%) grow, and the rest would go into an Annuity that would pay my bills today, and I would know that I doubled that mount and move on. If not, I would free up enough to pay off my bills, and put it into something that gives me the freedom of life. Don’t have to have a mansion or new car, but a stress-free life, and that can be achieved at any level, but what can’t happen is to buy a $500,000 car when I only got a million and then try to live off that.. Please don’t do that. Just some advice, that’s all.

C: What if you do not have receipts for the dinar you have. My son brought some from Iraq, or if you don’t have receipts, are there any repercussions on it?

DC: You will need your orders, and for the tax man you will get earned income which is higher, but if there is a different tax structure, you will need your dates. You will need the orders, like your son’s orders that say he is moving, etc.

C: Yes, he has those. Fantastic.

C: Speaking of the group thing, do you still feel (couldn’t understand what he said)

T: I was told months ago from people outside the country who told me they had spoken to some bank execs who were trying to put together a group for me of 40,000 people. At one point, nobody was going to get paid, and at one point only the groups were going to get paid because they had contracts with them, but nobody else. They tried to put together a group for me of 20k then to 40k, but then they came back and said, ok, we are working on everything for 3-4 days, and I said, I really don’t want to do a group, b/c I had told so many people about groups and the people that were making money from the groups.

They said, to be honest, we are going to give you this percentage, and I absolutely said no. I don’t want it and don’t want people to use it against me.

The options they came back with, was that we did not need to do that, but that we are going to consider the internet and the people that follow you a group. Just an easy way to do it.

I’ve had bank people say to me I’m getting you paid, and then I got, no you are not getting paid, b/c you are too high profile, etc. DC will tell you others have gotten paid, and we said, how do these people that don’t help anyone get paid, and they said because you are too high profile. Also you have to sign the NDA.

Just wanted you to know where that group thing came from, and we do have a list of people who have donated, but we don’t have to do that anymore. It will be the people who listen to the call, the people who get the Twitter, will be considered the Internet Information Group. Still won’t tell the tellers, but after they make all of those appointments first, then they will explain it to the tellers.

C: We never talked about Florida. Are there exchange centers in Florida? would they be in the more Metro areas?

DC: Yes, many, after the initial pay-off it will get down to more mom and pop places to exchange.

T: Can you explain where the most concentrated places are, militarily?

DC: How did people find out? On Military bases, there are a lot of dinar holders. I have friends who made a lot of money on Kuwait who just had it in their pockets and made a lot of money with it. Strong military presence.

Second, Evangelical churches, like Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, some St. Louis, and where there are large evangelical communities, and third, is DC there has obviously been a ton of it and then through family, friends, etc.

T: You made me think of your confession today lol

DC.. no confession, just setting the record straight.

T: He was actually very very humble and a lot of stuff he didn’t tell you guys, but he did look out for you guys. There are also some other gurus out there who have some very, very good contacts, and there is also one who was a former intelligence officer and you could probably figure out who it was, but it was not Randy Koonce.

But, because of the time frame and the sensitivity of some of the info, we couldn’t tell it, b/c it is easily track-able, but after it has hit some of the boards, we were able to confirm or deny some of it.

Other gurus get other information, or get things not quite as fast, as it has taken sometimes days for people to get the same info we’ve gotten. I say that not to boast, just to point out that they were simply telling you what they knew. Have there been times some people have gotten things before us? yes, absolutely! This is just how life works, not all people get all things at the same time, but wanted you to know that is how we have come to these conclusions.

C: Can you explain about what I keep seeing about the Admiral and Private Groups keep going in? Can you explain about your group?

(laughter from DC & TONY)

T: We are going in when it becomes public, but the largest groups out there will not go in until we go in. We’re all going at same time. Have we been put on alert and to get ready? Numerous times…we’ve been given a window of time so many times. The people that are going in right now are the smaller groups of 5, 10, 25 people who bankers have developed a relationship with and they have said you go ahead and come through now so we can be sure you understand the system. It’s not like they have just randomly chosen people.

DC: I think before anyone says anything, our understanding it that the people that have gone through in the last week, which is not a lot compared to last time, they are testing the system to be sure it is all working. That’s the kind of things that have been going on, not the large amounts of people.

C: Once we get the 800#’s from you guys, can we go to the bank?

T: Our understanding is that within 2 hours of giving those numbers, they want to start receiving people.

RECAP: T: I know we didn’t get to a lot of questions today, but believe me what DC gave you was better than all the questions there could have been.

DC: Bottom line, everyone is geared up in Iraq and ready to go. Everyone is geared up and ready in the U.S. including those who didn’t think they were. Wonderful thing. We don’t know the exact time, but the pressure and eagerness to get this done are there.

Hope everyone has a plan that includes taxes first and to make money before you start spending money. If we’ve taught you anything, please let that be it.

Hope we helped everyone, and pray to God this is the last time.

Pam: You guys know Tony was in the Air Force 15 yrs and served our country, and now you know how much DC has served our country and continues to. Thanking both of them and all the background people that we will not be able to tell you who they are. Amazing cooperation and team this has been.

Ray: I’d like to say I’m glad I don’t have to continue to remember which name to use. lol Please enjoy this fabulous Friday and we will see what the next hours bring us.

Tony: We’re sure hoping this is goodbye, and everything is pointing to it, but we still don’t know when. I know the weekend plan makes the most sense, and b/c I just said that, they will probably change it. lol

The numbers are really good where they should be, and we forgot to talk about an article that came out about 5 yrs and the zeroes, but it has been 5 years, and this was to have come out in 2010, so they were saying it has taken us 5 years, not that it will take us 5 yrs to do it.

CBI is ready, they are supposed to have the rest of the fils out tomorrow, they have already put out some of them last week. Nothing left to do. All done. All the side games have been negotiated, and there is a plan to go forward.

I know some of the other gurus are hearing what we are hearing that this is it and it should be over. What I’m trying to get at is that everybody is excited at every level, but if we don’t see it today or this weekend, don’t get upset. It just means there is something else that needed to be fixed, so anything at all, that is exciting, world changing to get you excited that is not about Hallowe’en tonight, I will let you know.

Other than that, enjoy your weekend, and I’m feeling really, really good with all the information we have. Enjoy the rest of your day.


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