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TONY – Good morning, TNT. It’s Friday, October 10, 2014 and I have a special surprise for you today. I want to start the call with info about the announcement yesterday and the back-up date. I’ll bring you up to date on where we’re at.

T – First, if you go to look at our new page and there’s a link to a new Forum – “My Dinar Story” where you can share what the last 3-4 years has meant to you, how it has helped you, and how it has prepared you. It will be there for only a day or two. I’m trying to send a message to the folks who need to hear your side. I’ll print them, box them up and send them to Washington, DC. They will be part of the history of this event. Also, if something goes wrong or out of the ordinary, we want them to have your voices for the PTB to know how you were affected.

T – Stuff you’ve put on the boards in the Forums we’ve already downloaded and made copies. This is a global event that will never happen again so we want to be able to say what happened in 15 years. For those not in the Forum (registered), I’ll use this as a backup database, not a Forum or Chat. This is just to leave your story.

DC – I’m personally excited about this because I’m a history buff. Your grandchildren will want to know what you went thru. I encourage everybody to put your story in there. We want this recorded for history sake. That’s really important and it’s okay to have opposing views.

T – This also gives you a chance to thank some folks not on these calls, in DC, across the US and in Iraq. I’ll only leave it up for a day or two. We don’t want your personal info. You just need to register and leave an email address. We don’t need your name, phone #, etc. We’re not asking for that. There are spots for those but you don’t have to complete those fields. You can use your screen name if you want.

Pam – It’s best if they just do it under “1” and “Post a quick reply” at the bottom. Don’t start a new topic.

T – We’re looking at how our calls have affected your life, staying encouraged, helping you and your family, etc. things that kept you in the game – something you would want them to know why they should or did the right thing.

DC – Going East to West: In Iraq, Abadi did NOT make his speech yet and we’re waiting. Everybody is gritting their teeth. More cards are loaded and they’ve had great success, especially yesterday being a non-holiday, getting out cards to people who didn’t have them. on TV they’re still running info about the cards, banks, processes, etc. There is a lot of frustration: is it completed or not? What is it? A good number of merchants don’t have the new prices, while others have dual prices. It’s causing a lot of confusion.

(call stopped on both radio and phone..brb)

DC – Abadi promised to do the announcement on Thursday, but that didn’t happen. Then they said today and it still has not happened. Some cards have full access and some partial, some not until Monday. Anger is building up. They’re getting boxed in. Folks trying to delay are now being quite pushy to get this done.

T – On Wednesday there were 2 times. The 2nd time has not been passed yet. Now we’re hearing all over the internet he’s making an announcement on the 14th but he hasn’t said what that’s about.

DC – He has another speech scheduled before then. They just promised to get it done by a certain time. The back-up time is between now and the 14th.

DC – In Iraq there’s a lot of frustration now that the holiday is over. Parliament is still meeting, wrapping up budgets. The same Sunni is in the Def. Minister’s position but we can’t name his name. Regarding ISIS, the battle in Kobane is a concern. There are also battles going on in Fallujah and Ramadi. Those are always hot spots and always something going on there because of the tensions there. A lot of folks have not engaged yet and they need to get them leaning towards the GOI not away from it. All the military folks say it’s a serious problem but they can deal with it.

DC – Another issue is the price of oil. That price is down to $85 and there may be adjustments to the rate. 3.58 may change that rate at the last minute but not a major change.

DC – That’s all for Iraq.

T – It should be an interesting weekend. I don’t think we’ll go to the 14th. Anything about celebrations?

DC – The same thing we’ve heard many times – celebrations are planned and scheduled when this happens. Everything is ready for when it happens.

DC – A lot of folks that did their homework ahead of time got their cards on the 1st-3rd. When they did this they were then able to withdraw cash in LDs. Some have been using them, some have been holding off because of the holiday. Some folks who came to the game late got cards and followed the instructions they heard on TV. It’s taken well over 8-9 days for this to get done. Actually it’s going to take over a month. So, basically, depending on the paper word you have done and your region’s IT setup (banking), some folks have full access to the total amount, while others won’t have access until Monday. It’s a very slow, methodical process, as well as confusing and frustrating.

T – We do know today in the mosques, plus contractors, are all saying it should have happened by now.

DC – The intel guys are saying it’s going too slow and things will start to happen.

DC – People are saying you’ve slowed this up as much as you can. It’s time to get this done.

DC – In the USA, banks are ready and are on a 30-minute notice. Everybody is setup and ready to go. Some ceremonial meetings are setup.


C – You have said you probably know 60% of what is happening. What about the 40%?

T – The 40% is unknown. I feel good because I have info on the plan and we’ve discussed it before. It makes sense for it to happen over a weekend, how much more control it gives them, it makes sense to me. It’s the best thing I’ve ever heard, for all the banks to be on a level playing field. The schedule we know of makes sense. The frustration is boiling over out of the mosques into the streets. The match is about to be struck and nobody wants to go there. And, according to DC, everybody is pushing for it to go forward.

DC – We openly admit we don’t know everything. Even top leaders don’t understand the total complexity. Anybody who says they know the entire thing is lying. Are there other people trying to slow this done? All those folks are now actively pushing for this to get done now – every one of them. Even the most cynical guy out there is now trying to help get this done. I was really taken aback by that.

T – Hopefully the timelines we’re aware of are correct.

C – You said this was a slow roll-out in Iraq. How does that affect us here in the USA?

DC – It has changed so many times, sometimes minor that put us in or out. There are two approaches: the shotgun approach where they pull the trigger, put a big-ass hole in the wall and everyone goes at once. The other approach is what we believe they’re trying to do with us for security reasons. They’ll divide the 5-6 million people into mini-groups. The first folks are in financial groups, then there are educational groups like TNT. Those will go in first with 800#s. They (financial & educational groups) have a fighting chance at a contract rate. You’ll call an 800# to call.

DC – Folks that were already paid are saying you cannot offer these high rates to some and not to the general public. They were told they can’t offer those rates just to the privileged.

T – That’s where #wearethepeople came in.

DC – Now we all have a fighting chance at the contract rate.

DC – They expect this to take about 72 hours to get everyone scheduled and getting them through. Other people will be put in lower priority. They’ll take their time to get them done. Once that is completed they’ll shut down the exchange centers and tell everyone else they can just go to the bank and exchange. They’ll be give a pamphlet to get their exchange and get the int’l rate.

from intel4u: “there is much going on that we don’t know about… the people that are really in the know just aren’t the ones talking and giving opinions”

DC – This process makes sense with how many people are involved. The number of people with over 10M dinar are just a few thousand. The number with 5-10M are a few thousand. The average person has a 25K note. The person with 4 bills won’t take very long compared to the person with thousands or more. It’ll look like a high value exchange, like you won money in a casino.

T – Now that you know the process and the numbers associated with it, wouldn’t it make more sense for it to happen over a weekend?

DC – It’s real logical.

T – If they’re concerned about contract rates – you have the first shot at it.

DC – Why won’t we be here afterwards? Some folks don’t like us. They didn’t like our campaign earlier this year when we were calling them out on their plan last Feb/Mar. For a long time they asked us to make calls after the RV because we have an audience. There are actually 5 of us gurus that was supposed to be part of this. But it went back and forth and the banking people over-ruled and said “we can’t have them on there” & the bank’s attorneys agreed. They said they’ll walk them thru with a pamphlet. This has changed back and forth at least 8 times. Now we are at the 800# package only.

C-since price of oil dropped will rate be lower?

DC-Rate will adjust when it becomes live, it will just have a lower starting point. We didn’t say it would change drastically.

DC- RV goes first, for 24-48 hours then followed by GCR. That is the agreed upon timeline.

DC-Five currencies will change…dinar first, then others for a minor ripple in financial world.

C – Does the TRN have anything to do with the RV?

DC – IMO, No.

C – Please tell us what Plan A is vs. Plan B.

DC – The 2 plans were to keep the US in line. The USA got on board to get this done. The other side came back and said they don’t trust the USA so they had a 2nd country to take over if the USA didn’t comply. So the USA waiting until the very last minute and then got their part done. Some individuals in the Admin asked for stupid stuff which caused delays, then some cautious diplomats wanting things done at the last minute caused delays, which is why we’re at Oct. 10 and still waiting.

C – How critical is the budget to the RV?

DC – It’s not necessary. Would be nice, but not required. The rate has been in the budget since 2010.

C – I did buy reserves on IQN and VNN. How quickly should I move to get the contract rate?

DC – As quickly as possible. The contract rate has size limits but we’re not sure how long they will last.

C – You mentioned a back date. Can you give that info?

T – It’s between now and Tuesday, 14th. But there’s something else supposed to be happening over the weekend.

C – In your honest opinion, do you think we’re going before then?

T – I believe before then, but DC knows for sure.

DC – I believe it will happen before then.

C-I have some currencies on layaway. Is there going to be any difference between a layaway and a reserve? Will govt screw us out of it?

DC-It is my belief those will be under intense scrutiny to check for funny business. Be prepared to make sure you can prove yourself

C-there was a lot of talk about MCAs.

DC- That was a big concern in 2008 with banks in a bad place in Cyprus and about stability. I don’t think there is anything to worry about.

T- the reason we were told to keep separate is because of tax issues. Keep IQN separate for tax issues.

C-Should we still have an NIB?

T- No I think you should earn money on your account. Going back to reserves, with Sterling anyway, you can always pay off your reserves with your reserves so you didn’t double dip.

C – With the price of oil going down and gold/silver prices, is it being manipulated?

DC – I think that’s due to deflationary fears. Oil was pumped up a bit too much. It’s cheaper to get rid of it than store it. A lack of storage drives the price down when demand drops. Once consumption picks up oil will go up.

RECAP: DC – Iraq is quite prepared and has taken the slowest of slow roll-out plans. They’re waiting on a talk from Abadi and have a backup time which they just promised 2-3 hours ago they would meet this time. Expect changes here at the last minute but I expect this to be done pretty quickly. I’m pretty excited. Also, please post on the new Forum to be part of the Archives. We want everyday folks, gurus, and world leaders to put their stories there as well.

T – There were 2 times set for the announcement and we’ve passed the 1st one. We were promised this morning they would meet the 2nd. The 14th COULD be the day for the other 4-5M people. That makes sense. Something can go on with our intel group before the public is made aware of it. Enjoy the rest of your day. I’m hoping and praying I get to do another call today, or throughout the weekend. I’ll send out a tweet if something happens.


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